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To Jupiter and Beyond:


"Taking Control of Our Computers"


"Dave, please. Wait Dave.
We can work this out…"

Hal the Computer, to Dave, in “2001: Space Odyssey”

Computers, and computer networking, provide great models for us to examine the various realms of human consciousness in an orderly fashion. A human being can be seen as a biocomputer; seamlessly multitasking vast streams of magnetic, electronic, and discrete data though nearly countless cellular, organic, and systemic levels of itself. Computer and networking functions match up neatly with biochemical human life.

Our connection to Source energy in this model would be the plug (or wireless). The breath, the heartbeat, and the energetic life force surrounding the body, each can be seen as a prong of that plug, connecting the body into various media of spirit. Specific human functionality is analogous to software programs, downloaded into the mainframe of our biology, or hardware (Neo learning karate in The Matrix is a perfect visual expression of that). The flow of life can be seen as blending the Cartesian grids of Software & Hardware (as well as time and space, 0 and 1, black and white, etc.) into our individualized human experience. Human short-term memory, and our capacity to concentrate, is our version of Random Access Memory (RAM). RAM functions as the NOW time, or “point of focus” of our psychology, or in computer speak, our programming portal. The various chakras or centers of the body can be seen similar to the various interface plugs in the front and back of our computer tower. In the human as biocomputer model, the mouse is our current focus of attention, with the “click” being exercise of our intention, or choice. When both humans and computers “sleep”, unsaved data is lost, and traditional operating systems are stilled. The systems themselves remain permanently online.

Individual thoughts and thought streams seem to come from some Multi-Universal version of a World Wide Web. Thoughts arrive in algorhythmic light packets, magnetic pulses, and a wide spectrum of delivery modes. Or email (communication) from others. Emails always have the potential to give our system a virus, shutting down or subverting our “operating system. So firewalls and anti-virus protection, or in human society ego, personal boundaries, and discrimination develop. We each have access to a wide choice of thoughts, surfing this universal web. Thoughts have their own “websites” and links. Eventually (actively or passively, our choice) thoughts coagulate into our unique personalized presentation. Our unique bio-computer presentation of SELF is delineated by how many megabytes we possess; our RAM capacity, our mega-programming, and our operating system. Active intelligence increases our megabytes, focus our RAM, belief systems our mega-programs. And what level of dimension that we CHOOSE to operate in defines our operating system. The “Walk through the Dimensions” series of articles is an attempt to quantify, as well as elucidate the bodies of knowledge that compose, this shared, but unique, multi-dimensional experience. And from this knowledge, choose our portals wisely.

Are we not all part of the same network? Can fine-tuning our Self to that network brighten and in-lighten our Earthwalk? And are we not ready to consciously network with our network’s creator?

This “Walk through the Dimensions” articles use as a foundation, a model of consciousness I first found in Barbara Hand Clow’s The Pleiadian Agenda. The book (a “top 10” roller coaster ride of a book) was written from a Pleiadian or off planet point of view. It quantifies the options of consciousness in a 9 level model. Through that paradigm, each dimension of our greater Self was presented as a lens through which we can potentially perceive, interpret, and interact with reality. An easy way to understand this is seeing one’s consciousness like an elevator in a huge department store, like Harrods or Macy’s. We can get out at any floor, and shop for the experiences or products of that floor. While we never leave the store itself, experiences on differing floors differs vastly. Sometimes, it is hard to believe a person is in the same store we are (or planet, for that matter). A later presentation of this model, by Jesus Christ and Elijah through Lisa Smith, in her Warriors of Peace teachings (, uses dimensions to mirror the choice of our lives: do we want to live and participate in the “soular”, or the God conscious life? Vywamus, cosmic professor extraordinaire, used this information as a foundation for what he called the 4-body system that he felt would provide a foundation for Self Awakening or ascension. I hope to combine all 3, for you the reader.

These maps of consciousness provide the “Gameboard” (thank you for that term, Steve Rother) or universal map for our own unique journey out of this long running Earth game of “Chutes and Ladders” (a.k.a. karma, “being stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again”, etc.). Offering the journey out of Mobile, into an open-ended wedding of completion and bliss. Well beyond the solar “Matrix” generously and relentlessly presented to us by our currently unenlightened collective world society. There we can join in and participate is the re-establishment of Universal perspective, unity, and balance. Luckily, we are each sovereign, and not wedded at the hip to mass culture. The mass culture that has programmed us into patterns of thought that severely curtails our ability to respond to life’s true bouquet. We must dictate what level we “play” the game, the level of “players” we network with, or choose to operate our life experience within. This dramatically alters our experience of it. Changing dimensions of consciousness is like changing the operating system of your bio-computer. The holographic feedback we constantly receive from the universe is of course played to us through our own filter and magnetic fields. These filters can be altered, and are in fact altering for each of us on a constant basis.

Conscious Evolution thus offers you the option to upgrade your human computer back up into its inherent design capabilities. TAKE BACK CONTROL OF YOUR COMPUTER. You, the “Millennium Falcon”, are a universal citizen, a denizen of a Source that emanates well beyond light speed. You have participated in the development of this very fabric that can tug and bind you, and obscure your view. Terms like Christ consciousness, divine ecstasy, Self-realization, God consciousness, Nirvana, etc., are all descriptions of our higher experience of the higher dimensions of self. They are not higher, as in unattainable. They are actually standard operating levels for the physical body or “spacesuit” that we currently occupy – which is the truly our first and foremost body of light. We are the pure light dressed as a divine human. However, often times we choose (actively or passively, it is still our choice) different options for our own personal reality show; we play “Survivor”, The Apprentice, Follow the Savior, or Poor Me! These are the hallmark programming patterns of the “Bush League” of light: a league that has long overstayed its welcome in our thoughts and deeds. Higher and more delicious leagues of light await our focus and attention. And invites your participation. This is the “network” with true net worth. And keeping a seat engraved with your true name.

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