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Alumbio Interview


The following is an interview on Galactic Astrology with Mark that appeared recently at Alumbo Magazine:

Original artwork by Daniel B. Holeman

Q: What is Galactic or Higher Self Astrology, and how does it differ from the astrology that we have all learned or heard about?

A: We as individuals and as a humanity are in the process of untangling ourselves from a very limiting set of images about ourselves. As this process continues to accelerate, there is a growing consensus that there is a lot more to US than was previously considered. In this time when many individuals are embracing a large, bright, multidimensional vision of themselves, they seek mirrors that reflect that light and promise. Galactic Astrology is one of the first sciences to support and assist this multidimensional model of self.

Q: Doesn't Solar Astrology offer a large picture?

A: Yes. I am a great fan of solar astrology as well. It serves as a fabulous psychological profiling tool for tribal behavior patterns. As an "alternative language", it can very quickly bypass traditional communication etiquette and rapidly tear down the walls between people. Finally and most importantly, at the early stages at least, it dramatically boosts our self worth. We feel we are understood, and a unique being in a large cosmos.

Q: Well that sounds pretty good to me. Why do we have to expand it to a Galactic or Universal level of measurement? Isn't an entire Solar System a large enough background?

A: It would seem to be, wouldn't it? But it turns out there is - to say it mildly - a lot more to us than meets the eye. We have readily accessible aspects of our greater Self that don't even begin until we exit the solar or soular level of things.

Theoretically, it is not difficult to understand. When you are a pilot of an airplane, the distinctions of the streets and avenues of your hometown, while still part of your sense memory, are not meaningful. Airborne there will be wind and traffic patterns and a series of variables that will attract your earnest attention. Back on the ground, it will be back to red lights, autobahns, and intoxicated pedestrians. Both dimensions of travel are real, but the rules and physics of travel change dramatically and require different solutions. Once we are on the PLANE of galactic unity, our larger or higher levels of self emerge. The solar system is designed to reflect back and mirror issues and frequencies that promote development of the Soul. Astrology is a science that has emerged from measuring those dimensions of human potential. However, galactic and universal unity is an entirely distinct state of frequency and affairs. Here an individual looks and locks back into their roots and Source relationship.

At this point, focus is on Self-mastery and grounding divinity into our individual human bodies. The Galactic scope and mirror is needed at that point. The galactic level of Self is the fulcrum point for our integration into Source. Think of the mid galactic plane as "neutral" in a stick shift car. We must pass out of the solar gear into neutral on our conscious journey back to Source. Galactic awareness for many is a process of remembrance and reclamation of Authentic Self. So galactic astrology does not address the solar aspects of your life; it is not the consultant for the figure-ground relationship between you and earthly affairs. Instead it speaks to your "better half", and assists your personal journey back home into the higher dimensions of SELF.

Q: In your writings, you often refer to The Tree of Life and the teachings of the Collective Messiah. Is this information yours or theirs? Are you channeling your teaching?

A: Well good questions there, and hopefully equal answers. First of all let me address the channel aspect of things. I have never channeled in a traditional sense. However, for my entire life I have been very comfortable accessing what I would call the higher or universal mind. I've written hundreds of songs and poems, and definitely go into a "flow" state when lecturing or doing charts. I feel the information we are all commercing in now is reflective of collective understandings that we each have our own access too. To me I discovered or in some way "hacked into" of the big universal mainframe.

At a certain point in the 70's I distinctly requested to God that if at all possible I would like to just discuss truth in some way and make a livelihood from it. Over the next month or so, I - who was somewhat well read on astrology - started to intuitively pick up a whole layer of astro- LOGIC that addressed the individual as an expression of Divinity. I already knew that people were universally drawn to astrology because they were able to get a big dose of information about their favorite person - themselves! As long as I had their undivided attention, I began to provide an elevated view of themselves for them. This was a pleasure to offer, and was very well received. So I spent a good portion of the next 4 or 5 years doing charts, teaching astrological classes from that perspective to astrologers, psychologists, and students of life. Then stopped to raise my two children, as I had to generate more income and also wanted to focus on family life. With children later in college, I attended a workshop of Lisa Smith's a few years back, and I was amazed and delighted to hear Sananda and Elijah discussing the same level of astrology I had earlier accessed. Except from their unique perspective. And on top of that they were providing linkage into the Tree of Life and the energetic light body alignments. Needless to say, I was quite thankful to God that I had run into other beings that seemed to be tuned into the same system. So I have attempted to merge their perspective and mine into an expression of Astrology that can serve the student of the warriorsofpeace teaching, or anyone wanting to look into a mirror that honestly points out the beauty of their own Unique Design as a living aspect of deity. This will provide an entirely independent access to the new/old levels of consciousness we are all remembering again in our individual lives, and synthesizing into Modern 21st Century Mastery.

While I used different language and imagery, the focus then is similar to what I teach now. The focus is on the Ascendant or Rising Sign, which I now term "The Sign of Spirit". When we switch the energetic and behavioral orientation of ourselves from the sun sign to our own personal "Sign of Spirit", our subtle and light bodies undergo a very dramatic shift. We process energies differently. Just like changing operating systems on a computer into one with more RAM and networking capabilities, so it is when we consciously shift into our astrological Ascension. Its pretty clear; when we allow the greater self to express itself through our Ascendant or physical body, things happen at a much purer frequency. When we operate instead through our Sun sign or Moon sign, we are organizing our life through an ego pattern (sun) or someone else's ego pattern (moon). Not bad in short spurts, but not exactly the potential of the human incarnation. We were form fit to organically weave back into the physical dimensions as the Living Gods in Bods that we are, have been, and always will be. As fully empowered, equal, living Source Sparks.

However, in these early stages we all can use as many tools as possible to assist us in Remembering, taking our Power, and Co-Creating from our original vibrational frequency and pedigree. So to me this Astrology as well as all the other tools: Co-Creation, Interactive Guided Imagery (communication with one's own higher self), Twin Ray, Fountain of Youth, recognition of the interdimensional community, the human community (one example beautifully expressed through and the healing technologies - all serve together to reflect back the authentic nature of the Living God who peers out of each of our eyes. And I am pleased to provide the Astrology stand alone, or as a completely interactive component of the modern day Kabala - Tree of Life taught through the Collective Messiah & The Warriors of Peace.

Q: I am not very good yet at solar astrology. Do I have to throw out everything I know about signs, planets, and houses and start all over again? Are there books on galactic astrology you can recommend?

A: Please understand that the level of you that learned solar astrology is not the level that will be learning this new astrology. This teaching is being downloaded directly into your Higher Self. It is a Uranian transmission of light frequency and coding that works quickly to upgrade your bodies' ability to assimilate and ALLOW (as in permit) galactic frequencies to smoothly reformat your physical and subtle physical bodies. I am just functioning as a trigger for this particular frequency into the human community.

The bad news/good news on this astrology is that there are no books yet on this. Good News: We are the Red Ray pioneers of many of these frequencies. I have been writing a series of technical (and hopefully humorous) monthly astrological articles for the grounding and entertainment of both the interdimensional and Earth Master audience.

When I finish the 12-month cycle, I will publish these (working title: A Year in the Life) along with diagrams and some other support items. In addition, I will be writing a more down to Earth (or at least down to Terra!) astrological book: Getting the Bigger Picture (without getting framed): The Astrology of the Universal Human. This will combine much of the information from the Seventies, my current "ah-hahs", and meld it into the Collective Messiah teachings I learned and continue to learn from Sananda et al. Lisa Smith has channeled an enormous amount of detailed info on the new astrology. Constellations, new symbols, complementation, rulerships, what have you. I have read much of that information, attended numerous seminars, and then asked my own greater self and intuition to clarify and integrate that information. Each of us can follow the same process. All the information is also inside of us, though we play a wonderful role in awakening and nourishing each other as well. This is all a co-Creational team effort. In fact, without all our active participation, the story of the 13th team or tribe (my name for the 13th Sign of Spirit or tribe is the InSpiritors) will definitely not be written. Perhaps two or three people reading these articles will take the astrology and light body integrations into the next dimensions, and write the next round of books.

But in learning the new astrology, my suggestion is this. If you first and foremost treat yourself and the astrology as two frequencies that are blending with one another, you will assimilate this information with ease and grace. Feel the freedom behind the information. Feel how looking at things from a galactic, "out of the soul-ar box" can very effortlessly begin to activate mid-galactic (or Rotundrum) Temple of Light memories inside your own cells. As well as providing some "galactic shades" for a cool view into the story of God taking your body and coming to Earth. There are details, and they will enrich the body of understanding; but first study of the subject can begin right now, just by asking your intuition to begin downloading the galactic astrology program directly into your higher self. Like Neo did in The Matrix with his martial arts!

Q: Are there actual galactic charts available? What is the process like?

A: The chart readings that I do are from the traditional Placidian chart. However, they are interpreted through a galactic/universal perspective. Basically, an individual's personal understanding and energetic relationships between himself, the planets, and his higher self are probed, rebalanced, and reprogrammed into the mid-galactic center. This allows a person to integrate and balance planetary energies into the solar plexus. The process takes a few hours, and each person gets a tape copy. The solar level is not ignored, just reframed. This is RED PILL astrology, not blue pill astrology !

The emphasis of the chart reading is the establishment of a place of energetic understanding inside the individual, where they can see the field of their own individual life as a true "field of dreams". The technicalities of that are reprogramming the higher self into the energy field through the Sign of Spirit, familiarization with Sat-Urn as the Freedom Bridge one must walk over, and conscious upgrade of the Mercury, Venus, Mars energies into the intuition, imagination, and intention of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Finally grounding that new operating system through the South and North Node, Part of Fortune, and the personal skill sets of the personal Sun- Moon placements. Which now are re-patterned and online with God, Universal, and Source frequency alignments.

Q: Mark, why did you put connect2source together?

A: I wanted to create an oasis of sorts, a cyber café of thought. A portal into articles, poetry, astrology, and other links that support our primary connection with Source energy. And deepen that primary connection as a function of consciousness and FREQUENCY increase. With my expressed goal being that any visitor here would be able to find some subject matter truly worth entertaining. And that by entertaining that information - be it on personal sovereignty, the fountain of youth, human multidimensionality, co creation, or just to enjoy a poem - they would increase some aspect of their personal well–being. And address their life, and their relationship with Source, in an expanded way.

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