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Can of Meat Videos with David Isakson

Hello friends old and new,

Todays blessing for me was the realization of a new film project over a month on the burners of the stove...this time we've cooked up a hearty helping of old world stew...can of meat film has teamed up with old friend and recording artist mike doughty...for a $5.32 cent music video abou a girl and a blue dress...neither of which appear in the go get your abstract head on...and if you will.... tune in to the new can of meat ad lib...g-d bless and many happy returns....

David Isakson, Can of Meat Films



Interviews broadcast LIVE Fridays 11 AM PST on web TV

The concept behind the show is small group conversations worth having on fresh and lively topics, which Audrey and I will facilitate and participate in. Audrey, aka “The Jewish Oprah” and CE Everything of Transformedia, her consulting company, is culling a varied and I expect interesting collection of characters with perspectives that I know will be of interest. You, our audience, please assist us in providing topics, guests, and participation (the show will have a live call in feature)!We will be archiving the shows, and making them available to presenters and audience, as we get up and running.



From the Blog...

The movie Leap! Beyond Illusion will explore contemporary non-dualistic, New Age, and Quantum Physics viewpoints that teach the world is an illusion, and present the benefits of questioning the reality of the world we see. It will feature interviews with some of the leading spiritual visionaries of our time about the nature and purpose of the world interwoven with tales of ordinary people transforming their lives with these principles. Join us on a journey back to a place we never left.




Bob Scheinfeld

Robert Scheinfeld's Busting Loose work rests on a foundation of 5 core concepts:

1. Everything you experience in your life is part of a game created by and played in Consciousness

2. It's all an illusion

3. It takes a tremendous amount of power to create the illusion and make it appear real

4. You can reclaim all that power, collapse the illusion and start playing The Game Of Life by a new set of rules that finally opens you up to all the joyfulness, peace, abundance and freedom you've always wanted.

5. If you don't reclaim the power and collapse the illusions, you'll never experience those things, no matter how many self-help, success, or personal growth books, audios, videos, events or coaching you experience.




Mitch Ditkoff

The growth of CommUnification, communication that effortlessly unifies and nourishes both sender and receiver, is a central part of my Prime Directive here on this planet. Mitch Ditkoff, archduke and President of a genuinely topless & top of the line Corporate Innovation consultancy, is a Knight of the First Order in the CommUnification department. In an age when humanity embraces its wizardly universal roots, Mitch’s fount of resourfulness, and his ability to translate that into the Magic of Language, lights the way. A wizard everywhere except on the basketball court, Mitch’s seminars, poetry, and human warmth are prima facie evidence that we are living in the age of human magic.

Mitch Ditkoff
845.679.1066 (phone) 845.679.1068 (fax)

"If not you, who? If not now, when?"

Stephanie Azariao

Stephanie's Daily Astrology Forecast 3/18/2008:

The Leo Moon keeps things lively, even though most of the aspects that happen today happen before noon, and the Moon is set to go void at around 2:30pm for the rest of the day. It's hard to keep that Leo warmth and vibrancy under wraps.

So enjoy it all day today. The early morning hours are busy, with the Moon interacting mostly with Jupiter and Pluto. Remember the Jupiter Pluto conjunction of last December 11? If you think about it, that's the place where everything sort of blew up and changes began to happen that were so far beyond what we're used to that we're still hard-pressed to describe what's they are. It's far from over, and that's one reason why it defies definition. But the Jupiter Pluto event began a new 13-year cycle of evolutionary growth into our higher selves. This is so because the conjunction took place on the Galactic Core, which is the point where our consciousness merges with Source. Pluto, the gatekeeper to our higher consciousness, is not finished passing over this degree, and he will spend the rest of this year doing so. Therefore, it will take the rest of this year to even begin to grasp what is happening to us.

So come back to the here and now and enjoy the day. Just around dawn Jupiter and Saturn connect by sesquisquare, which is a minor aspect, but it is very significant because it marks a turning point in the 20 year Jupiter Saturn cycle. The Jupiter Saturn cycle concerns our social identities, personally and generationally, and the sesquisquare, (also known as the sesquiquadrate), agitates everything. On the grandest level, each of us is forging a new social identity, or a way of being recognized by the world. It should be clear to us what that cycle looks like by now, as we are just 2 years away from achieving it. (That's when Jupiter will oppose Saturn and mark the halfway point in this cycle).

The agitation generated by this aspect this morning should bring up some situation that asks us to remember who we envision our Selves to be. Saturn is the Great Teacher, and he doesn't rest. He is checking this morning to see if you remember who you're becoming. If you forgot, don't go into judgment, just gently align your self with your newer truth.

This will set you up nicely for the Mercury Mars trine that also occurs this morning, that allows us to walk our talk easily and readily after so many months of working on this process. Mercury and Mars have been trining each other for months, courtesy of their respective retrograde cycles. This is the ultimate trine, occurring while both planets are direct and newly entering into fresh cycles. What you accomplish this morning in the way of mind/body alignment will take you far. Put your consciousness to it.

The Moon goes into a prolonged void after she opposes Neptune at 2:39pm EDT. She will also oppose Neptune on the ecliptic, creating a super opposition. While we are all likely to be dreaming big this afternoon, thanks to the Leo Moon, it's vital to remember the practical aspects of all we're striving for. In this way we make our possibilities our probabilities.

Visit for horoscopes and chart services.:




Masaru Emoto

Those who seek a “smoking gun” to validate the interactive nature of thought and matter need look no further than the work of Dr. Emoto from Japan. Studying the crystalline patterns of water under a microscope, Dr. Emoto has emerged with some compelling evidence. It seems that water does for thought what iron filings did for magnetism – it provides the observer with an orderly view into a heretofore invisible world. This allows us the opportunity to consider the effects of our own thoughts on our 70%+ water physical cells and bodies, and our 70%+ water world of a planet. His studies, referred to in What the Bleep, are definitely my link of choice in the PHOTOGRAPHY department. Emoto, true to his name, has captured for us all, the invisible world of Emotions



Steve Bhaerman

In this cosmic soup that we swirl around in, YOU-MORE (aka Humor) is my favorite ingredient. Mr. Swami Beyondananda has staked out some prime comedy real estate in his particular constellation of satire, humor, positivism, and just plain silliness. The ability to laugh at ourselves and our self (as well as politicians, rap stars, religions, movie and TV stars, and that face (and figure) in the mirror) is an ever-ready emissary of sanity, balance, joy, and mental health. Robin Williams and Dave Barry are other media heavyweights who have my full endorsement.


Peace Train

The appearance of Cat Stevens (now Yusaf Islam), his being, soothing voice, and the 21st Century re-release of his timely and timeless classic Peace Train (with the backup of an incredible African choir), begged its inclusion as a musical link from the site. There is no greater instrument for unity, peace, and harmony than the human voice, and this is one immortal cat indeed.



Channeled material has always fascinated me. Channeled material that points to a coherent view of the universe, our place in it, and how we can assist in a shared and joyous state of growth with Life itself is always welcome and worth passing on as a referral. I recommend two sites that I cite often in my website. They have been prime contributors to my personal growth over the last few years:

Abraham is a collection of beings that outline a very universal approach to working in concert with what they call “the Inner Being” within you. Humorous, playful, fully interactive to the audience, and decidedly non-human and eternal in their perspective, they provide a wonderful environment for inclusion and personal growth. Jerry and Ester Hicks, who channel and market “Abraham-Hicks” are very inclusive, sweet, and unprepossessing facilitators for the Abraham experience. A one-day Abraham seminar is a fabulous way to answer the question “Are channels real or not?”, while simultaneously experiencing your membership in a grand and beautiful creation.

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