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Robert Scheinfeld does a few seminars each year and we all highly recommend taking advantage of one. We went to his last seminar and there was no agenda. We met at hotel and just saw what happened from there. Another part of his "model," is to always live in reactive mode. We just saw where we all took the event and it was amazing. We were each awakening in fun and challenging new ways. This weekend, gave me a great sense of light hearted liveliness.

At the seminar, we met a never ending plethora of amazing people. It seems anyone on the non dualism/illusion theory journey, shows up as amazing. One of those people, is Mark Appleman. Mark has been on his own "Hero's Journey" for 35+ years. Here we were assuming we had journeyed here to only shoot Robert, and we meet Mark. Mark has his own interpretation on the Illusion Theory. We wanted to capture his wisdom on film, so we went into the Capitol on Monday, after the seminar. Mark is brilliant and very funny. To learn more about Mark http://www.connect2source.com/ The young lady in the picture below, with Chad and Mark was the illusion of a random person strolling by that we dragged into our world. Down the rabbit hole we keep going.

Tuesday had us revisit with Robert at his house. This is when we were finally able to horde Robert and have him to ourselves for a few hours. We spent hours with Robert. I was amazed again, at how he has an immediate answer to any question we asked him. This is a man who discovered the non reality of this reality and began unraveling the illusion. Along the way, he had the experience of enormous losses of power. As he stuck with his journey, he reclaimed power and came to know the TRUTH about who and what he really was. If you'd like to read Robert's book through Amazon and support Leap!

This movie is going to be amazing! Not because we think we're making a movie, but because we continue to surrender into the truth of who and what each of us truly are. We focus on doing what inspires us and how we can support people in their journeys. In doing this, we're supported. If you know someone out there, that could relate to our journey, please let them know about this project. We'd also, love to read your comments. Post away.

Visit us at www.theleapmovie.com/


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