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Awakening I / Awakening U


Awakening I,
In quiet chambers kept;
‘Til simple waves of light,
Reveal infirmities,
As well as eternity’s, appeal.

Awakening I,
In landscapes ever broadening;
A monk unfurled,
Into multi aural swirls.
And patterns that climb,
To measurement sublime.

Awakening U,
Reach out to feel
What I conceal;
Your soft touch,
Infinity revealed, within this earthly time.

Awakening We, Becoming One
With our true light Destiny;
We garland successfully.
Midwifing fresh Alchemy,
Defining what only 2 or more can see;
Still one more version of Reality.

Awakening We,
To the Filament unbroken;
That lives truth in every universe,
And re-creation spoken.
The mobius stripped of any agenda,
Save discovery and joy.
Now blending triumphantly
Within our breaths and hearts.

- - - - - - - - - -

Within the vacuum of unexamined lives,
Immortal breaths,
Life’s ocean’s roar,
Pound sweetly yet relentlessly,
Upon our sandcastle’s door.

Inviting us to harmony,
Eternal spring,
New monikers,
And newly unwrapped wings.

Awakening Crazy Diamonds We,
We sparkle ceaselessly,
On our “live-it” of Immortality,
We Shine On uncompromisingly.

As we decode tranquility,
(And so escape our MTV)
We purloin prosperity.

The Awakening Eye,
It looks in all directions,
And embraces all 7 seas . . .
(Including U and Me).
It seizes Now’s allure,
Pirating our imagination
Into light’s
Unreal-Eyes-d territory.

Awakening We,
Connected now from ear to ear,
Swim in the crystal waters
Of our origin’s recovery.

Awakening U,
Wardrobed in ceaseless SELF;
Fully Aligned,
A Self realized clue,
A living monument
To what a modern miss can do,
For the Universe’s growth,
And re-discovery.

- - - - - - - -

Awakening I
Within this Sunday’s fast pace
- Our respite from the human race -

Living on a star,
And with one too,
Your sweet love
Makes ALL this true!


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