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Blessings Upon
Our Meal

As we continue to enjoy our universal soup, veterans of light's exploration are never without the seasoning of seasonings, blessing.

As Capricorn receives Pluto (right about now), all heaven breaks loose. The noose of thought manifestation takes center stage. Cogito, ergo sum is the zero sum game, and our hand is forced. Either we accept our divinity, or we will be forced to play, and pay, the price. Magi magician, or Bush league muggle, you make the choice! (Thankfully, the voting booth for this one never closes!)


From Rumi...

By God, when you see your beauty you will be the idol of yourself.

The time has come to turn your heart into a temple of fire. Your essence is gold hidden in dust. To reveal its splendor you need to burn in the fire of love.


A Buddha For the Pepsi Generation?

Are you currently living a life that has been "rigged" to limit and frustrate your highest hopes and dreams? Worse yet, are you the culprit behind this sorry state of affairs?

This is the central premise of Robert Scheinfeld, one of the Human Potential movement's most innovative and radical thinkers.


The Shapes of Things to (Be) Come

In the SPHERE of perfected geometry,
Prosperity imbues biology;
With plaintive harmonics of bliss,
Ah, the rapture of unity's kiss.

In the DIAMOND that makes the Universe right,
Mankind assumes its Body of Light;
To syncopate the timely transition,
Of pure universal roots, into the human condition.



Rainbow Warriors - Video copyrighted by Christopher B. Buck


Conscious Evolution:
aka Let’s Get the Party Started

We are all celestial beings composed of light, part of a grand and exquisite design. We carry a frequency of palpable bliss. We are the life of the Universal party, treasure chests and lovers of the first order, and rare synthetic elements in the alchemy of the visible and invisible planes.

Yet strangely, we are also Clark Kent’s chained to our desks at the Daily Planet. Our abilities and origins are by and large hidden from sight: the sight of others, and most importantly, from ourselves. While this is by no means a permanent condition, it is our default setting. We are super women and men, with our own customized version of amnesia.

Life, in concert with still unremembered aspects of our Selves, constantly presents opportunities for us to awaken, and to remember this grand destiny as well as design. This website is one of them. People, processes, and events - in patterns as well as random acts of kindness - regularly meet us in the rhythms and rhyme of our own unique life. They all point us in the direction of our long overdue reunion with Source Intelligence and Light. Make no mistake that this is where we are headed.

However, if we can roll up our sleeves and pitch in, we can in the words of Pink, “Get the party started!” In cooperative fashion with Life itself, and in concert with those that share this passion on many levels and planes of existence, we have the opportunity to enter our personal Narnia. Far removed from the din of world politics, paparazzi’s, and party loyalties, the awakening and the assembling of the Living One is taking root. On many levels of meaning, this is the ride and opportunity of our Life.

The phrase Conscious Evolution is merely a description of an ongoing meta-process through which we can accelerate that ride - “set our controls for the heart of the sun” - blending and connecting to Source. Once that connection is re-established to an operable degree, we go online with Source and its broadband of magical properties. Suitably aligned and awakened, we become equal players, actors, and architects of this planet’s more enlightened present and future .Within this InnerNet, we actively co-create in the magic land of NOW with the larger communities, countries, and worlds of Source Alliance.

Through the three Magic modes and “3I’s” of 21st century InnerNet transportation – Intuition, Imagination, and Intention - we can “Google” the universe for user friendly processes of growth. Our goal is to awaken, reclaim, and reintegrate our latent resources (the so-called missing 85% of our brains) into conscious interactivity. Through these utilizations, we graduate from tribal myopias to our true role as Universal citizens.

In form and expression, Conscious Evolution will look different for each of us. We are one of a kind sparks of Universal lineage. As such, we each must, from a common pool of available variables, tools, and possibilities, find our personal equation for success. Once we “find” ourselves (and refuse to let go!), we have “hacked” the InnerNet. As we surf the realms of the high heart, and readily access unlimited inspiration and intelligence, we are home. We have not only have gained our ticket to the party of parties, but we become one of its hosts.

Life will blossom and unfold in direct proportion to the commitment we make to our most underutilized asset: Source Consciousness itself. In service to this expanded field of Conscious Light, I welcome you to Connect 2 Source.

Connect 2 Source

Connect 2 Source.
It’s a prime directive.
End the divorce.
Connect 2 Source.

Connect 2 Source.
It’s the Revo-Evolution.
Death is not a given,
Once we regain our Conscious footing.

As you change the thoughts, that you entertain;
The body follows suit;
Your cells, you glands, your brain!

So humbly offered here,
In cyberspace arrangement,
Are new forms of “Entertrainment”;
Magically designed,
To end all involuntary containment.

For mental bodies,
We provide illumination.
Alchemical science and psychology,
In Now time presentation.

And for you physical basket cases,
(You know, feeling a bit long in the tooth?)
Well then ladies and gentlemen,
Please gather round: And
Behold the Fountain of Youth!

And if you like to consult the stars,
Hear it played, here on-site,
On galactic guitars.
(A hint: Ascension is not a Himalaya to climb,
It’s just been expertly hidden within your Rising Sign!)

If it’s poetry and romance that receive your vote,
There are turns of phrase that follow,
That will leave your heart beating like two cappuccinos,
And at home faster than a Capistrano swallow.

My friends in all worlds and planes,
Are lovingly invited;
To an inter-active “Field of Vision”,
Where everything’s been righted.

No need to make it difficult,
With “Da Vinci Codes” and Morse.
For U & I are the Gods,
That change history’s course.
All roads lead us eventually,
To Connect 2 Source.

Connect 2 Source.
It’s a prime directive.
End the divorce.
Connect 2 Source.



New network coming online soon!

"The New Human Dynamic"
Part 2 of a series of interviews with Jesus/Sananda


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