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The Shapes of Things to (Be) Come


In the SPHERE of perfected geometry,
Prosperity imbues biology;
With plaintive harmonics of bliss,
Ah, the rapture of unity's kiss.

In the DIAMOND that makes the Universe right,
Mankind assumes its Body of Light;
To syncopate the timely transition,
Of pure universal roots, into the human condition.

In the CYLANDER of homeland security,
The Awakening proceeds in purity;
Riding the pulse of inner perfection,
We em-Body the keystone of Source extension.

The CIRCLE is unbroken
The DIAMOND is forever, (and will always last)
And your U-Tube is the media for CYLINDRICAL broadcast!

When we inhabit our universal robes,
And join the larger leagues of light;
Colors and shapes do beckon and array,
Our participation in the new Universal Day.

Each Adam and Eve does then shift and weave,
Into higher dimensional permutations;
Magic's geometric élan (with our galactic clan,
We know where we are headed.)

Human love is the connector, when it's consciously commanded;
As part and parcel of the Universal Design,
Into our lives expanded.
Here Light frames us
ALL in victory's thrall,
Here Love's the language spoken CommUnification is discovery
And elegance is NOW beholden.

You are executor of the Divine Will,
Part of that which struck Moses dumb;
Now magic rules our days,
New outcomes are uncovered
While form and time discover,

The shapes of things to come.



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