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Tree of the Magic Bird


Oh Magic Bird of Divine Fire,
Life summons you to awaken;
These words issue forth from your freedom,
They are living codes of emancipation.

The elegance of the lion heart,
Parts waves and company
With the sleepers;
Do not arouse them,
Let us tiptoe past.

And so usher forth the in-fusion of heart;
It is the dog that wags this universe,
And universes yet to arrive.
There is no lord or legion,
Nor magistrate or spell,
That holds the faintest power,
Over one who embraces the hidden chambers,
Of their own heart in certainty.

We contain it All.
As truly as it All contains us.
Life has order and orders,
But will not take them from you.

Bio-logic translators we for life’s unwrit melodies,
Levi-tate thru the atom-spheres of LIFE;
The mechanisms of our flight,
Demands unassailable purity;
The tiniest of particles,
Invisible even to the inner eyes,
Provide a chariot for our way.

We are First Cause,
We are the Santa Claus,
Celebrating Christ Mass,
Of quantum dignity, most impeccably;
In pure in-sight,
We are the magic birds of flight.

First gift unwrapped ‘neath the tree,
We are the living ecstasy.
Is this tree’s root in Earth or sky?
Both, as syncopation of equal origin unveil,
Original genes and geometries revealing,
Star struck patterns of flight into JOY.

Breathe now the fuel for this
Next round of exploration,
Into sound and landscapes of
This theatre round,
Where Magic Birds play lost and found.

The final flight plan
Will of course be yours,
But I remind you that,
Human elegance of thought,
Is universally adored:

The wisest of decisions
Can be made 1000 times a day,
For this is how the Magic Birds
Eventually find their way.

Mark Appleman

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