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" humbled by the intensity and integrity of it all " Elijah 2004


within the echo of the unstruck note,
I a-light.
within octaves of harmony, I elev8 and
within the pulse of what is,
rest is found.

In the sweep of the one
great and glorious mind,
I, Icarus unchained,
Reclaim memory and view.

conjoined now to the One,
bound by integrity, intensity, and fun;
intentions set right,
now freed from day and night.

I move in and through the sun,
Up through galaxies I run,
Through the universal core,
To the Source that I adore.

Sweet surrender found.
Strangely, back on solid ground.

Diaspora solved.
How ?
Well, I just consciously evolved!
Claiming homestead divine

HERE Just outside the borders of time

Just In Time manufactured,
Life unreservedly
Holds reservations for you.
Source Light Refractor,
Here's your "Room with a View".
Love, light, and unrepentant laughter,
(yes, life knows what you're after)

Integrity, intensity,
Fractal ambrosia.
All-Lions of light,
All-ow life to compose you.
Un veil - in- time's arms,
Let your love expose you.

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