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“The Buddha Self”


Inspired by Lord Artemis, the Galactic Buddha

Received by Mark Appleman

"To Hold one’s Self in the Highest of regard. This is the walk of One who has recognized Self. The forest of human accomplishment has captured your attention many a time. In this hour and place, I invite you to now hold your Self in the highest of regard. Look not away, nor up, nor down. For this is the time to show your colors and entertain those futures that you truly wish to occupy. This sacred juncture has deviated from the countless rounds of the past. Old moorings have given way. The long envisioned appearance of the face of Self grants YOU this opportunity to join up with it, in a future none can imagine, yet all have longed to witness and live within."

"You will not find the Buddha in holy relics. Or intricate exercises of the intellect or mind. The Buddha has a billions faces. The Buddha is each woman and man who now elevates himself beyond the approach of what cannot nourish his Authentic Self. And holding himself in sufficiently high regard, entertains only elegant thoughts."

Received by Mark Appleman

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