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“Tip-Toes Thru the Two-Lips”,
“A - Lion - Meant”
“Samson Brings Down the Temple”


(A Master Plan/ Mark Time Production)


Courage learned is Courage EARNED as the naked heart (coeur) of Source, adorned in the body of the living God, comes of age. The emerging human hero aligns bodies and worlds seen and unseen in a dazzling display of élan, daring brilliance, and unremitting balance. Any and All who see the impossible merely as the next logical step become Sam-sons and daughters, bringing down the Temple of Light into the Solar Plexus and the Terra/Earth community. Backstage support is provided by the God-parents of record (and the rest of the clan back on the Great Central Sun and Moon) who absolutely refuse to see their children living anywhere except Shangri-la (no, its not a suburb of LA!)/ Shambhalla.


Golden ages require lion-hearted commitment and a lion’s breath as well, providing magical source rhythms and a peek back into a second childhood that never ends. The will to thrive rather than survive is called for in this month of bubbling Hu man Effervescence, when the Universal vintage of human sovereignty is uncorked in the drama of a noon day IPO. Unity consciousness reminds us “One is Fun”. Not to mention the recipe for freedom and a tip-toe through the two lips of mother-father God; a tip-toe into some arresting developments over at the solar plexus, which now commands multiple frequencies and I Am pedigree. A 3 -Peat DYNASTY for a 7th Golden Age is born.

Stars are made not born, as HU manity’s collective Will to become invokes devotees of each tributary and every river of human discovery. As individuals, they together convene the long heralded Rainbow Gathering. So as the 13th tribe now finds itself reassembled in an irresistible symmetry, the Breath of Source moves into the human kingdom. To deliver courage’s promise and reward.

It’s high noon as the enthusiastic Leonine dramatists of the solar stage leap into position for another ride on that merry-go-round of modern 21st century life. It’s at “high noon” that all westerns ( and easterns for that matter) are always resolved. The hero and heroines get their heart’s desire, and the villain is dispatched to his just reward. However, none of this transpires without that golden ingredient of courage. For it is in this stage of Leo/Hu Effervescence that last month’s emotional commitments of Luminus/Cancer are forged into decisive action, and the ability to command in one’s own unique personal destiny. All within the acute awareness that “all the world’s a stage”, and that a larger participatory audience is in many ways involved.

Solar Leo “I saw a shooting star tonight, and I thought of you” Bob Dylan

Leo’s playful poise and sense of the “moment” refreshes the human tribe, withering from summer’s humidity and heat. The Leo moves with the audacity of Fixed Fire; while others can contest or even defeat the Leo, none can extinguish their star quality or flame. This regal YELLOW-GOLD sunflower stands proudly, engaging directly with the sun in its noontime glory. Just as the Sun offers fixity, warmth, and a context of expression for the Earth and other planets, so the Leo native provides this for the other 11 tribes of spirit. We are to embody all 12 tribal frequencies within ourselves in order to “outgrow” solar limits. So this is the month we celebrate that inextinguishable grace of self, and SELF expression, that all possess. Balancing the various dimensions of our increasingly magical lives.

Magic Johnson and President Bill Clinton (who thinks he has one !) are excellent examples of the progressive Leo character. Each elevated their respective fields of play, truly bringing out the best in their co-participants; with a mix of enthusiasm, intelligence, aplomb, and an indomitable personal will to succeed. Each were forced to address unexpected life changes based on their inability to buffer themselves from personal adulation (the classical Leo chink-in-the-armor). Now with the cat-with-nine-lives dexterity also within Leo’s province, they both are finding new arenas to project their “larger than life” presence. Mr. Johnson is now a leading inner city developer of upscale urban entertainment and shopping centers, as well as a tireless worker elevating global awareness of AIDS. Mr. Clinton has taken his reality tested motto of “we can do better” into think tanks, MTV, and the international business community, providing his brilliant and incisive vision of geopolitics and genuine human inclusivity (another Leo strong suit).

As Leo embodies the attributes of the sun, they are also the most transparent example of the limitations of the purely solar perspective. The solar “skill set” of a particular Leo is often on permanent replay mode, so that repeated interaction with a Leo can quickly become a tiresome, one-way affair. The Leo, dazzled with their own drama and/or glory, oftentimes functions independent of meaningful feedback from others. Thus the personal charisma, most generously bestowed upon the Leo native, can induce an advanced case of the “emperor’s invisible clothes”. Also, while individuality is laudable, no “star” can be indifferent to his or her audience, tribe, or constellation. This lesson is often lost on the solar Leo. However, many of the exemplary character aspects of Leo - generosity, leadership, poise, playfulness, humor, and heart - resonate equally transparently to the benefit of all.

The Higher Aspects of Leo - Hu Effervescence - Shambhalla

“We all live in a Yellow Submarine”
Starr d.b.a. A Beatle (once a Beatle, always a Beatle!)

Just like the unsettling but enchanting discovery of Narnia by the children in CS Lewis’ The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, this magical Yellow-Gold month shall conjoin heretofore parallel worlds in ways impossible to forecast. Sham-bhalla is The House that God Built, our magical golden yellow submarine, in physical consciousness. This month’s Shambhalla / Shangri-la synthesis with our God - Source origins in the physical body shall be an A-Lion-ment of Galactic & Universal proportion. We will take no prisoners here. We will now proceed onward observing life through the SOURCE lens. And from Source perspective, all that exists is GOD Consciousness! That is the only medium that Source expresses and recognizes itself in physical manifestation. Manifestations of lower or incomplete frequency don’t even register on the Source radar screen. Shambhalla/Leo is the electronic and physical portal in time/space that “capital D” Divinity expresses itself in on an ongoing expression. This Leo month is the yearly IPO, or initial public offering, of the highest frequency that can be presented into the tribal life of humanity by an individualized member. This year, 2002, we are provided with our opportunity to connect into our “virtual reality”. For real! The Golden Age is seating on this planet, though participating human vehicles. Though a complete smog test is required! (the reader is referred to the Sanat Kumara message)

However before we begin, let us catch both our breaths & our seats of honor, in Leo fashion. The regal presence of the lion in nature was effectively dramatized and elevated to a transcendental level in the play The Lion King (photos from the LA production grace this article - thank you, Walt Disney). Each animal actor has two faces. Perhaps an acknowledgment of the human-animal partnership of each role, and our foundation and membership as a part of the living animal kingdom. But also a reminder of the higher, timeless aspect of Self that is our constant companion. Is not much of our lives an affair with our own higher natures? Dancing with reflections of that nature in our partners, passions, and friends?

Another companion of ours is this mysterious and often overlooked breath that links us - through both ether and atmosphere - into mortal and immortal a-lion-ment. Much of the Leo power is based on an instinctive trust and moment to moment re-orientation through this breath. This pranayama or “breath surfing” allows any and all to command each NOW moment to maximum potential and power. You could say it is a hidden power behind the Leo throne - and a subtle door right to the gates of Shambhalla. Allow your breath to deepen, and maintain the courage of your own integrity. Interesting developments are all ways promised to you any time you complete your 3rd genuine deep breath!

The physical crossroads of the Solar Plexus or 3rd chakra is the lightning rod for the series of upgrades that occur in the emerging God - Source expression. Each of the 12 signs (or centers / colors / branches of the Tree of Life) function as a particular specialist in the reception/expression of the multifaceted human being. The solar plexus is our point of balance in the experience of multidimensional modern life. As we consciously awaken, and vote internally (the polls are open 24/7 - just say yes to your own Source Self) to increase our own resonant frequency, the manner that we balance ourselves rapidly fast-forwards. Starting with its role as the 3rd or “ power” chakra, the solar plexus keeps changing wardrobe or role as consciousness is reclaimed and reawakened. It modulates frequency operating at a series of increasing octaves: animal power, soul, higher self, I Am frequency. As we move into soul level awareness from pure animal behavior, the soul (and solar) alignment is predominant. Once the inherent limitation of solar/soul is exposed, the Higher Self is consciously embraced. And electronically seated. This permits the entertainment of 6th dimensional, or crystal clarity (pka Christ / Buddha conscious-ness) to circulate into our waking, interactive lives. The higher self works with the crown center (which at that point upgrades, housing the I Am presence). As we increase our capacity to integrate more of the “missing 85%” into our physical bodies, the solar plexus modulates again, into its next upgrade.

As 7th dimensional frequency is achieved, the human body becomes a living “petri dish” for a series of exotic possibilities; integration of the Universal Meridian Grid into the human body, interactivity with the Shambhalla or “golden” body, freedom from disease and aging, activation of our lymphatic messaging system, electronic mating with our higher dimensional “twin ray” or completer energy, and the official “no-going-back” opening of perfected God Consciousness. This is all triggered through the permanent seating of the I Am presence in the solar center. Like a dam bursting with passion, the I Am presence travels down into the electronically receptive solar plexus, seating itself. At that point, the Source Self, our personal level of Source electronic, moves into the crown area. This is the step beyond having spiritual experiences, or living a spiritual life. This is the Spirit living you, and including YOU into ITS electronic. This completes the promise of Source, and reclamation of its own. Source enters now through your breath from its immortal perch, with the serene poise of Eternity. You are another spark reclaimed and operating independently, comfortably within the self-nourishing Source Dynamic. In the world, but no longer part and parcel of the solar Matrix.

Three looks at Leo- Shambhalla (A Question of Balance)

Hu Effervescence/Leo is a technical equilibrium point for three electrolytic level energetic pairs that surround the solar plexus. These introduce Universal frequencies into the physical biology. The lead pair sits in front (masculine) and back (feminine). A second pairing is at the Nodi points (a.k.a. “love handles”) on the sides of the torso. The third is a pairing of the thymus and sacral centers. The reader is asked now to take a moment & hold the solar plexus within these three pairings (above-below, front & back, and sides) internally; this awareness will identify and activate certain solar center light magnetics. It also pre-paves a future seating of the I Am Presence.

Psychological proportion and balance is another dimension to consider. Leo/Hu Effervescence mandates a healthy reverence for Self, the ability to unhook from solar issues traditionally assigned to the first 3 chakras, and clear access to the “inner child”. The internal SELF - Love- Body commitment of Taurus/Self-Realization is now ready to be “road-tested” in tribal human life. The solar plexus houses the actual portal of U-man intelligence. While the brain gets top billing in the “smarts” department, future textbooks will assign decision making and other executive skills to the home of the “gut” instinct and feeling. Actually, the solar plexus is our portal into galactic intelligence, order, and organization. It is our higher brain. Not to mention our actual uplink, through the solar “system”, into the Galactic Tree of Life (more on that in the exercise section).

A third type of correspondence balance will address Hu Effervescence the multi-dimensional chiropractor. Kinetic examination of the galactic Leo function leads us to the pairing of this Yellow-Gold center with three of its energetic partners; the Orange Ray of Luminus, the White Ray of The Pentaglium, and the Green Ray of the Temple of Light. The Solar Plexus is the crossroads of the human structure in action: the point that we literally connect into our God Consciousness with the synthesis of the Mother-Father God Consciousness energies (Orange), the Metatronic structure on the Collective Conscious (White), and the perfection of humanity and human biology through individual sovereignty(Emerald Green).

The creative energies of Source Substance and the crystal/human blend introduced in the sacral 2nd (Orange Ray) are brought upstream, and unfurled into personal biological balance of the 3rd center (Yellow - Gold). As symmetry is achieved, the individual achieves resonant balance with the electronics of the 13th tribe. The umbilicus functions as a “Mason-Dixon line” of sorts for these two adjacent and cooperating centers. This pairing also creatively balances the Mother and Father God energies in form.

The Pentaglium and Hu Effervescence vibrations are “roommates”- they both find physical plane housing in the solar or 3rd center. This pairing elicits the structural, managerial, and organizational side of the Yellow Ray. Think of a yellow topaz and a quartz crystal blending together to get a “feel” for this duo in form. This pairing anchors the healing, balance (and the best) in all STRUCTURES that it fearlessly considers. The human/universal (U-Man) community and group agendas are also commingled and balanced : providing linkage to the Great Central Sun, as the Orion aspect of the Yellow Ray is accentuated in this inter-mediate Galactic dimension. Orion and Terra/Earth are part of an organizational “chain of being” back to Source origin..

The various integrations between the Green and Yellow Rays evoke vibrational solutions for the evolution and current issues of modern day humanity. From a Tree of Life perspective, this is the galactic wisdom of the Temple of Light implementing “now” programming that assists in the evolution of the species: the preservation and immortalization of physical biology. These two energies combine to sponsor the 12/13 pulse and foundation for our science of Galactic Astrology. Working models to assist the elevation and expansion of individual and tribal Self-perception are anchored in through an updated and revivified Tree of Life. This is the one pair of solar opposites invited to the “big dance”.

This Leo month of Hu Effervescence brings the third (and final) fire element sign into activation. The 3 fire signs of Advent, Hu Effervescence, and Excelsius provide us with the developmental pattern of the Universal Human. We ( the living “fire letter”) manifest in form, and then discover and initiate Paradise (cardinal fire) in the Advent. We integrate and maintain (fixed fire) our heavenly roots with the hum of modern life through the balance and coeur-age of Hu Effervescence. Finally at the Excelsius gate, emboldened and balanced, we implement new strategies and enthusiasm in our own unique integrated voice, constantly synthesizing our physical, Earth and universal origins.

Succeeding monthly articles on Manna, Premier Eminence and The Pentaglium shall complete the earth, air, and water element activations. Envision the Fire signs as “God mastering physical Life.” The Earth signs as “God tends to the business of physical Life”. The Air signs as “God seeks more expansion within physical Life”. The Water signs: “God explores the physical enrichment of Life”.

Exercises : “Tales of Shangri-LA” and “2002: Space Odyssey”

In a sense this, our 9th monthly article, brings this series of essays to “term”. This month births much of the previous foundational information into an ongoing living and holistic experience. Serious readers will find their own intuitional under-standings beginning to formulate beyond the scope of what has been specifically addressed here. The process is much like creating a large balloon. There is conceptual work, acquisition of materials, stitching, etc. Finally it advances to the point of actually inflating the balloon in a way that will both master gravity and be a ongoing experience. In this case our balloon is not to be filled with HOT AIR! Rather YOU, the divine have been form-fitted for the “immaculate reception” of the Breath of Source. Delivered through etheric osmosis in Galactic Astrology. A new, original apple falling not too far from the TREE . Of Life.

Exercise 1 - Tales of Shangri-La

We begin our most powerful and complex exercises to date with a unification of the Green and Yellow Ray centers in the physical body. These exercises should be done at least 5 to 10 times during this month to achieve a participatory level of anchoring in the Collective Messiah grid. Your guidance will alert you when that is achieved.

The Emerald Green Ray facilitates the exercise and growth of individualized thought and personal identity. Paradoxically, this is achieved through immersion into the collective currents of the Temple of Light (solar examples of this “freedom through group” would be the aggressive shopping mall behavior of teenagers compared to their introspective behavior when alone; or how karaoke seems to liberate societal patterning in the masses). As the fixed air component, much of the impact of this Emerald Green Ray is involved in the head and neck centers. The general effect is the widening of existing passageways into the body, i.e. increased bandwidth. Call it galactic DSL. The three specific foci affected will be the upper bridge of the nose, the tube or space between your ears, and the cerebellum or lower rear portion of your brain. These will unify and interact with the Templar after sufficient awakening.

First, let’s bring focus to the bridge of the nose. It is the 2nd of the primary male/ female equilibrium points in the body (the other being the umbilicus). Here is where the highest level of God Consciousness - that one can currently consciously accommodate in EASE and GRACE - enters into the human light electro magnetic system. The placement of an emerald green crystal by your body’s own Commander In Chief (that’s YOU) at the bridge of your nose will immediately attract electrolytic energy from the high heart and Mer-ki-vah (both of which have been consciously activated and aligned with the Templar in previous articles). This brings one on-line with the Temple of Light. Next imagine a tube of solid white crystal light connecting in subtle space between the ears. Mentally focus and slowly expand this tube slightly, s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g the opening. As this visualization enters “virtual reality”, you will feel quite an expansion in the center of the head. A few minutes of focus, repeated a few times a day, will elevate the broadcast frequency in the head center, and increase personal receptivity to the higher dimension messaging centers ( a.k.a. telepathic communication. FYI, a slight inner ear soreness for a few days has been experienced). The third focus is on the Cerebellum center in the back of the brain. Consider it your “rear view” mirror. The expansion from solar to galactic perspective always induces a blind spot. We enter collective consciousness through galactic consensus. So the cerebellum effectively counterbalances any group bias with your own distinct and unique personal observation. Personal exploration of this center will expand your capacity to trust and revel in your own thinking processes. Consider it your personal emerald mine, a satellite office of the Temple of Light. A true Century 21 Real Estate office.

As these three foci are “held” or engaged, the Templar energy will come into your energetic field- lightening and expanding it considerably. It is your actual personal link between you and the Temple of Light, and other higher frequency systems of light. Ezekiel is the consultant of this area, and can be called on to assist. As it starts to come into focus a tube of light will organically manifest between the head/Templar energies down into the Solar plexus. This will fortify the alliance between the Temple of Light frequency and the human interactive biology, managed thru the Hu Effervescence center. Please expect a surge of vital energy through the torso, invigorating the thymus and heart centers. Also, the bridge of the nose will undergo a permanent upgrading, resulting in the widening and deepening of the breathing centers (etheric percentage of breath increases), as well as an increased electronic circulated into the various seed crystal centers in your physical apparatus.

The down stream pulse of the Temple of Light and the upwards infusion of Source Substance meet in the Temple of the Sun. Shambhalla/Shangri-La is awakened. We become part of the garland of the God Source Consciousness. The Source Substance finds expression in the perfected balance and structure of the ever-ready Lionheart. This is a central alignment and upgrade that will “trickle down” into the general human community consciousness as well..

Exercise #2 - 2002: Space Odyssey

With the established vibrational increases from exercise #1, we are ready to host - in the royal fashion of the Leo/ Hu Effervescence - the galactic frequencies in our physical bodies {please note the cycle of interdimensional synthesis provided by in the 3 monthly fire sign exercises . The astute student of this science should explore this pattern and other patterns that reveal themselves. These are your personal “tours” of the living tree of life}

The Planetary procession is now invited in - Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto - along with the Moon and Sun - as we reclaim our ancestral dignity, promise, and power. We will be seating and aligning the solar system in our bellies, and connecting into the Galactic Tree of Life in our solar plexus ! This is once again a trance-formation of the first order, and I invite you to accept the virtual reality of this on whatever level you (and your human structure) can accommodate. Here within the Universal Meridian alignments, planet Earth is a pivot point of self-awareness and synthesis. Within our physical bodies, the Solar Plexus provides a similar fulcrum. Consciously activating the solar plexus within the field of God Consciousness allows us to participate in the breath of Source dynamic into our sweet and beautiful ecosystem Terra/Earth. WE become a vortex of pure human potentiality, bliss, and 7th dimensional love. Not to mention infrastructure and a living part of the Tree of Life.

At the level of our galactic bodies, we are currently holding our part of the cohesive order of our local solar system. We will now invite the higher self of the solar system to interface with the I Am presence seated in the solar center. You are the Mother God ship, sending out a tractor beam that will communicate with each of the planets, formatting and digesting the energies of the planets themselves. You are the Father God ship, commanding the wisdom and intelligence to compose the symphony of the planetary energies of each now moment in Solar- Galactic-Universal-Source alignment. Witness the deference of the planets to the energy that you consciously hold within you!

Invite Mercury slowly into your mind’s eye and rebalance it with your I Am consciousness through the solar center. After a short period of time, the fluttering or shift will subside. That planet is now in your field, and its energies are permanently available to you. Mentally release the planet’s image and/or energy, and invite it into your solar plexus. It can enter through the bridge of the nose, the head centers, or directly into the solar area. Hold intention until you feel the shift. It will be obvious.

Next call in each succeeding planet, and repeat the process. The chiropractic surge in your own awareness will be quite dramatic as you now house the solar-galactic hum within your own physiology. As the planets reconvene in your solar plexus, they will reform and activate. No need to call in the Men in Black! The planets realign into a golden etheric type of formation within you, and network with galactic intelligence. Warning: you may feel a bit “pregnant” for a while. That’s because you are! But that too will normalize.

Also your breath will gracefully expand to host Source awareness, and in time a Source inspired direct messaging system. Welcome to the stewardship of Terra Earth. The grounding of the Temple of Light and solar system into the physical body is part of the grand transformation of human and planetary magnetics. As cosmic as that all sounds (and it is!), it is just one of the dimensions of light that we are here to enjoy. Whether we are admiring a sunset, getting a pizza, a Blockbuster video - or maintaining perfect balance of inner and outer skies- as they say, it’s ALL GOOD.

And if you want to something REALLY cosmic, take a look at yourself in the mirror. And for this Leo month at least, please admire the view !

7/ 28/ 02


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