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“Immersion into pools of self-discovery is the modus operandi of the exceptional path. Here an individual takes exception to all forms of external coercion, inviting the dominant greater presence into fully expressed floral array. This perpetuates out picturing of our individual original design, allowing us to successfully host the real time adventure of Source level consciousness into our human biology. Source, in out pictured form, knows itself as god or goddess. When that God or Goddess looks to move into freedom, they lift themselves into the freeform currents of the I AM level of self. The blending of the out picture and the in picture is contained into the individual I AM presence. This magical connective functions through Magnetics of light. Scientists will be well served blending the language of “string theory” and “light Magnetics”. It is through the I AM that one and one indeed become eleven.”

Attributed to ZAP - 2005

I have always been keenly attracted to what would probably be considered “human possibility”. Here we are, each and all dwelling upon this spinning ball, hurtling through space; breathing or being breathed by some immeasurable vastness, licensees of minds that can leap tall buildings (and universes) with a single bound, and sacred keepers of hearts that can quickly summon the Unity extolled by poets and mystics of every persuasion . . .

Fulfillment and Joy beckon to be our constant companions. (If we quiet ourselves). Opportunity comes in observable wavelengths, lapping in peace and prosperity upon our personal shores. (If we love ourselves). Will we take a swim into the spiritual currents and currency of our own unique odyssey? A hint to fellow try-athletes: Hope Floats! (If we swim our Selves).

My dear friends make no mistake about it. There is magic afoot. Truly at, and beneath our feet. It is begging inclusion into our bodies, our breath, our minds, and our hearts. This magic connects us to our roots in this sweet Earth, as well as our honored role in the holy Tree of Life itself.

The medium of this currency is a vast connective wavelength that moves well outside what current Earth science would call physics. Called by some the I AM, it is a presence that binds and blends all levels of external expression into what is called the MAGICAL NOW. When we WHOLE HEARTEDLY embrace our I AM presence and presentation, we are not only introduced to UNITY, we become it’s merchants. We are given our magician’s wands, and ushered into Universal service.


The Magician works in the 3 realms of POSSIBILITY, PROBABILITY, and REALITY. ALCHEMICALLY, he/she binds them together, through the medium of his/her life.

First and foremost (yes MasterCard was right!) we must Consider the POSSIBILITY.

Next, we must personalize it, get our head around it – find our personal mathematic (the mechanics of where you equal it) – and make it a PROBABILITY.

Then (in the unique time, tempo, and circumstance of Your life), it will come into fruition a manifest REALITY.

Conscious utilization of these 3 PROCESSES on an individual or personal level propel us into collective implementation of this same sequence within larger collective projects of Life. This career path brings you into an interactive mode with source intelligence. Without brokers or middlemen (or women).

The Alchemical Tools

Just outside the purview of mainstream society, persistent broadcasts of functional programs of alchemical self-discovery are being presented with a robust sense of regularity. Abraham-Hicks, Crimson Circle, Starquest, Warriors of Peace, Barbara Hand Clow, Orin/Dabin, Kryon (and many others) are awakening and assembling groups that currently share in what can be termed galactic and universal agendas. These practical tools, NOW available, were in the past the province of fairy tales, hokey Disney movies, or the rantings of the delusional and the fool. Thankfully, as Mr. Cat Stevens used to sing, “The longer boats are coming to win us. Push off from the shore”. These tools bring PROBABILITY to our human possibility.

These tools allow us to change our internal tuning. They are here the polish the diamonds that we are. As we open to the possibility of elevating frequency or tuning, it is a lot like changing the channels on our television sets: we discover that there are vastly different programs running concurrently on different stations. Discovering these channels of consciousness, light, and interactivity within our own Self, and learning to master changing our personal channels, allows us to graduate into personal mastery, and the REALITY of genuine contribution to Universal Life.

The first and most important set of tools are the internal tools. They are the “verbs” of Alchemy or Alchemistry. After we locate and familiarize ourselves with the internal tools, we can sample the offerings of the groups and toolkits of the groups above, and assume our unique setting in the Heaven dressed as Earth.

The VERBS of Alchemistry are what I like to call the 3 I’s of magical transportation. They are INTUITION, IMAGINATION and INTENTION. (They exist one plane above the astral arena of the Third Eye, and its teachings). Intelligent utilization of these 3 I’ s allows interested human pioneers to reprogram themselves into the greater REALITY.

Intuition is the light speed magnetic form of thought. Imagination is the creative universal female principal in its most potent form. Intention is the fixity and courage of the male principal in its refusal to be denied ultimate success. Implementation of intuition, intention, and imagination, as one’s operating system of choice, guarantees victory.

So here’s an Alchemical formula (or equation) for you:
3 I + Tools + U (you) + All = I AM

The goal of Alchemy is to offer the hows, whys and wherefores for connect with one’s magical I AM presence. From the pure perspective of perception, the I Am presence (aka The Holy Spirit) is a magical manifestation of Source’s belief in its own SELF!

We, as the out picturing of Source, must summon our intuition, imagination, and intention into an active mode. With that in place, Source’s belief in itself, and our belief in ourselves blend together and the interactive medium of the I AM. The marriage of belief is an absolute must for any student of Mastery and Magic. One could say that Belief (aka “Be Life”) is necessary to take us Beyond Belief.

Our God Conscious Biology (once awakened) houses not only the personal agenda, but also serves simultaneously as an impersonal conductive agent linking our biology with the Earth and Universal core. The blending of these quanta of LIFE expression facilitates the circulation of the greater I AM.

This personal alchemy will express itself in as many unique ways as there are individuals who exercise the option to Consciously Evolve. There are many thrilling and attractive avenues to summon (see the Advent/ Aries article in Galactic Astrology for a somewhat comprehensive current review). Below I explore the avenues of language, symbol, and color. Yet the sweetest path of all will be the one that is uniquely your own.

We, the residents of unlimited potentiality, self-administer application of our unique “pilgrim’s progress” through the circles of life that we inhabit in our thoughts and deeds. As we push up against “contrast” in the endless cycles of solar life, we are presented with alternatives; improve the quality of interaction within the system, or blend in the next grander concentric circle of self. There is no correct choice. Or better said, all are the correct choice. As we surrender to our own unique and greater rhythm, both avenues express themselves in a “just in time” perfected syncopation.

One toolkit available (a highly interactive and magical one) is the utilization of LANGUAGE itself. (The relationship between the words Verb and Verbal should not be overlooked). Many treatises have been written on the “Hebrew Fire Letters”; Madame Blavatsky and others have focused on humanity being given 5 magic or root languages. All point to a “top-down” presentation of reality, with Language being the emissary of universal current in form. It is a gift of the Archangelic realms.

One could say Alchemy the art of hydroponic language, recognizes the soil of human language (and other forms of symbology) as a locale to place its roots; but it looks to the Source levels of language, for its nutriment and growth. Alchemy reintroduces the vertical dynamic of language itself, recognizing that language itself is a message, as well as a medium for it. Empowered within this recognition, we disembark the solar “local”, and jump on the “express”.

Alchemy can be seen as a well-intentioned examination of the building blocks of our life that sponsor the blending of various levels of self. It is a blending/fusion of science and art. The sciences of language, atomic and subatomic physics, and optics, and cellular and organic biology are re-formulated in a working environment. This new multidimensional Petri dish facilitates the human kingdom to operate in its original capacity; that of an empowered, intelligent out picturing of Source light. By focusing on certain crucial building blocks as SOURCE, we gain instantaneous leverage into new vistas of personal possibility. In it, we intentionally lose the forest for the trees.

Language is one of these building blocks. By the time we were 4 or 5 years old, we had the capacity to master multiple languages, each with its own self-contained rules and logic. In our quest to communicate our feelings and desires with élan and style, we quickly overlooked the building blocks of language, the letters themselves. We as a civilization by and large have taken this top-down, vertical, convertible in-formation, and applied it to a wide swath of horizontal description and discussion.

I have been instructed and introduced to programs centering on the Hebrew language with traditional Kabala, Dan Winter’s exploration of the Hebrew alphabet, the Warriors of Peace Alchemy online course, and the recent writings of Kryon. A fine Light Body class offered by Orin and Daben uses sound patterns outside traditional or ancient language as its medium of trance-formation. All spoke to me and stirred my inner determination to “hook up” with the Big Love and Life.

Symbols, Colors, and Sacred Geometric Patterns are also valid alchemical foundation “set pieces” that can transport you to your goal. The astrological articles on Premier Eminence/Libra and Manna/Virgo explore this in some depth. In the exercise section that follows the Libra article, there is a guided meditation of sorts that should assist you in activating your own unique symbolic processes.

A cogent argument (one that my wife Billy and have discussed, it seems, for decades now) can be made that ANYTHING that one believes in wholeheartedly will provide a medium for Alchemy. While this seems true, certain of these pathways into Galactic, Universal, and Source frequency, as the use of the 3 I’s should accelerate your own voyage into the joy of the Infinite Life.

The image, interaction, and message of Zap (whose likeness accompanies this article) is one of the alchemical agencies that the Big Life is personally altering and instructing me through. How and what he represents to me ( and how I was introduced to him) will be explored in later articles, but for now Zap is introduced as an example of a Universal provocateur of Human Possibility.

Offered in service to human emancipation and Joy
4th of July, 200



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