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A Walk Through
the Dimensions

"ELEV 8 your Self"

The High 7th Dimension-
The Light Body: Don't Leave Home Without It!

“When asked, "Are you a God or a Man?"
the Buddha replied "I AM AWAKE".

"Life is magic, to think less is tragic…"- Attributed to Zap ”


As we continue our exploration of Self into its undiscovered countries, the High Seventh dimension introduces us to our magical roots, and the necessity (if we intend to travel further) of assuming our bodies of Light. This is an already existing, on-line aspect of our Self that we are fully empowered to reconnect with, and remember.

The 7th dimension will be the only "dimension" that I discuss in two separate articles. The reason is this: the 7th dimension is the "tipping point", or "Zero Sum" dimension in the human experience. Source discovers biology in the 7th dimension, and it is here that the awakening human has her/his first experience of conscious interaction as a Source embodiment. This Dimension functions like the elevator platform in a skyscraper where the transit systems of the lower floors and the upper floors each deposit their passengers, who must then switch elevators in order to travel on. (A horizontal description would be a Grand Central Station).

From the Source perspective, the 7th dimension is the lowest frequency that sponsors an AWAKE/ALIVE interactive connection between Source and its expression (us!). From this descending perspective, you could say that a human being is an actual "out-Source" project of Source itself. Yes, we are Source's "India"! Jade Chan, my seminar host in Hong Kong, came up with the term "Source Walkers", which translates this understanding into action. Yes, our common Source walks the earth through these OUR bodies, and looks out through these OUR eyes.

From an ascending/awakening human perspective, the 7th dimension is the mountaintop destination of Human Becoming. This mountaintop is the mathematical resultant of the U-man experience: where we get to, when we embrace our biological autonomy, the Universe "green lights" our intention, and we are crowned as an atomically and anatomically resonant particle/part/participant of God light. "Houston, we have liftoff!"

The mountaintop and its achievement is not the end of the journey. Rather, we have "anted up" at this point, and are now "All In" for The Never-Ending Story of Love and Light. We now proceed, breath by breath, into the high seventh dimension, a dimension that exists only as we enter it. We are its pioneers of imagination, or imagineers. This is the quantum human experience, experienced outside the borders of traditional senses. This is beautifully expressed in Kryon's parable of the map that only reveals the next step as the traveler come to the end of his road (or rope!). The technical reason for this is that it is the active totality of our multidimensional self that is needed to "unlock" the next level of enfoldment. We do not find the key (or ki) - we are it, and actively birth the experience through the magical auspices of our I AM Presense.

The High 7th: Where "I Am God" turns into I AM THAT I AM

The HIGH 7th dimension, the focus of this article, is the living texture of consciousness that engages us, a landed expression of Source, an Awakening God/Goddess, onwards into organically magical realms. The Universal human has been created to personally integrate all the dimensions within this earth or heart (another spelling for earth) walk we share. Yes we are Gods, but even the Gods must surrender their Godliness in order to be free! This surrender has already taken place in our high seventh dimensional aspect, and we are invited to include this dimension of ourselves into our conscious experience. As the I AM Presense we are formatted to serve/participate in the Greater I Am (aka the greater God, I AM that I AM, or greater good) and engage within the larger leagues of light. God realization and mastery is a solitary function. However, once a level of mastery is established, interconnectivity with its universal agendas and evolutions is now in play, encouraged, and available at the higher frequency and vibration of light. Now, in our journey of Conscious Evolution, we engage this aspect of our Self into our daily life. God Consciousness is a welcome foundation and a vital function of the solar and galactic level, but ascending humanity must include a universal perspective as well, in order to further evolve and participate with the larger patterns of Love. This is our return to our home.

This transitional conscious evolution can be seen as the voluntary engagement & surrender of God Consciousness into the more inclusive and blended energy system known as the I Am Presence. We could describe this as the "tipping point": where light wave function dominates and overtakes light particle function, where subatomic quantum light rules as the operating system (orchestrating physical change), and where and when the Universal Body begins to take its rightful place as the heir to our individual genetic destiny, perfection and good fortune.

Like the Jefferson's of TV fame, we are "movin' on up." Those that intend and achieve this stage are NOW disengaged from the Matrix of geocentric magnetism, into the free form, non-local, meridian system of the Universe itself. We have entered into the Book of Enoch, but this time as characters and living keys ourselves rather than readers. Remember, every quanta or level of life has its own order, internal physics and functionality. As we continue to intend and receive higher frequency, we find ourselves at new strata of life expression. The high 7th is our debutante cotillion into the realm where we are truly recognized as an active Light body, consciously holographically expressed into 3rd dimensional experience. The high seventh is the level of awareness and consciousness that hosts equally the white ray dualism of "becoming" and the black ray non-dualism of "being".

Our life frequency at this stage of the journey home is now literally fed hydroponically by Source. Here we can summon bodies that mechanistically interface with the subtle inner-visible planes of existence (invisible from traditional perspective) and wave phenomenon emitting from Source light. These bodies are already within the Greater you and me; however, they await us in vibrational escrow. They need to be invited in, and sewn into our very natures - much like Peter Pan affixing his shadow. They need to become our vehicle and transportation of choice. Conscious activation, command, and intention are necessary to initiate this alchemical process, and shift orientation into Source "hydroponic" nourishment. We have been given the keys to our vehicles of light as we own this high 7th dimension of our Self.

The activations of these light bodies allow us to play an exciting, exquisite role in the healing, evolution, and rebirth of the universe. Our physical bodies become "performance art", allowing substratum of energies from the universal, galactic, and our Earth/solar based life, to stream through live media: Us! This You-Tube (or U, Universal tube; yes, we are already the tubes!) broadcasts through our Light Bodies. It functions as a linchpin or fulcrum into an entirely new physics of being. As active online functioning Light Bodies, surrendered into the vastness which is our birthright and true home, we upload (through our RNA/DNA) our personalized synthesized, Now Time human biological data into collective intelligence. Conversely, through the auspices of our actively invoked 12 strand DNA, we download the rich warps and weaves of the Supreme Light into our personal, local bio-logic, and into the manifestation of the New Earth.

The works of Barbara Hand Clow, Tom Kenyon, Warriors of Peace, Oren Dabin, Kryon and Drunvelo Melchezidec all describe various light body mechanisms. Some are spherical, others cylindrical, some diamond shaped. Others have us in adorned in pulsating majestic swirls of ever changing color or shape. None are descriptions of the physical human frame. The central understanding here is that at this quantum of Self, we do not exist as a physical body. At the high 7th dimensional frequency, we have permanently assumed our spiritual body of light.

"You look at the sky; you can see the stars,
But do you see the light?"
The Eagles

"Never Doubt That A Small Group of Committed Citizens Can Change the World.
It's The Only Thing That Ever Has"
Margaret Mead

"Ditto For the Universe … and Universes."

Intention - Clarity - Desire to Serve - Tools

ASCENT into human potentiality requires first and foremost the intention and will to override the local politics and drama of the solar system/Matrix level of being (David Icke's books are recommended here on that topic - there's a man that calls a spade a spade. In spades!). If we are to act, we must find clarity in our action; in feeling, vision, or both. Not that anyone can see the whole picture. That is not our part to play. But rest assured that the part of you that is part of the greater whole can and will summon real time focuses and agendas. We can "trust in the force" and indeed trust our feelings.

Intent and clarity onboard, we must next locate our inbuilt desire to serve and harmonize with the greater light. It can be non-specific (and probably should be, as we are part of vast and complex interconnected realities), but it must be there. Service orientation brings in its wake its "better half", the inescapable bliss of the Big Love.

Impersonal non-dualistic love is our birthright and our sustenance, our reward, and our tracking device, all in one. If we are not feeling it, this is a clear sign that a mid-course correction is required. Techniques will present themselves if needed from Source intelligence. This is our own personal journey. While we are part of the greater whole, that whole requires our unique voice. With true heart feeling as our guide, this voice is unerringly found. In fact, it is our unique human voice that most closely mirrors the high 7th dimensional function of real time interactive magic.

Even with all of the above - intention, clarity, desire to serve - this noble and rewarding climb is still quite a challenging one without the proper tools. Remember that as individuals, we were unable to move beyond the solar confines of the fifth dimension without the tool kit of the Three I's: Intuition, Imagination, and Intention (see 5th dimension article). Integrating the levels beyond God Biological Consciousness (7th dimension) will also require its own unique and customized tool kit.

For this portion of the journey home, the new "bag of tricks" are the I Am Presence, Alchemy (a form of transformational Magic), and the embracement of the higher technologies of Breath. They become our navigational tools for superceding and undocking from God Consciousness, and venturing out into our various Bodies of Light. The mothership or vehicle for this Light Body expansion is the Mer-Ki-Vah, or Chariot of Fire, introduced into human civilization by the prophet Elijah (see the works of Lisa Smith and the warriors of, if still online, or the Gemini article for details).

The I Am Presence is an entire field of cohesive magnetism, free of dimension itself, which facilitates the blending of the various levels of existence. It functions as an individual experience, as well as revealing more inclusive levels of itself (aka the Greater I Am, Presence, and the Mahatma I Am Presence). What is known as the Tree of Life is a physical manifestation of the intelligence of the I Am Presence. Consciously invoking or commanding in the I AM dimension will bring you face to face with the immortal magician that you are. It's that simple: intention, desire to serve, and invocation. Stay in this experience, until you feel the movement of light up through the crown. Consider this the filling of the Cup of Joy. The I Am Presense is intimately involved with the pineal gland, and will move from just above to just beneath your crown center as you commit yourself to this level of conscious evolution. Engagement of the I Am Presence as the new operating system moves one from a static orientation of being a living divinity, to being a more fluid extension of Source light. The mechanism is whole-hearted surrender into your limitless SELF. At that point, source bias reveals the truth of positing our personal certitude into I Am that I Am.

Alchemy is the active process for the transformation or interpenetration of matter by free-form spirit. It is the delivery system for the higher frequencies of light that are currently fast forwarding change. Anything, anyone, and any event can be an agent for Alchemy. Alchemy, the physical delivery system for the high 7th, is the true chameleon and palette for Source inspired change. It can range from a timely intuition, the perfect joke, synchronicity, an inspired poem or song, piece of art, color, mandala meditative designs, light body practices (Orin Dabin, Flower of Life, and Warriors of Peace Mer-Ki-Vah and Hebrew aleph/bet), music, dance, you name it. This article is a living alchemical happening. The Reconnection movement of Dr. Eric Pearl, Theta Healing, and The Disappearing Universe are all examples of stable, repeatable, alchemical philosophy and practice in the more mainstream progressive movement.

How does Alchemy work? DNA (not our human form) is made in the image of God. The full dimension palette of 12 strand DNA that we possess, when we embrace the full measure of our selves and communicate/command our DNA, "orders" up an aspect or activity from our perfected self. Through intentional language and thought of sufficient frequency, this higher frequency and vibrational nourishment are then permanently seeded into a mundane setting. In essence, DNA provides the "delivery system" or transposition of higher dimensional physical reality into a lower one. Because we, like icebergs, are mostly invisible to the naked eye (and often ourselves!) there are alchemical mechanisms to extract the invisible us into this visible world we can share and agree upon. Manifestation follows thought. As we think in the higher levels, we are operating through our God Brain, which is a distinct level of universal thought.

Our true roots are not in Africa or anywhere else on this Earth - they are from our origin in spirit. Life can be defined or framed as change within an eternal context. The guidance system of Source truth, and its vibrational expression as frequency integrity, is constantly restating its timeless message into the NOW of our temporal, visible life. DNA/RNA is the medium. Therefore shifting our focus to Source and out of the solar level or matrix can be likened to choosing hydroponic versus traditional earth-based based nutrition. This is the true "organic" diet and methodology that facilitates and leverages atomic and subatomic particle change at the I Am level. This is the function and form of the high 7th dimension in the totality of universal design. (While dimensions are going up in number, and I am discussing hydroponics, please understand that consciousness expands omni directionally.)

"Magic" is a subset of alchemy. It is the linking of various paradigms quite straightforward in nature that happen to exist within different paradigms, plus what I call the human observer response. They also serve to create interfaces between dimensions. An example of human magic is a jump within or the introduction of a particular technology. Each time a new technology arrives, it seems to reveal a hitherto unknown world. Ipods and GPS tracking devices, as well as whatever the heck happens when I look to search for an item on Google, are perfect examples.

When we experience the magical, the joy and innocence of Source appreciation is unleashed within us. The wedding of our joy into the event or experience of it, the human observer response, alchemizes our own existence, and effortlessly upgrades and expands the context of our existence. This instantaneous alchemy assists in the interdimensional blending and unification that we are participating together in at this time.

Breath technology, locating and utilizing the higher breath, is the last of the three new tools assisting our transformation beyond the personal realm of God realization. Here we leap into the impersonal adventure of grand design. Summoning of our Immortal Breath is a transitional opportunity we each can garner within the rarified atmosphere of the high 7th dimension. The high heart transitions love into clarity, opening the door (& keeping it permanently open) between the 5th and 6th dimensions. The higher minds do the same between the 6th and 7th dimensions, taking clarity into quantum thought and the reality of biological alchemy. The higher breath facilitates the shifting of the focus from the God biology of the 7th to our Mer-Ki-Vah, body of light, or "chariot of fire".

There are many individual breath technologies in the human marketplace; some offered freely, others for thousands of dollars. Others, while seemingly offered free of charge, carry with it a life of servitude into a belief system or group that will ultimately stymie personal growth and universal service. I will state from experience that it is our embracement of our own divinity, unconditional Self love, and pure and innocent intention and faith that will establish whether our experience of breath techniques or technology will burst asunder the glass ceiling of our human limitation. That being said, the reader is urged to consider the Immortal or open-ended nature of breath, and look to move on a regular daily basis into arenas where the breath breathes us, and we can experience the letting go of our individual divine nature into larger formations of consciousness and light.

In simplicity, in our particular paradigm, that which breathes is considered alive. The finite and infinite aspects of our experience as Divine or Universal beings are woven together by inbreath and outbreath. Higher technologies of breath are the intranet and exoskeleton, simultaneously, of conscious evolution. Besides the movement in and out of our beings, lungs, and circulatory systems, breath can be further be divided between its delivery of atmospheric content (exoskeleton), and Immortality (intranet). In particle terms, one could say that there is the actual delivery of atomic content (O2, Hydrogen, rare gasses, etc) and a parallel delivery of intelligence, connection and ionic/iconic reality through the quantum dimension of the empty or undefined space that dominates the subatomic realms. Bringing our awareness, focus, and intention into the subatomic level of ourselves provides the explorer of inner space a vast leverage into higher dimensional transformation.

Breath is the carrier of the invisible or formless dimension of life. Breath techniques (or technology) can harness this formless currency to provide or host breadth, space, and/or multidimensionality. As focus on your breath dominates the conscious mind, a blending of the inner space into conscious awareness ensues. Moving into the space between the breath, focus on our subatomic level, or use of a visualization technique to shift awareness allows this greater portion of us (the missing 85%) to be available. (In the 8th dimensional article, we will be working with specific techniques involving breath, visualization, and color and form. However, from my 30 year experience in meditation and breathwork, I urge the reader to avoid believing or identifying with any particular technique or form. This is in the final analysis just another more subtle level of disempowerment.) As we succeed in identifying with our breath as a viable version of our identity, we gain access to levels of ourselves otherwise inaccessible. The breath can seen as Source's "technique" or covenant with its extension in form.

Empowered (We are that we are!), with a tool kit worthy of our Universal pedigree, we leave behind the safer shores of our own divinity in form, to articulate the promptings of the interactive agendas of the Greater I AM. As we relinquish form at this level, we become part of the warp and weave of larger canvases and looms, which loom before us as we head into dimension 8.

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