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Galactic Perspectives:
Life seen through the lens of the updated Tree Of Life

Pentaglium / Scorpio / Freedom
“The Great White Way”, and other tales of “The Crystal Palace"

Premier Emminence / Libra
"All Together (k) Now", "More Room to Grow" & "Reading Between the Worlds"

Manna / Divination / Virgo
Pop-Eye was Right ! I Am that I Am &
“Don’t forget to Eat Your Spinach”

Hu Efferevesence / Leo / Shambhalla
“Tip-Toes Thru the Two-Lips”, “A - Lion - Meant” &
“Samson Brings Down the Temple”

Luminus /Cancer
"The Search for that Pair of Genes that Fit Perfectly" &
"Life in the Garden of Eden"

Gemini / El Lunia / Perception
"It Takes Two Wings to Fly" &
"A Diamond Is Forever"

Self Realization / Taurus / Harvest Blossom
"All You Need is Love" & "The Birth of the High Heart"

"The Eye of the Tiger", "Great Balls of Fire" &
"The Miracle of Belief "

Mark Appleman: Galactic Astrology Interview -
Video byCan of Meat Films for Connect2Source on YouTube


The Pisces / Spiritual Currency Moon
"How I Blue My Mind" / "Bourne in the USA" . . .
and other tales of the Fountain of Uth

The Bridge of Light – Aquarius
The Sweet Wine of Friend-Ship &
The Fellow-Ship of the Rings

The Ascent - Capricorn
"In L'Spirit de Corps"

Excelsius – Sagittarius
The “HoneyMoon

"A Year in the Life"

Welcome to a series of 13 articles; an intro article, and one on each of the 12 "houses of spirit" or astrological signs. It will provide one(certainly not the only) version of a vision of our innate level of higher or God consciousness through astrology. "Galactic Perspectives", the intro article, offers an overview and should certainly be read first.

There is a "method to the madness" of these articles. They are designed to speak to both the logical and clever brains we possess, as well as our universal mind. That universal mind is currently operating "online" with Life Central on levels we are just beginning to reclaim and rediscover. The opening section of each monthly article is free form(speaking to our minds), and a poetic preview ( a "coming attractions") of the article. Rereading after concluding the article should produce some "a-has!". Next comes an intro, followed by a brief description of the solar level of the sign. Then we step into the elevator, and examine the higher dimensions of the particular sign, introducing names, colors, and other aspects that should be "Greek" to the casual surfer. However, these are the scales and "power chords" of the astrological science as it assumes its light body and 21st century positioning. In time, like any other buzzwords, they will all make sense. If they don't speak to you, don't sweat it. Focus on the parts of the article that do speak to you. Or enjoy a poem, love song, etheric message, or some of the less technical articles that will be arriving onsite in the coming times. Or purchase the video CD's and tapes that I will be producing from recent seminars, or attend a 2-day weekend Fountain of Youth or Galactic Astrological/Tree of Life seminar personally.

Each month I look to identify one or two central themes for the sign/color in question. At the end of the articles are exercises, which will take the adventurous visitor into the "virtual reality" chamber of the God Consciousness movement. These exercises trigger the higher minds and Self, anchor new levels of YOU into your day to day life, and can produce startling awakenings. The articles, like good wine (or second day curry!) will actually improve with age. Revisiting the articles or exercises of just a few months ago will allow you to observe the changes in consciousness that this Source study triggers.

I will be putting together a bound version of these articles called "A Year in the LIFE" upon their completion, that will include support articles, diagrams, and whatever else spirit suggests. It will be made available at a different section of this website.

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