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( 6 hours, 1 day or 2 evening sessions)

  1. Computerized View of Reality for A New Century

    Hardware / Software ; Open system architecture
    New Operating Systems
    RAM and multi dimensionality
    Programming -Public Domain and Higher Self
    Installation Procedures (sleep)
    Inner-Net - surfing the DNA
    The CNN Virus and the God Virus

  2. The 21st Century Toolkit for a multi-dimension life

    Intuition, Imagination, and Intention
    ( the "reading, riting, and rithmatic" of the modern era)
    The Importance of Thought & Belief
    What is "The Matrix?"
    Collective Unconscious / Collective Conscious
    Living behind "the Short Wall"- the Crimson Circle teachings

  3. Spiritual Beings Living Material Lives

    Frequency and Dimension

  4. 3 Laws to Live By - The Abraham - Hicks Teachings

    Law of Attraction -The Dominant Thought
    Law of Deliberate Creation -Well Being and Ecstacy make for Beautiful Futures
    Law of Allowance - Let the bread bake!

  5. The Virtual Reality Chamber
  6. The Inner Being - The Higher Self
  7. Connection between the Warriors of Peace, Abraham - Hicks, & Crimson Circle

    Similarities and Difference





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