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Martin Luther King's Birthday 2004 - Impossible? Immortal?


Iraq my brains no longer.
From the True United States of Consciousness,
An Emancipation's Proclamation.
Under the white flag of truth,
In Order to create a more perfect Union,
I will tell an Immortal tale.

A tale where I resolutely allow more.
(More, that is,
Than our current moral mortuary,
Would have me adore...)

I AM mortal.
But I refuse to choose sides.
Fully appraised, and happily un-expired.
Undeceived . . .
Now finally understanding,
Anything can be believed.

A thought -
That when "bought" -
Brings snow undriven.
Now some folks -
I among them,
Would call that truly living.

I AM portal to the Immortal,
To that which is Evergreen/Evermore.
Poetry in motion,
I am the river that runs through me.
A democratic implant,
(Like you, God's plot device),
A road to nice;
Evening, just this evening,
An unsettled, moonlight score.

Just beyond our human will,
The circle is unbroken,
Here we can ALL feel the thrill.
Elegant structures of true proportion await;
We each have a seat.
We can never be late.
But why, oh why,
Would anyone wait?

All hail! Here emerging
Self-administering nanotechnicians,
Of solicitous God light;
It's a nano-a-nano, atom by atom,
Emancipation of our biology,
(As WE perform the surgery!)
Here on Martin Luther's, Kingly day.

Immortals / The Incredibles;
Adams and Eves, who NOW remember their roots;
Unhitched from time, and smaller climes,
Reclaiming atomic rhymes, and universal reception.

Taking exception to deception,
Freed from mime;
Our soliloquies, in our NOW sublime,
Shake the bellows of eternity, and unravel time.
We achieve Godspeed,
Summoning needed particles of light,
On our Collective individual climb.

Indelible markings,
The return of seven rings,
Serving the servants, the uncrowned queens and kings;
The eye that opens others,
And fulfills the undreamt dreams.

I'm Mortal. I'm Possible.
Now is that more or less?
Oxygen, and breath's caress,
Intelligently administered,
Overrides death.
(So it's now on the menu;
De rigueur for the Valkyrie,
And the lady in distress.)
Source light delight!
The highlight real.
Reality shows best,
When unconcealed.
Behold breath's zeal!

Un-sealed outcomesAwait our un-ceiling.Hierophants, Ark Angels, and other, higher arcs,
(Like us seeking separation's sweet release),
Humbly assist at this,
The birth of Universal Man.

The play is set,
The players fixed;
Now 'twixt
The Mortal and Immortal,
Past Ozymandius and Taj Mahals,
Humanity, manatees we,
Ferry The One true light, between the shores. . .

Immortality. What's in it for thee?
A place on that Grecian urn?
Recurring roles in "Groundhog Day"?
A perfect never-ending kiss?
Front row seats for the NBA?
The end of tearful goodbyes,
Or aging's clever disguise;

Or, raising your sights now to impersonal heights...
Perhaps you can summon a universal thrall,
To flummox and dissipate this amnesiac pall,
Misting over Humanity?

I must admit, of this I do not know.
But I host this heart magnetic; it's where I must go.
Yes, for I have seen the beauty of undriven snow.
And I have felt the beauty of undriven snow.

As my atoms NOW accept their light, it's only right.
Capacities enlarge.
The future is bright.
The whole and the holy
Blend with-in-sight.
My chariot awaits. . .

(Now even timeless time,
If unclaimed,
is time a wastin' . . .)

So I set my controls
For the heart of the One;
The O inside Joy
The U inside Fun
I elevate in all directions,
And drown my Self with love . . .
Atom Heart Mother/Father
Who grant me this envelope of possibility,
IOU everything!

Velocity Electricity Purity,
Unbounded - boundary Synchronicity;
Next stop Valhalla. Shambhalla. Rumi Nation.Vanilla Sky.
You know what I mean.
Our next stop is Life's Grand Central Station.
Life pristine.

Aboard, with indrawn breath,
And silence's welcome sound,
Surrender, obedience, and friendly mergers abound.
My chariot of fire emerges in higher, solid ground.
Eternal light is wedded to mortal coil.
Terra firma now becomes anointed soil.
I, Life's verb, emerge;
A Source extension, a sudden surge,
An unconquerable spark,
A Mark of Love's declension;
Designed to parasail, into paradise perfection.

I'm Possible
I'm Mortal
I'm You
I'm Me
In the One gaze that unites us,
Truly excites us,
And sets each one of us free.

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