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December's Song: Frequency Rising


I AM Freeing.
I AM Quenching.
I AM Seeing…

I radiate and communificate,
I vibrate and modulate,
I 'm the sun and the moon, with the 13th sign rising

I AM doing,
I AM being,
I am do-bee-do-bee-do;

I AM free-quench-see
From infinity,
That crash-landed in South Dakota
A stretch hummer limo, dressed as a Toyota
I'm Denny Crain!
(No, no, it's not mad cow, just a terminal case, of the here and now…)

In the warp and weave
Of a toroid sleeve,
I holographically design
New permutations,
Of a freshly squeezed mind.

I AM Free

Freedom summons in its wake,
New paradigms to co-create;
And as I leap into the new
My divine body salivates, and..

I AM quenched

Quenched worlds within worlds,
As new universes are born,
The games to the quick, the restless, the warm;
I come out to the new galactic day,
I have nothing to say, because…

I AM Being and Seeing and Believing

Frequency, and its companion vibration,
Juggle slinkies on unicycles,
In a steady rain;
I AM confederates we all become,
As the whole damn proceeding turns into SUCH FUN,

As the baloonman whistles far and whee,
We all dare to eat that peach!

(The one that seductively whispers,
Just beyond our reach,
While we're awakening and asleep;
Compelling us to cross,
The tall and the wide,
The inside, and the deep.)

As frequency search and rescues
Obfuscated light,
We are the interdimensional living;
The Staff of Life, summoned
Into our Viagran salute.

We are Phase 2 commandos,
From the schools of forgiving;
Paying it forward,
And grateful we're living;

We are little Bo peep,
After she found her sheep;
We get all that we wanted, YES!
The love,
The friends,
The loot…

(In addition to the every/nothingness that sponsors it all,
The zero sum field,
Under it's red pill thrall…)

… Ah
You mean that much to me,
Purveyor of this ever-changing reality;
The Santa giving tree,
That resonates regressively,
Recycling eternity,
Into its naked ecstasy,
But oh So compassionately;

Bursting forth,
In sweet December song…
And in frequent bursts,
I am so grateful to sing along.



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