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(A Master Plan / Mark Time Production)


"Over the last 1,000 years adventurers mapped the visible world. What worlds will be mapped in the next 1,000 years?"

- Rev. Harold Leininger

It's 4 weeks away to Mandala Bay as the Bethlehem brigade finally experiences that there is to More-to-Chai (and Moses) than meets the eye. Fall does nothing of the kind ! Spirits soar this autumn season for the best of reasons; Stage One completion in the anchoring of the 7th golden age into the human community. Many observe the human transition from the branches of the Tree of Life, through the portals of the interdimensional symbols. Who says you can't have it all !

Fibonacci finally gets his "green card" as the golden mean takes on new meaning. Mathematics and geometry kiss and make up, along with many solar leagues of light ; gladly trading in old insignias and names for their new Team 13 jerseys, courtesy of the TERRA INSPIRITORS. Etheric cocktails become the new "E" drug of choice; many are seen intoxicated in broad daylight, sniffing air! As the two hemispheres of the brain reach permanent working accord, broadband frequency is quickly installed.

You are the constellation of choice, the cosmic soup de jour; achieving symbolic victory and more. As you submit to the VISION and rapture within, rings of human angels on both sides of the veil celebrate still another CROWNING victory. While you become a Premier Eminence on the Mountaintop of the human transcendence (trance - end - independence - dance) DANCE DIVINE.

It's time for context and alliance, as the harmony and harmonics of human celebration, caring, and concern are explored in this freshly squeezed fall season. With the summer's passing, the human community closes ranks. All are welcome at this "mapmakers" party. No one leaves this party alone, for the best of reasons: frequent fliers on the "plane" of Unity always in-joy the very best of traveling companions. It's in the game, baby !


"God gave you style, and (God) gave you grace" - Coldplay, 2002

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty. This is all ye know on Earth, and all ye need to know". John Keats, Ode on a Grecian Urn

It's time for the libran truth and beauty express, which is out to get us "all aboard". Poise, positivism, and a penchant for merriment, romance, and the greater good distinguish the solar Libran. Libra, the "Scales of Justice" and harmony in human form, take its idealism seriously and personally. They want peace so badly, they'll fight to preserve it! Libra wants everything to be good, work out, and be fair- for everyone (then, with everyone else taken into account, they'd like to be spoiled rotten as well!). Born with a sweet tooth and a sweet disposition, Libra has their intentions set firmly on a personal sweet heart as well. Life is often seen as a golden opportunity to be a knight in shining armor, on the quest for what is good. Or good looking!

This Cardinal Air sign, the brokers of the zodiac, initiates and often hosts the human exchange in society; be it repartee, negotiation, a real estate purchase, a flirtation, a partnership, an arbitration, or a marriage. In fact, they initiate the very gestalt of society itself. The rituals of tribal life are leavened into etiquettes of larger more universal contexts, through the libran insistence on the ideal life. The individual is enlisted into real time society through the greatest "closing" tool of all - direct human contact. Social engineer Libra is also the keeper of the bon mot and a natural lover of beauty, architecture, and the arts. Romantic and optimistic, they exult and strive for GLORY in form. And often achieve it - for themselves and others.

President Jimmy Carter, whose legacy of activism and human rights, in both the grass roots of Habitats for Humanity and the global stage through his quixotic quests for world peace (similar to Rev. Jesse Jackson, another Libra), is a fine example of the Libran proactive fairness, character, and optimism at work. And our dear departed friend John Lennon, naked as a jaybird on his album cover (2 Virgins) with Yoko, embodied the full spectrum of libran virtues; the glorification and leverage of the power of partnership (w/The Beatles, Yoko, writing with Paul), a love of the arts and avant garde (writing, film, painting, & music), social activism ("All We are Saying is Give Peace a Chance", embrace-ment of meditation, and "getting high"), and capital I Idealism ("Imagine, "All You Need is Love"). Other notables with Libra sun: Susan Sarandon, Bishop Tutu, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mohandas Ghandi, Sting. Are we starting to see a trend here?

The Higher Dimensions of Libra/Mountaintop/Premier Eminence

"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them, into the impossible." - Arthur C. Clark

Within the study of the light body or subtle bodies of the human experience, there are 12 specific electronic stations of ascending frequency that "represent" or are us on the higher levels of reality called the Galactic realm of Self. They exist, like many other "occulted" dimensions of ourselves, whether we are aware of them or not. However, these levels of consciousness enter our awareness and blend into the conscious US when we merge with what I call the Plane of Unity. Great enrichment and capability of personal consciousness is added to us when we do. Mountaintop/Libra is the highest of the 12 electronic body frequencies, and deals with facilitating the blend of the electronic levels of our Self into universal and mid-galactic Unity. It operates through both the human crown center and the highest levels of galactic life, constantly holding living visions of the "impossible" as the golden present "carrot" of our emerging God Force life. As we "chew" on the impossible, possibilities emerge. Remember, most of what we do every day was once considered absolutely impossible! Including us having this current CommUnification exchange in cyberspace.

The Plane of Unity is a level of ourself existing simultaneously beyond the ego state, and beyond our function as separate identities. Your experience of this plane is like embarking on an airplane that is heading non-stop to Source. There are certainly distinctions between every passenger on the plane, but the flight and destination are uniform for all. In astrology, this Plane of Unity flies regular routes through the energetic neighborhoods of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. They serve as the customs, immigration, and naturalization bandwidths for unified Galactic AWARENESS within the solar levels of day-to-day life.

Most people who find themselves vibrating out of solar dualism, as a lifestyle or life current, will often experience the influences of these 3 planets "overriding" their solar ego/sun sign as an operating system. Events come and shock us out of the dreamlike acceptance we have for the entire context of our Earth life. It may manifest as a synchronistic event, a rainbow, a deja vu, reaction to a government or corporate scandal, a vision or visitation, a gigantic surge of energy from inside, or a channeling experience. These events, through the medium of the planets within the solar system, translate the galactic frequencies of Intuition (Uranus), Imagination (Neptune), and Intention (Pluto) respectively, into the events of our individual lives. Repeated experience with these Trans- Saturnian energies often serves to puncture holes in the solar matrix, inducing personal and intense inner longing for our original Source/God origin. You could say they "infect" us with the God Virus, which we can only systemically actualize, maintain, and live within, at a galactic (freedom) frequency of life.

This Plane of Unity only embarks from the air "port"(portal) of our spiritual body. However, as a prelude to flight, the three "lower" bodies; physical, emotional, and mental, need to be somewhat balanced out or normalized. At that point- and that point only- the airport appears. The fields of human counseling, human development, medicine and healing are in one respect merely compilations of the countless ways to achieve the 3 body balance. There are in actuality as many ways to access the spiritual body as there are each of us. As we reclaim "majority ownership" of our own lives from group thoughts (the "collective unconscious"), we are each actually developing a customized access to the spiritual body. In time, each and every one of them would be considered a religion! However, in these new times, the purpose of life is not to create and follow religions. It is to balance and heal ourselves and environment, and get into the frequency of truth and joy. So that OUR airport appears! Libra provides the INTERDIMENSIONAL landing and takeoff lights so central to our safe and successful spiritual journey.

For purposes of digesting this information and process, it is best that you consider the fact that our bodies are a form of condensed or "frozen" light. Also, that they are composed of atoms that are 99% empty space! On top of that, that modern physics reminds us that the electrons - which are whizzing around at truly preposterous speeds, all the time - through this 99% open space, will tend to be wherever YOU expect them to be. This should somewhat loosen up any residual rigidity of thought!

At this point, we are ready to set priorities of intention for conscious horizontal access of the higher dimensions of Self. This month is our second month focusing on the crown center. Where last month's Manna/Virgo introduces and communicates with other levels of consciousness, Mountaintop/Libra provides real altitude, allowing an interactive living VISION with a living "higher order" that includes us. Libra/Mountaintop brings in concrete evidence, form, and frequency of "the other". It arranges that face-to-face interaction with life at a greater level of consciousness, brokering a "real time'(timeless) interaction that "closes" the deal . The warmth and exquisite mutability of the WHITE GOLD Ray provides the energetic altitude to combine with the Manna/Virgo lavender attitude. Once altitude and attitude are effectively and practically interwoven (see exercise #1, "Endocrine Alchemy") into the physical structure, these higher galactic "striations of Self" are permanently integrated into our day to day operating systems. Manna emphasizes personal synthesis. Premier Eminence emphasizes systemic synthesis. These "keepers of the crown" oversee two unique insatiable appetites and currents of the human mind; the desire to Perfect (Manna) and the desire to Transcend (Premier Eminence). As we this month synthesize these two currents together, the crown center is liberated, transcendent, from its moorings.

This actualization of Transcendence is a core concept of Libra/ Mountain -top/Premier Eminence: ending the trance aspect of life in the solar matrix . Its medium, at all octaves of frequency, is the language of light. Light is a high speed (that's right, at the speed of light!) medium for the introduction of the divine fire. Language is the very context that we all live within! Recognizing language and light as agents of transcendence, we see much of the work of the Gold Ray is to find language for these new striations of light. Change of any system requires new language (buzzwords, definitions, etc), which is one of the charming yet potentially vexing issues with ANY new vision of life; be it this Tree of Life study (with all its strange new terminology), the freshly minted slang of the current crop of teenagers, or Austin Powers (groovy, baby!). Language houses frequency.

Thoughts must find expression in human language in order to facilitate shifts in opinion and/or consciousness.. One standard of success in language is its ability to unify two bands of frequency, or combining concepts in such a way to let things or ordered systems adhere to one another. This can be done through word (e.g. communication/unification = commUnification) or a system (the grounding of the 12 chakra system into physical biology). Much of the warrior of peace language can be seen as a language of light; it is voiced from 6th and 7th dimensional neighbors and frequency. Thus the simple reading and study of it, or the blending of consciousness in this medium, organically elevates us to the mountaintop of the current human experience. Mordechai (the galactic name for Moses) is the ascended master/archangel or consultant for this 12th gate. For those so inclined, your invitation of his frequency into yours will provide YOU with a private audience with a true Mountaintop master. His ongoing role with Source is to physically host the "open architecture" of human possibility for our human species. This uplinks to the Metatronic branch of lightbody expression, and the seating of the "ancient of days" on this planet. He is the conduit for that. This current role is quite consistent with his mythic role in Hebrew scripture. There he was the deliverer of the language of light (the Torah, or 5 books of Moses, are actually still written in the old Hebrew, including fire letters), fighter for the freeing of the 12 tribes of Israel from bondage of Egypt (Mirroring our conscious walk through the 12 signs, an allegory for the birth of the 13th tribe), and his transcendental vision of divine fire (the human species interaction with the fire letters) on the mountaintop at Sinai. All these past expressions are resonant with the process of the Gold Ray, which he currently fills in modern day form. He is the sponsor, along with Elijah, of this Tree of Life teaching you are now studying as well.

The fire letter can be seen as the father of all language into human experience. On the solar level Libra, divine "fire" is a potential of each and every human interaction. Genuinely experiencing another human being, a unique spark of creator light, jolts us out of our solipsism. The highly revolutionary act of human interaction (Libra's enlightened ruler is Uranus- see below) permanently alters our energetic landscape. Each and every time. On the galactic level of Mountaintop, we command in (if not you, then who?) conscious elevation of self through focused intentional interaction with a symbol, energy system, or order. This can take various forms: Mandala, symbol, visual ritual, or invocation of the endocrine glands, energy centers or other systems. These become gates or portals through which we can "shape shift" into various levels of the "golden white light" of the subtle inner planes. The fractal design on the connect2source homepage is an excellent visual example. Many of these portals are being simultaneously concentrated upon on by other living "levels" or orders of consciousness. This first month of autumn is an excellent time to entertain these friendly visitors and allies. The star overlighting this time of the "phoenix consciousness" is Dener. The movie Contact with Jodie Foster was a great example of the Libra/ Mountaintop portal experience. Timelessness can indeed fit inside a second.

The "top down" versions of the languages of light are seeded into human consciousness through the Hebrew fire letters, and many of the older "star-seeded" languages of humanity . Interaction with them effortlessly induces remembrance of our own origins as GOLDEN stardust (thanks Joni) . One example is the ancient character of HARMONY that graces the top of the website version of this article (thanks Billy). It will be placed in the heart of each member of humanity by the Collective Messiah, a higher order of "light carriers" currently assisting planetary awakening. Concentration upon that symbol in YOUR heart immediately allows you access to a Source Self transmission, as well as the Collective Messiah community and certain Universal settings. This is how interdimensional symbols function. All true Languages of Light are expression of Source Spark into the Universal level, and always have the potential "spark" directly to us activating the next, more inclusive level, in human consciousness. If we intend their reception. One prominent fire letter provides the line of demarcation between the black and white of the Ying-Yang symbol (see below). Each of the Mountaintop voicings mirror this insertion of a higher order of consciousness or thought into the human consciousness: personal visions, "blueprints", "contracts", crop circles, this Tree of Life teaching, etc. It is also contained in human language as poetry, musical form, humor, inspired writing, mathematical and chemical formulae, and wordplay (I call it "puntheism"). When these higher orders enter our human consciousness, we share context with these frequencies and obtain a cosmic "megahertz" boost. This is a successful recipe for systemic change, currently in use throughout the universe.

The Universal octave expression of this White/Gold Ray is given the appellation Premier Eminence. Here we are truly king of the hill. It describes an atmic level of self, where we have joined the electrolytic and electronic body frequencies within our biologies. Here we synthesize and allow our identity as an expression of prime creator. To the point that we literally breathe the creator into solar life, becoming part of the solar/galactic infrastructure on Earth. A conscious chrysalis becoming the parent of the butterfly of the next order of light. This was similar to Moses's role of leading or bridging the transition of the Jews into Israel, but not entering himself (he returned back to the mountaintop at Sinai). As living infrastructure, we maintain continual contact - through our breath, consciousness, endocrine, cellular, and the water of the body - to Ether. We become the etheric butterfly hitchhiker of the universe. The Premier Eminence is the crossroads where your cellular structure, ether, and the atomic light structure meet. And breathe easily with one another. This is the formal installation of the Earth master community into the 7th Golden Age through the House of Shambhalla.

Premier Eminence completes the trinity of Air signs. They are all conduits for the expansion of the God Self and GodCel expression in the physical, through human commUnification and exchange. They are the medium through which ether, or the etheric component of Immortality, is introduced into conscious human life. They all dramatically expand possibility, each in their unique fashion. The mutable El Lunia (Gemini) probes directly into the Source intelligence behind expressed life, looking to extract eelectronic pearls of unity and revelation. The Bridge of Light (Aquarius) is true to its name. Finding new mediums to bridge the collective humanity as Source experiment, it is the repository for the Temple of Light; honing practical innovative frequencies and tools to increase humanity's frequency. This is achieved through brain expansion and the exponential rise of individual sovereignty. Premier Eminence (Mountaintop/Libra) holds the harmonic of the future in the present moment. It carries the perfect "recursive" patterns (please research the brilliant physics of Dan Winters for details, or the Metaphysics of the Keys of Enoch ), a pattern that goes both inside and higher outside concurrently, of The Bridge of Light into the human interactive community. Giving it room to grow, and know. It locates the geometries of the golden mean, and bridges them in actual incarnation. This "quantum interconnection" provides two way mirrors for adjacent orders of life expression to conjugate, co-mingle, and co-create. It is the mapmaker of the Fibonacci (k)now moment, holding the Enochian keys of language and light in its golden glow. And under that white-golden glow, we find a Source context of perfected life right under our pillow . . . reading between the lines.

The Yin-Yang symbol expresses the interrelationship of two active principals, and the "new order" value of the third. It is resonant with the interaction of the white and black rays. However, let me also draw your attention to the "S"shaped dividing (or divining) line between the two sides of the symbol. This 'S" is an expression of the fire letter, and adds the Gold ray to the party of "top drawer" synthesis and unity. Together, these three colors, (white, black, and light gold) are the final triad of the 12 galactic colors. The White Ray (10th) is the thrust and form of physical perfection (sponsored through the crystal kingdom templates of Source Substance). The Black Ray (11th ) adds upon this physical perfection, by dipping it into the formless and fathomless dimension of Immortality and Source Intelligence (a.k.a. "taking the ride on the black dragon"). The Gold Ray is the finished product, the resultant of the perfection of both the White and Black Ray. The resultant of the perfection of form AND formless. This is the station of the Premier Eminence, the electronic airport into the Templar and mid-galactic energies. This is the Mountaintop. As we each experience this frequency on the tree, we experience the part of us that is the 12th grade graduate of the "system", and ready for the next level of MORE. For in this life we share within God Consciousness, there is always more. Each conscious step that we each make permanently expands the framework of the life of the 7th golden age. We are the mapmakers. We are Star Dust. We are Golden. And where we walk, that becomes the Garden.

In this month's article, I would like to introduce a list of "higher" planetary rulerships introduced about 50 years ago by Alice Bailey in her books on spiritual astrology. It was very helpful to me (30 years ago) in allowing me to see the "quality behind the quality" of each of the 12 signs. Each sign (and in our discussion color) has a constellation that it vibrates with, as well as a planet in the solar system that it expresses itself through. One could say the signs or colors bridge the galaxy - to the solar system - to the Earth. Ms Bailey and her higher frequency "consultants" of that time located a set of planetary harmonics that seems to resonate to the highest SOLAR frequency of a particular sign. If the native was a "light server", this higher aspect tended to emerge. While I feel this information has been superceded with the "Sign of Spirit" and the recent blending of galactic and universal frequencies onto the Earth plane, it is consistent with our search this month for subtle or recursive harmonics. It should deepen your "feel" for signs and subtones of planetary energies. And your own subtones. One goal this month is to see Our life from the perspective of the Tree; unhooked from current context, and in the context of the Spiritual Current(see!) of the Electrolytic Field of Unity.

Solar /Sun Sign Galactic Name Traditional Ruler Higher Ruler
Aries The Advent Mars Mercury
Taurus Harvest Blossom Venus Vulcan
Gemini El Lunia Mercury Venus
Cancer Luminus Moon Neptune
Leo Hu Effervescence Sun Sun
Virgo Manna Mercury Moon
Libra Premier Eminence Venus Uranus
Scorpio Pentaglium Pluto Mars
Sagittarius Excelsius Jupiter Earth
Capricorn The Ascent Saturn Saturn
Aquarius Bridge of Light Uranus Jupiter
Pisces Spiritual Currency Neptune Pluto

Before enlightenment, Aries aggressively (Mars) seeks the Plane of Unity. Once on board, that activity can be seen as a housing for the desire to expand communication. The Venusian Taurus, while commercing in physical love and comfort ,is actually seeking unbreakable "vulcanized" tools. To serve as allies to the implantation of Divine Love. Behind the Gemini mercury rulership, we see the playful poet- provocateur romantic Venus aspect, searching all data to find ways to "lighten up" the immediate environment. Cancer's lunar (and yes at times cranky) responsive nature is merely the top of the wave; beneath it are the rich and reassuring waters of motherly, Neptunian compassion. Leo before and after enlightenment sings the same tunes; now however, they sing for the elevation of the God tribe. Their courage becomes a Source asset. Nurturance is shown to be the actual motivation behind the Virgo intellect; the intelligence of Mother God finding roots. The smiling countenance of Libra actually masks the unavoidable Uranian transformation and growth of human interaction. The plutonic Scorpio moves heaven and hell to attach itself to the unchanging face of the Plane of Unity. After connection, it chills a bit, but continues to push with persistent Martian ardor for what must be done. The Sagittarius quest for truth attracts the influence of Jupiter. However, after truth is found, it is Earth that holds truth's resonance ! Capricorn, like Leo, doesn't change ruling planets. Saturn rules, as one chops wood and carries water both before and after carrying the conscious light of Source. However, now they are the divine wizard manifest in form. Their promotion now serves us all. The Uranian revolutionary zeal of the Aquarius transforms into a cohesive, Jupiterian, almost priestly demeanor, as the hum of realized unity quells the electrical side of the Aquarian native. Finally, Pisces' willowy mystic side is probed to discover the hard nosed and obsessive plutonic keeper of faith and peace. Even after external light is realized, the quest for deeper inner fountains remains, unabated. Source is the Piscean lighthouse now.

Premier Eminence Exercises - "Endocrine Alchemy" and "U B the Star"

In a certain respect, one could say that the entire study of the 12/13 system of Galactic Astrology & the Tree of Life could be considered the exercise for this month. The Tree provides a personal systemic energetic bridge for YOU directly into mid-galactic freedom, and provides blueprints, templates, and a living interactive portal for the marriage of the Universal and Source frequencies into your and OUR solar level of life. However, the choice for exercises will allow us to explore two systems very central to "life at the top" in the crown center penthouse; the endocrine system and the development of our own interdimensional symbol.

Exercise #1- "Endocrine Alchemy"

Our human endocrine system is the most subtle of systems. Western allopathic medicine has certainly not meta-physically probed this physically small but transcendent group of glands, whose "alpha" purpose seems to be to interact with our famous missing 85% ! Just as all data is translated into binary 1's and 0's to be passed through computer logic, and our telephone conversations are placed into algorhythmic light packets in order to be dispatched through the cellular network; so OUR data and messages are translated through our endocrine system to the HIGHER DIMENSIONS of our own Self. The pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus, thalamus, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, adrenal, kunda, and various etheric glands are core players of the various biological strata on our interactive electro chemical side. You could say they are the parts of our biology that talk "God" (the non-religious version, thank god!) They are certainly the Mountaintop component of the physical body. In-house Stargates to assist in getting your Millennium Falcon into hyperspace!

This exercise could be seen as a cup of starbucks for your Stargates! In it, we will first find a suitable quiet space and time. This exercise is best done alone and undisturbed. In the Manna exercises, we opened up the crown center, and also discussed Alchemy. Now we are going to practice a bit of it. On ourselves.

The Lavender Ray is one of the easiest to call into the crown chakra. Once invoked, it will steadily but gently open the crown area. As that begins to take place, simultaneously call in the Universal White (Dragon Ray) into the crown area, as well as focusing on the ring of 12 etheric quartz crystals directly under the crown. The ray and the crystals will "talk light" to one another. Once the lavender and white rays are grounded into the head center, combine them together. A useful image could be a plasma torch. Now direct that combined ray into your pineal gland through your INTENTION. Don't worry about how this happens, just let it happen ! As it does, your pineal gland will literally go through the roof. It will move up quickly into a resonance with the I Am Presence light quotient. As this very noticeable shift takes place, the pituitary will also start absorb the light of the lavender and white ray. As you hold this pattern, these two master endocrine glands (somewhat joined at the hip) will stretch back into an original frequency pattern. Consciously extract ether from your breath (just ask your consciousness to do this for you. It knows how). This will lock in and activate all the preceding energies, as well as activate an important etheric gland just above the crown.

As it does, the two hemispheres of the brain will receive enough of a "jolt" to begin a new era of commUnification. Welcome to the era of GOD-DSL. The head and brain centers (if you allow them) will begin to expand. You may feel any or all of the following; expansion, freedom, light, intelligence. But even if you don't consciously realize it, the entire endocrine system is transmitting "high octane" messages from a new order of light. This exercise will provide clear "felt" evidence of the I Am magnetics in the crown, and completes the marriage of Manna & Mountaintop in this center. This is a great exercise to flex and strengthen your alchemical muscles. Of course, do not - I repeat do not - attempt to operate heavy farm equipment while performing this exercise!

Exercise #2 - "U B the Star"

One of the pleasant surprises for me this summer was the series the "American Idol" While first feeling sorry for my wife and son for watching it ("get a life, will you"), I soon got hooked into this 2002 "happening", which was pure of heart, well-done, full of love, and very entertaining! The premise (for the uninitiated) was that unknown singers would have their chance to be a star. While a very deserving girl won, it was actually the entire ensemble that won as well. Along with the audience.

Well, the crown center is all about the fruits of Self Mastery: royalty (the manna exercise) and Star-dom (this month's). On the galactic Plane of Unity, these levels of status and achievement are more a function of inclusion and playing one's part (more on that next month in Pentaglium/Scorpio). This exercise is a precursor to exercising that individuality on the Plane of Unity. Once inclusion is achieved, what is your principal contribution? Your own UNIQUE expression!

As we have talked much about interdimensional symbols, it's time for you to make up your own. I'm glad for our new American Idol; but if you be star seed or stardust, then its time for you (U) to be (B) a star as well! This will be a lot of fun. Consider it a 4 week holiday to Mandala Bay (a mandala is a form of drawing or painting that focuses consciousness. another Gold Ray interdimensional symbol) as you will create or visualize your own living symbol. Its like creating your own logo or web page on a higher dimension of light. While this symbol may change over time, we will ask it to reflect the part of you that is has and will always be free of the solar matrix. It could be a combination of color, or letter/word, or picture, or pattern, or slogan, or. . . in other words, I can't say. However, I am going to suggest that you put it at least at first within a circle (there can be different geometric forms within the circle). Just as a sort of petri dish and focusing tool for your imagination. Which will receive wonderful imagery from the higher dimensions of your own consciousness as you relax into the task at hand. Mine, for example, is a lavender OUR surrounded by a black circle. That's what came to me. Now what do you receive?

As an image forms, hold it within your third eye. As you do, the heart center should deliver a little electronic hello from Source. Feel what effect this symbol has on your consciousness. Now sort of project it out (like the old batman symbol) out the top of your crown. Hold it for as long as you can. If you do the exercise ritualistically for the 4 weeks you will have an "if you build it, they will come" experience. The symbol may change or evolve, but it will carry a very recognizable frequency. More importantly, as it is a part of your that is free from solar distortion, it can relatively easily communicate with the higher orders of light. You are entering the "chatroom" of your spirit family, bearing your "handle" or personal electronic.

MOST importantly, you are a star of your firmament, projecting your Star Power into the greater orders of light. This is a permanent upgrade, and will lift you into a new order. As you become comfortable with this exercise , and continue to flex light into your endocrine system, U B the Star. We All Be Eternal Stars.

Mark Appleman 9/24/02



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