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My Next Breath


My next breath
Is the story unwritten,
The wrinkle in time;
The lifeline to creator,
And creation sublime.

My next breath
Comes to greet me,
Within my ageless suit of light
That adorns itself
In 21st century suits and ties,
Foraging for love
In diversity’s disguise.
To IT the breath is courage,
Allowing opportunity to arise.

My next breath
Hides right behind my deepest thought.
My eternal companion,
The vote that cannot be bought;
The mayor of Unity,
And the obvious cord
That ties all of life together,
Even those that choose the sword.

My next breath
Is the promise
Of that yet undone,
It is birthed from pure innocence,
Far beyond the moon and sun.

Love hitchhikes a ride,
Within my next breath.
To expand it beyond meaning.
To expand it beyond death.

Within my next breath.
Molecules tumble and collide,
All vexation subsides,
Inside the atom
Is where harmony abides.
Where Life the groom,
Joins Me the bride.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Your next breath
Is a story writ in invisible ink.
It’s your Bible, your Koran,
Your quill, your power;
As you address the tourniquet of time,
Poised now, over
The universe’s spiraling flower.

Breath’s your independent counsel,
Your ticket to the stars,
Your true home health care provider,
The bridge ‘tween Venus and Mars;
The silent sentry,
The guardian of your light,
Your loyal companion,
Intervening day and night …

Your next breath
Is that kiss that cannot be missed.
Happiness, deliverance,
Ecstasy, bliss;
The twin poets, Motion & Emotion,
Locked within their tryst.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In Breathless Wonder
I survey it all.
I pause,
I consider,
I marvel,
I stand tall.

In BreathlessWonder
I rhythm,
And I rhyme,
I articulate space,
And I chronicle time.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

But Wait.
It’s too late!
The center cannot hold.
Atoms fail to abide,
As my chest begins it’s heaving,
I must barter all my gold:

My riches, and my kingdom,
My birth, and my death . . . . . .
Gratefully now,
As they all become the ante,

For my very next breath.

Mark Appleman

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