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"A 12-STEP Program For Sleeping Gods"


Noted author and lecturer Carolyn Myss has been quoted saying " We are not material beings living spiritual lives. We are creatures of spirit living a material existence". Such a statement should elicit a nod of approbation from the reader. It sounds right, and feels right. Despite the fact that we live in a world that can foster the likes of the Taliban, Hitler and others, there exists for most of us a deep-seated belief in the perfectibility of man. We have all experienced many private and public moments when our lives reflect that magic state of beauty. The question here is how can we elicit those moments of clarity, and finally take up permanent residence there?

Contemporary parenting research indicates that children will tend to demonstrate behaviors that mimic parental or environmental expectations. Expectations become self-fulfilling prophecy. If their parents or teachers nurture a "can do" spirit in them, by and large the child adopts that lens in addressing the issues in their life. The same for kids laboring in an environment of criticism or fear; performance suffers, and they tend to be "carriers" of that dis-ease for their adult life.

Solar Astrology has provided an apt psychological profiling tool for those of us seeking patterns in others and ourselves that seem to land outside the nature/nurture hypothesis. It describes the human "game" and explains the various lenses' that color and compartmentalize human perspective. It pins the tail on the donkey of human motivation, behavior, and psychological predisposition. This is done so compellingly that an inadvertent secondary effect is achieved; one could believe that astrology's true focus is this solar dimension of human affairs. However, astrology also can reflect back parts of us that function and operate within higher levels of Self. So as our human species reclaims enhanced perspectives of Self, this galactic and universal perspective will provide a reliable, logical and ordered mirror of this exalted point of experience and view.

After a bow and curtsy towards standard skepticism, most people with a modicum of intelligence give solar astrological theory some credence. If for no other reason, the allure, promise, and excitement of finding out more about themselves! Also, to provide order in a random world. Or seek guidance in the realm of relationship, family, or career. Finally, we DO tend to behave (in a more than random fashion) like our astrological data would expect. I laughed to myself years back as my 3 year old Virgo son, in spontaneous fashion, began neatly and carefully started folding his clothing- in stark contrast to his 4 year old Scorpio sister, who was busy giving Charles Schultz's Pigpen a run for his money! Solar astrology works - within and on the level that it is intended to.

Galactic or Higher or God Self Astrology serves to reflect back the personal spiritual level of us. It is the "can-do" spirit-nurturing branch of astrology. It generates the "expectation set" of divinity, and focuses on where we are already valuable- no, indispensable - aspects or attributes of God, or All That Is. In conjunction with the 21st century version of The Kabala or "Tree of Life", a synthesis of "wisdom lenses" is offered to you, a modern citizen/consumer/co-creator of this local universe. These systems, "the Wheel" and "the Tree", provide a platform for individuals to examine and celebrate themselves as individualized, fully functioning aspects of Source intelligence. Where traditional astrology delineates the elements and outcomes of a Solar ("soular")-biased view of human life, Galactic/Higher Self astrology presents the authentic or original patterns we embrace as conscious evolving Source-biased God Sparks. Analysis is provided, but its purpose is to provide guidance and encouragement for the individual as the cause of life events, rather than an effect or as measurer of effects.

What is the need for a Higher Self astrological perspective? My premise is that the collective wisdom or worldview that our society engages in is inherently self-limiting. Consciously or unconsciously, by choice or default, we live in a jealously enforced Cult of Self-Limitation. This viewpoint saturates our religious, governmental, and educational systems, which address incremental and well-meaning improvements within their areas of focus. However, the overall societal miasma is never even recognized, much less addressed. This is understandable. For as Carl Jung once perceptively wrote, "How do we recognize a lion that has swallowed us whole?" Just as solar astrology reflects trends issues and potentialities within the miasma, the galactic perspective reflects the same data outside the miasma. Properly dispensed, it is a viable "Red Pill", capable of triggering the experiences necessary to identify and extract us from the "Matrix" of conventional wisdom.

Zeno's Paradox comes to mind. Taught in introductory logic and/or calculus classes, it describes Zeno, a philosopher of repute in the classical period of Greece, and a bet he made with some of the locals at his neighborhood pub. Pointing to a wall in the building that they were in, he said that he would bet that he could prove logically that there was no way to reach the wall in question. Thinking the kindly Zeno had obviously sampled too much of that year's vintage, many in attendance took his bet

He then asked all to consider a point halfway to the wall (let's say for discussions sake 20 feet away). There was complete concordance that that point would be 10 feet from the wall. From that point, he asked all if they could agree on the next midway point. Which all could; 5 feet from the wall. And so the pattern of half way points was established: 2.5 feet, 1.25 feet (or the local Greek measurement unit), .625 feet, etc, etc. The distances got smaller and smaller, immeasurable in the technical sense (remember, these were the days before microscopes). But all could agree with the apparently quite lucid Zeno that whether it was 2 inches or a millionth of an inch, there would indeed always be some smaller unit of measurement that would accommodate the distance between the observer and the wall!

Zeno' paradox works because it creates a "false sleeve" of measurement that has its own SELF-CONTAINED linear logic. Logic seemingly as valid as the sleeve called "common sense", which presents a completely different outcome. With 4 or 5 full strides, somebody is going to have a bloody nose! Zeno paradox captures us with the very first assumption we accept. Once we accept Zeno's original premise of methodology of how to solve the problem, and start dividing things in halves, we are toast! And permanently separated from that wall. So despite the fact that there are truths and symmetries within "half of" measurements, we have truly and irrevocably lost the forest for the trees. Most existing systems of self-assessment, be they spiritual, financial, religious, geopolitical, astrological, have us "orphaned" from Source intelligence at the opening bell.

Galactic Astrology acknowledges the value of the solar version of the science, while simultaneously postulating its own unique and independent birthright. This is a 12 step "Amnesiacs Anonymous" program for sleeping gods. New symbols, new constellation affiliations, new rulers, and new neural pathways are offered. More importantly, we connect the dots on new highways that connect the tangible and intangible aspects of our current existence into an observable, repeatable format. It recognizes that its teleology is to provide an environment of understanding to support Christ consciousness in each individual. And to do so, we cannot serve two masters; that is, vibrate in the solar (soul) and galactic (Christ, crystalline, or crystal clear) levels. The "Galactic Lens" avoids Zeno's cul de sac, reflecting each Adam or Eve it meets as an atomic miniaturization of an interactive Universe Wide Web of love, growth, and light. It draws an energetic and dimensional distinction, inviting us to increase frequency and vibrate out of the Matrix or miasma that has lost its true roots in Source. Like any of the authentic new teachings, it is consistent in its vision of a human being an outpost and co-creator of the forces that create and move the seen and unseen worlds. The spiritual God enjoys his connection to source and its material adventure.

Its message? Awaken. Participate in YOUR original design . . . and spread the love around.

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