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As we continue to enjoy our universal soup, veterans of light's exploration are never without the seasoning of seasonings, blessing.

As Capricorn receives Pluto (right about now), all heaven breaks loose. The noose of thought manifestation takes center stage. Cogito, ergo sum is the zero sum game, and our hand is forced. Either we accept our divinity, or we will be forced to play, and pay, the price. Magi magician, or Bush league muggle, you make the choice! (Thankfully, the voting booth for this one never closes!)

For this reason alone, the unimpeachable tonic of giving blessing is today's soup de jour, and freely offered…

Blessings are a natural function of the ONE one. As part of this one - the part in 3D form - we are granted the gift of fairy queens and kings: The Power to Bless.

Because we are - in deed - the living one, when we lift our thoughts and countenance in any direction, and bless it in free WILL, we receive and are the host of the divine. A strong and steady power, of I AM pedigree, comes rolling through us. This is the Big Love come to our door. Our physical prism translates this power and broad-casts it into the appropriate frequency. As the wave passes through our body, towards that that we intend to bless, we are elevated into the vortex of both wholeness as well as participation in divine action. Thankfully, our full embrace of this wave requires that we relinquish any control upon it. As we do so, our true heart, the power and glory of our existence (not to mention our ticket to the stars) is unfettered and unleashed. Heart engines engaged, our physical form, at cellular, molecular, and atomic levels, receives, transforms and passes on quanta of pure sub-atomic creative force. We become nanotechnician worker bees of the perfection of form, without changing our positioning in the play of life.

Blessings are the perfect gift for any reason, and any season. They can be sent to any recipient human, animal, mineral, plant, or miscellaneous being, to any region or world or galaxy or universe(s), as often as you please.

A blessing, well - administered, is a Bliss-ing of no small magnitude. And it is quite addictive. Experience for yourself the bliss when one processes 5 or 10 blessing experiences. Go for it! Feel the wind beneath your wings.

In the world of dimensions, Blessings are a high 7th dimensional experience. They engage what can be termed one's I AM frequency (the magnetic level of oneness that binds self-conscious life). Blessings are the capstone of the forays into unity thought and experience, the DOING that enlisted service, brotherhood, and group will in the 5th dimension, the BEING of compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness in the 6th, Self love and now acceptance in the seventh. Here, through blessing, we franchise the power of the divine, into our manifest individual identities, and our creation. And discover the secret life of doing/being. Do be do be do!

There is one blessing that "closes the deal", so to speak. And that of course is the profound, earnest, and loving blessing given to one's self. One can never bless one's self often enough. There is permanent magic in this bestowing of divine grace upon your self by your SELF. These words to the wise should be sufficient.

In this time of political, sociological, economic, and astrological unity, we have elected Obama. It is NOW time to elect ourselves (UBU in 2012), and with the aid of Pluto's laser light excoriating all outdated forms, usher in the New Earth!

I bless each and all of us to achieve this, and all of our individual heart's desires.

Mark Appleman / Thanks-Giving 2008



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