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"The Sweet Wine of Friend-Ship"
"The Fellow-Ship of the Rings"


(A Master Plan/ Mark Time Production)

Let the winds of imagination blow freely as we venture forth into the Kabalistic dance of POSSIBILITY known as the Great Bridge of Light. The KEY to its location, long a guarded secret, now reveals itself as the remembrance of Bethlehem.

Flask carriers of the sweet wine of re-cognition move freely throughout this “Coming-In Party” – held in that “salon of salons”, the Aquarian house of spirit - celebrating the best of human possibility. The elegant imaginings of the Land before Time take on a 2002 face, as the emerald green necklace of collective power and knowledge is placed over ALL in attendance. Friends and fellows, faculty of the Terra/Earth reawakening, resonate with the musical beat of Mother / Father God, and agree to allow SOURCE to “come on down!” Once in place WE pulse, communicate, and coordinate EElectronic logistics that weave together all dimensions. We become the living bridge of light - in LIVING colors.

Individual masters who have embraced their roots in the solar system are ushered up into “the Big Leagues of LIGHT”, having their chance NOW to play for keeps in this 9th inning come from behind VICTORY. Uniqueness and Diversity are king and queen here, as the unbridled jazz offerings of each soloist provide both the melody and meaning to the COLLECTIVE glory of this 7th inning s-t-r-e-t-c-h into the permanent body of desire.

Celebrations ensue with the Christ-inning of the Fellowship of the Rings. These two golden rings, one based on Terra in the high hearts of the Earth masters, and the second hewn within the freely offered fabric of the interdimensional masters. This month they are PERMANENTLY linked and melded.

Rings now joined, the Universal community draws near to receive its new programming from the commando Terra-ists of the Collective Messiah. Prosperity wine, first vintage of the Fountain of Youth Immortality alignments, enlivens the proceedings as the vitus dance of the “new becoming” unveils itself. To the pleasant surprise of the cast, Bethlehem earns great reviews as the “New Jerusalem”. Source’s investment is returned in spades, to the Joy of the Eternal ONE. And this time - to celebrate this astrological season of “fixed air”- the curtain NEVER comes down.

A historical distinction here to begin; the Bethlehem (from the Hebrew beth l’chaim,“house of life”) referred to above and in future articles, is not the one taught about in Sunday (or Saturday) schools. Rather, it is an actual place in the cosmos, a place you can now ask your inner being/higher self to connect to. It exists in the upper galactic plane (you could say just “uptown” from the Rotundrum). We all carry the vibration of Bethlehem within our bodies. It is indeed beyond words, but certainly well within your experience. If words were applied you could say Bethlehem is the embodiment of the Higher Self of the Collective Galactic body; The Home of Team Spirit. It is also the Universal component of the Aquarian or Bridge of Light energy. I know that’s a bit of a conceptual mouthful, but with your forbearance, let me offer a conceptual model that should trigger light body remembrance - and a personal ease of transition back to the feeling of Bethlehem . . .

There was a time before time. Call it Bethlehem. A time before all of this. Before our 21st century sights, sounds, and smells – before what most would argue is real life. In that before time, each of us was distinct, yet a part of an undeniably refined experience of FREEDOM in wholeness. And in that original spirit of wholeness, we were visited by a still greater more inclusive dimension of wholeness, and blended with it. From that blending, we pulsed forward and outward into the creation…

… that we inhabit today. In our collective power, imbued with a grandiose and exalted vision of potentiality, we created what you and I now live within. Functioning as a “repertory company” of equals, we then each took individualized roles within that creation. And kept an aspect of our-SELVES, as well as members of the company, back home in the Bethlehem vibration – a vibration before the activation of that energy known as Mother/Father God, and our differentiation into individualized identity. And so it is that each who read this - though they be de-term-ined an Archangel, Savior, Taliban, Earth Master, Elijah or hoochie mamma (that’s for my son, who feels I should make these articles more accessible) – is part of the interconnected energy known as Bethlehem. And that vibration - once we address it, call on it, and allow it to circulate through our Adam Kadmon body down into our human 4-body system - can dramatically widen the bandwidth that we experience ourselves through. For even now, a part of us lives in the frequency we have labeled Bethlehem. The Bridge of Light (that we are the living building blocks of) trans“plants” that pure vibration of Bethlehem on Terra /Earth. So we are each (independent of temporal self-assessment) equal (yes, it bears repeating) connectors – I call us the InSpiritors, the 13th tribe - of the Bethlehem that now exists on the upper galactic level. It is also now vibrating on the crystalline 6th dimensional level of Terra/Earth known as the “Bethlehem Christ Grid”. As we master our connection with the “interdimensional” masters who also walk this earth at this time - our equal partners in the pure Bethlehem vibration - TOGETHER we manifest “The New Jerusalem”. As this connection takes place, the Shamballah or 7th Golden Age frequency is downloaded into the cellular template of the living human. To the pleasure of all life, as well as Source. We bring in the 7th dimension “God Virus”, the virus of becoming. It’s the biological bloodless coup of our original design. Our galactic Merkivah (not soul level Merkebeh) light body manifests.

The premise here is that all life is interconnected, and that we as individuals are a vital ongoing part of that energetic reality known as God /All That Is / Source. Though we are God in a Bod, a spark of that ultimate power strutting our stuff, we have (at least until now) parked a large portion of our awareness on some of the intermediate “floors”, “spheres”, or levels of consciousness between Source and our current zipcode. We are and will be reclaiming various features, dimensions, or capabilities of self. This is the “missing 85%” of us currently deployed in other dimensions (referred to in “Galactic Perspectives”). In computer language, we are downloading software that is giving us multidimensional multimedia skills, internet access, digital photography, international free calling, what have you. This software, once implemented and “run” through our system, becomes a permanent part of our hardware. Software becomes Hardware – within the framework of an ever-expanding Open Architecture. I call it “The Great Wide Open” AllGates (not Bill Gates) Operating System. The reclamation/remembrance OR awakening stage we are in now, is where we vibrate out of this immensely complex webbing of self-limitation - our Matrix. It is our personal election of SELF – the one vote that must be tallied while we are in the physical opportunity known as our physical body. We vote through our Intention.

The aforementioned Intention, as well as Intuition and Imagination are the new tools for transformation, movement, and reformatting into these larger dimensions of self. They are what I call the “Red Pills”(culled from The Matrix). They correspond to the energies of Uranus (intuition / reformatting), Neptune (imagination / movement), and Pluto (intention / transformation) [I will be discussing them at length in a future article]. Munching on these 3 I’s (Imagination, Intention, Intuition) like they were M & M’s, we NOW command the technologies that help us actualize our choice to leave the clutches of this cul-de-sac / Matrix of our own and/or collective design.

The fact that “the Last Judgement” is ours, and ours alone, is quite a revelation. We must dismiss fear, both personal and collective. We must consciously face the light of our greater being, embrace it, and allow it to override previous programming. We grant ourselves the final pardon from our previous sin (another word for separation). With that barrier crossed, we are free to grow into the greater dimensions of Truth.

MASTERY, according to Metatron, is a self-contained victory. The individual’s “right to passage” described in last month’s Ascent essay (and expanded upon below, to further upgrade the reader’s light body) describes the first seven developmental steps in the activation of the Adam Kadmon electronic light body. It is an odyssey of recognition and remembrance leading one to the energetic surrender and embracement of Inner Unity. It is the reclamation of depth and height, latitude and attitude, culminating in our permanent acceptance of our personal ‘flavor” of Love and Light. WE are the unbreakable elements of love’s finest hour.

Once we have thus enthroned ourself in Manna/Virgo, The Crown or 7th center activates our own “hot line” with Source. This completes the “Personal” sequence of us CONSCIOUSLY grounding the Divine Spark that began in the Advent. There, through the generosity of the RED ray, we experienced Paradise Manifest and birth into the earthly kingdom of Prosperity. Elevating that consciousness up into the physical body, the Luminus doors of Co-Creativity will activate the kunda gland and sacral center, and pulse outward into the galactic core, hosting the 12 galactic rays into the back of the 2nd chakra. These Tables of Creation seat in the physical body under the sponsorship of the ORANGE Ray and Mother God. The YELLOW GOLD ray of the solar plexus (3rd) brings in the tribal-galactic order, extolling the balance, joy, and chiropractic of Divine Will. This is the “master” center of the physical body. Thus locked into the genealogy of the manifest Mother/Father God attribute, we next consciously embrace Source Unmanifest through the PINK ray and our Heart center.

This achieved, the “Trinity of Divinity” is now BioLogically, Electromagnetically, and Cellularly anchored through the Creator energy of the Sacral, the God Manifest of the awakened Solar, and Source through the Heart (centers/chakras 2-4). This trinity now finds personal unfettered expression through the Word of Power and the throat center, under the auspices of the Iolite (purple-blue) ray. That expression is harmonized and blended into the higher planes of Divine Mind under the Granite/Copper ray, through the “art of focus” and obedience to the living God within. The personal voice of the 5th center is upgraded to a personal “energetic signature” or electronic in this 6th stage. At that point the 7th center Manna-Virgo alchemical “meld” begins; the crown center opens and begins to communicate with other beings of light - right up to Source itself. Later, upon the embracement of the 7th dimensional “completer” energies as well, the individual “Lord or Lady of Light” is ready to participate with Source, and enroll in the collective galactic endeavors of the Bridge of Light.

Where the 7th branch of the Tree of Life completes the Self-contained victory known as MASTERY, the Bridge of Light (Aquarius) becomes the proverbial “journey is the destination”. The function of the Bridge of Light is to connect or syndicate the individual into the group consciousness, through the grounding or activation of the Galactic into the Solar level within both the individual and the civilization. Where the solar Aquarian “franchises”, the galactic/universal level of that energy is ENFRANCHISEMENT. The solar “imposition of good ideas” is evolved into the galactic concept of “embodying a good idea”. The Earth based master is now the ‘host” for this galactic “coming-in party”. The solar “brainstorm” becomes the galactic “heartstorm”, as the dominant intelligence of the High Heart champions the Collective Messiah’s quest for the best. Jupiter’s rulership of the enlightened dimension of Aquarius, The Bridge of Light, speaks to each human participant’s faith in the Divine Plan. Implied is an unassailable jupiterian confidence in the principles of inclusive diversity, with “communities of light” as a Living outreach of a beneficent, omni-directional Original Design (that we all participated in on the Bethlehem level).

The collective power of this interdimensional “focus group” initiates the “Impersonal” sequence that begins with this 8th branch of both galactic astrology and the Tree of Life. The teachings of Sananda & Elijah (and company) are instructive in offering us guidelines for walking this “impersonal” patch of road from chakras 8 through 12. During these stages we enter into the larger organizational aspects of conscious life, by “grounding” them into our subtle energetic bodies (at a later stage, these subtle bodies are consciously rewired into the original 7 physical chakras). See the following description as evolutionary steps in “God in a Bod’s” evolution back to All That Is. (Tim Leary –yes that Tim Leary – wrote a great model for this sort of evolution in Exo-Psychology. Different, but a fascinating read.)

Specifically, the 8th (Bridge of Light / Aquarius (solar level), Emerald Green Ray (color), Emerald (gem), North Star [ruler]) serves as the living bridge between the solar and interdimensional/galactic levels of expression. The 9th (Spiritual Currency / Pisces, Cobalt Blue Ray, Lapis Lazuli, Pleiades) deals with the infrastructure and potentiality of the experience of biological life; you could say “field studies in galactic genetics”. By the 10th chakra, (Pentaglium / Scorpio, White Ray, Quartz crystal, Sirius) collective crystalline wisdom culled from these galactic biological experiences, are consciously implemented into the rarified fields of awareness, embodied by the brotherhoods and sisterhoods of light. The 10th level “crowns” the collective external expression of carbon/crystal biological life.

The 11th (El Lunia / Gemini, Black Ray, Black Onyx, Europa ruler) center or chakra takes this distilled hive of galactic “community competency” another step, up into the Universal unmanifest soup. There, mixing with Source creative intelligence, the group awareness interacts with Source, free from any existing physical or mental templates. What “Is” and what “Is Not” rock and roll (With the lights out of course – it is the black ray after all!) and the “lovechild” of this union of surrender, the molten “Fire Yods”, emerges. The 12th chakra (Premiere Eminence / Libra, Silver/Gold Ray, Diamond, Dener ruler) deals with the final integration of the Adam Kadmon-crystalline level of reality into the Electrolytic level of awareness. As well as the interconnection between galactic / universal and multi-universal life in the collective realm. The Fire Yods, long considered the symbol of the “divine spark” (and an excellent interdimensional “activator”) operate on this final level of the Tree of Life. The 12th level also houses the etheric Tree of Life, which generates systemic understanding of the processes discussed here. It also acts as a “router” for multi –universal impulses beyond the scope of discussion. Just as the Manna/Virgo 7th level acts as a “Land’s End” for the discrete physical vehicle, so Premiere Eminence acts as the MountainTop of the collective physical experience.

This leads us to the birthing of the 13th level of the Tree of Life, spear headed by our current incarnation, which will birth the synthesis of all 12 branches in the current Galactic Bethlehem tale, as the residents and resonance of The New Jerusalem.

Where the keywords for The Ascent were focus and broadcasting of the personal power and voice unearthed in the Excelsius, here The Bridge of Light invokes the magic of COMMUNITY; and the joys, freedoms, and fellow-ship of friends. Also, the technology of community – the living SYMBOL. As the communities of light emerge again on Terra, “Resonential” communities are the first organic manifestation of future “residential” communities.

Chances are you are reading this article at a website or book store that you “vibe” with. When you are there, your vast array of invisible energetics format into some version 6. of an open vibrational field. This “allows” more of you to meet in this now moment. One of the technological facets of the Aquarian energy, in either a solar or galactic application, is the amplification of personal energetic fields thru group dynamics. The Emerald Green Ray and mineral kingdom mirror this nurturance as a function of light (color) and Source substance (gem).

The “Living Symbol” is the trigger for the melding of group energies or FOCUS groups. During the recent spate of events emanating from the terrorist attacks on Manhattan and Washington DC, the American Flag has become the de facto emotional meeting place for a wide range of reactions and emotions from these events. It has become “The” Symbol for America to recover, mourn, consolidate, organize, and reset its compass. Symbols - whether a flag, or as diverse as a Grateful Dead logo or a Red or Christian cross - are all compressed shorthand for a wide range of emotions. They often contain great power, the residual of energies deposited with them. They are parking lots for multidimensional human “content”.

For me, the mothership of all “Living Symbols’ is the TREE OF LIFE. It houses a complete set of interdimensional, interactive symbols in each of its 12 branches! These monthly articles are an attempt to create another forum to probe and penetrate the mysteries contained within the Tree and ourselves, as we interact with it.

The Collective Messiah, Cradle of Light, Warriors of Peace, and The Master Plan (among many others) are “Fellowships of the Ring” that seek to marry forces from many dimensions into a new form of Community. This community is NOW establishing a 6th & 7th dimensional galactic field of consciousness on earth. So that individuals can distinguish between the old Solar and the new evolutionary Source oriented spheres of reality. Hopefully integrating the parts of themselves vibrating within these higher vibrational spheres of light. Assisting in the planetary awakening – one person at a time.

The use of interdimensional symbols is an absolutely indispensable tool in this process of the Bridge of Light. Community locates its focus through the technology of Symbols. COMMUNITY + TECHNOLOGY + FOCUS = VICTORY! The colonization of the larger spheres of energetic organization – in service to our Source and our higher inner prompting - is a group experience. As a group activity, the larger collective US then emerges through our High Heart center, and the flight of the DOVE is there for us all to be-hold. Together we take flight, and our collective instincts engage to navigate in now time.

From my own personal experience, the truly cutting edge work being done on OUR planet right now is in this arena of group interdimensional focus. Whether it is a traditional sacred geometry symbol, a temple of light, or a “just-in-time” manufactured symbol, the formula followed mirrors the one above. The Arcturian-inspired Groups of Forty, The Orin-Daben groups’ groundbreaking work with The Big Dipper and various inter-dimensional temples of light, Joshua Stone’s Ascension seats, Ronna Herman’s work with the Crystal Pyramid of Power, and the Universal Prosperity “P” focus of the Warriors of Peace, are all current examples of community focus. And we who come along after each of these groups benefits by the “INFRASTRUCTURE of UNDERSTANDING” that is being paved by them. And yet we can EXPONENTIALLY increase their impact with our full-hearted participation. The “Rainbow” Bridges of Light appear before our collective eyes.

Exercises; “Ceremony of the Rings” & “the Bethlehem Alignments”

Once we open to the expanded realm of consciousness beyond our physical bodies, and seek to enter “the Bethlehem creation mix”, we need to call on our 3 I’s, intention, imagination, and intuition – in order to open our 4th I, galactic INTEGRATION. This can be done by the utilization of working Symbols of connective consciousness. (This in time will bring us to the 5th “I”, universal IMMORTALITY. But that’s the topic of a future article - “A Diamond is Forever” to be written for El Lunia/Gemini 2002). Following please find a few exercises that will have you enlist these I’s into further ADVENTures (i.e., a further software downloads) into your own personal Great Wide Open operating system. Remember, software, once adapted and run, upgrades your personal hardware . . .

Suffice it to say that once you get to the Galactic Tree of Life and the
interdimensional community,
“Don’t forget to keep your I’s OPEN!”

Exercise #1 - Ceremony of the Rings; the first exercise is based on the current movie, the Fellowship of the Ring. A central feature of the film’s plot is the existence of a “Ring of Power”. Much of the narrative deals with a fellowship created among different species to ensure that the ring of power does not fall into the wrong hands. The fellowship pledges to “join together” to combat the “wrong hands” through a blending of their unique gifts.

The Bridge of Light (Aquarius up at the galactic/universal frequency) is the 8th branch of the Tree of Life. The number 8 can be seen as the “infinity” symbol standing up and being counted. Or as a 3 dimensional mobius strip being presented in 2D. Or, for the purposes of this exercise, as the joining of 2 rings of POWER.

Imagine now a golden ring, with a 2 or 3-foot circumference magically connected with the areas that include your throat and heart centers, and your etheric High Heart. This ring extends up and out in front of you. Allow your self (or command in NOW) the golden light dimension of your Self. Wait (as long as it takes) until you feel your Self and the ring at the same frequency or vibration.

Now imagine or “call in” the vibration of THE unique “inter-dimensional” being that you would feel “completed” by. Trust your intuition and intention to sort through the vibrations and attract the correct “COMPLETER someone”(our I’s work very well indeed when we trust them!). When you now consciously do this, you are “operating the vehicle” of your higher or universal mind (the 8th level, for the technically minded).

At a certain point you will feel the unmistakable energetic approach or presence of another being of light who will perform this “ceremony of the rings” with you. This being will work with you further to individually familiarize you with the Bridge of Light frequency. An opening within the Heart or Source center will allow now for a source to source connection between the two of you. You will also, in a very real sense, be completing something precious indeed in each other. This etheric but permanent energetic melding will allow you to “conduct” energetic business with the galactic leagues of light, and add to the bridge between the finer levels of consciousness and Terra/Earth. The Two 8. Golden Rings now magically inter-link and join together in the form of a figure eight. This allows for the sovereignty of partners on both sides of the Immortal – Mortal portal just created. This is a real event that will allow both parties energetic access to each other’s reality and permanently open your high heart area. An emerald light now fills the portal, allowing for an activation of the individual portal into the collective wisdom of the ever-expanding Tree of Light. This exercise, practiced often, will dramatically expand your access to your own galactic frequency. Stabilization in the galactic light body frequency is a prerequisite to entering Universe-City!

Exercise #2 - The Bethlehem Alignments
The other “8” themed exercise for this Aquarian “coming-in” party is the Bethlehem Alignment. According to Elijah and Sananda, the SYMBOL for Bethlehem is 8 pointed: platinum cross intersected at 45 degrees by a slightly shorter length cross. We will be “loading” this symbol as an interdimensional tool. The north/south axis will ground the Father God energies thru Orion and the Sun into the solar plexus area. Simultaneously, at the east/west axis, Mother God through the lunar energies and Hydra will ground. This is at right angles through the solar plexus and out the sides of the torso, where the “love handles” are. Actually, this is one of the places where the astral plane attaches into your physical body. However by projecting energy thru this set of apertures, the Mother God energy replaces the astral energy into the physical body. Extend the energy out your sides – “to infinity and beyond”, as Mr. Buzz Lightyear was fond of saying - until you feel the vertical axis lock with the horizontal. That click or “locking” you feel in your belly is the actual 7th dimensional energetic of Bethlehem, overlighting the solar. The practice of holding these two energies and commanding in the Bethlehem alignments (remember, you are the master) will vastly accelerate the energetic upgrades in the rest of the body as well. The solar center will perceptibly energize and “lighten up” as focus improves.

While “holding” this alignment, we are now going to pull in the other two connections to the Bethlehem energy. You can imagine them assigned to the other two 45 degree axes. The first is through time, or better said, TIMELESSNESS. As you continue to hold in the mother/father alignments in the physical body, switch your awareness into the part of you that has never been connected in time. This will thicken the connection and open a portal. Actually, strange as it sounds, this timelessness is a practical tool. This is because we are consciously aligning/grounding the timeless aspect of ourself to our physical experience (this action will also serve as a good foundation / prerequisite to our “youthing/ageless-timeless body” exercise next month in Pisces 2002).

Finally, we will bring into the alignment the 12 electronic light bodies that begin in the purified White (Christ/Crystal) Ray, and move up through 11 more: Blue (Buddha), Yellow-Gold, Lavender, Emerald Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Iolite, Granite-Copper, Black, Gold. (Much would be gained studying these electronic bodies in depth at This will lock in the various multidimensional aspects of you (the missing 85%) that exist at various interdimensional frequencies into the Bethlehem alignment. So call all 4 aspects in simultaneously - your Solar Plexus grid, as well as the Time and Space connectors. Play your part in Terra’s yellow brick road ! ENJOY!


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