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"The Eye of the Tiger",
"Great Balls of Fire"
"The Miracle of Belief "


(A Master Plan/ Mark Time Production)

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, "Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous"? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world.

There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that others won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We are born to make manifest the Glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others" Dr. Nelson Mandela, in his inauguration address becoming South Africa's president.

Interviewer: "Just who do you think you are, Jesus Christ?"
Hedwig: " No, but I do admire his work."
Hedwig, in the 2001 rock opera film Hedwig and the Angry Inch

"Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire!" Jerry Lee Lewis, 50's rock n'roller

The Cirque de Soleil (Circus of the Sun) rolls out its new spring production, Dralion, with the solar return of Aries. The marriage of the Dragon and the Lion on this Spring Equinox reflects this special year on Terra/Earth, heralding the solar level birth of the Golden Age of Shambhalla. (See the Sanat Kumara 11:11 message on the site). This year, higher Leagues of Light anchor the Universal (dragon) level of the "I AM Presence" into the den of the Lion (solar plexus): ergo, the pleasant serendipity of Dra-Lion. The Buddhic reveries and explorations into physical self-mastery enjoyed in the Spiritual Currency/Pisces, are now followed with the gusto, bravado, and bungee-jumping cojones of the Aries / Paradise Manifest / Advent. In this month- where the Red Dragon is King and rules! - All can be seen, and ALL is possible. Through the conscious and unconsciousness invocation of belief, pure thought, and the Force of One, the human element once again exercises its will upon the proceedings. Like the ineffable lightness, delight and freshness of spring itself, the Advent demonstrates once again the power of an idea whose time has come. In its most electric and original wake, ALL must give way and be born anew. It is the hour of your birth into the limitless cycles of Prosperity and Paradise Manifest. Spring has indeed sprung.

SOLAR Aries embodies the pioneer spark and spirit of the Red Ray, along with a restless and relentless courage to become, and express that becoming. The solar Ram is RAM-Tough, and well endowed with RAM (random access memory) capacity. Its solar natives have great "here and now" functionality, thinking well on their feet or in a crisis. Aries celebrates the aspect of the human species "that goes where ANGELS fear to tread". Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek is my favorite solar Aries character (solar, though like us, on a galactic journey "boldly going where no one has gone before" - including Angels): resourceful, courageous, headstrong, swashbuckling and romantic, loyal. Kirk, the textbook Aries, is THE unquestioned leader of his ship (Leadership indeed!) and a bit of a legend in his own mind (and ours). Another archetypal aspect of Aries is the black protagonist in Ralph Ellison's The Invisible Man, who is capable of articulating many philosophies and teachings, but often can't locate himself.


This Solar level incompleteness of the Aries energetic pattern (like Pisces' last month) is later fulfilled in the embrace of "Individual AS Source" unity in the higher realms of light. This is a basic premise of galactic astrology: The solar expressions are designed as density! They are forays into dense experience for the experience of limitation, and the eliciting of "authentic self" response. This design feature creates the divine discontent, cosmic itch, or "state of contrast" that cannot be satisfactorily scratched until the 6th dimensional Christ level energy grid -our natural/default state of being, or "inner being" - is internally consciously accepted as "home". At that point, the solar or "soul" life can be assimilated/uploaded/beamed up into our higher self and selves. That unified field of energy is first experienced when we can MAINTAIN our personal resonance in the mid-galactic frequencies (with our eyes open, and in our human bodies). This solar expression then becomes a "staging area" for us: a gracious Earth hosting the opportunity to embrace our Christed natures as glorious and full-filled Creator Gods. And reintroduce the galactic and universal hum into mainstream society.

As we move up the octaves of the Red Ray into the Universal Core the progressions (octaves) are as follows: Mars, Aries, Paradise Manifest, Cassiopeia, Eternal Light Body, Red Galactic Ray, Advent, Prosperity, Red Dragon, Holy of Holies. The Aries (fresh Air-with-ease)/Red Ray cycle is always "The Initiator" at Universal, Solar, or Galactic levels. Consider the Red Ray as the "blood" of Source, sparking and bestowing "great balls of fire" to any and all willing to re-configure & express more. This "sparking," depending on the viewpoint or lens could be any and all of the following: Winning the lottery. The discovery of one's already existing Eternal Light Body. The embracement of any personal ADVENT-ure. Or through Galactic eyes, looking at Terra/Earth and seeing Paradise Manifest. Physically downloading the Universal Red Ray on Cassiopeia, and broadcasting it to the local galaxy (us). Or loving your Self sufficiently and grandly enough to hold and broadcast Prosperity and Abundance (yes, that state that makes you so happy that your buns dance on their own). Also, experiencing the Red Ray facilitating the Blue Ray (stream) mental flow into physical expression. The Pisces/Aries ("pie-sees/air-ease") energies working together can be seen as the "blood"-"stream" of Source. Where Pisces is empathy made flesh, Advent/Aries emulates and embodies. The Red Ray is the welcome shot of espresso or whiskey that aids one's current "Life Sculpture" work-in-progress.

How? Through action. The Advent is the "Nike" sign of the zodiac; Just Do It! We are ALL the awakening 13th sign (The InSpiritors) that embraces and includes all 12. As this sovereign, autonomous yet interconnected Collective Messiah continues to reacquaint itself to its own grand and glorious nature, The Advent is glad to play Mother Courage to each and all. It is essential on this year's trip through the Circus of the Sun that we enthusiastically locate, harmonize, and include each of the 12 signs into our energetic streams and personal energetic signatures consciously (remember that one must master all 12 grades to enter Universe-City). This is our human (U-Man) part to play in the grand design. We are the Kirks of our own personal Enterprise in the Federation fleet.

The Red Ray is the Ray that El Moyra, The Knights of the First Order, and other physical plane trailblazers (like us) utilize. It rests in the physical body in the perineum, located between the genitalia and anus. Which kinesthetically supports the adage that Aries (Advent) flies by the seat of its pants! Each of you reading this article are being housed in a vehicle that is the result of one original conceived cell undergoing countless rounds of mitosis. This original cell, impregnated by your parents on that magic night, carries your personal template of DNA design. According to Drunvelo Melchizedek (please enjoy his website, for a comprehensive survey of thoughts worth entertaining), while this original cell undergoes numerous rounds of mitosis, it configures itself with the other 7 original cells. This 8-cell unit then migrates to the identical spot in all of us: the perineum. Thus the root chakra is a DNA shrine of sorts, housing the Mother- Father-God cell, surrounded by its 7 "temple elders". Holographic DNA landing pads for Source impulse power into direct physicality.

In Honor of Oscar: Much of the dynamic of The Advent is based on the enthusiastic embracement of a desire, a challenge, or a school of thought - by some someone embodying it. This quantum leap into "walking the talk" leadership makes the Red Ray the home of heroes, heroism, and the spiritual exemplar. Each is in their own unique way finding the "eye of the tiger" (The Advent galactic animal) and achieving a starring role through this physical plane voyage of faith and courage. But where would stars be without their scripts, or captains without their Enterprises?

So in this Oscar month we review and honor the great and/or distinctive expressions of THOUGHT that have matured into ThoughtStreams or ThoughtScripts: each fully capable of heightening and concentrating the experience of our Selves and our species. They all deserve "Lifetime" (and lifeline!) Achievement awards. They have provided us - the denizens of this Soular System of development - with opportunities to expand our individual status quo, and entertain new rounds of personal experience. They are listed below under the 12 Ray categories that they correspond or "vibe" to. Categorization choices are the opinions of the author and open to individual interpretation (This is the Aries/Advent month after all: ALL opinions are valid, and yours makes ALL the difference). However, rumination upon the following is certainly another way for you to connect with the magical energy of the living Tree of Life itself, as well as deepen and generalize your astrological IQ. Hop on the tree and see!

As Humanity (divinity's managing partner here on Terra Firma) now migrates from solar gestalts of thought into the electronic & magnetic unity of the galactic platform of Source, the value of these well-hewn solar "paths" belief systems are not diminished. Rather, they can now be seen as distinct historical and current WAVES of thought that WE can comfortably surf and hitchhike upon. For we are surfers of ideas, surfers of belief systems; and they are reliable vehicles and cauldrons of "becoming". Belief systems heal. Belief systems perform magic. They are humanity's peep shows into what Don Juan called the Nagual, a way for the human being to extract the essence of the formless into the world of forms. Astrology is certainly not exempt. They all require the currency or ante of our PERSONAL faith or belief in them. Personal Belief + a Belief System = a Memorable Ride. Behold the miracle of belief!

However, in this Golden Age of Truth and Light, The Advent/ Aries instructs that we shall always remain the 1st Cause (Santa Claus - thanks Art) of our own lives. We are in a personal and collective process of OUTGROWING belief systems as containers of self-identification. There can be no external thought or belief system that overrides our Personal Sovereignty. That is a violation of the actual infrastructure of individualized existence. A slap in the face of Source itself, which we embody to a depth and girth well beyond any concept, philosophy, or linear comprehension. We are surfers of ideas, and not vice versa. Should the wave we are riding on subside, or glass ceiling appear in any system that inhibits our well being, we just get off our surfboards, "chill"(thanks Kevin), and wait for the next wave. Until recently our parents, TV and pop culture, and ideas themselves (memes, as per Richard Dawkins) have had the tendency to recruit us. However, WE are the consumer/empowers of IDEAS, not vice versa. We must not forget the first law of retail: As the customer, we are always right!

In this new Golden Age, there can be no religions or saviors. We can be inspired (as Hedwig was with Jesus Christ) and should be. However, in this 7th Golden Age, there is One Life expressed in many bodies. And like snowflakes, no two (even twins, or twin rays) can ever be identical! With the courage of Advent/Aries, and the impulse that the Red Ray of life carries, stand up tall in Source. "Come on baby, light that fire!"

Let the following systems of human thought - Belief Systems - be your friends and comforters as YOU invoke YOUR unique expression. They are the ingredients, and you are the chef. Keep growing, as stagnant Belief Systems become BS, glass ceilings: just another brick in the wall. So ladies and gentlemen of the Academy, the envelopes please. A survey, a 12:12 of exemplar/heros, religions, movements, movies, practices, songs, punchlines, and philosophies - through the lens of the Tree of Life - follows:

Red Ray (Advent/Cassiopeia/Aries) - "born-again" Christianity, "The Art of War", Milarepa, Money, Money Changes Everything (Cindy Lauper), "I feel Money"- from Swingers, Michael Jordan, The Mormon Church, King Arthur/Lancelot, Baptism, Prosperity, Abundance, "BraveHeart", Captain Kirk, Athletics, "Show me the money!"

Orange Ray (Luminus/Hydra/Cancer) - American Indian, Co-Creational Thought, Energy Medicine, Ray's Pizza in NY (world's greatest pizza PIE), the Tribal ray, The Round Table (Tables of Creation), Science of Mind, Sananda (the artist previously known as Jesus),"What Dreams May Come", Sweat Lodge, ArkAngels, Metatron

Yellow/Gold Ray (Hu Effervescence/Orion/Leo) - Melchizedek Orders, "Be Here Now", Martin Luther King (Asterik), Hatha Yoga, Shambhalla, Sun Worship, Diversity (the inclusive kind), Human Rights, Dalai Lama, "You are my Sunshine"

Pink Ray (Harvest Blossom/Andromeda/Taurus) - Raves, Bhakti, Hippies, Sourcery, Franciscan Orders, Kuthumi (Tobius), Kryon, Bahai Faith, "Yellow Submarine" (I know it's yellow, and about blue meanies, but it feels pink to me), Massage, Love, Bliss

Iolite Ray (Excelsius/Pegasus/Sagittarius) - Mystery Schools, Ghandi, Serapis Bey (Xavier), The Free Speech Movement, SINGING, Satsang, Channeling, Charles Barkley, Friend's Church (witnessing), Excalibur, Speaking in Tongues, AA Meetings

Granite Ray (The Ascent/Arcturus/Capricorn) - James Bond Movies ("Nobody does it Better"), Quan Yin (Lady Yolandra), Buddha (Artemis), All Computerized Reality views, "The Matrix", Metatron, Hierarchical & Egyptian Schools of Thought (trad. religions), The Law, Govt., Savior/Guru systems, 3rd Eye Systems, Flower of Life

Lavender Ray (Manna/Alpha Centauri/Virgo) - "I AM" schools, Nutritional Healing, Fasting, Karma, Karma Yoga, Creativity, Merlin, Divination Sciences (Tarot, Numerology, etc) Rastafarianism, Psychedelics, Saint Germain (Lord Victor), E-mail, Witchcraft, Affirmations, Visualization, Epiphanies, "The Mists of Avalon"

Emerald Green Ray (Temple of Light/North Star/Aquarius) - Astrology, Tree of Life, Multi-Level marketing, Ezekiel (E-Z),"Bridge Over Troubled Waters", Book of Enoch, "Lord of the Rings", Orin-Daben, Workshops, Communes, The Green Party, Rainbows

Blue Ray (Spiritual Currency/Pleiades/Pisces) - Taoism, Hypnotism, Lao Tzu, Psychology, Spock, Martyrdom, Feng Shui, Genetic Engineering, Genesis (the Star Trek Movie), Ecological movements, Fountain of Uth (that's right. YOU), Chi, Buddhism, The buddhic Mind (buddi), Interactive Guided Imagery, "In the Flow"

White Ray (Pentaglium/Sirius/Scorpio) - Sanat Kumara, United Nations, Choirs, Healing Temples, Ski Bums, Quartz Crystal Kingdom, Raj Yoga, Christ Ray Christianity, Olympic Movement, Compassionate Buddhism, Christ Consciousness

Black Ray (El Lunia/Europa/Gemini) - Tantra, Elijah, Intellectualism, Judaism, Traditional Kaballah, Invisible Gov't & Illuminati, Star Wars, Immortality, Twin Flame, Esperanto, Breath Practices - Prana, Yogananda, Pantajali et al- "Breath"lehem, Zen Buddhism, Psychotherapy, Bilocation, "Where's the Beef?", Lord Maitreya

Gold Ray (Premier Eminence/Dener/Libra) - Stargates, Confucianism, Mandalas, Moses (Mordechai, a.k.a. "more to ch'ai"), The Hebrew "Fire Letters", Crop Circles (the real ones!), Ascension, Enochian Magic (Pun-theism), Rogerian therapy, Allowing, "Contact", ALL InterDimensional Symbols (includes Tree of Life as symbol/portal)

Exercises: "Eye of the Tiger" and "The Golden Piñata and the Sword"

Cogent arguments for the validity of imagery in e-ducing (and seducing) desired results into manifest reality has been a central theme in these articles. We are creating highways between the visual and invisible worlds. This is the science of the times: bringing intangible ideas, thoughts, feelings, spirit, and Source into our daily tool kit of 21st Century life. As the Spring Equinox approaches, true wonders of human becoming are set to bloom here on this planet. Members of the Collective Messiah and countless other affinity/infinity groups are doing their homework. They are the white coat lab technicians re-searching our DNA and reconfiguring Human Possibility.

That is also the role The Advent and this Spring Equinox perform; they are the Red Pills, permanently altering existing variables beyond rounds of repetitive duplication ("he who ain't busy being born, is busy dyin" Bob Dylan). It is the annual aperture of innocence, pure prosperity, and ALL possibility. It is "Rites of Spring", the stag dance, the tabla rosa, "adding a vent" (another opening), a fresh look at "what it's ALL about": as an incarnate human being. Obviously, as we continue to expand omni-directionally (though hopefully not at the waistline), downloading more of that heretofore un"mind" 85%, new vistas and highways open with delightful alacrity. So please examine the Red Ray energies in your own unique fashion, as well as summoning the powerful energies contained in the following exercises. Calling on the energies of Sanat Kumara to overlight these monthly "thought conferences" will effortlessly enlist your help in this most magical of circus rides towards planetary, galactic, and universal development.

Exercise #1: Eye of the Tiger - the guided meditations this month will be a bit more technical, and many of you may feel your room "fill up with visitors" a little as we download the frequencies behind them into the human template. Spring has indeed sprung, and the train has certainly pulled out of the station. The cool thing is the train is infinitely long. So just get on the car right in front of you. Then you can, in relaxed fashion, move between cars of the train while it takes you to the best of futures; Station 13. The transformation of the working structure of reality is the essence of this train ride, not your seat placement. You can rest assured that all who participate in these golden ADVENTures will be provided with the "most excellent" of accommodations in the solar levels, and "all-access" backstage passes in other more subtle realms. I can further assure you that every Master (worth their newsprint) that has ever walked in this dimension or local galaxy is on the same train as you, and reveling in your exploits. We are all individually considered Masters. The human light community is the "pride of the litter" right now. So introductions over, let's move though the "Eye of the Tiger" and get our Heavyweight Championship Belt (a little Rocky music please!)

Please call in theTiger and to whatever degree you are comfortable insert it into your mind's eye. Should you begin to shapeshift a bit, no need to panic: In fact, see if you can look out the eyes of the tiger during the exercise. Now, imagine in front of your eyes three consecutively placed rings of fire. These represent the solar, galactic, and Universal elemental bodies. With your "great balls of fire", "tiger in your tank", or faith in Source, proceed and jump through first the Universal Ring of Fire. Then the Galactic Ring of Fire. Finally the Solar Ring of Fire. This will activate memories of descent into matter from our collective origins, and the Ancient of Days. As you move between these rings you will feel different force fields and subtle energy movements around your energetic body. This is an experience of the Merkivah and/or Rotundrum levels of light body (the Merkivah, distinct from the Merkebeh body taught in the "Flower of Life" and other teachings, shall be explored in the next two monthly articles. There we will address the higher dimensional bodies we possess beyond the solar realms of light). As you repeat and practice this movement over the coming weeks, you will notice a smoothness and ease developing in your subtle bodies.

Now turn around and reverse the proceedings. This is the conscious walk home that we are experiencing in our Earth lives. First the Solar Ring. Then Galactic. Now theUniversal. Play Johnny Cash's "I Walked into a Burning Ring of Fire" in your head if you'd like. Feel the energy of the Tiger. Be the shaman. Feel the heat, warmth, and purification. This is your conscious walk as a solar Earth Angel of fire. As we familiarize in this energy, certain habit patterns will just incinerate off like dust or old cobwebs. That is the beauty of this fire walk.

Once you are familiar and can distinguish the energetic patterns of the 3 rings in both directions, we can proceed with the next stage. At this point, the purification fires of the rings have been extinguished, and you in both your animal and energetic bodies have merged with the rings, and all the spaces in between. The cooled rings are now revealed to be made of GOLD. This is the "touch stone" metal and vibration for the rest of these exercises (and our lives), as we are now at the 7th or human yellow/golden level of light. Step through to the center (galactic) ring. As you lift it up, the solar and universal rings magically come together with the one you hold, and merge into one. As you peer down at this new unified ring, notice that it has transformed into a beautiful golden belt. As you place this belt around you, you will notice that is about 6 inches larger than your waist. However, it seems to click magically into place and support itself.

This is your personal version of Orion's Belt. A gift and homing device from the Galactic Federation. It holds from the galactic frequency into both solar and universal realms (and beyond) in perfect BALANCE. This belt is a magical tool that is permanently available to you, woven by Your & Mother/Father God's efforts. How's that for co-creation of the First Order! It provides balance, personal sovereignty (space) and an energetic "white rabbit" hole into the energetics of Orion and the Central Sun RIGHT NOW. Holding in the energy of this belt also assists in the blend/merge of the Universal Source Alignments (USA ! ) into our personal expression and style.

Exercise #2: The Golden Piñata and the Sword - This exercise, like the first, is not only for you. It is also for the benefit of the greater communities of light. A prerequisite for the Golden Age to more visibly manifest, is for more of us to heed Dr. Mandela's message and broadcast our highest and most courageous frequencies. So the "Brave Hearts" among you are both invited and enlisted to pick up your swords and join in.

ArkAngel Michael is traditionally associated with the Red Ray, and certainly his code name "Warriors of Peace" conjures the imagery of spirit's battle. There is an overlap to the Arthurian/Excalibur tales, and those of Archangel Michael (& sword's) struggles on behalf of humanity. Certainly when the dust settles the equilateral nature of all participants will be readily apparent. However, light warrior infantry captain, CEO/manager of the round table, or keeper of sacred/Source space are all fitting descriptions for that general energy, which we will now call or blend into our being to begin this exercise. Also, we should consciously put on "Orion's Belt".

The purpose of this exercise is to enlist the reader's subtle senses to the Golden Perfected Body that awaits each of us. Just as we have golden belts, we are designed for golden bodies. As long as we entertain the possibility of such a body, our 7th dimensional body exists and awaits our recognition, belief, and "allowance" of it. We can begin its reformatting into our mainframe as the new operating vision/version of OUR body. Through the "miracle of belief" we provide a tableau/helipad for our Higher and Source self to make the necessary adjustments within our bodies. This can range anywhere from "higher self, please make the adjustments necessary for the activation and download of my Golden or 7th dimensional body". Or as complex as following each and every new technical post by Elijah, Yolandra, Artemis and others in the Metatronic, Shambhalla and Immortal teams holding space and assisting. The keys are those old standbys: FOCUS, intention, imagination, and intuition. Just Do It. As you focus these thoughts for longer and longer periods of time, you will be amazed at what a thin membrane exists between your current vision of self, and your Immortal expression as the Living God from your 7th and 8th plane perspectives and gates.

Imagine yourself in a "special place". Somewhere you have been before, or somewhere you are imagining for the first time. Somewhere peaceful and serene, protected and secure. As you sit there seated (belt on), you are approached by a large and regal Golden Sun King. He carries a large beaker of golden liquid light (and the vibrations of both Sanat Kumara and ArkAngel Michael, as well as another vibration very familiar to you as an individual). He asks you: "Would like to awaken your golden body?"

As you nod YES, your heart center immediately opens and shifts. The rhythms produce a slightly longer, slower, and deeper, cadence. In this somewhat altered state, this golden elixir is now gently poured into you. It begins to course down into many of the energetic arteries in your head and neck centers, slowly but completely filling your entire body. The experience is one of incremental rejuvenation. As your body fills with this strangely cool golden brew, each sweet nuance and stage of trans-mutation is registered in the emotional human experience of healing. You witness and host the downpouring of Divinity in its most liquid elegance, allowing/letting the Divine to have its way with you in this sweet and safe environment. Your trust and faith in Source, and Conscious energetic union with Mother-Father God, is joyously rewarded as this golden liquid keratine solidifies into your new golden body. Your body, while somewhat heavier after integrating and digesting these golden waters, feels youthful, vibrant, and strong. You feel elevated and enfranchised, emitting a sense of completion and connection to All That Is.

At this point a sword appears in front of you. While this sword has been yours since the beginning of recorded history, it does not appear until that energy known as the "completer", mother/father god, Shambhalla or 7th dimension is achieved. It is your personal version of Excalibur or AA Michael's sword. Please note any jewels, symbols, or markings on your sword; these will be helpful in activating remembrances, which will be triggered on all your future visits into this realm of self. Come here as often as you like. This is the definitive level of awareness to "know thy Self". Also for recognizing your specific placement into the original Universal templates- your Golden "Roots". With our Sacred Contract standing behind and before us, our embracement of Humanity aligns with those of our senior colleagues/comrades in the Legions of Light.

With Golden Body & Sword in hand, there is a bit of work to do. One of the tasks of the awakening Earthmaster community is to integrate the 3 levels of awareness. This is a job that can't be done by the "home office": it requires the field staff (that's us), as this is an "inside job" - inside BIOLOGY, that is. The Ring of Fire exercise and this exercise, though performed in "virtual reality" chambers of our collective imagination, are performing real action in the more subtle realms. At this point, confirmation of this proactive interdimensionality is by felt sense and visions alone. The end product of our efforts will foster more dramatic inter-permeability of the solar, galactic, and universal realms. The awakening voices of Earth Song heal large and complex wheels of biological life, as we harmonize with unseen but grateful heart-felt worlds.

With both hands, please raise your Sword now above your heads. As high as you possibly can. As you do so, you will probably feel movement, a strengthening, or an extreme solidity in the throat center (Rod of Power). This energetic aspect of your biology is extremely interwoven with the Sword. This exercise will not energetically engage without you first donning your "conductive" golden form. Directly above your head you will see a magical version of a piñata (this is traditionally a paper-mache animal filled with sweets or presents, normally present at birthday parties for young children). This piñata however, holds sweeties and gifts for the Warriors of Peace and Humanity. Plans, Gifts, Bliss, Source Substance, and the Jetstreams of Consciousness. As well as your permanent personal portal into the universal realms. As you raise your sword, in the spirit of a child, piercing the piñata the gifts of the Universal realms spill out into the subtle atmosphere of Terra. While your sword is thus engaged, DRAMATIC surges in the energies you carry will be experienced. Be the Live Wire. This is the definitive way to charge one's Universal batteries.

Now see from the eyes of the Collective Messiah as the slumbering Earth Masters awaken, adorning themselves in their golden bodies. Now becoming the living "lightening" rods of unification, triggering healing, hope, and change throughout the Universe and Earth. The children of the New Spring.

"Your Golden Body. Don't go home without it!"
Mark Appleman 3/19/02

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