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"Gifts Under the Tree of Life"


(A Mark Time / Master Healing Plan Production)

As we enter this most interesting year of 2003 through the Ascent/Capricorn living vision portal of Spiritual Strength, those who travel with belief in SELF display publicly a strength and sustenance not seen on this planet in recent times. Simplicity and Unity is the master plan for this Christ-mass season, as the path of Conscious Evolution enters the peaceful clearing of Unlimited Thought. Unlimited thought will sponsor, assist, and cultivate the life you feel and allow your SELF to deserve. And I assure you; the sky is NOT the limit! The “longer ships” of our own Universal Selves are waiting to “win us” (thank you Cat Stevens), and we are perfectly designed to fall hopelessly in love with our limitless SELF. This is the intersection of the open seas of freedom, blue skies of peace, and the open architecture of human design. Our Immortal selves await permission to land. The Source presentation draws nigh.

Christmas, despite its well-earned reputation for commercialism, still harbors an unassailable sense of peace, joy, and delight. The “tree bearing gifts” and the historical personage of Jesus anchor the Capricorn Solstice energies into the Western human community. They are our Bridge of Light into the living Temple of Light, and this year’s series of articles focused on the Gate of Immortality and the creation of the immortal body of physical Source light.

Christmas celebrates the belief that a human being attained a Christ frequency in physical “mass”. The traditional doctrine describes the life of Jesus the Nazarene as a successful marriage of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Our 21st century update of that theme (besides embracing both genders!) would describe a Christ achieved trinity that unifies Source, God, and the I Am presence. Source as the pure (capital p) unmanifest, God and God Consciousness as the expression of Source in the realm of form, and the I Am as the ongoing magnetic dynamic that links the two. We are designed to be modern day Christs, one and all: the living/linking expression of the Source, God, and I Am principles. Transition from the intellectual understanding of this, to its physical mastery in your current biology, is the path of Conscious Evolution. If you desire to become this embodiment, it is well within your reach.

The Christmas tree is an archetypal presentation of the Jupiterian bounty that abides within the aura of the Tree of Life. There is context to life in the universe, and the Tree of Life facilitates the neurological and energetic re-wiring that allows us to take our sovereign place within it. This winter solstice triggers a 3-month period that invites us to biologically command in and integrate our highest personal vision (Ascent/Capricorn), join in concert with fresh educational avenues that manifest universal inclusive humanity (Temple of Light/Aquarius), and dive into their successful pursuit with Source devotion (the Spiritual currents and Currency of Pisces). As we sit under the tree and unwrap our gifts from Source, we gain nourishment from the part of us that has never participated in the solar dimensions of life. This pure or “virginal” part of us grows dramatically with attention. This year's series of articles: “Gifts Under the Tree: Elev8 your Self” will address and nourish that level of human divinity. The Tree of Life is an organic entrée into the Temple of Light. This is our online chatroom, inner gym, or training center for direct inclusion in the universal agendas of planetary awakening. We are the living infrastructure of this change. Each and ALL.

In order to engage with our individual Christing process and the download of programming from the Tree of Life, we will need to address our Conscious Evolution. Conscious Evolution, the coolest of self-administered science projects, is a straightforward process. It requires 3 components: the operating system or Belief in our original purity, the Will (intention) and fixity of vision to hold the life we hope for, and Tools capable of reprogramming a higher version of your Self into the physical biology. Belief not for the tooth fairy or Santa Claus: yet a broadband of childlike faith in outcomes currently not in obvious manifestation will need to be in place. Our human will is OUR ultimate contribution and human currency. Finally, magical tools that con-join and actualize Source levels of our Self into physical manifestation. These are the ingredients of the Alchemical brew. And all are on tap.

WE ARE NOT ALONE. While we are designed to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps, we are in no way operating in a vacuum. The universe is teeming with interconnected intelligence; we are all pre-wired for language and communication with all levels of self. As we “JUST SAY NO” to limited models of thought and physical and emotional behavior, the bluest of blue skies await. We are the living eyes of Source love awakening to new vistas of human expression. As our belief systems grow to allow fullness of Self, operating systems that include us in this already extant grand design download into our electric bodies, and by extension , our physical bodies. Our colleagues and brothers and sisters in light, longing to work in interconnected unity with us, find dimensions of common purpose with us to create the living foundation of collective divinity in action. The service of all humanity is engaged, as we become the living vortex of human possibility. Through this fascinating self-illumination, we finally see ourselves in our true light. Most importantly, we manifest actual presentations of Source Consciousness into Universal Structure. This is the harbinger of the Excelsius - the era of Universal Humanity

“The SELF has no boundaries except those that we accept out of ignorance”
Seth, through Jane Roberts

“Metatron told me that my music would bring more light inside the atoms”
Carlos Santana, being interviewed after his unexpected hit album, Supernatural

2003 is the year that we, through Conscious Evolution, bring atomic light into the human molecular structure. This is the year of the Electron. And that we do. We elect tron, or light, as our avenue to future growth and perfection. This is life with YOU, the Universal U-Man, in charge. We are One with God Source in original perfection. Outside of Matrix magnetics and storyline, timeless and larger aspects of us emerge and invite interaction with our day-to-day consciousness. We are NEO. Allow that vision to take root within your mind’s eye. If you succeed and allow your success to take root, it’s just, as they say, a matter of time . . .

As we move up, out, and in to the greater spirals of LIFE, there is a clear prerequisite to growth. This is the inviolate BELIEF in your own individual sovereign right to BE-come All That Is. Self Mastery, Self Realization - even Selfless love - all require the heart’s embracement of its unique electronic signature. Simple belief in Self (and its immaculate origins in Source Unity) is a line in the sand we cannot avoid. As we cross that invisible line, our original electromagnetic and connection with Source Purity re-emerges, and the living orders of the “Big Love” are there to embrace and welcome us. Called Shambhalla by some, Paradise Manifest or the Garden of Eden by others, this living infrastructure of incarnate consciousness (including many of our glorious sublime dimensions) is woven into a golden 7th dimensional Grand Central Station. This is the level of living human consciousness that provides a platform for the perfection of the individual and collective life of humans and humanity. And I assure you that when your energetics and those of the 7th dimension engage; it’s impossible to miss.

Achievement of some degree of stabilization and personal balance in 7th dimensional frequency allows us to coalesce into living alignment with the radiance of God Consciousness, and the implementation of the I Am magnetic into one’s personal energetic sphere. As we pass the prerequisite belief in (and unconditional love of) SELF, we move into the arena of pure thought. In an environment of unconditional positive SELF-regard, we have the ability to attract UNLIMITED futures. We are the pilot of our ship of dreams. Source is our North Star, and often takes a turn at the wheel.

In the coming months, articles in the “elevate (8) your self” series will focus on the human presentation and exploration of the 8th dimension and the Immortal avenues. Hopefully, they will stimulate thought, foster new attitudes, and trigger your independent consideration of these topics. Like everything else, it is a work in progress, but for now, the first few articles are clear.

They are;

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