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The Ascent / Capricorn 2001
“In L’Spirit de Corps”


(A Mark Time / Master Plan production)


As the solar goat follows inner stirrings to climb the visible mountaintops, his human counterpart often has a great head for the ways of business, society and power. In other words, Capricorns know how to get a “head”. With the steady overlighting of Saturn, the Capricorn house of spirit consolidates all gains with an eye to the conventional wisdom, and publicly unimpeachable goals. Saturn locks in on the structures of visible organization, and recognition therein.

For those with the call to burst asunder glass ceilings, or those hearing the whispers of Immortality, The Ascent arrives this holiday season “to get your goat”. The mantle of consultancy is passed from Saturn to Arcturus, and the ascension consciousness switches from “climb” to “uplink”. The human God-Spark recognizes computer protocols; reclaiming Divine Authority, he seizes control and begins the re-programming. The steady drumbeat of the Music of the Spheres orchestrates this 2001: Space Odyssey sublime, as the Terra-ists of Love get down to business, use their HEADS, and close the deal.


Under the steadying pulse of Arcturus and the direct sponsorship of The Ascent, L’Spirit de Corp takes to the playing fields of Earth. In-Corp-orating wherever and whatever it can, its motto is “All is One, and ONE IS ALL.” Programs are implemented that reflect conscious bio-logical choices; the embrace of “belief systems” with ever-increasing frequency and love. The Ascent takes all on-line subscribers beyond outdated solar Sysiphysian myths, onto the invisible Granite elevator/stairways of heaven – right here on Earth!

The goal of galactic astrology is to provide us a “living” viewpoint as SPIRITUAL beings, extensions of Source, within this 3rd dimensional existence. Solar astrology provides keen insight into the patterns of human behavior and motivation. The context is the solar system itself, a heliocentric lens. A vast laboratory to study the path of our individual human soul through the remarkable range of possibility available here. However, its “Corp” orate charter is its limitation.

From a dimensional perspective analysis, astrology as practiced at the current juncture of time and space, is a 5th dimensional system. As such, it allows people mired in the 3rd dimension of physical limitation and detail - and regularly bewitched by the destabilizing “newscasts” of the 4th dimensional Planetary archetypal energies - a distanced independent overview. But it does not provide FREEDOM from the solar level of affairs.

Galactic astrology, on the other hand, allows us to peek behind the curtains of solar astrology, and examine the causal or higher energies involved. Within each solar or traditional sun sign are a set of more subtle influences. These come from more cosmic or comprehensive realities, outside of and free from the gravitational distortions and bias of the individual soul drama “story”. In the context of these cosmic realities, galactic astrology allows us instead to examine our personal SELF in relationship to SOURCE. Further, it creates a viable milieu to “anchor” the 6th and 7th dimension levels of our-SELF. Into unique, custom-designed energetic & perceptual fields of our own design.

The 6th and 7th dimensional levels of ourselves are the levels of us that house our higher self, high heart and higher (universal) mind, and our I AM presence. You could say that this is the part of ourselves that plays the game of life “above the rim”. These are all currently functioning levels of us that sponsor ongoing interactivity not only with our Source, but also other levels of living intelligence. As we come to accept, experience, and understand this multidimensional beingness (that we already are!), galactic astrology is there to assist us.

The galactic perspective facilitates this embrace of this larger self, offering a nuts and bolts map on how you and I, the “Living God”, are born into matter and evolve. It considers YOU the Light of the World. A sleeping God Spark wakening. A boddhisattva back to your old business of liberating civilizations (though this time in concert with the entire band of cosmic gypsies). It is here to mirror that aspect of YOU that stands above the fray (and always has), and to nurture that higher nature’s emergence into your life. An astrological lens that will provide an overview and maps of consciousness, as well as an energetic pipeline or “bridge of light” for your personal Biologic and Light Body activation. It offers Understanding - and a hotwire into the energies of LIFE CENTRAL.

Now we return our focus to the processes and activity of The Ascent, the universal/galactic level description for the Capricorn vibration. You will notice that the galactic names all have a verb-like quality of movement to them. As well as being distinct stages in all sorts of evolutionary patterns (including those of the physical biology).

Remember that the organizing principal in galactic astrology is the human body. Thus, the procession of each energetic portal or center is based on the ascending centers or chakras of the body. Ergo, the “roll call of signs - The Advent (Aries), Luminus (Cancer), Hu Effervescense (Leo), Harvest Blossom (Taurus), Excelsius (Sagittarius), The Ascent (Capricorn), Manna (Virgo), Temple of Light (Aquarius), Spiritual Currency (Pisces), Pentaglium (Scorpio), El-Lunia (Gemini), Premier Eminence (Libra) – are “list ordered” by their correspondence with chakras 1-12. This clashes with the traditional ordering of the signs through their appearance in the calendar year.

The reason for this distinction is that the galactic viewpoint is the “Land Before Time”. That’s right Toto, we’re not in Kansas any more! From the galactic perspective, all there is is a human body, the incarnation of God. The solar timelines are not meaningful, as that measurement cannot contain us in an awakened state. That is why whenever we experience our authentic self, or joy – it is always a timeless experience. We at that point are floating out of the solar and into the galactic perspective. As we learn to hold that state, we begin to Christ or crystallize our consciousness and bodies into a galactic level of organization. Galactic Astrology and the Tree of Life are 6th dimensionally organized interactive systems or portals that support this Source-biased stabilization process.

The Ascent (solar ruler Capricorn) & The Advent (solar ruler Aries) are partners in the galactic model. The Advent BELIEVES in the possibility, riding the red ray into the sweet promise & prosperity of physical existence. The Ascent, working through the granite/copper ray, bundles these possibilities together into BELIEF SYSTEMS that promote spiritual strength. Belief systems that facilitate expansion, inclusion, and growth. Systems that transport us onto our divine Field of Dreams.

We are surfers of ideas. Surfers and computer programmers that is. That is how we motor around these manifest planes, and initiate new forms of movement. Aries/The Advent (by add-ing new vents or openings into this paradise manifest known as Bethlehem/Earth) and Capricorn/The Ascent (through obedience to the higher prompting within, and the invocation of latent spiritual strength) together INCARNATE new ideas. These two signs of spirit make things happen. Events, the manifest progeny of co-creative thought, are brought into specific delineation through The Advent, and universal utility through The Ascent. It’s the Advent (your) into Ascent (Zion) - puns intended.

How is this Universal utilization accomplished? By our making direct individual broadcasts through our own physical biology. After we gain our voice through the Excelsius gateway, we solemnly “take the fifth”(amendment that is; pledging never to self-limit or incriminate ourselves again!). With the 5th chakra under our personal POWER, our next or 6th evolutionary step is getting OUR personal voice and vibration message out there! THERE being the greater living Universal whole.

Our physical head center is home of the 6th branch of the Tree of Life. It is also home to our “3rd Eye”, our radio and central broadcasting device. We are each our own interactive Radio station, (“radio station WHEE on your radio dial, broadcasting 24/7 though the crystal frequency of the 3rd eye!”) WHEE combines the WE (network affiliation), EE (broadcast message), and WHEE! (Fun! “When the balloon man whistles far . . . and whee.” – from “In Just Spring,” by T. S. Eliot)

[The following is a synopsis of the evolution of divine consciousness, as seen through the alignments of the Tree of Life up to The Ascent/Capricorn or 6th chakra level. Besides being an entire interdimensional portal in and of itself, woven into the 6th branch and other levels of consciousness, the TREE is also part of a “12 – step” procession or “story” of pure awareness’ experience in a body. “Light coded” terminology is used below to describe and stimulate this process. It has been previously outlined in “Galactic Perspectives” an earlier article, and in the general discussion at Since what we “broadcast” is the higher-self intelligence of our evolved cellular awareness, the path of this cellular evolution is essential to comprehend. Reading through the following a few times should trigger your light body and prepare it for the exercises that follow]

Consider the following a galactic view of your incarnation, as well as a procedure manual for the sequential installation of “galactic cable” into your physical body.

Through the conscious grounding of your uniqueness in the root chakra Advent, the divine spark that you are enters this Earth biosphere. Like a human angel commando being parachuted behind enemy lines, you bring with you plans and weaponry. As well as an implanted communication technology linking you back to headquarters.

The next stage in your process is developing spatial orientation. This is accomplished through the Luminus sacral doorway, where we are introduced to the co-creative feminine potentialities of Mother God. The horizontal axis of our divinity engages and manifests. We develop our capacity to extract the “light” from our outer circumstances and the Earth electromagnetics.

Next, in the 3rd chakra/branch of the TREE (Solar Plexus), we are introduced to the enthralling hum and balance of the Melchizedek settings of Father God (in the Hu Effervescence). Our vertical axis is set; The Higher Self overlights the Soul, as the Shambhalla or the Golden Age alignments seat through Orion and the yellow/gold ray. With horizontal and vertical axes reestablished, we are now consciously rejoined with the DNA of mother/father god in our physical body. The cellular levels of our selves are engaged in support of the emerging commando of love and light.

After this integration of levels two and three, Source frequencies emanating from The Eternal One now prepare to house themselves in the physical heart center. Watered directly from Source, with no intermediaries, at this 4th station of the tree we embody SELF-REALIZATION. Our contribution to this stage in evolution is the achievement of an impeccable, unbroken consistency of self-love and self-acceptance. Unconditional love must be demonstrated to the most important person in your life at this point- YOURSELF! If this is not achieved, the advanced energetic of the High Heart cannot and will not open. The tumblers to the vault of the high heart are set at 11:11. This is an impersonal standard maintained by our body, which will only respond to perfect SELF-love that conforms to multidimensional integrity. Once that heart threshold is passed, we experience the Harvest Blossom. Once opened, the pink ray of immortal love and 4th branch (with its correspondent branch, the 9th) act as the fulcrum into the Source-sponsored invocation of the Eternal Biology.

The spiritual body is making permanent union into our physical body, as station by station; we are painted in the “true colors” of the galactic rays. The next stage in this progression of L’Esprit de Corps (spirit in body) is the mating of this newly self-realized us, connected with Source Heart, linking up with larger fields or units of self-organization; namely, Galactic, Universal, and Source. This magnetic and electrochemical meld transpires sequentially in the 3 signs of spirit known as Excelsius, The Ascent, and Manna. They are branches 5, 6, and 7 of the Tree of Life. They correspond to the galactic or higher self levels of Sagittarius, Capricorn and Virgo respectively.

In the Excelsius stage, galactic and universal energies are “downloaded” into the physical body (this was discussed at length in the “Honey” Moon) through the Thyroid and Parathyroid apertures. As we accept this stature, we become the “word” made flesh and receive – when we love ourselves enough- the Rod of Power. In the Ascent – 3rd Eye stage, we establish our unique style of self-expression, stabilize our crystal frequencies, and learn to broadcast and harmonize that with the greater communities of light. It is like an “uplink”, or satellite broadcast of our personal “homepage”(with Arcturus providing FCC – type overview, and assisting us energetically as we learn to commerce in light).

The Manna – Crown Center stage is where we activate the energies of the Lavender Ray. The Crown center engages in a communication direct with Source level. This is the level where we “Crown” ourselves as mature, sovereign, rewired-as-human God Sparks. We become the enfranchised Lords and Ladies of light. At this point we are permanently on-line with all external higher dimensional levels of self through the crystalline network of Christ Consciousness, and are actively “e mailing” back and forth with the Source level (through the personal and collective levels of the I Am conduit). At this stage of personal Divination, the Merlin level of our SELF activates, with our Source level now in interplay. We are ready to demonstrate biological magic and independence from Earth based phenomenon (as part of Source).

{ Now back to our discussion on the internal dynamics of Capricorn/Ascent . . .}

Exercises for the Ascent New and Full Moons - 2001

The fine “tuning” of the Ascent or head center “radio” can be accomplished by our conscious implementation of Belief Systems (programming), Focus (affiliate networks and meditation), and summoning of our Broadcast Power (Heart and EEmotional pulse). As this is our individual and unique broadcast, it will require our conscious remembrance, recognition, and spiritual moxie – in order to get A“head”. Some explanations and exercises follow.

Belief Systems: (programming)

Nothing – and I mean nothing - happens if it is not first considered or thought about. So first things first. The Advent –Ascent axis allows us to run new ideas and patterns through our biology on an experimental basis. You could say that the Advent level of ourselves is the eternal teenager. Fearless, restless, passionate, all or nothing, and quite attracted to the new or “edgy”. By taking a thought and running it through our mental and physical bodies, an impression is made. If that thought or idea makes a good impression while it is “auditioned” in our physical biology, it will tend to get repeated. Once an idea is repeated or entertained often, it becomes a belief.

Once the belief is established, the Ascent consciously implements it into our programming. As we are our own Universal crystalline network radio/broadcast stations, we will tend to put our favorite Programming on “heavy rotation”. The Ascent then powerfully broadcasts this “program” out to the universe, which by the law of attraction responds. Examination of the Advent-Ascent matrix allows us to see the process of change and growth through thought, desire, and belief. (My current favorite explanation of this process, in non-astrological terms, is the brilliant and lucid Abraham-Hicks teaching at

Focus: (affiliate networks and meditation)

Belief systems give us something to FOCUS on. Much of my emphasis is to draw the distinction between the solar (what I call the carbon {C-H-O/ hydrocarbon} based view of ourselves, expressed as the 3rd, 4th,and 5th dimensional levels) and the galactic (the Christed or crystal based 6th, 7th, and 8th dimensional) levels of self. It is in the head or 3rd eye center that we can consciously implement programs that will help us cross this solar/galactic “line in the sand”. Here focus brings its most telling and permanent results. Any belief system that is held in focus (through visualization, meditation, or “holding” both head & heart) in the 3rd eye or 6th center, will be instantaneously “programmed” simultaneously into the physical body AND the universal whole. This transforms both us and the greater communities of light. Our conscious personal imput and DNA intelligence is uploaded at light speed into the operating system of collective intelligence. It is at this stage that we co-administer, in conjunction with Arcturus, the local galaxy. And have the ability to dramatically leverage both our physical bodies and the frequencies that we inhabit. Doing so, we join frequencies to the sixth dimensional “focus group” known as the Collective Messiah.

Here is where we can organically and subjectively experience the connection between the one (us) and The ONE (All That Is). It is here, through the transformative magic of focus, concentration, and pure intent that we turn coal into diamonds. Our carbon-based body is raised into the crystalline frequency through the alchemical catalyst of the Arctaurian influence, and the crystal kingdom. Inside of ourselves during a meditation we often feel a lift-off, almost being pulled or crawling through our heads into a different universe. This is a genuine interdimensional crossing. It is the crossing over from Soular Egypt (carbon, bondage) into the Is-Real (the land of milk and honey-the metaphoric white and gold of the Inner Light) through the galactic bridge of - that’s right – Our own Heads!

The Advent / Capricorn season mirrors this focus. The Earth is at its greatest tilt away from the Sun. Winter arrives, bearing its calling cards of silence and snow. Quite naturally, we turn inwards to our own resources. While the solar families gather together under the aegis of Christmas and New Year, so the conscious crystal visionaries of the Ascent family harmonize as well, through the quartz crystal level frequencies of their Higher Selves. In fact, it is very common to hear the “music of the Spheres” as energy is focused in the Head center. The affiliate networks or families (brotherhoods /sisterhoods) of light operate their INNER-nets through this medium of crystalline “divine”music and golden light. Invite the vibration of sound and light to enter your head, sealing the ears and closing the eyes. Humming a favorite tune, or reciting Om, Amen, Rama, or any of the traditional coded sounds will enhance your allowance of this internal effulgence of light and song. Melting/integrating into these internal currents puts you “online” instantly, and is another way to enhance, or tune upwards, your broadcast frequency. You are within the frequency bandwidth of the COLLECTIVE MESSIAH, the affiliate network that supports your personal ascent.

We, the 13th tribe, the human angels known as the InSpiritors, are now primed to make our debut into independent eternal programming. All of us play equal, true and valuable parts as we consciously birth ourselves outward back into the galactic level as an Eenergetically (carrying Source based energy) enhanced being of light. And believe me, we have a luminous and distinguished audience, a Fellowship of the Ring, that awaits EACH of us. So that we may participate in the harmonics of this interdimensional awakening.

BroadCast Power: (EEmotion and Source Heart)

Now that we know how programming happens, and the crystalline nature of the broadcast apparatus and affiliate networks, it’s time to turn on the Power! We internally access these source energies once we go “online” to our Christ level self. This Christ self, operating in the sphere of light magnetics, magnetically interfaces with the unmanifest Source pulse through our heart center, and the EEmotional intelligence of the 11th level of the higher mind. The heart and mind of God.

The Movie 2001: Space Odyssey, in the famous scene where Dave faces off with the Hal 2000 computer, provides an excellent illustration for the final personal reclamation of power. In 2001, the spacecraft that transports Dave and his crew is operated by a computer, Hal. Hal oversees everything on board. At a certain point, Dave, observing Hal’s behavior, decides he would like to over-ride Hal’s programming. As Dave asks for his power back, Hal and Dave, to put it mildly, develop an adversarial relationship.

This is mirrored in our own lives, as we awaken during our space odyssey (yes we are out in space right now, and always have been). We are by and large on autopilot for many of the decisions, actions, and responses in our lives. This is not an attack, merely an acknowledgement that we have adopted a number of programs and operating systems that once installed, require little input. However, once an individual decides to increase frequency, and “vibrate’ up and out of whatever level that person has actively or passively been programmed into, resistance immediately presents itself. It can be dressed as illness, peer group pressure, relationship threats, or an intense sense of displacement. But it is merely the many faces of our own personal Hal. Yes,our own operating system can resist being upgraded, and strange but true, summon events and situations to justify its continued presence. Belief systems (memes) become living things, that seek to self-preserve.

In the film, Dave decided to change belief systems (Dave, not Hal, knows best), maintain unbreakable focus on performing the reprogram (“Dave, listen to me Dave, I know you’re angry…”) And take back the power of conscious control, running through Him. Immediately, Dave was disengaged from the programming in his past (symbolized by the moon discovery scene preceding Dave’s voyage), and taken to Jupiter (the experience of personal infinity) and beyond. He was flooded with light magnetics, passed out of solar time through the Saturn-themed aging sequences, and was reborn into cosmic/galactic/christ consciousness in the dramatic Wagnerian Uranian finale.

This is the right of passage that The Ascent invites us to undergo. Our conscious one-pointed implementation of higher operating systems and programs, that will weave us into the Universe Wide Web. Permanently, passionately, and inexorably. Part and parcel of the living community of Christed awareness.

Exercises ; The Elevator of Love and N+1
With each of these monthly columns, I am including some exercises. These are meant to perform a very specific task; The continuing integration of your Spiritual and Physical body. Imagine each month’s exercises “sewing” or reinforcing the sewing of the two bodies to one another. The 7 chakras (portals or energy centers) of the human body function as the seams connecting these bodies together. This month we are developing the multi-dimensional possibilities of the 6th center/head/3rd eye center.

Elevator of Love – Bring your focus to the head center. Imagine your head effortlessly and comfortably filling up with white or golden light. Allow the light to continue to intensify as much as you can. Now breathe deeply, and allow the attendant sense of well being that accompanies deep breathing to move freely in both the heart and head centers. Enjoy the effect. Once the two centers start to merge energetically together, bring your focus back INSIDE the head center. At a certain point of continuing focus you will feel that you are fully inside your own head. That is the point where you can now re-implement programming most easily. You are Dave with the power to reprogram the mainframe.

Now imagine a cylindrical tube or corridor of white light around the body, stretching all the way back to the Source level. Secure in the warmth of the heart–mind meld, now intend, focusing through the 3rd eye, for your consciousness to travel upward into the tube of light. I call this the Elevator of Love exercise. It is not an out of body experience (none of these or any collective messiah exercises are). It is rather an experience of great physical bliss, an expanded sense of multilevel integrating, and a reclamation of the famous 85 % of ourselves posited in higher levels of ourself. This is quite similar to performing a “search” on the Universal wide web –for yourSelf.

The longer that you hold in this expanded self of awareness, the more that your physical body will ground the crystalline frequencies of your spiritual body, which is an expression of Source Self. This is a great exercise that can never done too often. It brings great spiritual strength into the body. Call out floors inside yourself, and see what happens. Play with the elevator of love. Customize it. Add music. I just wanted you to experience your backstage access pass to the higher floors. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the ride.

N + 1 - Is an exercise named for the mathematical expression of the limitless. In whole number theory, for any number N, there is always a greater number. N +1. This is a trick I had used for most of my life. Being uncomfortable repeatedly in social situations at a younger age, I would find myself emotionally at wit’s end and feeling very trapped. What should I do next? Instinctively I would call to myself “N + 1” (I did like math as a kid, and found the concept of infinity quite assuring). This action would invariably summon a perspective, solution, or shift in energy. Often a pulse or warmth moving through my head accompanied it. Things always seemed to work out.

Relating it back to our Ascent theme, this is a site-specific exercise. By accessing the head center- and using the visualizations previously introduced – enter back inside the mainframe of your head center. At this point consciously “command” the next higher adjacent level of awareness; into either your physical body, or a specific situation. In either case - as long as you hold focus until after you feel the shift move through your head center – there will be actual energetic infusion; a thought, feeling of empowerment, or change in external events. This is the manifesting of spiritual strength and with it, a personal experience of “using your head, for christ sakes!” We can see and experience the linkage of causation, in a very personal way. As well as personal bringing more light into the gridwork of the Terra/Earth.

So enjoy your explorations of the limitless realms of consciousness we possess. And your mastery therein. Your Ascent is written in the stars. Yes, I know at times it can be a bit dizzying, but:

That’s when I like to remember what Yogi Berra (or was it Casey Stengel) who once said: “Where Ever I Go, There I AM!”

Mark Appleman


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