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"The Search for that Pair of Genes that Fit Perfectly"
"Life in the Garden of Eden"


(A Mark Time / Master Plan production)


Illumine- Us this summer day dream as muggles of all persuasions dip their toes into the sweet undertow of Source Substance, and get ready for the swim of their lives. The D-day commandos hit the beaches at dawn, as the Summer Solstice tows the long-forgotten Ark of the Covenant into shore. The Ark-Angelic life guards briefly let theirs down, as that old matinee idol Sananda, trading the Garden of Gethsemane for the Garden of Eden, emerges from the crowd.

This time around it's the "Sermon of the Count" as ALL learn to count from one to thirteen ( back and forth), as Sananda explains the hows, whys and cobalt blue skies of 21st century Ark operation. True colors make colors yet unseen, as the essene essentials of the Co-Creative Life with Mother-Father God birth the genetics of the 7th Golden Age. Orange you glad you stayed around for this ?


High-LIGHTS of the day: along with the will to live the Life of Eternal Light, YOUR perfect set of genes are found! Tumbling from the vaults of now- remembered origin come memories of life before time; and with them the perfect set of genes for YOU to wear in this new Eden. Designer genes are these, though off they come as Eve and Adam reconnect in the electric joy of this COLOR-full day of true EE-motional in-Vest-ment. Cancer is cured, or at least ignored, as the Collective's will chooses Il-Lumination over Illness, womb over tomb, and the Art of Living over habit of dying; through the Luminus baptism of Source Substance.

Where the Spring Solstice opened the gates to the Universal synthesis that continue to pour up and down through the dimensions, it is at the Summer Solstice that we, the Individual and Collective Messiah, take stock. Here is where we make our personal emotional commitments to the Big Life and Big Love. This is the month celebrating families of spiritual affinity, where we find OUR personal seat at our Round Table, or Table of Creation. The context of duality fully examined in El Lunia/Gemini finds galactic complement and birth/Right in LuminUs/Cancer. As we find emotional footing in our personal blend into the exalted EEmotions of the Great Central Moon, the personal courage to step into the forefront and Luminus Source spotlight instantly rewards us; with Source Substance and style. We follow our "roots" back to our permanent place of honor on the Tree of Life.

Solar Cancer is the cardinal water sign embodiment of the Orange Ray, and is a day at the beach; water, fun, family, food and the spontaneous poesy of the tribal life. Cancer is the lunar nurturer, the neurotic mother, a cup of coffee at a café among friends, the unbridled glee of gossip about popular Mr. or Ms. X, and that warm but sticky hug from Aunt Edna. It is moonlight, sunset, popcorn at the movies, and a visit through the old family scrapbook. Water signs are all about emotions and feelings; it is in this 4th solar sign that the emotional body has enough data - memories, sense impressions & personally recorded drama - to develop "emotional relativity" and a resonential/residential community. Always in the swim of things (even if clinging simultaneously to shore), Cancerians carry big league "Emotional IQ's". Where Gemini/ El Lunia introduced airy relate -ability, Luminus/Cancer in its water mode extends that readability further, into tangible relations and relationShips. It is here that the psychic impulse later displayed in Pisces gets its start, with a highly individualistic set of hunches, centering on the Cancer A-list of topics: family, real estate, catering to the public eye, and catering to their (as well as everyone else's) stomachs!

Cancer is the holder of that evanescent watery twinkle in their eyes; be it the near-tears of hurt feelings, a rush of patriotism and/or loyalty, or the childlike wonder and amazement watching a 4th of July fireworks display. This genuine and fresh emotional access is part of the standard cancerian package, and provides tableaux and canvas for both individual and greater society to examine their own feelings on issues of the day. Solar Cancer Tom Cruise and President George W Bush, as well as the late Princess Diana, locate and articulate personalized versions of collective emotional current through their public lives. It is through these Cancer baptisms into our emotional registers, that the thoughts and perspectives garnered through the intellectual rigors of Gemini pollinate into diverse and floral multi-cultural human life. The hummingbird, the member of the bird kingdom affiliated through the orange ray in the Tree of Life teachings, is the solar Cancer bird. With its unparalleled set of movement, response and speed, as well as its palpable and visibly beating heart, it is the embodiment of the invisible human soul that Cancer represents in traditional astrological understanding.

The Higher Dimensions of Cancer (Luminus/Co-Creativity/Garden of Eden) "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.

We are Spiritual beings having a human experience." Teilhard de Chardin

"I will stand my ground. No I won't back down. No I won't back down."
Tom Petty, rocker extra ordinaire

The shift of names from Cancer to Luminus, the galactic title for the Orange Ray component, is the most distinctive and dramatic marker of the obvious differences between the Solar and Galactic spheres of influence. Cancer originally identified the attention-catching genus of the crab. Unfortunately, now it is the name for one of the most cannibalistic and dreaded of all human diseases. Why does the tribal creative pattern sponsor real and symbolic cancers, and can we reconfigure our core awareness to allow Collectivity to Illumine Us ?.

Days at the beach do have their dangers, of course. One is the problem of undertow, and being swept off to sea. The individual emotional body (that runs through the sacral center) is also connected into the collective bandwidth of emotional response. Our emotional body is the connective tissue into a vast storehouse of preexamined responses and reactions to events; i.e., our collective subconscious life and past. On the solar astrological levels, this operates through the lunar influences; natal moon placement, lunar effects of tides, full moons, etc. effecting the general populace is already quite well documented. Besides which as we move through our lives, we are highly responsive to the external overt herd or mob mentality, and acutely aware and influenced by "socially acceptable" behavior. And fundamental material security issues. This is all within the purview of the Cancerian energies, which simultaneously emotionally deliver and whittle away at our personal core internal responses to events. The Luminu octave of this energy, a pure form of NOW time feedback from our Higher Self, is the rarest of wines. Sweet and personal, it is a co-creation of the spiritual and emotional bodies, delivered through the personalized, customized medium of our physical body. The Luminus "light carrier" emotional currency gives us specific guidance from the omniscient God within us, in our second-by-second, real time life.

Set against that Luminus "White Knight" of emotional chivalry within, stands the army of the Collective Unconscious (which we may each individually be unwitting - and unconscious, of course - supporters of). The undertow & whirlpool - yes the quicksand effect - of popular opinions, beliefs and expectations constantly energetically attach to and influence our three lower bodies (physical, mental, emotional). This "army" is indeed a silent persistent cancer of our species, and the grand jury indictment of solar, recycled life. Simple awareness techniques, breathing, or even the mudra of holding thumb and 4th finger together for a few deep breaths, will quickly appraise one of the energetic unconscious miasma that constantly shadows us. However, unlike Peter Pan, we are looking to "lose" the shadow as we enter the Collective Conscious activities of the Galactic and Universal dimensions of the Orange Ray! And the task is well within the reach of the ardent lover of Source experience and presence. Carolyn Myss has done remarkable work in annotating the specific chakra issues and responses that continue to generate this unconscious "shadow self"on the solar level, and her work is recommended for understanding of the solar level.). Our EMOTIONAL COMMITMENT to autonomy from the collective unconscious, is a priori to any genuine Self Mastery. Emotional identity and allegiance is a core issue of the Luminus gateway into a direct working relationship with Source Substance.time life.

In conjunction and addition to emotional identity issues is the other prime focus of the sacral center - Human Sexuality. Sexuality is the crossroads for the two major life strategies, love and fear, and how they play out in the human experience. The sacral center obviously houses the male and female centers for production of new human bodies. The human sexual response is an organic fount of pleasure and mystery, and totally woven into the attention of modern day life. It permeates our thoughts, advertising, fantasy life, and political life, as the borders of sexual "correctness" continue to mutate and evolve. Less obviously, this procreative capacity is part of a "stairway to heaven" of Co- Creational (co-creation is a galactic moniker for the Orange ray) venues. At the lower rungs sexuality functions as a Solar strategy for power, attention, survival, and security, and is often surrounded by shame, fear, "wrongness", sex as identity, self-worth issues, etc. This of course in addition to the pleasure, release, and celebratory aspects. Vibrating up through that level, we see the beauty of the co-creational mystery of father & mother and the DNA cavalcade; inter-generational continuity, species re-expression, genetic evolution. The astral dimensions of sexuality runs the gamut of erotica, Tantra, and "virtual" porn. The galactic levels introduce sacred sexuality and the Garden of Eden (edon).

Sexuality is in simplicity creative energy running through the physical body, and our creative response to it. As the middle of the three first chakras (red, orange, and yellow rays), the sacral center is the Table of Creation for the physical body. It is here where we face off and address the sharp contradistinction between our conscious and unconscious bodies. This is Metatron's sandbox, the Normandy beach of our personal D-Day. The question of the second center is not sex or no sex. It is the question of whether or not we choose to enlist our own higher centers into our life, and choose the road less taken (at least in the current time frame). Sexuality as Expressed Love begins to extract the sacral chakra from the collective unconscious and into the Co-Creational realms. The Sacral center is the first center that we behold the God within us, and have the option of a physical conscious connection with that God Consciousness FREQUENCY within. This is the prescription for the Garden of Eden and its delights. And wearing that perfect pair of Genes - or taking them off with the perfect partner of our design origins (see twin ray discussions at warriorsofpeace and city oasis websites).(edon).

Sacred sexuality is not a rigid adherence to unnatural abstinence. We have all seen the recent problems with the Catholic Church. This is no new behavior, only a public disclosure of dirty laundry. This folly continually persists in churches and ashrams of all persuasions, be it a small cult or an established and respected institutional religion. All can be traced to the self-preservation aspect of religion, a commercing in the lower aspects of the sacral. Frankly, it has not been a great year for any of the "Big Three" religions: with the Moslem extremist Taliban movement, the Palestinian problems of the Jews, and the Catholic Church's sex and cover-up scandals. This has had a highly salutatory effect however, of bringing focus back to the SOVEREIGNTY of the individual church / temple mosque members, and the right of each of us to customize our own connection to Source. There are purportedly 11,000 religions, ALL I'm sure absolutely certain that they ARE the Way. In my view, that's not too many . Its actually about 5 Billion shy of the actual # required ! As we lock in and beam into the frequency of Source , we are EACH a perfect religion. And are the Way. What will be the size of religions in the 7th Golden Age? One member each.

Is there anyone on this earth that should NOT be granted direct to Source status? Who is here to cast the first stone ? This will do much to unhook myriad self worth "viruses" from the mainframe of human Self assessment. This lack of self love is the unrecognized scourge of the current age. Self worth and Unconditional Self Love (this fact, at least at this cynosure of human history, can never be repeated too often) are ABSOLUTELY necessary components to our individual reclamation and remembrance of our various higher levels of SELF. If you find personal resistance to that thought, as they say in music and sales, fake it till you make it. Any part of you that argues against this, for the standard first 3 chakra reasons - money, looks, sexual image, career, achievement or power - has been unwittingly enlisted in the Army of the Unconscious. You have in default fashion allotted Conditional Love to yourself. This is standard solar recycled behavior, and must be relinquished by you - and you alone, on the yellow brick road to Self Mastery. Disempowerment can also come in the form of the habitual do-gooder, good Samaritan, or giver of "unconditional love" to others. Unless there is sufficient impersonal love of the same type consciously given to your OWN SELF FIRST, this behavior is often being generated from the solar laundry list of self preservation doubt, etc. Examine your motivations.

Sacred sexuality is the dance of shared freedom, a flight only available when at least 2 seats are booked, a knock on heaven's door, and an entertainment of the sublime joy of the Creator through the human form. Simply stated, sacred sexuality is the only way God can "get it on" in the 3rd - 7th dimensions. A body is de rigueur! And it is more; it opens the door for the infusion/importation of more spirit into the active biological template. As we consciously unplug from the soul level and enter into the province and alignment of the original GodCel, we begin to download the vibratory patterns of the 7th dimensional (probably the root of the phrase "7th heaven") into OUR physical plane, i.e., our body. This re-rooting/re-routing unhooks us from the astral components of the sacral center, and into the deeper waters of the Eternal levels of ourSelf, that given our attention, focus, and belief, begin to bloom in physicality. These are the crystal clear waters of CONSCIOUSLY creating our own crystalline ("Christ-all"ine) 6th or 7th dimensional body.

The sacral center is the Luminus "Production"center of ORIGINAL creation, the physical housing of the 2nd /11th Orange Ray/Black Ray center blend, and in the language of Sananda, Elijah, et al, the entry point for the Ark of the Covenant. This Ark is the aperture through which the machinations of the collective Mother Father God that we all participate in, begins to "seal the deal" in physicality. How? Through the insertion and/or reception of Source Substance frequency into the human body. As well as each of us making the emotional commitment to actively co-create as sovereign self. As we individually continue to accept, download and incorporate aspects of our "missing 85%" of ourselves, the teeter-totter begins to swing OUR way. Our 21st Century toolkits bulges, as we continue to obtain skills and capabilities once considered magical, miraculous, and beyond human possibility. The role of Luminus in all this is to make the ineffable tangible, to ground our love of Self into physical action and affiliation. Luminous is the gate of the Human Angel (Archangel), the passionate spirit living a material life, dancing and celebrating her "physical shoes" (and other physical equipment !)

The name and energetics of Metatron is now introduced as we deepen our discussion of physical creationism. Meta-tron (One Light) is, within this course of study, the sponsor of all existing (and to be existing) templates and patterns of biological form. In our case, we could call him the God-Father of human biology. He has been referred to as the keeper of the Keys of Enoch .Carlos Santana, who continues to illumine us through his electric spirit and guitar, often cites Metatron as his tutor of musical form. One could say that Metatron represents the endless creative response of physical form to light, or light as form. There is no level of manifest consciousness - internal, external, or subtle - that is not in under the purview of this traducer of form. Consider Metatron universal spirit constantly creating "programming" that operates in our physical computers to facilitate an eternal series of "upgrades". Light here seen as trigger; the out breath of Brahma, or the "Let there be light" of the Bible. Providing a medium of being, a split-shifting for light's eternally embryonic dance of form. Sponsor of Adam/Eve 5.5 (or whatever model # computer version of light body software that we currently occupy, from the metatronic software creator's point of view!).

The receptor for this pure light in the physical structure is the pineal gland. Distribution points are the "all-seeing eye" of the head center, and the higher dimensions of the Sacral (We discussed these centers functionally pairing when we meditated upon the 10-pointed star in the Fountain of Youth mandala visualization of the Spiritual Currency/Pisces article). The head and sacral centers are the metatronic beachheads into physical reality. As we leave our muggle history in the rear view mirror, these 2 centers will become paintbrush and canvas (for you modernists, computer and mouse) of the conscious wizardry we remember, reclaim, and reinstate into our increasingly eternal lives.

Luminus Exercises : Metatron's Photocopier & True Colors

Behold the opening of your doors to the Collective Conscious. We are blending 6th-9th dimensional consciousness into and through our physical light body. We are also beginning the process of individually consciously unhooking from our carbon-based physical body identification, and shifting into a permanent Crystal light body. The Orange Dragon Ray reinforces this "emotional commitment", and can be called on to assist . . . .

There is a gland in the base of the back called the Kunda gland. You may recognize it as the root term of the Kundalini, the serpent-like healing energy referred to in the Hindu tradition and the Hippocratic era of medicine. While our discussion of sexuality focused on the front door of the sacral center, these exercises will focus on that kunda gland located at the "backdoor". All chakra centers have front and back "doors". As we "vibrate out" of the astral energies that traditionally populate the second center, the kunda takes on a growing importance as the host of the galactic rays (and more) into the physical body.

We enter now the technical alignments of the Orange Ray. With the 2nd center energetically opened front and back in your mind's eye, an organic alignment of energy swiftly introduces itself in the form of a white and orange tube of light running up and down the etheric spine. Meta-electrical and magnetic pulses now move through and activate within this light. The light extends up out through the head and downward through the perineum into the crystalline foundation of the Bethlehem Grid (a planetary grid anchored approximately 6 feet beneath the Earth. Consider it a light resonant housing for Source-biased activities).

We now invite the Ark of the Covenant into the sacral center. It is the holder of the energetic covenant or contract between Source and human, dating back to the most ancient of days. It vibrates at a frequency just being reintroduced into the human civilization and biology/chemistry at this point in our evolution. A thick ether, it can be summoned in by those who dare to probe further into becoming. It is a love letter between Source and you, a forget-me-not, delivered in the envelope of Source Substance. Source Substance can best be described as a co-creation and common bridge between the human and crystal kingdoms. It vibrates in the highest of the electronic body frequencies, and serves as the least common denominator of a Source-crystal-human equation. For warrior of peace students, it is also the energetic medium of the 13th tribe, the new unity/universe team overlaid by Sananda (Zachary).

Exercise #1: Metatron's Photocopier Let's "get our heads around" the melding of the human body and the physical dimensions of the CONSCIOUS CO-CREATIONAL ALIGNMENTS (that are high-lighted during this Luminus/Cancer season). We will use the model of the Universal Photocopier. A very cool photocopier, mind you, dressed as a human body! Here's its operational potentiality from the chakra / center perspective.

In layman's terms, a PHOTOCOPIER'S functionality can be described as taking some image (perhaps modifying it), and through some sort of print medium duplicating it. The Co-Creative process is quite technically analogous. Here's the process at work. The Crown center seeks ("searches" in computer terms) suitable energetic images, events, or feelings. This is being done in some sort of spiritual Boolean algebra consistent with the Higher Self, I Am Presence, or Source Self frequencies. These images are typically attracted from the Temple of Light (green ray) center, which besides being the "tech support" level of consciousness, contains repositories of interactive symbols, collective imagery, and memory data of our Self and Collective Selves at a God Cel level. The Temple of Light is our access point to the galactic mind. Once an image is chosen, it is formatted perfectly into the body electro-magnetic and physiology through the Lavender Ray of the Crown center (the king/queen allowing entry to their court), and transferred into the All-Seeing or head (granite ray) center.

At that point, the 6th center granite ray graphics team takes over: they cut, paste, format, and focus the image. A visceral scan is made to make sure that the image selected is compatible with the operating belief systems and heart centers ; if belief systems are to be modified, messages are sent through the hypothalamus (a.k.a. "eternal life") gland to upgrade operating systems to facilitate systemic interaction with the new image. 6th center FOCUS is available (as the full spectrum of electronic bandwidth anywhere from the very "Ancient of Days" of our original inception, to a peripheral focus of a passing glance) through this center to FIX on the image. This "fix" modus operandi is a potent mix of Imagination and Intention. If the image is granted sufficient focus and fixity, the Living God within is invoked from the mid galactic or greater level of our own selves; we will feel a shifting in the head, throat, or a tingle in the skin. This is a sign that the image (event, feeling) is either being broadcast out through EE-mail (back up and out through the crown or root center to source level emotion) or the PRINTER (sacral center). In either case, our E (emotional) - mail has been sent. The "plug" of this photo-copier machine is the heart center, (as always) locked directly into the Source, beyond Universal fields of play. The 5th center, the Universal synthesist, "adapts" this electrical source current into universal/galactic/solar utility. So that the machine actually runs, producing functional imagery ! The 2nd Sacral/ Kunda center (the actual housing of this, the LUMINUS /Cancer month) is the domicile of the mechanics and tangible aspects of this "intangible" co-creational process.

What would a copier require to operate? This the Luminus center provides. Room to print, ink, suitable print paper, connection to the image, and a source of light. The printing area in the "sacred" sacral area, a clean working environment called the "production" (the higher level of reproduction - we're after original, not recycled creations here) center. It is powered by Metatron's Cube (think a cosmic Intel Pentium chip), the brains of the sacral computer that runs production, local activities, and connects with the ready-to-print images supplied by the head center "graphics" department (it houses another Metatron's cube- they "network" together for image transfer). Ink supply - our "Kodak" colors are the 12 Galactic Rays - Red, Orange, Yellow-Gold, Pink, Iolite, Granite (including flecks of copper, gold, and tan), Lavender, Emerald Green, Blue, White, Black, and White-Gold. These are 12 color-conscious "DNA soups" that translate the universal, Elohistic dragon rays into time/space form in the galactic realms, and then into our bodies. These are the primary colors of co-creativity. The print paper is a mixing of the Source Substance frequency discussed above, and the biological cellular dynamics of the sacral area. As we connect to our individual home page within the protective and stabilizing aura of the Collective Conscious, we become Terra's Source GENERATORS of Light.

Operating the Photocopier. In your original light - that of your Self as a Cell of pure God DNA in manifestation form here on Paradise - this process is quite simple. Thoughts, images, and creational intentions are fixed and focused into the head center and the cellular sacral "womb", which are networked through the DNA operating system of Metatron. From both points , they are electromagnetically broadcast out into creation. This is the technical description of the "Law of Attraction" (in the 60's, we used to call it "putting out a vibe"). The sacral area is where we can consciously project our emotional commitment into a desired result. Emotion is the catalyst and procurer of clear and successful copies of our desires. The biochemistry of the sacral cells, under the "black light" of Ark frequency, grows some pretty potent imagry!

As we elevate the operating frequency or hum of our apparatus, the sacral center expands its resume, as it attracts the source substance frequency of the crystal kingdom. This leverages our personal co-creative capabilities into the galactic and universal levels. The galactic frequencies enter into the rear of the sacral center to provide the magic and vivid inks of the golden age. A form of 3-color printing, where three rays blend to support a specific manifestation ( e.g., fountain of youth-blue, white, red; bilocation- red, black, white; cellular healing; lavender, blue, white) is activated to provide a foundation for the conscious creation teams in Earth's immanent future. The 13th ray, a synthesis of source substance and the human life form, anchors through the kunda gland as well, heading towards its final destination in the solar plexus (description in next month's Leo/Hu Effervescence article). Upon anchoring, it activates a high 7th frequency known as "The Ark of the Covenant" which then elevates the sacral, solar plexus, and heart centers to a frequency that permits the activation of the latent GOD frequency within YOUR body. THE ESSENCE of this and all Warriors of Peace/Master Plan classes is to provide energetic avenues for you to experience God Frequency and more in your physical cellular levels as well as activate light magnetic, electrochemical, brain center, and endocrine systems). This enfranchises each of us as independent living God sparks at a frequency to finally match our conceptual philosophies !

Sananda /Zachary is the planetary consultant assisting humanity anchor this 13th Ray energy, which will allow the Earth Master community to cellularly integrate universal and source level frequencies. Please take the time at this point to operate your own body as a photocopier. Ask for your own higher alignments to now anchor into the sacral area, and ask your sacral center to now adjust its frequency to accommodate the Ark. This will no doubt unleash quite a bit of activity in these areas. Now invite the galactic rays to anchor in the kunda area. See each of the twelve colors individually enter into the kunda "inkpot". Finally, invite in the 13 color, which is the Pearl Ray. This will enlist your higher mind and heart senses to all future manifestations. With this photo copier, your finished products manifest before your outer and inner eyes! A paperless flight into the most beautiful of futures. Destination your choice!

Exercise Two: True Colors - we now permanently anchor the first exercise with an assist from consultant Elijah (a.k.a." Big -EE"), who adds his penetrating, devoted, and ee-electrical presence into the proceedings with this offering for Summer Solstice. This magically marries black ray technology with orange ray biology. It is indeed Halloween (black-orange) again, but this time we are up to tricks and treats of the Universal levels. For this exercise, imagine now opening the pelvis floor as in the Photocopier exercise. Focus on the kunda gland, which will stretch a bit further to open into a higher frequency. A shaft of light and magnetics moves from the Kunda gland up through the roof of the mouth, and through the bridge of the nose up and out the head center. Ask your body to permit as much frequency as possible to vibrate through the body. Ask that the dial now be turned up to level 7.

With the assistance of Elijah, a series of 13 Black Tahitian pearls - each an etheric counterpart to its Galactic color - NOW drift down, one by one, into the area between your spine and the shaft of light. This will upgrade the energetics of the kunda and lock the physical body into a connection with both GodCel and Source technologies as well. First the Red, then Orange, etc, until White-Gold and finally Pearl color. Each of these 13 pearls is a paler but more luminescent universal- version pigment of its galactic partner. As first the pale red, and then each succeeding pearl lands, blending and dissolving with its mate in the kunda area. In this magical fashion, the Universal dragon rays slips into your physical body with ease, grace, and a nearly unbearable lightness of being. Do this slowly and visualize each pearl dissolving in the head and sacral center. Red Tahitian Pearl. Orange Tahitian Pearl. Yellow Tahitian Pearl. Pink . Iolite. Granite-Copper . Lavender . Emerald Green . Blue. White. Black. White - Gold. And finally Pearl.

Behold the Ark of your personal covenant with Source. The beginning of a 2002 summer to remember !

Mark Appleman


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