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About the Author 


Mark Appleman is a long time participant in the process and pulse of Planetary and Personal Awakening. With an academic background in Counseling and Psychology, Mark was drawn to the language of Astrology in the early 70's as a remarkably helpful "out of the box" counseling tool. During that period, an entirely original and unexpected system of refined understanding (which he now terms Galactic or Higher Self Astrology) seemed to reveal itself to him over the course of 4 or 5 weeks.

This new level of astrology mirrored back the "divine face" of each client and a coherent vision of that divine purpose in relation to God Source. Mark spent a few years teaching, writing, and refining this "new" astrology in the Denver, Colorado area, while keeping his "day job" as a counselor at one of the country's first integrated holistic health practices.

An avid student of the value and transformative power of new forms of thought, Mark was drawn to the power, vision, potential and promise of the Warrior of Peace / Master Plan as presented by Sananda, Elijah, and ArchAngel Michael through Sereta / Lisa Smith some years back. In the middle of a seminar, he was amazed to hear the "masters" present discuss and include that "higher astrology" as a central technical aspect of their teaching! Following a subsequent request of Sananda's, Mark is endeavoring to present his astrological vision in concert with the technical teachings of the Collective Messiah, through a series of monthly articles that began in late 2001. He is also available to present classes, seminars or do individual readings. He is also currently writing 2 books: an astrology book Getting the Bigger Picture ( without getting framed ) : the Astrology of the Universal Human and The Red Pill Chronicles : Essays on Human Possibility (non-astrological). A poet, songwriter, and one of the planet's first "sit down" comedians, Mark has been married for close to 25 years to the beautiful Lady Silvana. He lives in an LA suburb (a 20 minute drive from Zuma Beach in Malibu ), where he operates his own financial and lease consulting business.


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