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A Walk Through
the Dimensions


"ELEV 8 your Self"

Dimension 6


“Are you good? No, I would not say you are good.
Nor would I say you are bad, either.
You are not good or bad. You are God.”

Paraphrased from Ramtha interviewed in the 21st century’s first great movie, “What TheBleep”(

As we locate the 6th DIMENSIONAL level of ourselves, our elevator ride together now begins to bear tangible results. We have entered unmistakably into the realm of spirit. Welcome to the living temple of intention, crystal purity, and peaceful thought. Unity is the sole allowable context here, and the glue of this particular dimension (like love is in the 5th, and fear is in the 4th). The gift of the 6th dimension is clarity. It’s medium is Unified Thought. Its verb is visualization. Here focus, passion, and imagination are the bottom line movers and shakers. Where the actions and activities of dimensions 3-5 are reflective of the Earth dynamic, dimension 6 is the first (but by no means the last!) dimension whose organic physics must adhere to Source protocols. Here the spells of the CNN/ Pick a Gov’t / MTV / Pick a Religion /Fox Network “thought patrols”, constantly undermining the conscious quality of LIFE, are permanently broken. Or better said, outgrown. Like the molecular levels of the atomic chart, or the theorems of Euclidean geometry, each dimension builds on the one’s before it. In the sixth dimension, standing on the shoulders of our successful integration of the soular level, we are ready to engage directly with our Source origins.

For it is here, in the crystalline atmosphere of the 6th dimension, that we begin to see the fruits of Conscious Evolution. Thoughts, events, people, as well as visible and subatomic particles, bend to our conscious will. Here WE are the captains of our own thoughts, words, and deeds, Sole Creators of our lives (rather than residents of the “soul” or solar plane). For here we no longer entertain separation from God. Here we are cause, rather than effect. Here and now, surrendered to this and only this moment, we have the ability to seize control of our innate divine or celestial power. Here, we are no longer rank and file cogs in the big machine, buried somewhere in the downline of what ever set of influences we have consciously or unconsciously surrendered our lives to. At this altitude of Self, we awaken, and remember that we are “spiritual beings having a physical life”. We inhabit our own unique homepage,, as authentic pulsing extensions of the living, feeling, One True Life. We realize here that if God is to physically walk on this planet, it will be with us, and through us. In the 6th and subsequent dimensions, we prepare for and then engage in the only game worth playing: “God in a Bod”.

We have passed from DOING to BEING, and transitioned from the outer-invested external, to the inner-invested, or internal life. The Sixth dimension is where we graduate from the healthy ego functionality of the 5th, to the great and liberating freedom of the impersonal life. The 6th dimension also serves as the fulcrum point of our connection to Source. Operating through the 5th dimensional perspective, we look to purify the outer, and we feel it’s “all about the love”. Changing operating systems to the universal 6th dimensional perspective points our awareness inward: here there is clear articulation that actually it’s all a result of “what’s in our heads”. Here, the reign of the personality has formally ended. Now we finally get our chance to play the cosmic hot dog, and to experience being “one with everything”.

We have entered the operating realm of the fourth and final body from our original 4-Body system model. Our 3rd dimensional physical body, our 4th dimensional emotional body, and our 5th dimensional mental body, all now welcome their big sister or brother. The b carries with it the soothing and “bearable lightness of being”. Having all four of our bodies simultaneously engaged, balanced, accessible, and ready, we can now play the game of “Bridge” with our Source Self. And remember, in this game of Bridge, all four bodies are necessary and importantly. None play the “Dummy”!

How would you locate the borders of your 6th dimensional Self? Relatively easily, I’m happy to report. They’re inside you, one step behind your traditional operating identity, the space between your breath, your atoms, your molecules, and your cells. These borders exist where your thoughts expand just beyond your control; where your joy overflows previous limitations, or where you surrender to your own non-judgmental and unchanging Self. There are many borders, they all are unguarded, and there are multiple ways to cross over. We are not talking about climbing the Himalayas here. It is rather like taking off our constricting clothing, and walking or swimming into a greater and larger sea. We blend or merge into a greater unity and whole. Like any external goal you have in the past desired or achieved, the keys to entering these deeper waters will be your education, desire, and focused intention. We are simply locating the unconditional aspect within our Self. The meditative part of us, the witness, the YOU that enjoys its unique and sovereign independent state of well-being. The Humpty Dumpty that cannot take the big falls. Here we locate the part of us that is not woven into the texture of external cause and effect. Where we have no role, sun sign, career, family, or earthly country of origin. It is here that we pledge allegiance to our authentic, original Source lineage, and stand our ground.

This is the land of Attributes, Aspects, and Ideals. Capital T Truth and capital P Peace are the principal languages spoken here. But here truth takes a different form of expression. Where “truth” on the 4th dimension might be used to sway parishioners or voters, and truth seeking in the 5th might unmask a plot against the public good, here in the 6th dimension, TRUTH is it’s own FREQUENCY, VIBRATION, and REWARD.

Following are a list of potential 6th dimensional border crossing techniques. There is a feeling of movement within, a perceptible vibrational shift that can come from you engaging in the following behaviors. It is almost like shifting into an alternative or parallel YOU, free from Earth plane gravity, soul life, and the visible and invisible promptings of the Matrix we have all involuntarily been birthed into. One, many, or all may be of use to invite in to access explore and locate your Spiritual Body. Follow the Force, Luke, and find the one’s that “speak” to you. Monitor your frequency response.

Breathing Consciously, or breath Meditation (a hint. The space between the breaths)

Guided Imagery (also, see Interactive Guided Imagery, or those of Ascended masters)

Conscious Evolution (following Intuition, Imagination, and Intention back to your home)

Surrender to the Greater Power or Big Love (a.k.a. Allowance, or Faith)

Taking your biggest most wonderful thought, and going on from there (The path of the Buddhi, or pure thought)

Selfless Service (anonymous giving or doing, random acts of kindness)

Unconditional Love & Compassion (to another, the planet, or most potently, yourself)

Alignment with your “Higher Self” or “Rising Sign”, (or b) more below

Co-Creation & Alignment with the Inner Neural Net (Ramtha, Abraham-Hicks et al)

Here in the 6th dimension, Source Intelligence, the Universal Mind, and the Higher Mind(s) of contemporary “Earth Masters” (a term I use for any citizen who pledges allegiance first and foremost to their own Self, and the God within) are blended together in a unity of THOUGHT. Transition into this 6th dimensional realm of experience is predicated upon the embracement of a thought or “school of thought” that takes us from our private domain of thought, into the larger vibrational currents. We go from personal physics to meta-physics. This dimension of Self offers us our first introduction into the Infrastructure of Consciousness, and how we can “log on” to move in the currents of light that bind, nurture, and inform us from the Universal levels that we all currently dwell within as well. Here we move out of the time and space and we have traditionally bound ourselves, and locate the wormholes and shortcuts, the “breadcrumbs” that a benevolent and free form universe has left for our journey home. The school of “surfer dude” turtles in the recent Pixar film “Finding Nemo” was a perfect expression of the joy, fun, and “can do” spirit one encounters in the “thought streams” of 6th dimensional realms of Spirit.

From the HUMAN perspective, here is where we move from our quest of doing “for unity”, to a state of being “from unity.” The old Buddhist adage “before enlightenment I chopped wood and carried water. But after enlightenment, I chopped wood and carried water” reflects the truth that oftentimes this does not affect our outer actions. However, there is a massive shift of direction involved. We are reframing our perspective from our soul-ar (Solar) self to our Galactic or Buddha/Christ Self. As such, we gratefully accept the mantle of becoming our own spiritual master. We embrace with gusto our human role in this Heaven on Earth, Co-Creative partnership with Spirit.

The UNIVERSAL perspective proffers the Sixth Dimension as an arena for purity of consciousness, untethered intelligence, a healthy and balanced sense of Self, and providing the venue for “blending” into the greater whole. Technically, the Source and Human kingdoms are woven together through the Galactic and Universal levels. The planetary triad of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto serve as the intermediaries for Universal perspective Intelligence, Love, and Action, respectively. As part of a 6th dimensional “operating system”, these planet’s activities are drawn from the Universal pools and translated into galactic intelligence. Uranus serves to uplink the human intelligence gathering of solar Mercury into Universal INTUITION. Neptune reframes the human romance and likes of solar Venus into the Universal currents of compassion and the BIG LOVE, through IMAGINATION. Pluto universalizes the tribal STRENGTH and courage of solar Mars into the INTENTION and manifested Will Power of Collective Action. Through these planets, the solar, galactic, and universal levels of consciousness gain systemic balance. In and through our bodies and consciousness. (More on the technicalities in the Galactic Astrology articles at

From the SOURCE perspective, the 6th dimension is the template for Immortality. This is the first frequency level that can accommodate or house the “unchanging” aspect of organic life; in it’s interface with the cacophony, swirls and eddies of temporal life. The sixth dimension houses the electromagnetic switching station that transfers the “impulse power” of the invisible dimensions of life into clear transmissions of expressed idealism. Here waves of Eternity enter into the wheelhouse of time as GREAT THOUGHTS. Human functionality communes with its ideals in our skillful blending of the timeless, and the particulars of our unique individual lives.

Psychologically, as we pass the unguarded borders of the 6th dimension frequency, and its vibration, we are entering into the province of the “Higher Self”. This higher Self can be seen as an aspect of your Godly self that translates and communicates the Eternal aspect of yourself to You. Its prime objective is to awaken you to your current (and the “currents” of) divinity, in ways that make sense to you. Like the perfect muse, it will use any and all mediums that you are comfortable with, or can assimilate. Oftentimes, we are suddenly aware of a synchronistic event, or the felt presence of one of our neighbors in the (at least for now) invisible realms. Most people receive visions in pictographs, symbols, or dreams; others in inner messages of intuition. These are all customized invitations from aspects of us in the Realms of Light, translated into our current messaging system. The Higher Self, like a broker in a real estate deal, a cocoon for a butterfly, or a catalyst in a chemical equation, is not part of the final equation’s result. Its function is to provide interactive IMAGERY that can cultivate the acceptance and biological integration of our perfected or God/Goddess aspect. It is your Guardian Angel, and best friend with no agenda but for your best future. Non-dysfunctional parenting will mimic the Higher Self.

One of the more promising domains of 6th dimensional Psychological Healing, one that my wife Silvana (a.k.a. Billy) took training in, is called Interactive Guided Imagery (IGI). Its premise is that we can actually converse with our illnesses, problems, or goals through the Higher Self mechanism described above. It’s remarkable, but in the presence of a skilled practitioner, relatively easy to conjure with consistency. The summoning of this interdimensional communication within one’s own Self brings “just in time” manufactured clarity, expansion, and flow. In addition, one is not limited to one’s own Higher Self; one can also invite in a guide or intermediary, to get feedback from the greater and more inclusive levels of our Selves. The IGI facilitator/guide “brokers” this exchange of information through focus and intention, but it is the client themselves who becomes their own guru or shaman. In IGI, WE provide our own inspiration, wisdom, and balance.

Other 6th dimensional “rebalancing” disciplines include chiropractic, flower remedies, homeopathy, prosperity or abundance training, and traditional guided imagery. They are all founded on the belief or acceptance of an unconquerable stream of Wellbeing and Flow running through the universe, our planet, and our bodies. All built upon a core belief that it is our Divine Right to believe in our selves, our cells, and in our Self, as perfect holy, and whole. Without any intermediaries.

This is the fundamental message of the 6th dimension, and the tools that work within its borders. “Congratulations” it says, “spiritual masters, you have graduated.” We have graduated from the “fundamental” religions of the 4th and 5th dimension. In the 6th dimension we are not guilty, separate, full of karmas, needing to be saved, unworthy, not a high soul, etc. (you get the drift). There is no room for subservience to a Christ, Avatar, Buddha, Quan Yin, Mother Mary, or any external authority Guru/Guide. Much less religions that disempower us at birth. We are all Buddha. We are all Christ. (Though it is great to have them all with you, as fellow experiencers and explorers of this grand mystery of LIFE.)

Astrologically, we complete the passing the torch from the Moon operating system (4th), to the Sun operating system (5th), here in the 6th, to the Sign of Spirit operating system within our Rising Sign (think of the way Microsoft and other software manufacturers keep improving and upgrading their operating systems; Windows 3.0, 5.0, XP, etc). Our physical body (seen as the rising sign) and spiritual body (Sign of Spirit, or Ascendant) blend into one, as WE, the medium, now become the message of the freedom of the stars. This re-introduces awakened humans to our original roles as universal “stars”, free from the electromagnetic influence and gravity/gravitas of the solar system. We have graduated from Solar or Sun sign Fifth dimensional astrology, to the Sixth dimensional Galactic or Authentic Self astrology. Donning our “Now”-blended Sixth Dimensional Spiritual Bodies, we become citizens of the galaxy (the next inclusive order of Life). In the 6th dimension, we MERGE (In the 7th Dimension we E-merge, but more on that in a later article). We, like the Buddha, have entered the space in ourselves where we become One with Everything. Through the operating system of our newly activated Sign of Spirit, we summon our 21st century tool kit. The 3 I’s of INTUITION (Uranus), IMAGINATION (Neptune) and INTENTION (Pluto) become our new trusted modes of navigation - our compass, sail, and oar - as we soar into the higher realms of Self.

Our Politics, like an undecided “swing state” voter, reacts to the issues presented by the belief systems of the different dimensions. The bottom line 3rd dimension is where we each measure our “lot in life”. In the 4th dimension our personal politics are expressed through nationalism on the world stage, and “who you know” in our tribal, local life. As we expand into our 5th dimensional biophysics, similarities outweigh differences, and we are issued passports as world citizens. At that point we pursue holistic, inclusive global agendas, with an eye towards species enhancement.

Arriving in the 6th dimension and its Source component, we lift our eyes and hearts to big picture politics. True to our TRUE roots, we now look to become responsible citizens of our galaxy and universe. Personal energy alignment and Peace become our dominant political obsessions, as we look to energetically dovetail with and accommodate Universal protocols. Non-resistance and team functionality within universal measures of expression become focus points. Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King (modern day exemplars of non-violence), Peace Pilgrim (the middle aged woman who walked the highways of America for decades extolling World Peace), and Dennis Kucinich (who recently ran for US President calling for a Secretary of Peace in his cabinet), are three exemplars of the 6th dimensional politics, where “War is never the answer.” They have heroically functioned as human “islands of the future” for the peaceful New Earth.

In this most political of times (USA, late summer 2004), I am happy - in the spirit of equal time - to offer “props” to the 6th dimensional idealism behind the Republican vision of government. While Darwinian in tone, this philosophy holds to the perfectibility of the individual, and her or his ultimate responsibility and power over their own fate. It is right in step with the Co-Creative ethos that I will expand upon below. The institutional open-ended charity and welfare program of the Democrat’s 5th dimensional party goals of nurturance are obsolete in the 6th dimension, where Unity Consciousness proves to be an equal “best efforts” opportunity employer. Life here will resolutely and cleanly reflect each of our individual expectations of it. This is the immutable law of the Universal Mind, the Law of Attraction, at its impartial best, free from the solar static and problem/problem solving dynamics of the third through fifth dimension.

The Wars of Occupation that the US has initiated in Afghanistan and Iraq (with its logic to preserve US domestic peace and tranquility) have been a matter of much public debate. Dimensional perspectives are clearly at work here. The current spate of Middle East problems began with what I would term a 3rd dimensional event. The crashing of two airplanes into the twin towers in NYC. The natural 4th dimensional response to this horrific event was the collective emotional wounding that took place in the US and in the World community. As the debate began over the whys, wherefores, and hows behind the attacks, there was a common 5th dimensional world community response that the alleged terrorist camps in Afghanistan perpetrated the attacks and should be eliminated. Eliminate the Al Queda. This would be the first step in a collective planetary plan for counteraction of active terrorist organizations. However, a fear based, power oriented 4th dimensional cadre in Britain and the US implemented a pre-emptive strike in Iraq, acting by and large unilaterally, and things got more than messy. One could argue that they also became terrorists as well.

The response to this US plan, attack, and occupation has led to the rise of very distinct viewpoints that reflect clearly the Emotional (4th), Mental (5th), and Spiritual (6th) patterns of response. (By and large, our personal politics on this US agenda will reflect the dominant Dimension we “operate” through). In the Emotional power, hierarchical, and fear-based worldview, one must protect one’s own butt first and foremost. Anything else would be folly. You see, Bush was right. In the win-win Mental body view of a planet doing the best it can to solve problems, group consensus and voting would dominate the agendas. Only “just” and “defensive” wars would be allowable. So Kerry is right.

In a Spiritual body view, wars can never be won. There are only losers. At the spiritual level, we have graduated from right or wrong. There are only options. Each individual is a sovereign spiritual master, a Divinity in flesh. Countries are collective individuals. From the 6th dimensional frequency and point of being, if a problem has not disappeared, the preferable outcome has not been embraced with enough intention and imagination. YET.

Each of these viewpoints is valid and consistent with the belief system or “programming” associated with that particular dimensional “operating system.” This is a central truth that we must glean from our “Walk Through the Dimensions.” Each dimension has its own physics, logic, belief systems, and adherents. We live and operate in all the dimensions simultaneously. We can be enlightened and identify these cosmic patterns that exist in nature, become aware and awake, and Consciously Evolve. Then we can intelligently exercise our right to Vote on which inner future we wish to inhabit, navigate through these planes of Self, and choose our dimensional “operating system” (In the words of “What the Bleep”, choose how far down the bunny hole we choose to go). The programming, options, and fellow inhabitants of that level of Self, will, under the “Law of Attraction”, reflect our chosen operating system. That’s why when we change our core beliefs, we often find ourselves ushered into what seems like a parallel universe! So don’t be surprised. And if you don’t like the level of your Self that is controlling your biocomputer, vote the bloody bugger out of office! If you say or feel you can’t, wake up & find out who’s pulling your strings!

Co-Creation, or co-creative thought, is perhaps the most popular and accepted expression of a Sixth Dimensional perspective on our planet today. Its recent historical influence can be seen running from Mary Baker Eddy and her Christian Science in the late 1800’s right through Ernest Holmes, Napoleon Hill, and more recently Shakti Gawain, Wayne Dyer, and countless others, as well as enlightened channels like Ramtha and Abraham-Hicks Arguments, however, can be made that this School of Thought, in its myriad forms, has always been with us. Nonetheless, it has, in the last 15-20 years, entered much of our planet’s conventional wisdom. The Body Mind connection, with application in sports, life coaching, as well as health, money, and relationship issues, is now seen as a cool and progressive “seasoning” to physical effort and planning.

In pure Co-Creative theory, THOUGHTS ARE SEEN AS THINGS, emanating from a Central Creative Force (a.k.a. Source, God, All That Is). We are the sparks, parts, or expansions of that thought, each of us little “God Alsos”. Sovereign and self aware thoughts ourselves, we are living within a reality that is the extension of that power’s thought, and navigate this reality through our choice and emphasis of thought. When we desire an outcome by conjuring an image of its outcome and adding focused feeling (a.k.a. exercise our Intention) regarding some event, we link up with this Central Force, or All That Is. The design and teleology of this system is that we are granted limitless freedom to create; in it we are all Christs, sons and daughters (Adam/Eves) of God.

In a co-creative world, we are each PURE POTENTIALITY, and all things that can be thought and felt are possible. Therefore, the same principle of lining up with the universal law can be applied towards summoning a good parking space in a crowded downtown Saturday night, or the biological alchemy of our Eternal and Immortal bodies. What we consider possible, and yes desirable (or at least that which we think of with feeling most) will eventually find its way from the timeless space within us, into our manifest time-space life. This understanding, truly embraced to its inevitable conclusion, is the most radical and revolutionary thought available to mankind today. It is the quantum understanding of how life, and more centrally, our life, actually takes and will take its course. As the ultimate ramifications of this “general relativity” “trickle down” into specific applications, the image of a planet full of citizens cowering under the judgment of a separate God, will be replaced by conscious stewards of the One True Life successfully putting the solar/soular strategies towards life in the rear view mirror. And invoking magical and 100% successful lives in operating systems and beliefs we are yet to “get our heads (and full blooded hearts) around.”

Pure Colorless Quartz Crystal (“Christ All”) clarity is an organic reflection of the purity associated with the 6th dimension. We are all familiar with the ubiquitous quartz crystal tubes and tuners that have adorned electric media since the 1950’s. They provide a non-resistant amplification and housing for electronic (electric “tron”, or light) impulses and messages. Organic and planetary life is, like quartz, carbon-based. Electronic and magnetic distribution systems are at the core of our human thought, hormone, and behavior systems. As this planet and its inhabitants consciously activate themselves, they are ushered into a Conscious, Co-Creative, Inter-Active, and team oriented parallel messaging grid with Source media. We go from the snail mail of seeking to live the good life, into the instant messaging email of being the good life. Our carbon housing takes an upgrade, mutating into a crystalline housing for galactic reunification and the reception of our own and collective God (7th dimensional) light. This rock-solid aspect of the Sixth Dimensional reality, will serve as a truly conducive (and conductive) touchstone for our journey into the “Seventh Dimension of Shambhalla, and the Surrender to God Biology” in our next article.

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