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A Walk Through
the Dimensions
"ELEV 8 your Self"

Dimension 5
The Voyage into Love and Peace


“War is over, IF you want it.”
John and Yoko

In the first section of “A Walk through the Dimensions” we began our journey by introducing the 3rd and 4th dimensions through three differing perspectives, or points of view: Human, U-man (Universal), or Source. Now we will do the same with dimensions 5 and 6. While we will continue to examine these layers or levels of consciousness individually, they are ALL occurring simultaneously. WE are in the process of fine tuning or opening up your “channels”; adding new cable stations (or DSL bandwidth) for your viewing and experiential pleasure. Once enough bandwidth is added to a human being, we can comfortably shift our modality of reception from carbon (dimensions 3-5) to a crystal-based (dimensions 6 and higher) operating system. We each perform the old superman trick of turning a piece of coal to a diamond. In this case, however, the piece of coal is us! This allows us, true diamonds in the rough, to grace-fully receive our FM level of Self, and join the Universal network radio station W“IAM”.

Following in the footprints of Vywamus, we will fix these four realms of experience, dimensions 3, 4, 5, & 6, firmly in place with a little 21st century social science: by filtering current astrological, psychological, and political models of behavior through them. This will allow NOW – time access and blending of these levels into our day-to-day operation. Consider these four dimensions as the “four horsemen” of human experience. In later articles, in our now “longer ships”, we will get off our horses, and proceed into the still, and still deeper, 7th dimensional waters of god biology, alchemy, magic. And then later into quantum elev8tions and the infrastructure of organic life itself in dimension 9. And more.

To review, the 3rd dimension serves as our common port of call, and as a yardstick for bottom line assessment. It is the level of our physical body. In biology, it would encompass the cell, the self, the organism, or any other singular self-directed measurement of life intelligence. In astrology, this would correlate to the description of our first house cusp, or rising sign. In psychology, we are in the realm of Professor Skinner and discrete, observable behavior. In politics, it would rule the voting booth, where we indeed cast our vote. The gift of dimension 3 is human life.

The 4th dimension is the level of ourselves where we integrate the emotional component. Providing access to passion, excitement, emotional duality, and shadings of feelings. Astrologically, this would be the province of the Moon sign, and the planets of Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Psychologically, this is the birthplace of motivation. Why we do what we do. As political beings, here is where we establish loyalties, based on need and gut – often gutter - reactions. The great gift of this dimension of Self is desire.

“Love is the champion of the times.
It is the bond of the universe.
It is unconditional and unique. It is wise”
Kryon, through Lee Carroll

As we travel into the 5th Dimension, the HUMAN level mental dynamic and its highest distillation, love, come into play. We have moved out of nourishing our lunar, emotional needs, and now look to satisfy our personal dimension of thought. This is an opportunity for us to place our unique signature on the events around us. Here we begin to engage in “big picture” decision-making and action taking. In a developmental sense, at this level of self we possess a healthy ego. We disengage from parents, peer group, and tribe to exercise our unique point of view. Where 4th dimensional decision making is fear and survival based and/or hierarchical in nature, the 5th dimension is “all about the love”. The right/wrong, rich/poor, better/worse dualistic frenzy of the 4th is too dense a pattern to vibrate comfortably in this atmosphere. Here we embrace the gift of dimension 5, sharing.

In astrology, the 5th is the realm of the Sun sign. The 5th is actually the realm of solar astrology itself. Jupiter and Saturn, the twin towers of society and the Castor and Pollux of the Sun, are 5th dimensional denizens as well. They provide the glue and structure for the individualized citizens inclusion into the greater societal patterns. This dimension is the realm of “good” and inclusive thoughts, and sound, logical thinking. In it, we evolve into personal freedom, and are unique citizens functioning interactively with our society beyond survival mentality.

Since the Universe that we live in is a grand interactive thought as well, we could say that this stage is our first attempt to consciously harmonize with The Big Love, or capital L Life itself. It is also a little bit of, and a precursor of, heaven: romantic love, win-win personal politics and business, and dedication to healing self and others, all carry the energetic signature of the “high”er aspects of the 5th dimension. To experience a “beautiful thought” is a transformative tool of the first order. Many times it takes that first strong experience of romantic love, or becoming a parent, for us to choose the 5th dimension as our operating system over the law of the jungle of the 4th. “Can’t we all just get along?” and “War is Over” are the battle cries of the post-war 5th dimensional mentality and perspective.

From a psychological/metaphysical framework, this level of awareness fosters the flowering of the individuated adult or soul. This is the realm of the quest for meaning, harmony, home, goodness, and personal freedom. By registering our own opinion, path, and personal politics, we develop a “soul” full approach to life. Here we look for roots, culture, and the finer things of life. The creative arts are an expression of the 5th plane. Music, art, theatre, poetry/rap, TV, comedy, and movies all have the capacity to generate a 5th dimensional frequency (usually if the experience of something elevates you, has you experience an “inner loss of gravity”, or elevates you, it is a 5th dimensional experience). Each person’s experience is somewhat subjective. The modern businessperson returns home from his or her 4th dimensional hunt for food/survival/money, enters the “elevator” of Self, and emerges to their 5th dimensional nest- ideally to be surrounded by loved ones, music, a comfortable armchair, comfort foods, etc.

If we can see the dimensions as a continuum of frequency that pass certain thresholds - much like colors that alter, shade, and then eventually become different colors in a rainbow - we can also look to distinguish evolution within dimensions. At the beginning of the 5th dimension there is an explosion of freedom from the constraints of the hierarchical 4th. The 1960’s, highlighted by the magic Summer of Love, were a worldwide experience of a global infusion of 5th dimensional values. Freedom of expression in partners, personal style, recognition of global and human unity, freedom from the strictures of racism and a 9-5 life, all seemed to burst forth at once. There was a widely held possibility among the young in many countries at that time, that love could become the dominant operator behind human behavior. While enormous progress has taken place, 5th dimensional idealism is difficult to anchor. Oftentimes, drugs or alcohol are used to assist in the transition. These social lubricants can be useful at times. However, if they become the ends unto themselves, these assist to create an artificial experience of freedom through the “astral” dimensions, a false chorus that creates a facsimile version of dimensions 4-7(more on that later).

5th dimensional politicians will look in most cases to harmonize with existing systems and structures. The inclusivity of the Democratic Party in the United States, and pure democracy, socialism, and communism as conceptual systems of social organization, are all reflective of the fifth dimensional perspective. So, pun intended, is “taking the 5th”: a society that safeguards its citizen’s autonomy, distances itself from the autocracy of the 4th dimensional dictatorship or oligarchy. The Republican Party, by contrast, draws its original vision from a 6th dimensional vantage point (more on this later as well). But when it promotes its own current brand of “divide and conquer” ideology, it drops broadcast frequency to the 4th. Political parties, expressions of the collective will of groups of humans, like human beings, can operate on different levels of self.

From the SOURCE level perspective, the 5th dimension is the densest level that a unitary energetic network can operate within. The tributaries of golden light described in the Orin-Daben teachings are the Source footprints into the 5th dimension. The following are the archetypes of a 5th dimensional quest towards Source inclusion: the Soul level of incarnation, the soul families of 144 in various metaphysical treatises, the “hummingbird” of the Bahai teaching, the “seeker” of the spiritual tradition, and the “angry young artist” of Western civilization. All are viewpoints that put the spotlight of the individual, from a place of separation, looking to “bridge” a gap. This separation as context will be left behind, as we enter the 6th and higher levels.

Our ability to elevate our game, and manifest our version of the Universal Man (Woman), will hinge on our ability to consciously link and co-operate with the universe in ACTION, THOUGHT, and BIOLOGY. In each case, it is an expression of Unity consciousness. This will not be achieved through the dense behaviors that we currently by and large exhibit as a civilization. Rather it will be through individual exemplars that maintain the 100% intention necessary to walk the middle path of Conscious Evolution. They will walk up the living interactive tapestry of the dimensions into the new chapters of human possibility. The 5th dimension is the arena that we display universal ACTION. The 6th is where we hold ourselves and operate in universal THOUGHT streams. We complete this trinity of personal SELF-acceptance and transformation when we raise our entire operating totality, our BIOLOGY itself, into the atomic light, jet streams, and cellular integrity of the 7th dimensional God light. Easier said than done, but this framework can provide us with the road all must travel on, from the UNIVERSAL perspective. Here the human community becomes a living interactive “vibrational match” with the greater whole. The 5th dimension, in the words of Pink, “gets the party started”.

The historical Christ is an exemplar of Universal Action in our collective mythology. His ability to heal others, by linking into his own achieved biological mastery, and transferring HIS well being (or in the case of Lazarus, life itself) is an example of this action-based resonance at work. We have all experienced the “buzz” inside when we do a genuine good deed, or act of service. In this act, we dispel the illusion of our separate lives, injecting the universal glue or bond of love in action into our planetary life. That buzz is the actual feedback from our Universal level, delivered through our 5th dimensional Self. The transcendent experience of Unity and purity one feels “doing service” draws many into volunteerism in its many forms. The “good Samaritan” and the modern expresser of “random acts of kindness” allow the giver, recipient, and the very infrastructure of our behaviors, LIFE itself, All to benefit. The “search for intelligent life in the universe” can be shortened considerably, as we register instantaneous feedback from the Universe through our own pure behaviors and actions. As we open and read this new “email”, we realize that a major component of that intelligence is us! Tag we are it! This is the gift and legacy of dimension 5.

Just like the action of a single individual can impact or alter the future of the group, so the action of a single cell can repattern an organism. For those who choose to Consciously Evolve, this is the process and path of our destiny: on both cellular and Self/Celf levels. The SOURCE frequency has invested itself in each “order” of creation. The Universe carries Source Light emanation through both wavelength and particle (all light simultaneously exists in both forms). The terms “I Am Presence” and “Christ Consciousness”- though “loaded” with all shades of meaning - to me simply describe the technical appearance or evidence of Source frequency in its wavelength (I Am) and particle (the universal Christ cell) form. Here on Dimension 5 we recognize our unmistakable cellular relationship with Life God or All That Is. However, it is staged within the dualism of the solar expression. As we Consciously move forward into still higher realms of self, we will discard our dualism as we evolve into our status as living Source Light Reflectors. Much like the formation of rock candy on a string, the sweet actions of the 5th dimension shall crystallize (or Christ) in the 6th and 7th. On a cellular level, it is the journey of the single dualistic carbon based cell into the unified Christ cel (tuned into crystal frequency, much like most of our modern media appliances) and then finally into the GodCel (as a living part of the I Am network). This is mirrored on a personal level by our individual transition, graduation, or ascension from personal/solar balance, into galactic self-mastery, and finally into the Universal life.

What did the Buddha say when the hot dog vendor asked him
“What do you want?”
“Make me one with Everything” was the reply.

As we locate the 6th DIMENSIONAL level of ourselves, our elevator ride together now begins to bear tangible results. We have entered unmistakably into the realm of spirit. Welcome to the living temple of intention, crystal purity, and peaceful thought. Unity is the only allowable context here, and the glue (like love is in the 5th, and fear is in the 4th . Each dimension has its own self-contained consistency) of this dimension. The gift of the 6th dimension is clarity. It’s medium is Unified Thought. Where the actions and activities of dimensions 3-5 are reflective of the Earth dynamic, dimension 6 is the first (but by no means the last!) dimension whose physics must adhere to Source protocols. Here the spells of the CNN/MTV/Name a Religion/US Gov’t/Fox Network “thought patrols” are permanently broken. Here we are the captains of our own thoughts, words, and deeds, Sole Creators of our lives rather than residents of the soul plane. We are cause, rather than effect. Here and Now, there is no denying that we are beings of spirit and light, extensions of the living, feeling, One True Life having its physical experience. Through and with us. Spells thus broken, we are ready to proceed from the facts of life, into a life of possibility (thank you, Bob Frissell!).

(To be continued in Part 3)

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