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"It Takes Two Wings to Fly"
"A Diamond Is Forever"


(A Master Plan / Mark Time Production)


The pace quickens in this 11th (h) OUR, as the tribes of the Immortal Realms tip their black hats to the Earth Master community, triggering the yearly home invasion of expanded scope and perception that bears the signature, fingerprints, and modus operandi of Gemini/ El Lunia. Infusion to some, confusion to others, this public inclusion of all thought - from every direction, dimension, and pedigree- tips the balance of the SELF - satisfied Taurus/Harvest Blossom into the turmoil of wanting more, as all conclusions are thrown up into the air for further scrutiny and review. At least one more time, as the postman, this Gemini month, always rings twice.

In this month duality strides proudly to the front of the line, as the El Lunia pickpockets (like the Blues Brothers, on a mission from God) check behind every secret, cranny, angle, diary, and nook: seeking a truth that rings true both with the lights on, & the lights off! The reappearance of Elijah and his glorious Chariot of Fire promise to permanently upgrade human interdimensional transportation-time to trade in those old Mer-ke-bahs! Not one to take no for an answer, Elijah, consultant for this springtime probe into Final Freedom (“Final Freedom. Is that your final answer?” Yes, Regis), makes the Nagual his pal as Humanity finally puts the void in the rear view mirror! More lessons ensue; The Mer-ki-vah, the Diamond that is Forever proposes a soul-less marriage that parents Mother and Father God actually give their blessings to!

Yes, Don Juan, things are never how they seem. And it does take TWO wings to fly. Humanity gets the full picture as more negatives are developed and brought to light. Again and again (on CNN). Solar alter-egos are exchanged for Altar Twin Rays, as the June weddings of interdimensional spirit trigger explosive remembrances of joy - on both sides of the Mortal-Immortal Portal. On the wings of love

This month we examine the Diamond Bridge into Forever. And like a well played card game of Bridge, great partnerships are required. So it’s onto the Arc of the Covenant, two by two, as the full-throttle “trickle down” and “pour down” EEnergetics of Elijah and his Charioteers get the dancefloor buzzing and humming. Simultaneously (this is a Gemini month after all; this month at least, we can all chew gum and walk at the same time!) we all refuse to take “Noah for an answer”: sidestepping a previously scheduled CNN Armageddon, and walk right across the Red Sea, into what IsReal, without getting our feet wet.

Solar Gemini brings wit, charm, intelligence, and scatological elan to any party it attends. The lively twinkle of President John F Kennedy, the elfin provocation of a Marilyn Monroe, and the near-incomprehensible scope and artistry of Bob Dylan all attest to the vigor and verve of these inventive debutantes of the solar wheel. Gemini dexterity, and their unending juggling of the figure-ground in all that they observe and participate within, allows them to be all things to all people - and still have time for themselves! Gifted mimics, linguists, professors, and ambassadors, a Gemini is that small town telephone operator who both makes the connection, & has the chutzpah and charm to jump in and out of the conversation. Multitaskers before multitasking was cool, Mercury- ruled Gemini is the solar astrological expression of mutable air. After the conquests of cardinal fire Advent/Aries are consolidated in the muscular, fixed, but stolid earth of Taurus/Harvest Blossom, Gemini/El Lunia is the solar-operated fan wafting fresh and welcome breezes into and through the proceedings. While all in attendance know that the breeze is but the smoke and mirrors of re-cycled air, in its artful presentation it is a welcome breeze indeed. Creating real and palpable relief (re-Life) for all concerned.

Which brings us to another dimension of Gemini, and the hint of the El Lunia panther dressed in sheep’s clothing. Have you ever sat in a sunlit room, and noticed all the previously invisible (to you) dust floating about in the air? Or seen microscopic pictures of the organisms currently alive and well in your mouth, skin, or hair? Gross me out! Yet that is the attention to detail, that type of “scout-behind-enemy-lines-with-a-photographic- memory” mentality that Gemini brings to the table, in any and all its affairs. And while Gemini is the one to point out the dust, it also knows where to put it, and helps it find its place (though it probably will be its mercurial partner Virgo that does the actual cleaning up!). In fact, in time Gemini will probably write THE definite book on the subject (probably “Dust in the Wind”, published no doubt by DOUBLEday Press). While Gemini often gets “bad press” for being the solar neurotic, that’s actually a neurotic assessment of the real dynamic involved. Please note there would be no press to report shortcomings without Gemini the journalist, the TV “talking head”, ad executive, or US press secretary out on the pitch. For it is they (and as an InSpiritor, US) who recognize the ever changing currents of time and style, and courageously seeks the intellectual (and in the higher dimensions EEnergetic) inclusive truth of each now moment in their purview. They press for answers, probe for new developments, pontificate and present new theories - in other words, they follow that dust upstream until they can find the true “dirt” in every situation

Gemini is the sign of The Twins, and brings our attention to the natural tendency for pairing to manifest in the physical dimensions of life. It certainly takes two to tango! Measurement and classification are handmaidens to this phenomenon, providing order & reliability to temporal distinctions. As we follow the chameleon Gemini into the higher regions of vibration, we will examine vertical pairings of frequency that shall allow us to walk the “pair”imeters of the borders between the Solar / Christed and Mortal/ Immortal realms. The misunderstood Black Ray (black being the only color that contains and absorbs all other colors) is the “ring pass not”, quality control agent on the Tree of Life.

The Higher Dimensions of Gemini

Galactic society is simply the ability to learn how to think in ways that transform your existing degrees of limitation” Sheldon Nidle, from his galactic federation site

“I am large. I contain ambiguities” Walt Whitman (solar Gemini), Song of Myself

Facts are welcomed under this El Lunia (Perception) Gemini influence, which has the effect of constantly pressuring all organic life forms, including us, to increase frequency. This pressure is actually a “trickle-down” effect of the expressed EE- motion of Source (yes, Source can be seen as operating under Republican trickle down principals. But that is a part of a future article: written by me, a lifetime Democrat! ). In our prolonged human bias and solipsism, we often times fail to understand that we live within a pulsing field of EE-motion (motion generated by Source Electronics) that is constantly billowing into reality from the higher realms. Thus, there is an energetic bridge constantly in place through the thoughts and emotions of more inclusive dimensions of consciousness. Yes, we are co-creator Gods made in God's image, operating in the “flow” of that bridge. By matching /pairing up the “facts” of our individual lives with the flow we feel within (always online with Source EEmotion) we are drawn to the inexorable constant conscious realignment between our SELF and our Source. El (Hebrew for God) Lunia (connoting the moon) squeezes the toothpaste tube of existence for anything and everything connected to or within us, that stands between the permanent marriage of Self and Source. It is the foot-patrol "bobby", bravely walking the "night beat" of our unexamined life.

Understanding that Unity is the God to which this particular Black Ray of Creation devotes itself, will lead one far along probing into the motivation, history, and mystery of Two becoming One. Any number, like a color or a symbol, has its own consciousness and life. Gemini / El Lunia operates through the 11th center or chakra of the perfected universal body. Kabalistic treatments of numbers always have the observer of that number, probe and penetrate into the internal reality of a number, its relation to other numbers, and the greater levels of life. 11 can be seen as 1+1, implying the strength through the joining of two distinct aspects of sovereign balance into a greater blended Unity. 1+1 also obviously can be seen as two. 11 can also be seen as the sequential evolutionary step (level 11) after physical perfection (level 10). At that juncture, a living 6th dimensional society (10th) must look into the unmanifest dynamics of reality (11th) as a necessary prelude to the 12th step.That 12th step being conjuring the Mountain Top, the living bridge into the next order of Universal organization.

Depending on how 1 and 1 are framed, they can express Unity (galactic) or Duality (solar). This choice of lens is the challenge of all who walk the path of SELF Mastery. If we process existence through the lens of Unity and sufficient Self Love (discussed in Self-Realization/Taurus), we organically activate the High Heart and the universal/galactic frequencies and dimensions of Self. Life’s perception through Solar spectacles ushers us into the group think of the planetary mass media; which presents life largely as a series of power struggles, celebrity, war, famine, trysting and romance, victory, and social decay. What lens do we choose? The logical response of choice leads to the anguish of either/or. However, El Lunia/Gemini presents a 3rd option. The Black Ray leads us to recognize that WE ARE THAT which perceives and contains Unity and Duality simultaneously. We are the third stage; beyond thesis & antithesis, we are synthesis. We are large, and comfortably contain ambiguities. When in Self-Mastery synthesis, we attach ourselves to the Plane of Unity. From the galactic lens of Unity, the Black and White rays (working in conjunction) assist us in the synthesis of the Universal, Galactic, and Solar levels of Self. This COOPERATIVE ACTION action is represented by the galactic number or code 333, which both El Lunia/ Gemini and Scorpio / Pentaglium share. They carry in the Mother/lunar and Father/solar God-Conscious frequencies into our solar dimensions. Synthesis (3) on all 3 levels of self. The 10-pointed black & white star used in the "Fountain of Youth" alignment is a specific example of that cooperative effort extending into the human community through the use of an interdimensional symbol.

The Black Ray is the bridge of synthesis between the divine and human kingdoms linking the Divine or Universal Mind and Body of God. We are the living Body of God, and the Black Ray relentlessly looks to introduce, externally and internally, greater more comprehensive levels of the Universal Mind into these human envelopes. While we are all “Gods in Bods”, we still - like all other expressions of divinity - continue to interactively grow. For Tree of Life students, this describes the technical bridging of the Black and Orange Rays (Chakras 11 and 2, respectively) physically grounding into the 2nd or sacral center. This linking the EE-motion of Source emanation (El Lunia) and the physical platform of Eden (Orange Ray- Luminus) is a joining together of the highest aspects of the lunar dimensions of existence. It bridges the Great Central Moon expression with the human female capacity to sponsor, issue forth, and nourish life. The Symbolic Arc of the Covenant between the manifest (manna-fest) and unmanifest aspects of existence - symbolized by the crescent moon - is reflected in the Cradle of Light of the female womb. Under these orange and black colors, life continually expresses itself in new masks in the creative bounty of an eternal Halloween.

BLACK RAY study must begin with the facts (“just the facts, Ma’am”): an empirical review of various functional dualities within both the solar and universal/galactic systems. Duality abounds wherever we look, organize, and measure. It is a most efficient exercise of Perception (the first galactic dimension of Gemini). All things must have some elemental distinction to be distinguished, noted, or communicated with. Even our computer languages are complex embellishments of a primary binary system of 1 and 0. We U-mans - computers of even more complex pedigree - also tend to see things as binary black or white. Rich man poor man. Romeo and Juliet. Life & Death. Inside &Out. The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat. Labor vs.Tory. Salt and Pepper. Rodgers and Astaire. Democrat vs. Republican. OB 1 and the Jedi Knights vs. Darth Vader and the Evil Empire. Etc, Etc. The list of oppositions is nearly endless - or at least infinity divided by 2! And certainly our focus of study on Galactic Astrology and The Tree of Life in this sign of the twin lights brings a variety of core “pairings” as well, which further our Perception in this, the sign of the galactic scientist.

Central Sun / Central Moon - Centrality expresses through duality. There exist worlds within worlds, suns within suns within suns, and moons behind moons. This particular shared level of experience, Terra/Earth, that we currently dwell consciously on and within, as distinct yet interconnected life, has a central axis of organization. That level is called the Central Sun and Moon. The Central Sun maintains balance, order, and alignment; the Central Moon houses organic outposts (Temple of Light), and the expression of universal mind in the diversity and nuance of form.

Mother / Father God - rather than the traditional scriptural concepts, this is seen as the level of awareness that creates, preserves, and destroys the physical observable universe. God is a galactic or local phenomenon. It is closer to the Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva of Hinduism, as opposed to the Brahman or more inclusive aspect. Please note however, that the principal engine of creation operates through the female-male distinction; (Masculine - Feminine)- a description of the right and left side Sephirot in the traditional Kaballah. Adjectival descriptions of Father/Sun and Mother/Moon expressions in living biology, eg. meridians.

Tonal / Nagual- culled from the Don Juan/Carlos Castenada tales. The Tonal is everything we can name, describe, and tangibly sense and order. This includes any concept or conceptualizations we hold for spirit, god, etc. Nagual is everything and all that remains. Its the primordial soup (or at least the part not contained in “primordial soup”). The Nagual is the backstage of life; the “word”, ether, home of Sourcery. The context from which the text of life is culled.

Solar / Galactic - Solar pertains to the life organization within our local solar system. It includes the entire mechanism of thought and dimensional form (dimensions 1-5) that support the physical plane housings that we currently live as a species within. Galactic is the description of the 6th dimensional (christ/buddha) plane of consciousness, as well as the astronomical description of galaxy. A vaster order of star sytems, held in some sort of interactive formation. Source - biased.

White Ray / Black Ray- a cousin to the Tonal / Nagual. The white ray is the ray of balance, order, healing, and the glory of physical expression. It is physical perfection, skeletal resonance on all levels of structure. The black ray is the context within which the white ray exists. The carrier of divine thought/emotion and breath, the “cleaner”, the charcoal that absorbs 50 times its weight, the plumber (think “Men in Black”- now there’s a right pair of galactic Gemini’s!). The black ray is always looking for that which is behind what is seen. These rays also work together (see above) as a concretization of the higher realms of light.

Bogie and Bacall - just checking to see if you are actually reading! Nothing new here. But just an example of how two become so much more than 1+1 in our minds and hearts. My intro to the concept of completion and the “completer” energies. This should be distinguished from the co-dependency concept of two incompletes becoming whole; rather, two galactically complete beings universalizing.

Twin Ray - a concept of divine origin. As we issued forth as distinct living beings, there was an innate pairing of our self in physical expression. A partner spark that completes us, and is available to us as we say "Yes" to our seventh dimensional Self. Biologies' GOLD Medal . This is a meeting with "the other" beyond Soul Level drama (while not without twists and turns) . The partners are the physical plane embodiment of the Living Mother Father God; the living enactment and completion of a micro-Cosmic creation cycle, within the macro-Cosmic tale of the birth of Universe 13. A study in and of itself, I refer the reader to and for further depth on this topic.


All holographic models of human biology imply projection of spirit into physical biology through some form of Light Body. The merkebah, often associated with Thoth, is a 55 foot - circle light body surrounding the Solar dimension of self. The personal Rotundrum is our light body in the mid and high Galactic dimensions. The Merkivah is the Rainbow Bridge for Humanity in the early 21st century.

The Mer-ki-vah, historically embodied and introduced into the human template by Elijah (and previously known as the Chariot of Fire) is the housing for the galactic Kadmon bodies of light and more. This is YOUR diamond into FOREVER. Specific technical placements of seed crystal levels connect this Diamond of Light into the solar, crystalline, electrolytic, and magic levels of consciousness. Familiarization and adherence to these technical connections into your Merkivah (available through warriorsofpeace light body attunement seminars), followed up with your own private study, is a fast- track program to personal EEnergetic freedom. Elijah, the 11th (black ray) planetary consultant, overlights human efforts in this arena, and has spearheaded Merkivah development and implementation.

It is a diamond shape created by 2 pyramids that connect at their bases.This energetic envelope extends approximately 3 feet above & below as well as the sides of the body. It runs a magnetic line or tube through the length of the body connecting top to bottom.This performs a gyroscopic stabilization function. The outer formation of the merkivah are 12 identical diamond shapes rotated 30 degrees through common points above and below the body. All higher christ frequency electronics as well as the etheric component of breath move within that context into the human body.

The diamond shaped housing is an etheric form of copper. It grounds and translates Source frequencies into the human body through the electonic bodies and a series of quartz crystals. In a very real respect the merkivah is the "mothership" light body, and once located can easily shift one into their christed bodies. Calling in or visualizing the copper outlines described will activate the energies. Like all of the God Consciousness energies, they do not assert themselves into your consciousness. However, this is a very soothing and nourishing level of your actual self that I assure you will be a pleasure to familiarize oneself with. Those with backrounds in the Flower of Life and Oren Daben schools of light body awakening will be amazed at the hi-tech features of this 2002 transportation model. Certainly designed with U, the universal U, in mind! In time you will become so comfortable with your Merkivah that it will feel like the real you more than your own physical body. It is at that point that the next dimension of Mer-ki-vah properties will very naturally manifest in your own private and personal evolution with Source Self.

Another form atmosphere and the IMMORTAL ethers . Many valuable technologies of consciousness have taken advantage of this readily accessible spiritual atmosphere of breath, probing and penetrating into the ageless and timeless dimensions of life. Breath takes us back to the zero point. Connecting the breath with the Black Dragon energies is a fast track (and fast ride!) entree into the cleansing and transformative power of the our (Black Ray) breathing apparatus. For "watering" the cells or physical body with source frequency, just shift awareness into the copper-outlined merkivah structure. Breathe slowly through the Merkivah and deep into the lungs a few times. This is an excellent revitalization tool, dramatically integrating the galactic bodies with a crystalline level of cellular awareness. I call it the "Breath-lehem" or breath L'chiam (breath of LIFE) technique, as it shifts one rapidly into a harmonic of the Bethlehem frequency in their own body. of grounding is though conscious implementation of breath. The breath is a composite pairing of the MORTAL energies of the physical.

Now we will look at 2 specific "Twin"nings that should deepen your sense of astrological dimensional dynamics. Galactic astrology is a penthouse view (that's the building, not the magazine!) of the layers and textures of energetic organization. Just as we may have a nickname, title and or behave differently with various individuals, affinity groups, or family members, same for the signs of spirit. The astro-logical houses of spirit also have different energies they pair up,complement, oppose, "hang", or work with, depending on the context or levels of consciousness. The Astrology of the Universal Human can be seen as a three or 4 dimensional/layer chess board (or Tree of Life, seeing various sets of branches on different levels) The energetic alliances of the different "houses of spirit" shift between dimensions. This month we'll look at 2.

Solar Full Moon Pairings - Each pairing is a mirroring of the same general subject or action as it transpires in personal and collective spheres. When a full moon occurs, the moon is passing through the astrological sign opposite to the sun sign of the month. This lunar 180 degree opposition perspective, provides maximum distancing and perspective on the solar principal or expression involved. On a solar level, adjustments and awareness that results from this mirroring of the full moon promise potential completion or balance. The sun sign is incomplete without including or taking into account the opposition. Following are the 6 solar pairings (twelve if seen from both vantage points):

ARIES-LIBRA - here is the dynamic balance between awareness of self (aries) and awareness of another self (libra). No individual or relationship is "complete" until it takes into account or "allows" the other in its expression. A genuine partnership requires each partner to maintain their unique and sovereign voice to survive. Conversely, personal self-expression is not complete until it locates its audience. Supported by modern quantum physics' recognition of the impact of the observer.

TAURUS-SCORPIO - here is the solar ray of the balanced pairing of self worth and net worth. How one holds and measures ones own resource (taurus) in relation or balance with the collective (scorpio). Fixed Earth faces off with fixed fire. Earth possessions must hold emotional value. Likewise, emotion-al surety must find practical expression. The Meditation (holding SELF)/Surrender(losing SELF) axis.

GEMINI-SAGITTARIUS- the balance of thought. Information gathering and analysis(gemini) vs. seeking guidance and the "truth"(sagittarius). The conversationalist and wit meets the prophet and philosopher.The dualism of figure-ground is incomplete without the payoff of a final conclusion. The tried and true "right way" must always pass the test of current applicability. Duality/Unity symbiosis.

CANCER-CAPRICORN - the balance of family values, in the personal and collective sphere. Home (cancer) and Government (capricorn) manage the affairs of their respective spheres. Emotional voter responsiveness (28 days-moon) creates the issues that decide the character (28 years-saturn) of the nation. The businessman is lost without his emotional roots, the homeowner without police protection.

LEO-AQUARIUS - balancing the "heart" of the matter, in the personal and group arena. Personal freedom vs. group freedom. Theatre/HOT (leo) vs. Movies/COOL (aquarius). The individual star is lost without the entourage, as is the franchise without individual entepreneurs who work their "system." This is the solar pairing of Humanity, in its individual and collective genius,wholeness, and expression.

VIRGO-PISCES - The 2 "glue" signs that keep the solar wheel turning. Personal self-adjustment (virgo) versus collective purging and cleansing (pisces). Intellectual IQ is adrift without emotional IQ, and vice versa.Virgo cleans up the Cheers Bar after another Leo party, while Pisces the social worker visits a recipient falling through the cracks of the Aquarian welfare reform. Clarity/Empathy balance.

Galactic Complements- the pairings below are reflective of the physical body and the 12 chakra ordering of the 21st century wheel. The solar opposites (above) are reflections of time ordering. Where the solar opposites look to BALANCE through horizontal awareness, the galactic pairings are active though timeless vertical pairings.They combine various levels of the electronic body to formfit and ground source intelligence and God consciousness into the perfected human body. Holding these pairs in the mind's eye and following the resultant energy, will introduce one into the Galactic Tree of Life. Hold and blend with the energy of the tree. It is a living intelligence, that will eventually formfit into the solar plexus center.

Aries (Advent) - Capricorn (Ascent) {Red and Granite/Copper Rays} - this is an action pairing, combining the spark of courage and intiation of Advent activity with the focus and reformatting of Ascent. These are the only galactic houses of spirit that do not share a chakra or center: they are the inbox-download (first) and outbox-upload (sixth) of an individual's conscious connection to Source ( inDeed !).

Cancer (Luminus) - Gemini (El Lunia) {Orange and Black Rays} - this is the 2nd center pairing of co-creation through the imprinting of divine mind through the Central Moon inspired Source intelligence, into the matrix of physical creation. The marriage of EE motion and e-motion linking Immortality into the Perfecting Human Body.

Leo ( Hu Effervescence) - Scorpio (Pentaglium) {Yellow/Gold and White Rays} - this is an balance/management pairing, with both rays displaying the ability to accomodate and host a variety of expression in an everexpanding balance. Group divinity (vertical) complements the electronics of the perfected individual (horizontal) physical expression of MotherFather God. The organizational crossroads of the Living Source Spark community at center #3.

Taurus (Harvest Blossom) - Pisces (Spiritual Currency) {Pink and Blue Rays} this 4th center "high life" pairing, joins the two partners in perfection of human biology. Self Love, holding one's Self in sufficiently high regard, and the complementation of Higher Mind and Heart mix and match the river of Source heart with the fresh blue waters of Divine Intellect.

Sagittarius (Excelsius) - Aquarius (Temple of Light) {Iolite and Emerald Green Rays} - this is the power-synthesis complementation where the universal/galactic/solar 5th chakra merge of the Rod of Power releases the personal Word.Temple of Light coaleses all technologies and families of spirit under the cooperative umbrella of shared access and purpose.The universal portals of collective achievement through personal courage. All win.

Virgo (Manna) - Libra (Premier Eminence) {Lavender and Gold-White Gold Rays} - these are the two interdimensional elevators (or bridges). Housed together in the Crown or 7th center, they host the cross-dimensional communication, synthesis, and nourishment of Source unfoldment. Manna nourishes heals and interdicts with the trans-personal realms. Premier Eminence order and harmonize Galactic-Universal borders. Galactic glue pairings of the 12 quartz crystals in the crown and the fire yods.

May that Old Black Magic, this Gemini month, get under your skin . . . & increase your frequency beyond personal control. The longer boats of your highest SELF awaits you. Step on board, and bored you will never be again. Or as Yoda might say, "May the Force force you to be you."

Mark Appleman 5/21/02



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