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A Walk Through
the Dimensions

"ELEV 8 your Self"


An Introduction


(A Mark Time / Master Healing Plan Production)

"Watson, come here quickly. There’s more here than meets the eye!"
Sherlock Holmes

Why study dimensions? I have spent a good part of this current incarnation of mine studying, promoting, or teaching systems of Self-reference. Such systems - ones that are practical, stand-alone, and consistent for both individual and the whole - are few and far between. Systems designed with open architecture, those that are topless (and bottomless as well!), expand the very language of discovery. We are all in an unprecedented period of expansion and growth, and need platforms to facilitate what I call CommUnification. We need languages and contexts of meaning that unify us. Our new realms of experience are raw data begging “data entry” into collective life.Experience must be converted into language, and through language, circulated among the species for it to adhere (to be “added to here”). In other words, words, understandings and new languages are our midwives; coaxing, smoothing, and facilitating genuine change.

Whether change happens through CNN, the hundredth monkey, or a permanent worldwide demonstration, it will need words that hold digestible universal understanding. By necessity, these understandings will be “just-in-time” manufactured through contemporary language. Workable Self-referencing systems are cause for celebration; they are a manifest reflection of the underlying unity in life that we each have the privilege to discover. They allow us to see our “blind spots”, compare notes, and gain necessary vantage points. Which in turn allows for the birth of new cycles of possibility. Especially for those inexorably committed to conscious freedom, and the human rediscovery of the eternal foundation, and immortality of our planetary life.

We live simultaneously in many “rooms” and at many levels. Jesus described it as the “many mansions”. We spend our lives shifting through these levels of consciousness, rarely aware of their structure. Would it help if we were aware? You Bet! The dimensions are a readily comunicatable self-reference system of the highest order. They can provide an experiential, “street smart” yet philosophical set of lenses, capable of observing and ordering life in both its visible and invisible spectrums. As individuals (and humanity as a whole) accept the general principals of co-creation, and expand into their Conscious Evolution, “new and improved” self-referencing systems are being summoned into play. They are expanded-spectrum techniques (a.k.a technologies) of Becoming. Simply understanding them, visiting them in our mind’s eye, and utilizing them as a medium of communication will instantly alter our field of play. Reordering of our language, and the reframing of our models of Self, allow us to upgrade our human computer to “Infinity and Beyond”. This is human alchemy of the highest order, and is part of our original design!

Just as feedback is an absolute necessity for a successful interpersonal life, some form of “mirroring” is necessary for our expanding inner life as well. Dimensional models works towards that end, bridging the gap between our external secular life and the merged states of union with the God within. They also provide a practical conduit, allowing these two linear poles of Self to “network” successfully. WE spend our lives living in multidimensional glory, but also in this linear spectrum between the two. By bringing the inner and outer life into a coherent accord with one another, dimensional perspectives allow us - posited in between - to open the accordion of consciousness wide. Blending both the linear and multidimensional wholeness into a “new improved” and expanded, physics of self. There to examine our vast tracts of inner real estate, survey the grandness of what we are (and have always been), and make beautiful music within the lands we discover. Using a COMMON REFERENCING SYSTEM equal to the task.

This is our journey of remembrance, reclamation, and renovation. Yet as we inhabit our wholeness, our electronic vote of personal wholeness/holiness/unity is “uploaded” also into the world, galaxy, and universe that we dwell within. This triggers genuine irreversible systemic evolution. This is the mechanics and ground zero of Conscious Evolution. We are the quantum physicians and nanotechnicians of God light. Riding the harmony of our collective breath, electronic design, and shared planet into the dawn that we co-author with the god within our atoms and omni-universal intelligence.

“Connectivity, speed, and intangibles, the derivatives of time,
space and mass, are blurring the rules and redefining the lives.”

Stan Davis, re-searcher

Astrology was the first workable Self-reference system I encountered. Amazingly, it worked! There was a solar and lunar perspective, and it provided complex insight into the intricate nuances of individual and planetary life. Yes, it was certainly open to interpretation, but it was, in the final analysis, an instrument of self-observation. However, it had a pretty low “glass ceiling” to it. While the language it was then couched in was very persuasive, it simultaneously served to cultivate separation. There didn’t seem to be a way out of the self-referencing system. This was quite a design flaw. At first happy to be understood, people later seemed to be chained to their astrological template. Why learn something that takes you out of one box, only to put you into a bigger one?

However, once I had my epiphanies and revelations, and “got” the Ascendant or rising sign, this perspective re-ordered quite dramatically. The glass ceiling shattered. I saw that one could look at a chart through the lens of the sun sign, the moon sign, or the rising sign. I saw that one’s experience of their astrological data was completely wedded to what level of their chart they identified with, or interpreted the data through. Years doing individual charts, and teaching classes and seminars, confirmed my intuitions. If people could see their astrological life stream from multiple perspectives, they could look into the mirror of their chart, and see God face to face. Just by viewing simply viewing their own life through their rising sign. Or they could put on their solar goggles, and just as easily see an up and down, roller coaster, AM radio life. Multiple orders of perception emerged, each producing defendable, documentable, yet differing results. Yes, the glass was half full. And equally and arguably yes, the glass was half empty. I was pleased. Clients could pursue their God (introductions having been made - I having done my bit), or settle for a more diluted quality of life. In the language of The Matrix, choose the red or blue pill. The choice was the client’s, and it would be dependant upon the way they chose to frame their own data.

Decades later, I came upon 3 distinct expressions or versions of a “Dimensional Perspectives” model - which is the focus of these articles - each coming from a “channeled” source. These were not philosophical constructs per se. They were mirrors or “looking glasses” into life that seemed to have an instantaneous alchemical effect on me, much like I had discovered with the higher aspects of astrology. These Dimensional models provided me greater, even more universal and inclusive, forms of Self-reference. In my opinion, they are an interactive description of the very infrastructure of organic life. Allowing us to see ourselves clearly within multiple dimensions of our life, without cutting us off from the actual experience of it. Very handy “Mapquests” that have proved invaluable for me. And an option of inner travel now presented to you, the reader.

In the mid to late 90’s three women that I call “discovery channels” introduced Dimensional Perspectives to me. Each came from a slightly different angle or information source: Barbara Hand Clow in “the Pleiadian Agenda”, Lisa Smith in her Warrior of Peace teachings, and the late Janet McClure with Vywamus. I thank and honor these mistresses of Earth’s new dawn, each and all, for this contribution. Each of these educators continues to blaze their unique trail, and all are recommendable.

Dimensional Models access the wisdom or observing greater levels of order. Vision, insight, and clarity are unleashed though our brains, inducing all-chemical (no pun intended) changes and emissions, that now juggle and reorder themselves in light of new data. Biology follows our consciousness. Living clarity housed and circulated within us - in conscious interface with sentient life, the earth, and the universe - is our ticket into the very penthouse of creation. This, in the words of many of our friends in light, is the ultimate “Room with a View”. This “cosmic trigger”, or alchemical tool/technology/technique, awakens our biological Godness to mirror our now expanded thought.

The effect was, and continues to be, intoxicating and transformational at the same time. While the specific numberings and separations were not identical, they all resonated with one another, and my own independent exploration of a personal “unified field” theory. It was the same song of the Universe (and beyond) being sung in different voicings. Within this general sense of song was a comfortable way to expand directly into greater awareness. Just through the clarity of thought. This was a revelation to me.

Dimension Models foster growth, and provide individual and group foundations for the rediscovery of our magnificent destiny. The individual dimensions will be defined, outlined, explored, and visited in the series of articles that follow. Each is a unique looking glass or red pill. As a whole, they provide the weave and fabric of All That Is, a solvable Rubric’s cube for the Christopher Columbus each of us now becomes in our own lives. They are lenses that can serve, acting in many forms: magnifying glass, microscope, mirror, sunglasses, or even to transform light into human fire. In this preliminary set of articles, I will survey this land, describe its metes and bounds, and provide early mapmaking from a God Conscious perspective. Hopefully this will serve to illuminate and encourage others, and provide expanded perspectives for our unique and “whole-y” journey into the NOW, and the MORE. Bon Voyage.

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