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A Walk Through
the Dimensions

"ELEV 8 your Self"


Part 2


(A Mark Time / Master Healing Plan Production)

"Dimensions are the vehicle within which the consciousness functions"
Vywamus, channeled by Janet McClure

This is the second installment of the "elev8 your Self " series or articles. In it, we will take a tour of the DIMENSIONS, or "houses of light" that we dwell within, within different levels of ourselves. They are like optional cable TV channels, or bandwidths of "reality programming", that currently broadcast outside our typical programming. There is no dimension that some part of you does not currently exist within. As we learn to identify dimensional perspectives, we are like children collecting our brightly painted eggs on Easter morning. Gathering and assembling these dimensions into conscious awareness can help us enormously.

Bottom-line, they are alchemical laboratories, providing us accessible foundations. They are personal avenues for lucid examination, and for conscious experience of the organic multidimensional foundations of our individual lives. Once we ground these dimensional foundations in our brains, conscious minds, biology, and awareness - in and operational - we become "cable-ready". We obtain a magical interactive lens or map to sift through the multiple realities that we currently occupy as beings of living light. These alchemical lenses provide a fulcrum of power, as well as unveiling to us points of clarity in our individual paths. Dimensional perspectives allow us to summon those realities that we choose to command into our existence. We develop access portals, or better said, multiple portholes, into our expanded Selves. One can literally choose which "house of light" to posit their wholeness or "holiness" within. And create our next installment of personal "reality" from. This opens us to the greater leagues of light that we are composed of, and live within. Thus increasing human probabilities and possibilities, and our power to magnetize them in future fruitful avenues. YOU will decide how much light to summon, how often, and in what order. In fact, Conscious Evolution demands that you do. A free choice advocate, it doesn't care which or what direction we place our attention. Whether we dance with wolves, run with wolves, or avoid the big bad ones and get to Grandmother's house. But it does demand that we do - whatever we do - consciously. From within the living energetic reality of Self Illumination. With an inner eye to our Master Plan as a free form spark of God Source Light. Therefore by this article's end, you will have not only the "3D glasses" that are standard issue here on Earth, but also 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D, and maybe 9D as well. I assure you they will enhance your viewing pleasure!

A warning as we embark. The intention in presenting this and all information is to expand and enrich our WHOLENESS, sense of personal freedom, and our well BEING. Paradoxically, in order to enhance this wholeness, we are using a system of measurement that separates consciousness. In this, we follow the path of the physical and metaphysical sciences. So beware- the following article may be a bit of a RED PILL. At least in the earliest stages, the digestion of theories, models, or living description of orders of complexity - that we are already dwelling within, without focusing on them consciously - can cause quite a case of mental indigestion. Or vertigo!

Dimensional perspective, Conscious Evolution, and the remembrance and re-implementation of our Immortal lineage are all very practical, real-time tools. They are "Now Time" Etiquettes fostering optimum performance and comfort for us here on Earth. These tools are the perfect complement to the desire that you hold within you to have it all, right now. This "I want it now" emphasis, often slammed as childishness or selfishness, is a prime ingredient of our immortal alchemical brew. Now is our accessible crossroads, the immortal and mortal bridge. Now is your point of maximum impact within and upon the operating timelines. Now is the birthplace of the Revolution / Re-Evolution of a conscious humanity. When change comes for you, rest assured, it will happen NOW.

However, this re-evolution/revolution is a bloodless one. A Revolution of Peace, of conscious thought made manifest. How so? Through the tools provided by our spiritual consultants plus our own innate scientific problem-solving genius, we will increase our own specific gravity and focus into new authentic levels of Self, This will implode our current constraining reality systems of comprehension (a.k.a, the 4th Dimension, the Matrix, the Collective Unconscious, CNN, or the Bush leagues). We will vibrate out of energetic handcuffs into wholeness/holiness. We will emerge into our own personal paradise with an all-access backstage pass: access to pure a priori unity of Source eelectronics ("ee" signifies something emanating from Source level), the opportunity to dwell within our cells and bodies as biological Godness expressed, and a working handle on the dazzling and cool magnetic reality of the I Am Presence. These Elev8ed perspectives (and the perception of Unity), which nourish our living divinity, are currently within your reach. And NOW called into play. Our sovereignty as eternal denizens of The Big Life overrides less inclusive patterning of self-perception. Purity of the Body/Mind connection devotedly reprograms our new beliefs. What "ee"-merges is the sweet bliss of Love, commanding MORE of us into our current NOW-time physical incarnation. The resulting omni-directional reality, and flow of freedom, is an unending organic and effortless expansion of living joy. And a growing recognition of the greater orders of consciousness we dwell within. The multidimensional nature of life is a natural EEvelopment of our human nature. In order to entrain human possibility, we must be able to comfortably accommodate our "multi" and "omni" natures both within our physical bodies and operational understandings.

God Consciousness is not a self-improvement campaign! Sadly, it is often presented as such. It is rather a state of self-allowance and self-acceptance. It is the achievement, in biology, of a critical mass of remembrance and recognition. The 'online' awakening. It's an allowance of already extant superior original cellular components back where they belong. Back into our bodies, as an ongoing component of a breath-by-breath life. This is the crowning glory of the electro-magnetic capacity of our human biology. It's the delicate balance of the solar, galactic, and universal realities through the human solar plexus. It's a natural heart invoked flowering of love, light, and joy; an alchemical summons of a physical incarnation free of density and decay. We are the throbbing pulse of the life divine. Hosting our own rave, tripping on EEcstacy!

Source-biased thinking will be our orientation here. Or you can call it out-of-the-box, cosmic, or free radical, thought. It contradicts the unexpressed perception in much of psychology, religion and the "search" of spirituality that the individual begins in some state of lack. This exposes a critical flaw of human-biased logic. {Beware. A simple framing (or misframing) of any thought or understanding can undermine its potency and power} So, within the borders of our time together at least - We will see all thought, all life, and all expression in space/time issuing forth from UNITY and a single Source. This unity certainly includes each and all of us. WE are destined to live in this unity. This will be the operating understanding weaving the Elev8 Your Self series from its introduction . . . right through the manifestation of YOUR physical Immortality - the "Extreme Makeover" (a popular new TV program) to end all extreme makeovers!

"We are Stardust, We are Golden . . . And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden." Joni Mitchell, "Woodstock"

For readers of The Inferno, Virgil continues to conduct his tour of the levels of hell. I, among others, would like to focus my tours upon currently accessible heavens. You are the living biological intermediary of heaven on Earth. Hopefully, our "Walk through the Dimensions" can be seen as intelligent inquiry into unmapped (or under-mapped) regions of human experience. As well as a bungee jump or parasail (your call!) into unprecedented adventures in pure consciousness that await us. As we surf the cutting edge of thought into successful manifestation.

Your principal tool on this journey will be your own perception. We will be moving through the currency of your and my intuition and imagination. My intention in this is to provide mirrors and maps to already viable and operational levels of YOU. Call this a virtual reality tour of consciousness. It is not my intention to create a new concrete belief system for you to lug around with you. Rather to provide clear unencumbered vantage points into this magnificent creation we inhabit together. Our views from these Mt. Everests may and should be perceived quite differently. However, I feel it is important to allow the experience of these exalted vantage points into our multisense memory and operating system. Infinite viewpoints are needed to allow our expansion back into infinite reality. Its that simple. We are obtaining and reprogramming our mental and biological mainframe with infinite programming. Once downloaded, they will know where to go! As Morpheus of The Matrix says, "free your mind, and the body will follow". This will ACTUALIZE the birth of your golden spiritual body.

The Dimensions are living bandwidths of consciousness. Each quite palpable, with it's own internally consistent physics, gravity, and "politically correct" common sense. We all live on many dimensions simultaneously. The visible world of our zip codes, our human body, and our social world and whirl. The invisible world of our thoughts, feelings, and dreams (both personal and collective). As well as the dimensions of frequency delineated and described below. Not to mention "Wayne's World", Narnia, Harry Potter's world, and other flights of fancy. The issue presented here is this: Given a choice, which dimension do you choose to run or operate your life from? As Robert Frost said, it will make "all the difference"! Hopefully, these articles will present the option for you to move into your own uniquely designed penthouse, and enjoy the view from there!

First, I will describe, and talk "around" and about the dimensions. As I do, you will start to internally generate your own sense, vision, and feel for each of them. If you like, you can imagine us traveling together up an elevator and visiting them. Or, see us (or you alone) staying in "consensus" 3D, expanding and including more and more dimensions. Or assign colors, sounds, or your favorite tunes to each dimension, to "lock" your sense memory of them in. The intention here is that you develop your unique ordered set of lenses from within the dimensional context. As much of our living reality is a holographic projection of the dimension of energy we are in, this will be a prime alchemical mover. However, there is a process. Like mastering musical scales, being a world traveler, or being fluent in astrological signs or other symbols, there is a preliminary stage of learning the scales or arenas of measurement. Before one can play, interpret, or improvise.

After the scales are learned (or at least distinguishable!), we'll discuss other models of consciousness, human psychology, science, and world events through these lenses. The operating premise here is that all dimensions discussed are within our purview and experience. And that we have a divine right to "play with a full deck" of dimensions. As your fluency in these dimensions increases, blending into them, and commanding the energy and power conferred through awareness will become second nature.

3 D is the physical plane housing of, and common denominator for, all the dimensions. Mathematics would describe 3D as the intersection and outline of height, width, and depth. From our human perspective, we could add the words physical, solid, and readily measurable. 3D is the dimension that can accommodate standards of law, behavior, and general accountability. 3D is the "bottom line" dimension, the "plane of detail"; the place where we park our bodies, accountants conduct their audits, CSI's collect their murder evidence, we pay rent & bills, and are late or on time for appointments. It is where it is reported that we live and die. 3D is where planes and rocket ships land, gravity, and Newtonian physics holds sway. We all share a common experience and perception of 3D. It's the most democratic of dimensions.

3D is the home of geology & chemistry, our foundational sciences of measurement, and our common residence, Earth. 3D is our physical home as well, hosting our physical biology. Much of the science of Conscious Evolution has to do with bringing the multiplicity of our other levels of Self into a refined sense of order within this 3D biology. Adding the 4th dimensional Emotional BODY, the 5th dimensional Mental BODY, and the 6th dimensional (& above) Spiritual BODY. Reshuffling our deck, so to speak: and allowing us to play our lives with a full one.

We will "download" these dimensions by plotting our "inquiry with experience" through 3 vantage points: the Human, Source of All life, and our U-Man (Universal Sovereign Individual) perspective. Three (view) points create a plane in geometry, and will provide our personal launch point (or mathematic) for the blending of these sacred dimensional geometries into functional inter-activity. Into the most sacred geometry of all, Source In-formation Expressed, the magical human form. Once introduced and understood through our personal mathematic, neurological passageways are created through our communication systems to commUnify with these levels of our Self.

4D - quite logically, is the next plane above the third. Each dimension, like Euclid's postulates in geometry, stands on the shoulders of the one that precedes it. As we move up the dimensional octaves, we leave behind traditional distinctions of hierarchical measurement. WE are multi-dimensional, and can exercise our perception through multiple perspective analysis.

From the 3D/Human perspective, the 4th dimension is the "once removed" power chord of the 3rd. It is here that the emotional weights and measures of our 3rd dimensional life are totted up. If the 3rd dimension rules the physical body, the 4th dimension rules the EMOTIONAL body, and by extension the emotional life. Through the 4th dimension, we enter into the great "invisible life". Like an iceberg, much of our life remains out of 3D sight. All of our thoughts, as well as feelings, hopes, plans, and fears (unexpressed at least) commerce in the invisible aspects of ourselves. This certainly does not make them less real!

A foundation factor of the 4th dimension is personal and group power. Its operating or computing system is relativism. The emotional body, and it's sifting of events, is a never-ending procedure here. One purpose of the 4th dimension is to provide a relational milieu where we can measure and compare. Here dualism is provided, to weigh and value the "facts" of 3D. It is here that they are invested with meaning. The 4th dimension provides hierarchical "pecking orders", influence groups, and many of the hallmarks of tribal culture. Power is collected and distributed here. The binary options of full and empty (1 & 0) and/or good and bad are synthe-sized into the human biocomputer, providing us an electronic readout of our subjective state of being. The resultant self-imaging is the distillation of this 4D mechanism at work. This is an ongoing process.

Here, on level or Floor 4 of our consciousness elevator, is the dimension of personal and group influence. Salesmen, politicians, and clergy project messages to our emotional bodies. Through well-grooved deliveries, a DESIRE to adapt (or adopt) our personal identity is effected. Under the steady stream of 4D dualism, emotional needs are born: we become too (or not enough) wealthy, sexy, spiritual, thin, humble, powerful, etc. As we become consumers of the joys of this relativism, we are hooked. Often, besieged by external examples that we cannot match up to, we shift allegiance to a 4D collective "proxy". This proxy vote allows us to participate in the 4D collective life that is our planet's operating system. Here we "root" for our home team; be it religion, sports team, or national identity. Or on a more personal level, our favorite movie star, singer, humanist, sports star, or savior figure. As we shift our personal power into the heady atmosphere and glamour of these currents, we - as avid consumers - are faced the simultaneous dilemma of consuming but not being consumed by it.

The palpable excitement of this 4D Collective investment generates itself through our immersion into larger pools or thought forms of energy. As we re-identify with our "proxy self" we gain larger-than-life qualities (from the 3D perspective at least). This is the river of emotional devotion, or commitment.

The 4th dimension is home of the emotional archetype. This archetype can be seen to be the child of the collective unconscious or subconscious mind. The archetype process can most easily be identified in the star cultures of Hollywood or astrology. A particular actor/actress or planet embodies (literally) a particular emotion or archetypal quality. Or an individual becomes "famous" in the culture for good or bad reasons. At that moment, they permanently transcend 3D life. They become a repository for our own 4th dimensional (emotional body) energies. In the process, we wittingly or unwittingly give away our power to them. Or at the very least lose direct access to our own authentic emotional lives.

From the Source of All Life perspective, the 4th dimension is a funnel, a receptacle through which the greater currents enter into the human anatomy. It is the rich emotional delta that can translate the promptings of our highest dimensions into the human body (the 3D tube of light). As such, it is the emotional "ring pass not" protecting each individual. Through the 4th dimension, Source receives the e-motion-all promptings and pulses in the form of holographic imagery

From the U-Man (universal man, Sovereign Individual) perspective the 4th dimension is the source of motion, change, and the body of sensation. It is the home of Feeling. By summoning the raw and honest data of feeling, fuel for change and the imposition of our sovereign and measured will can be actualized. In this respect, the 4th is the delivery system for those matters that emerge from heart-centered living. 3rd Installment /

Coming soon! Dimensions 5 and 6

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