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"Life seen through the lens of the updated Tree Of Life"
(A Master Plan/ Mark Time Production)

The recent movie The Matrix opened new territory in pretty much every direction that it turned. It redefined action cinematography, the careers of its principal actors, and the ease and economics of filming large budget movies overseas. And through the introduction of the concept of the Matrix and the protagonist Neo’s (played by Keanu Reeves) escape from it, it redefined ascension/enlightenment philosophy, and the Messiah myth.

I refer to The Matrix as it offers a handle for me to introduce two of the issues that I seek to address through the introduction of the general topics of Galactic Astrology and the Updated Tree of Life.

First, the long overdue shifting of the focus between a passive (Messiah) and active model (Self-Mastery) for personal deliverance/enlightenment/ or redemption. And secondly, the concept of a Matrix itself- a large self contained world of activity that is surrounded by an invisible “glass ceiling” often not apparent until one bumps up against it. And within that concept (which to me is a frequency assessment of current collective life here on planet earth) how to readily identify the Matrix clearly enough to escape! Or as Carl Jung once said; “How do you find a lion that has swallowed you whole?”

This phenomenon we shall examine through the distinctions between the Solar and Galactic levels of awareness. Basically that the entire spectrum of human affairs as defined now in our life here in the solar system (Solar) here on planet Earth is a life that hasn’t even touched its real potential. And its attendant ranges of emotional, mental and physical pursuits, from a different vantage point, is merely the prelude to critical moments of self love, acceptance and empowerment - that will usher us into the Christ or Galactic level of life.

Remember the old conventional wisdom that we use 10-15 % of our brains? (Einstein, my teacher said, used 20%) Imagine it differently for a minute. Imagine or entertain the thought that 100% of your brain is up and running just fine, thank you very much. But that the missing 85% is operating right now on levels of awareness that WE DON’T YET have access to. Once we locate download or integrate these levels of self, however, it will be a different story. The definition and characteristics of what constitute a human being will go through a radical shift. I am not saying we will stop bullets like Keanu Reeve did in the Matrix, but I am not saying we won’t. The cessation of the aging process, bilocation, the ability to heal and regenerate cells, and other skills attributed to the Gandalf’s and Jesus’ of our personal mythologies - will be ours.

What tools are available to access this odyssey of Self Discovery? The following systems allow us to individually contact, grow and harvest these dimensions of self – reclaim the missing 85%! And, as this process evolves, in the sweetest and most effortless ways, we are ushered into our own larger rooms of SELF. We become our own personal Messiah. Embracing the Energetic/Frequency definition of self at a frequency that will support the energetic (as to opposed to mental or philosophical) cellular biological transition into the crystalline or sixth dimensional level of awareness. Achieving awareness of the technical frequency of the CHRIST consciousness: sufficient to trigger Panglossian realities that allow ALL to win-win.

Traditionally, this has been the story around the Messiah: The Messiah is Coming and we are waiting for it. Judgement Day, Deliverance, Armageddon, etc. has been a constant collective theme for my 50+ years on the planet. Humanity’s passivity emerges in all these scenarios. Judgement Day et al happens to us. There is some OTHER that is or will come to make THE difference (good or bad). We are told we will be saved, healed, transported in spaceships to happier climes, transformed into lab rats for the evil empire, or are the victims of an unstoppable ecological or nuclear disaster. By and large according to the various belief systems that bandy these plotlines about, we are some version of the little kid waiting for Christmas Day, making our lists, beds, or praying or fasting, doing good for that judgement day. While the colorful intricate imaginative scripts and myths surrounding these events consistently blow the best Hollywood writer out of the water, there is a troubling similarity to them all. My fellow Earth citizens and I all seem to have such bit parts in them. Are there no models that allow us to set up camp and thrive beyond the Matrix?

“WE are the Ones we have been waiting for!” reads a recent Hopi Elder prophecy making the e-rounds these days. Now THAT’s more like it! The Coming of the Messiahs, in the plural sense. The Collective Messiah. A script that allows everyone who chooses to, to win and play his or her part. Share top billing and be paid very well. Paid with the cheers, appreciation, and love of their own SELF and others in the Greater Community of Spirit (not to mention a veritable river of prosperity). In this script we will pass a universally recognizable and measurable finish line (and know it internally when we do). We will merge into tangible fields of collective and cooperative harmonics, yet still maintain individual joy and bliss. We will carry the torch, and intentionally add to the light of the Eternal flame. Right here in our local planetary zipcode: in a conscious co-creative working relationship with each other, and good old mother Earth. AND THIS SCRIPT IS COMING TO PASS.

The last 25 years has seen change and evolution within historical perspectives that have been preposterously rapid. Who could have foretold the groundswell of change in race and sex relations and the surge in technology and the speed of communication? As well as the emergence of the functioning collective humanity: The birth of the global village (wars seem to be staged on CNN these days!). Yet a further quantum leap in acceleration must now be summoned. Like state of the art fighter planes on an aircraft carrier at sea, We (the One’s we have been waiting for) need to get airborne in a hurry. And exercise certain inbuilt latent technical capabilities that would have Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, (or your favorite action hero) eating their heart out. We are outgrowing our conventional boundaries, and corny as it might sound, are like popcorn popping. And, as each of us finds more new energetic bandwidths to call our own, it effects others, in visible and invisible ways.

And there’s the truth, and the rub. We are the Ones. We are the tissue and bones of the Living God. We are the bird tribe, the Jedi knights, the Melchizedek priesthood, THE earth lights on the Universe’s Christmas tree (or whatever name for Superman / Wonder Woman you currently hold).

Yet at times we behave like birds that have no remembrance of flight. No confidence in our ability to fly, as we cannot see the air that will aerodynamically support our journey (the gist of a recent parable by Kryon) We hold no maps for this intriguing and exciting world of spiritual flight. So unable to entertain the commerce in ideas that will energetically create the runways and parabolas necessary for a dramatically expanded state of becoming a BEING, we concentrate instead on the incremental improvement in the quality of our lives. Accept our allotted time, and lot in life. Find a comfortable worldview, and an identity in that worldview that nourishes conventionally accepted needs for “the good life”. This by and large entails shopping for an existing stream of some philosophical approach to life. Which is perfectly logical from a Solar point of view. There are many elaborate and fascinating solar belief systems currently in play on Earth. Certainly from current world headlines we can see that are many diametrically opposed interpretations as to what life holds.

Until very recently no belief systems posited ultimate importance in LIFE, and the ultimate sovereignty of the individual in the cosmic design. Or offered a wide enough (Galactic) perspective of DNA/anatomy and its immortal alignment with Prime Creator. Belief systems that assist us “docking” with Source or God, or invite concerted effort towards that possibility. Thus failing to assist US to actualize the vast promise of incarnation into human biology. Which is that we are indeed GOD in 3rd dimensional reality. Tag WE are it!

What ideas and streams of thought CAN trigger this quantum leap in perspective? How can we get outside the box and enjoy the benefits of living therein. Have our God cake and eat it as humans too (and not suffer from indigestion!). Astrology has the distinction of being the first historical universally accepted and practiced science. Science defined here as an observation of potentials, events and outcomes from an objective empirical repeatable viewpoint. The relationship between the stars (constellations) and planets in relationship to our human affairs were probed for patterns. Events on Earth were reassessed through an astrological lens. Astrology offers PERSPECTIVE. However, where how and why that perspective is applied can, as Robert Frost said, “make all the difference.”

I currently live in Westlake Village, a nice suburb of Los Angeles, a dad in a standard family of four. I like each of you operate on all sorts on various perspectives. Each acts as a lens or filter. One lens I have to process and interpret the patterns and events of my life is as a husband/dad. Another is as a 50 year-old male. Another, especially during one of the nefarious LA Freeway traffic jams, is as a LA citizen. Another lens, especially recently, as an American citizen. And so forth and so on right up to the conceptual alpha/omega. The events of life are processed completely differently depending on WHAT LEVEL OF MY SELF I am addressing them from. All viewpoints are valid !

Visiting all these viewpoints gives us a view into the model of the Multidimensional Human, so germane to our introduction of Galactic Astrology and the Updated Tree of Life. Through the Tree of Life, we will observe and experience our solar life through the GALACTIC LENS. This phenomenon of perspective is a wonderful feature of this sensory, electrochemical, crystal and carbon based organism we each inhabit. While we support these discrete and vastly independent levels of awareness, our indwelling consciousness functions as a CPU (central processing unit), maintaining continuous “online “ light-based and light-speed communication with Life Central - as well as the outpost (our body) it inhabits.

The astrological perspective I will be offering also works on simultaneous levels and functions in similar fashion as a GALACTIC LENS. It, as we shall see, is woven into the newly integrated Tree of Life. From the perspectives of individual identification (figure), the lenses we shall be looking at are the Sun, Moon, Rising Sign, and Sign of Spirit. Each of these will allow us to observe our biological dynamics from increasing levels of frequency and complexity. Having these individual unique platforms to assess our ongoing experience in the Lifestream will activate pockets of that missing 85% of our conscious awareness. Think of it in computer terms. We will increase both RAM and multitasking capabilities in geometric fashion.

From the perspectives of bandwidth/frequency (ground) we will be looking at the Solar, Galactic and Universal arenas (dimensions). This will allow us to observe patterns in collective evolution from these three bandwidths. The function of God merging consciously with the affairs of humankind (Universal bandwidth). The emergence of the Collective Messiah and the implementation of a FRESH CIVILIZATION watered by the Galactic/monadic/Christ-Buddha/Higher Self/6th dimensional frequency (Galactic bandwidth). The evolution of Earth as a part of the Solar System bandwidth ( the “Soul”ar System of development). All distinct, yet connected. And all within OUR interactive experience. Through performance of some of the exercises within the purview of Galactic Astrology (see the companion piece to this article, The Honey “Sagittarius – Excelsius” Moon.)

The above hopefully will assist you in understanding why the following topics may be worth their weight in GOLD in assisting Humanity in our reawakening into the experience as the LIVING GOD. While we are each definitely that, we are certainly not alone. And there are patterns and studies and languages that support this awareness, and will assist us in the coming early days of the 7th golden age on Terra/Earth. There will be more writings and explanations to follow, but first like learning any new subject, there will be definitions and proper names to master. However, I expect that before too long I expect that you the reader will be writing much on these and other topics. As together, WE as brothers and sisters & as Humanity and The Living God, turn our attention and intention into reclaiming the missing 85%. We are the One’s we have been waiting for.

The EVER-GREEN Tree of Life

I am pleased to present the current synthesis of the Tree of Life (Cabala/Kaballah) and the Astrological Wheel through the GALACTIC LENS or Higher Self-PERSPECTIVE. This will address a living thriving level of YOU that currently dwells beyond the Solar (System) bandwidth of experience. These following updated alignments are offered to humanity by the Ascended Community, who in ambassadorial or “matchmaker” fashion have formulated them to the Human Community (they call us Earth Masters) as what they call Now Time Programming Etiquettes. Ambassadoors open doors. The doors opened here remain opened, and become well-oiled revolving doors that will sponsor our integrating of the higher selves aspects of ourselves with our solar life, and the Re-Unification of the Multidimensional Community of Spirit. In this Fellowship of the Eternal Ring of Truth, the Collective Messiah now flings open its doors to all who dare to hope, have open ears and hearts, hunger for Source, and have the courage to love themselves and God without reservation.

The TREE OF LIFE is an interactive experience that speaks to the “better half” of you and me. Its purpose is to transport our consciousness to a level where we can perceive the GREAT ORDER and design of the universe and participate in it, in clarity. Experience of this expanded awareness, in a repeatable format, allows us to ALLOW our selves; i.e. accept and utilize this prime “REAL ESTATE” within our Greater SELF for greater “Real Estate Developments”. The TREE OF LIFE is a LIVING CONSCIOUSNESS, and like us, functions in multidimensional fashion. There are quite a few measurable dimensions of living intelligence in collective as well as individual life, and the Tree of Life exists on them all. (though it formats itself differently in relation to each dimension). It is a repository for learning and linkage between different working orders of intelligence. It is a software PROGRAM, a self-contained interactive operating system that operates ON and THROUGH SOURCE MAGIC.

Any software, even a software that links levels of the universe together, needs to get updated from time to time. Programmers familiar with local specifications necessary for specific applications are brought in, when it is time to reformat and reprogram any program. So a couple of “big names” from my days at Hebrew school, Elijah and Moses (he now likes to known as Mordechai), members of the Ascended Community, have been brought in to install the software. (much of the specifics on that, and an in-depth treatment of these topics, can be found at

There are changes between this system of Kaballah and ones you may be familiar with. Firstly, there are 12 branches to the tree as opposed to the traditional 10 (or 11). This is a brilliant design modification as it allows the astrological wheel, chakras, and branches of the tree to line up; locking into each other energetically. This greatly facilitates inner interdimensional uplinks and downloads. By using the NOW TIME Programming Etiquettes, levels of awareness beyond human language in the areas of the High Heart and the Universal Mind, can be directly experienced, perceived, and integrated within our individual light bodies. Current Kaballah students beware. Sephirot names are different, and the planetary, chakra, color and astrological correspondences may differ widely from books you have read before. This does not invalidate either set of presentation, past or present.

The intention of this presentation is to address the galactic and universal aspects of YOU, and nourish them. These levels were not directly addressed through the previous level of Kaballah or Astrology practiced. Also, to provide this magical exoskeleton TOOL: a software of UNDERSTANDING that provides both a format and a “cosmic trigger” for you to “re”format your self - comfortably and energetically - as a multidimensional being. This has been the teleology of the Tree of Life since its historical introduction to Humanity. The Tree is an actual bridge of light, a gift from the archangelic realms. A bridge for individual self-realization, as well as a Cosmic Infrastructure to facilitate God and the Human Kingdom living together as one working order.

For now I am not seeking to justify these new alignments, merely to present them as a sort of Tree of Life 101. However, I will point out that any sincere attempt on your part to familiarize or study these new placements will have a palpable and instantaneous affect on the Galactic level of your human biology. This system is a Ferrari of self-mastery. It is by no means the only one (my suggestion is to mistrust any “only”system as a spiritual wolf in sheep’s clothing). But it is guaranteed to get YOU out of the Matrix. Specifically through the implementation of light magnetic “upgrades” on the operating system of your divinely inspired treasure chest of a human body. By allowing your body to vibrate beyond the frequencies of the Soul light and high astral levels of light offered through drugs, astral travel, devotional belief systems, and various meditation system. Taking one above the clouds, so to speak. Energetic, cellular and glandular systems are rewoven into levels of consciousness that have traditionally been the province of Deities or Saviors.

This is the window of opportunity many have only dreamed about. One we now get a chance to establish, as we embrace being the living foundation. In the language of God, we are all granted perfect fluency, and OUR OWN UNIQUE AND SOVEREIGN VOICE. Tree of Life, Galactic astrology, and other TBA self discovery systems will be arriving into the awakened Intuition, Imagination, and Intentions (the 3 I’s!) of those WHO WANT THE WHOLE ENCHILADA. These SOURCE based 6th dimensional systems will serve as the new languages of light for those who want to live right here on Terra Firma, outside the Matrix, living in and downloading the delicious freedom of the BIG LOVE.

The same must be said for the Astrological correspondences. The entire utilization of astrological programming up to this point has been on affairs within the scope of the solar system. Which is an enormous scope of inquiry. However, in the pursuit of our greater nature and Source, current Solar Astrology as practiced here, literally and figuratively, is in over its head. Galactic Astrology, which functions as a sort of R2D2 within the Universe, is the Symbol Program equal to the task. The signs also change names, constellation rulers, and energetic or process descriptions as we relinquish the Solar perspective for the Galactic/Universal alignments of the Higher Self.

That said, let’s begin. The 12 Branch Tree of Life and The 12 Sign astrological wheel match up one to one. Also the Chakra (Central) System is expanded from its traditional 7 to 12 as well. A color and Number is also assigned, as well as correspondences in the mineral, animal, and bird kingdom. For the present discussion, I will limit my focus to the listing of the solar (old) and galactic (new) meanings and names for the “Wheel “and the new format of the “Tree”. New sign names are listed in order of ascending chakra (center) placement, rather than time of year. The galactic name is followed by previous solar name, galactic constellation that rules the higher self level of the sign, and the color (through which the chakra, tree of life branch, and higherself level of the astrology can all be accessed in an integrated fashion.)


1. The Advent (solar: Aries) Galactic ruler (GR) Cassiopeia, Root center / Red

2. Luminus (Cancer) GR: Hydra, Sacral center / Orange

3. Hu Effervescence (Leo) GR: Orion, Solar center / Yellow/Gold

4. Harvest Blossom (Taurus) GR: Andromeda, Heart center, Pink

5. Excelsius (Sagittarius) GR: Pegasus, Throat center, Iolite (purple/blue)

6. The Ascent (Capricorn) GR: Arctaurus, 3rd eye center, Granite/copper/gold

7. Manna (Virgo) GR: Alpha Centauri, Crown center, Lavender

8. Temple of Light (Aquarius) GR: North Star, 8th + throat, Emerald Green

9. Spiritual Currency (Pisces) GR: Pleiades, 9th center + heart, Cobalt Blue

10. Pentaglium (Scorpio) GR: Sirius, 10th center + solar, White

11. El-Lunia (Gemini) GR: Europa, 11th center + sacral, Black

12. Premier Eminence (Libra) GB: Dener, 12th center + crown, Gold/Silver

Following find the Tree of Life correspondences for the 12 branches, looking at the Tree from the Galactic perspective into Earth. This is in the same order and perspective as the astrological lists above. The colors and the energy centers will remain the same. The galactic number and color, along with a corresponding gem follow the TREE “branch” name.

Tree of Life - Galactic Level 1

1. Paradise Manifest – 77- Red - Ruby

2. Garden of Eden – 011 – Orange – Orange Calcite

3. Shambhalla – 12 – Yellow –Yellow Topaz

4. Self-Realization – 11:11 – Pink – Pink Tourmaline

5. Rod of Power – 22 – Dark Iolite – Iolite

6. Obedience – 33 – Granite – Tiger’s Eye or Yellow Jasper

7. Divination – 88 – Lavender -Lapidolite

8. Bridge of Light – 112 – Emerald Green – Emerald

9. Truth – 144 – Cobalt Blue – Lapis Lazuli

10. Freedom – 333 – White – Quartz Crystal

11. Perception – 333- Black – Black Onyx

12. The Mountain Top – fire letters (1-9) – Gold/Silver- Diamond

To familiarize oneself with these energies, spend a few minutes just holding your concentration with each entry of these 2 lists above. Hold these images in the mind’s eye first, and then the part of the Central or chakra system referred to. For example, hold the energy “Luminus” in the mind’s eye. Hold until you feel the vibration of Luminus. Then add the color Orange. Next invite the energy of the Hydra constellation, and focus or seat that energy into the sacral plexus or 2nd chakra. Don’t worry if you don’t know “diddly do” about Hydra, or chakras. There is a part of YOU - the “prodigal” you - part of that 85% - that does! And by using the gateways of imagination, intuition, and intention (intention + NOW = magic!), we begin to activate these latent qualities. And as that takes place, we understand the quote by Jesus regarding the many rooms in the mansion within. Enjoy exploring and discovering your newly “CHRISTened 12 bedroom interdimensional home.

After becoming somewhat comfortable with the Astrological wheel, now try “holding” the corresponding symbols from # 2 on the Tree . . . tune into the Garden of Eden (as though you were arriving on earth as a human angel.) Try and access the energies described on the Tree from that lens as though the Garden of Eden branch allowed you to “ground” into earth. Say the galactic number “011” to yourself a few times. Imagine holding orange calcite in your hand. Or project it to the sacral center area. Any symbols, visions, colors or inner prompting that arises when awareness is placed on the Tree is your personal customized message from Higher Self or Source. Follow those inner messages to where they lead you. What is happening is that greater and greater levels of your SELF are coming into conscious awareness- Permanently! Remember that this program is interactive. What you put into it is what you get. So allow yourself an environment where you can concentrate, relax, and let God happen.

If you familiarize your self with these two systems for a few weeks, I can guarantee you will lose 25 lbs., a stranger will give you $2000, you will meet your soulmate ... no wait! Just kidding. This is not about that level of things. That is the soul level. The level of ups and downs, and the associated high drama. And recycling of old thoughtforms - time and time and time and time again. Had enough yet ?

There are amazing tangible things Tree of Life can deliver, mind you, but first things first. This is 101. Take a ride on the Tree. Repeatedly, till you acclimate yourself to things you might now have dreamed you’d ever be doing. Break the glass ceiling. Leave the Matrix and celebrate your decisive steps towards Victory. And wait for no one to crown you. For as a citizen of the Universe, you experience the exquisite pleasure of crowning yourself! This is the level of Personal Power and Freedom through Source sponsored by the Master Plan. And, YOU - as the Beatles’ remind us - “were only waiting for this moment to arrive”.

For YOU are the One YOU have been waiting for.

See you on the tree.
Mark Appleman 11/21/2001

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