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A Walk Through
the Dimensions


"ELEV 8 your Self"

Dimension 7


“ Jack, what’s the secret of your long life?”

“Well, I can’t die. It would ruin my image!”

Jack LaLanne, cultural Icon of fitness and good health, interviewed on the occasion of his 90th birthda


As we open our elevator of consciousness, and step out into the Alive and Lively currents of 7th dimensional life, we do so now as part and parcel of the “quantum soup” that we first discovered in Dimension 6. Where we were Christopher Columbus in Dimension 6, discovering new thoughts and lands, now in our 7th Dimension expression we are Marco Polo. We are explorer turned cultural ambassador and trader, bringing back the magic fabrics of heavenly society to a world sorely in need of visionary tailors and designs. Yet we are Marco Polos truly trans-FORMED: we are both the medium and message of divine life.

Love is a necessary access code to explore levels 5 and above in consciousness. (Yes, the Beatles were right – All You Need is Love – to graduate from the 3rd-4th “Bush Leagues” of Light). The 5th dimension provides a platform for us to act in accordance and harmony with a Universal good. However, in order to graduate from dimension 5, we must accept the responsibility for our own past, present, and future. This unlocks the door to level 6. The 6th allows us to glimpse behind the world of acts and action into the mechanics of clarity and Universal Thought; there we see how we actually continuously co-create our world. In order to blend into 7th heaven, the working orders of Heaven/Earth and to access our personal limitless Himalayas, we need to accept, reprogram and surrender ourselves to our own God Biology. Here in the 7th, it is Showtime. Time for Universal Action. Here, we must manifest the living Universal God Spark - In form, in action, and in play. We are out on the pitch, we’ve got the ball, and it’s a brand new game.

The 7th dimension ushers in the arrival of our own blue heaven. Universally wired/inspired thought and activities provide us the necessary underpinnings for the 7th dimension, where we, the first modern seedlings of Universal Biology, now consciously take root. The 7th dimension inaugurates our reign as the victors of the human condition: here we take our place in an actual A-LIVE grid work of God. Here the grand thoughts and concepts of Magic, Eternity, God and/or Goddess, Immortality, Universal Society and Universal Life, are no longer quaint or wistful hopes and dreams: here they are the operative websites of light measurement, downloadable tools for the betterment of mankind’s better half, Godkind. Here we become true U- man (Universal) beings.

The lower seventh dimension sponsors the platform to create the physical framework for the “golden life” discussed in so many prophecies and religions; an FM bandwidth supporting physical perfection, Harmony with Source, and the requisite intelligence to affix what we have considered Heaven into Earth. 7th dimensional life is the true Grand Central Station of the dimensional Blueprint, the “Rainbow Bridge” musically heralded by Jimi Hendrix and the other grand visionaries of the Aquarian Conspiracy. Here the Universal Express and Galactic Local Thought Transportation Lines (TTL’s) merge, co-mingle, and blend: with their sum, the Universal Peace Train, allowing the Greater Whole. 7th dimensional frequency and vibration is the unique dimension that is readily achievable by both the angelic/celestial legions of light, and the human /universal master community. Consider 7D as the 3D, or lowest common dimensional denominator, of the God Life. It is the lowest dimension that GOD can look out of our eyes and breath and appreciate his or her breath. It is the portal for the immortal/mortal re-union, and the foundation and leverage point for the human “chiropractic” of Universal Life. Not terribly different from the Internet, it provides us the invisible algorhythmic fabrics that accommodate harmonic life alignments of Source Light and human biology. It is where the solar, universal, and galactic dimensions of life CO - creatively summon ORIGINAL THOUGHT. Their collective E-mergence unmasks the G.O.D. operating system.

GOD can be best understood as a particular ALIVE frequency or bandwidth that allows and supports the various expressions of unity within physicality. We are, in actuality, permanently wedded to that aspect, with a good portion of our SELF participating (whether consciously or unconsciously). Like everything else, our experience of the G.O.D. operating system depends solely of which floor (or dimension) of our self we choose to experience life from. So the choice in this matter, as it should, always rests with you. With each and every moment and breath.

GOD through the Dimensions

Society’s personification of God, the concept of the frequency of God being separate from us, is a road back out of higher unity into the solar life of the fourth and fifth dimensions. This is the “God is great– I am not worthy” syndrome (no doubt humorous in “Wayne’s World”, but best left out of our own!). Religion, as it is currently practiced on our particular planet, traditionally presupposes a separation from divinity as its establishing postulate. This is an unfortunate 4th dimensional organizing principal, which literally guarantees the sincere adherent, devotee, or follower of a religious thought form the solar option; ironically, providing a lack of access to their own organic permanent state of well being! (Since the 4th dimension is the current dominant dimension embraced and allowed on Earth at this point, it has also succeeded in quarantining Earth from the affairs of Universal society). This could be a happy or angry God, a living or dead savior figure or guru, or entire panoplies of gods, goddesses, or Buddhas. The road to religious hell, as they say, is paved with good intentions.

Prayer, up a vibrational notch, is a 5th dimensional version of religious thought. It is positive in nature, lifting the mind in the direction of the good, or the God consciousness. Well meaning and intentioned, it stirs the dimensional soup. However, its very existence also, like religion, implies an absence of the desired end. Therefore, its potency is limited. For example, “Oh God, please make me stronger, wiser, etc” is actually a very powerful expression of the lack of these desired qualities. We are - in the world of thought as well as the physical body – a reflection of what we digest. Garbage in, Garbage out. Duality in, Duality out. GOD in, GOD out. I AM in, I AM out. Therefore a glass ceiling of sorts is placed around prayer, with possible outcomes and eventualities limited to the belief system of the person praying. Prayers emitting from a person in the electromagnetic grid or Matrix of the 3rd - 5th dimensions will get an outcome reflecting the permanence of solar duality. Once one is focused outside of themselves in the physical world of cause and effect, they become an unwitting pawn of the closed loop system of solar reality.

That is, until they cross the rainbow bridge. Then the pawn, reprogrammed, can be turned into a Queen or King of the Universe. The intentional crossing of the solar/unity gulf within, and our surrendered shifting into the crystalline, galactic, or rising sign level of Self, activates our “cable” or Online aspect of SELF. This is an actual perceptual experience; one can feel themselves passing through a membrane (this can be easily experienced by “calling in” the energy of one’s Rising Sign, as opposed to one’s sun sign. The two operate on completely distinct parallel frequencies). The SELF-love and SELF-adherence of 6th dimensional frequency life supports and inaugurates this unified side of the coin. Affirmation is the 6th dimensional mirror image of prayer, ministered from a higher & unified dimensional vantage point. It provides access to the 6th dimensional God bandwidth, which (not who) is our co-creative partner, interfacing and blending directly with us through our spiritual body. At this juncture we have left behind duality, and being a victim of the “Man proposes, God disposes” thought stream. In the living “present” of the 6th dimension, we accept any thing that happens to us as the resultant of a previous intention or belief. By commandeering our own thinking process, and aligning it with emotional patterns of “Yes”, we can establish our future present life through our NOW time technology of affirmation. This is the part of the modern master, and an exercise of common Universal sense.

Affirmation can be defined in its purest sense as the refusal to allow dualistic thoughts to interfere with a desired, goal, intention, or dimension home of being. Technically, it is a prayer issued forth from the desired outcome, delivered in the vibration/attitude of gratitude or allowance. For example, the plea to God above would be totally re-framed, “I thank the Unity of Life for providing me with stronger, wiser, etc.” qualities. (This distinction is well addressed in many current self-help books and seminars). An important component in 6th dimensional affirmation is that one must “believe in” (a.k.a “be live within”) the achieved goal. Since our goals are ones that we choose to embody, the quantum mechanics of creation require us to literally house in some holographic form (thought, action, vision, affirmation, or deed) what we want at a core level of our Self. Sixth dimensional affirmations will always swiftly dis-spell the Solar Operating system. The recent Tsunami relief outpouring, issuing forth in response to the human tragedy in Indonesia, is a global example of Unity brooking no interference, boundaries, or borders in addressing need. In the face of this tsunami of higher dimensional thought, the reigning geopolitical 4th dimensional illusion, a cloud cover of density, falsehood, and fear, is overridden. This was the activation of the God known as Humanity. In time, this will be the reigning active form of geopolitic.

When we encounter God in the 6th dimension, we see our own face in the mirror. However, in the 7th dimension, we BECOME the God we saw in the mirror. We slowly, surely, and authentically occupy that particular seat in God consciousness that is ours and ours alone. We become that authentic and unique pixel within the larger presentation of a grander order of being. Oftentimes, we are introduced to 6th dimensional God Consciousness through our essential Humanity, or within a group experience, thought form, or understanding. In the 7th dimension, it is incumbent upon us to personally and PHYSICALLY accept the mantle of perfection. Perfection here is a physical state. It must be claimed with physical and emotional courage, and digested through our own unique understanding. This is the Lion’s Gate production of our Christing or christening into the universal atomic level of life. We must have the guts (aka Solar Plexus) to close the deal. Only God is allowed in. God Biology embraced is the all access pass into our own antecedent and eternal state of being.

Each dimension (which, by the way, like us, is its own work in progress) of consciousness presents the debate or philosophy of life in its own conceptual framework. The actual manifest laws and physics are the universe’s Law of Attraction (see and manifestation at work. This is the universe’s version of the human mind/body relationship, for the universe, like us, is a living evolving thing. Consciousness at all levels - be it the mastery of video games, Self Realization, or the evolution of multiple parallel universes - masters the task at hand, and moves to THE NEXT LOGICAL STEP.

Conflict provides the motor for the 4th dimension, while the 5th dimension will align it’s Self with the messages of both King’s – Martin Luther and Rodney - asking us “Why can’t we all just get along? ”, with love and equality. The 6th dimension will make its compelling, scientific, and compelling argument for personal truth and clarity, reminding us that we are the independent and sovereign explorers/creator scientists of our own reality. The 7th dimensional frequency arrives with it’s own self-contained Divine certainty, and says, “Magic bird, are you ready? It is time for you to leave your nest, remember your Self, and fly”. The physics of this 7th heaven freedom flight actually magnetically disallow contact with the overarching solar or soul plane realities of the lower dimensions. The lowest acceptable “cruising” frequency here in 7 is God Consciousness. The distinction between the 6th and 7th dimension is that the God conscious thought of the 6th dimension actually adheres (“adds” to here and now) to our physical processes, manifesting as “new and improved” physical bodies (and spheres of influence). One realized in full 7th dimensional glory “walks the talk” of the 6th. Completing the marathon of Self Realization allows us to become an interactive aspect of the True One, adorned with our personal crown of I AM lineage and further possibility. Here we experience the incontrovertible. With our personal outer world of actions and the inner worlds of thought now balanced and continually realigning at this new G.O.D. operating system wavelength, we glide beyond 4-body mentality, and out onto the free form dance floor of an expressed God conscious life.

The wedding is not the end but rather the inauguration of a mature and committed love story. So too the emerging structure of God Biology, while perhaps far-fetched to some, is merely one early aspect of the foundation of the divine order of being on Earth. Citizens of Earth shall both witness and/or participate in this emerging technology of Human Possibility. God, within this larger Universal construct, is a localized phenomenon, a sort of Lowest Common Denominator fostering and allowing integrated self-expressed Source Light. However, to us as awakening humans (U-mans), it is the harbinger of our limitless discovery, and an oasis of epic proportion.

Embracing our God Biology is our surrender, our “ante” into interfunctionality with Universal initiatives, and our irrevocable obedience and allegiance into projects of the higher leagues of light.

Surrender to our organic divinity is just a start. As we continue to move upwards in vibration and frequency, the upper or higher 7th dimension builds upon this Heaven on Earth/Shambhalla foundation. The High 7th is the nourishing realm of Universal Hydroponics. It is here that the individual universal magic of the I AM Presence, (the holy ghost of Christian fame), takes its TOP-DOWN root into our human mainframes. Individuals at this developmental stage are energetically rewired to participate in the collective life and light of the Universe (an arena opened by our unique individualized God Self acceptance). This new I AM “band” we are joining up with here, is the band of higher bandwidth itself. This is our swift boat ride into a realm of discovery, Magic, Alchemistry, and pure creativity, and a sense of freedom not currently within the human vocabulary of possibility. If the lower 7th dimension is the Internet or medium of God Consciousness, then the high 7th is it’s message; the bright and colorful emails that interconnect our personal Heidelberg quantum uncertainty into secure and bold new magical creations. Behold the opening to the Gates of the Emerald City, and Shangri-La. (the High 7th will be the topic of our next “Walk Through the Dimensions” article).

THE PARADIGMS OF PERFECTION: It’s All Written in Black and White

When athletes or others who have attained measurable triumphs and success recount their journey, invariably there is a moment of transparency in their tale: a time that they saw no other outcome than success. It could have emerged from an inner voice of certainty, a group of team consensus, a particularly nasty moment of defeat, a crisis of faith, a vision or dream, or a hundred different points of origin. But at that truly magic moment, there was no other acceptable outcome than success. This is a priori requirement - for any and all who pursue this option, available NOW - of Biological Perfection. The course will be set out for you, but this is no video game. It is a course that must be run by you to your successful conclusion. Teamwork and teams in training are supports and assets, but the day of our personal hero/savior has come and gone.

Specifics on biological transformation are currently available in great detail through the Alchemy and seminar teachings at Anatomical and medical understanding and foundation is provided through .The audiotapes and classes available there are recommended to all aspiring alchemists, Imagineers, InSpiritors, and lovers of the Big Love.

For the purposes of this article, we will provide a living interactive framework for exploration of YOUR human possibility at God frequency. It is easiest to see yourself as a type of media (TV, sound system, computer, etc.) that has been prewired for Universal network operation. Articles like this, and the illuminative techniques (technologies) provided here and at sister sites (along your own inner guidance) allow movement from the Solar Option to the G.O.D. option (similar to going from local TV stations to programming for DVD or cable). Setting up your newly purchased computer or TV is quite different from actually operating it. We must install new receivers, and carefully read the wiring instructions. So it is as we decode our individual and collective BLUE - prints for Perfect Operation. After viewing the possibility, we must unwrap our Paradigm of Perfection, install our quartz crystal tuning devices, and awaken the sleeping giant within.

This inner activation and exploration will entail the discovery of what I call your Personal Mathematic. What I mean is this. Integration of any external set of guidelines always requires that the individual “equates” himself or herself with this new information. On an internal level, this equating is a process where you announce - in a fashion and language palatable to your Self - that you are equal (=) to a new thought or action. If that “equalness” is not digestible to you, there will be no change. This is the mathematical expression that describes “getting your head around” something new, or as my young friends would say, “Making It Real”. (Astrologically, this is the domain of The Ascent/Capricorn and the Granite Ray).

For example, my wife and I have signed on to run in a marathon in a few months. We will be participating in a group charitable program, which provides the group with professional running coaches. Everyone in the program will be given a scientific, strategic, and motivational foundation and training. However, each one of us must find the mechanisms to translate that into OUR running the course inside our own bodies and minds. I must cultivate my own language and collection of reminders and tips that will allow me to be EQUAL to the task. This is a neurological shortcut or rewiring that allows the performance of this task, to be put on my “desktop” for ready and successful access. The new 26.2 mile internally personalized programming will in time replace my current concept of a 2-3 mile running capability. It is this personal hook or mathematic into possibility - in addition to the groupthink of the participants – that together close the deal.

Once we have gotten our heads around or “made real” a new thought or possibility - one that what previously was not in our set of expectations or belief - it now can flow in. The line from the movie “Field of Dreams” – “build it, and they will come”- says it all. We must prepare our own psychology and cellular field to allow the ascended realms of our own God Self interactive access back to us. God needs to resume its conversation with itself. Within us, and among us. The frequency of the 7th dimension comfortably sponsors this mono/dialogue.

Implementation of this Paradigm of Perfection is currently “politically incorrect”. We live in what Abraham and other of our colleagues of light have called a “death cult”, one that is literally and cellularly addicted to dying as the natural coda of a successful and full human life. They see it as a simple matter of choice and creational focus. The labels of Pollyanna or Peter Pan would normally be affixed to one who aspires to reclaim the 1000-year lineage of Adam or Methuselah. However, with near unanimity, our friends on more subtle planes indicate that our current “conventional wisdom” of human possibility, is the mental equivalent of a clogged artery. To them our current set of expectations can barely be connected to our original intention and plans. They remind us, WE WERE NOT ORIGINALLY DESIGNED TO DIE, nor to live separate from Source Light.

Therefore our invocation of THE RIGHT TO BE A-LIVE, on our own terms, is the first step in the recipe. Broad brushstrokes of intention and understanding are to be provided, as well as the energetic remembrance of Home that they carry with them. But we must raise our unique voices, wands, and hearts, and take on the cloak of the celestial magicians that we have always been. We are not MUGGLES!


In mathematical terms, this Paradigm of Perfection can be stated as follows:

YOU + X & Y = Perfection

Successful discovery and implementation of the X and Y factors, relating to the inner and outer “field of dream” preparation, lay before you. X factors are assistants in manifestation (i.e., “X marks the spot”), accessing blueprints of Reality. Y factors assemble and solidify the “Why?” summoning the “mojo” and clarity necessary for the task at hand, and “hooking up” with the breath.

YOU must show up, connect the dots, and surrender your essence and all into this realm of potential destiny. REMEMBER, your vote is not only the tiebreaker; it’s the only vote that matters!

This will require Y factors:

1. A belief in the possibility of human biological perfection.

2. A commitment to success at a 100% standard for YOU

3. An acceptance that you will be the final God of your biological evolution – that’s right, the buck stops with YOU!

4. Locating and fully embracing the part of you that is free of time and space (a hint: start with your breath, and follow it back to Source)

5. Conscious commUnification and command of your own RNA/DNA. Levels of you are currently managing numerous biological (circulatory pulmonary, parasympathetic, muscular, etc.) systems all the time. The evolutionary step here is that in bandwidth of the 7th dimension, we are ready to begin consciously overriding our known operating systems, as well as blending these with Universal systems of operation. On a permanent basis.

6. The acceptance of an eternal “live-it” (as opposed to “die-it”), and a genuine desire to graduate from the Matrix of Earth solar electro-magnetics. A true

7. Acceptance of the part of us, the Bodhisattva, that never “bought into” Solar/ Soular birth into dualism.

The resultant Y vector of the above – the “eternal” frequency - is our new “default” psychological, foundational setting. This level of us - here awakened - activates, informs, and orders a divine aspect of ourselves that has been called in various belief systems: the Nagual, the Brahman, the great void, the formless, or the Black Ray. This “re-attaches” our emotional body in service to our Body of Perfection.

The psychological intensity & integrity of the Black Ray now established, we can now bring our focus to the complementary physical integrity: a.k.a, the body beautiful of the White Ray. If we want physical results of an Eternal nature, we will need infinite and magical ingredients to catalyze our physical self, back into the remembrance of its origin and teleological design. The following active components are Idea Champions that will stir the quantum particles of our beings into structures that will accommodate Eternal Light/Life. This is the White Ray dance with Purity, the Tonal, Universal Economy, the Quantum Snowflake, the Quartz Crystal Kingdom, and our original DNA.

1. The Conscious awakening of the High Heart (see exercise section of the Bridge of Light/Aquarius article under Galactic Astrology) & the escape from duality.

2. The alignment of the physical body to both the Universal and Earth Core. There are many versions of this- the visualization of a tube of life (light), the full yogic breath,

3. Activation of the endocrine system: Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus, Thalamus, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Thymus, and Kunda glands

4. Assimilation of the 22 rays of the I AM Presence (the true Catch-22 of form!)

5. Assimilation of the Hebrew Fire Letters – The Alchemy of the 21st century into the spiritual and physical bodies.

6. Integration and blending of the 4-body system, and then graduation from it.

7. Connection of Source light to your God Biology through the I AM (the modern day marriage of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Now available to all)

8. Multidimensional balance and integration through the solar plexus into the galactic grid systems.

9. Acceptance of the ongoing current of Crystal or Christ frequency light into our atomic and cellular equation. We = Christ light (and More!)

10. Mastering the mechanics of Unconditional Self Love

11. Taking our seats in the boardrooms of planetary responsibility.

The X marks the spot factor of Radiant Health in pristine presentation, along with the open utilization of interdimensional symbols, tools, and guidance, attach us to the WHOOSH and hyperspace of our Celestial destinies. These activities, and others, “re-attach” our mental body in service to our Body of Perfection.

With our emotional and mental quadrants secured in service to our Universal Cell and Self, the ease, grace, and ineffable space of our origins are effortlessly liberated. We can breath a sigh of relief, and sleep the sleep of the just. Free now to move in concert with crystalline intelligence, we graduate from our personal mathematic of GOD into the collective mathematics of planetary, galactic, and universal reintegration and the I AM Presence. This is the path of Conscious Evolution into the higher 7th dimension.

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