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ZAP introduced himself to me about 2 years ago (2004), during a 5 mile jog that I used to take in my neighborhood in Westlake Village, California, on a semi-regular basis. Anyway, one morning half way around my route, doing my own unique version of focusing and giving myself a pep talk, I suddenly saw this image of a unicorn/zebra in my mind’s eye.

As I focused in (I was quite interested, as it was a very exotic and beautiful creature), it sweetly turned towards me and said, “Hi, my name is ZAP!” As it did, I received a nice simultaneous surge of joy and electricity. It was palpable, and pleasurable.

Original artwork by Billy Appleman

As physical “visions” at that point were not my thing (especially talking to magical animals!) I returned to the challenge of getting myself further along my 5 mile run.

However, the very next day, I was at a different point on the run, and lo and behold, there was ZAP. All over again. But this time, it seemed that introductions were over, and I was sort of telepathically invested with a lot of information all at once. The way this information seemed to “download” into me was unprecedented. When I asked myself what was happening, the response was “Light Speed Magnetics”.

First, ZAP introduced me to a cast of characters and a story about Zap and the human community based in Kenya (it is a book I am working on called “And So It Begins”. . . An opening passage from it is on the Children’s Corner, at the www.connect2source website).

Then, there was more scholarly professor type energy, explaining how Source and I AM and the awakening human / U-man / God connect:

Immersion into pools of self-discovery is the modus operandi of the exceptional path. Here an individual takes exception to all forms of external coercion, inviting the dominant greater presence into fully expressed floral array. This perpetuates out picturing of our individual original design, allowing us to successfully host the real time adventure of Source level consciousness into our human biology. Source, in out pictured form, knows itself as god or goddess. When that God or Goddess looks to move into freedom, they lift themselves into the freeform currents of the I AM level of Self. The blending of the out picture and the in picture is contained into the individual I AM presence. This magical connective functions through Magnetics of Light. Scientists will be well served blending the language of “string theory” and “Light Magnetics”. It is through the I AM that one and one truly become eleven (Elvin).


The third aspect or “ray” of this ZAP energy was a type of entrepreneurial jolt that generated a vision in me of a new Center or Institute of business consulting practices; its mission was enhancing people and the products they align themselves with, and providing accelerated offerings for personal and collective alchemy and growth. I saw Zap, in conjunction with a lightning bolt, as the Logo/Icon on signs, marketing, billboards, and stationary. The business or working credo of the Institute was “Modern Day Magic: Black and White Results for your Bottom Line”. This translated the unique blending of the Unicorn and Zebra principals, applied to human and human business affairs.

The 4th attribute or aspect was a jovial expression of the energy that pointed me in the direction of children, explaining to me that the coming Age of Magic on Earth was going to be about children (of all ages) learning, believing, and executing their “Abracadabras”.

Next the message to me was to train and run a Marathon (which I did, and it nearly did me in, but that’s another story!).

Anyway, I rushed home, jotted down the outline of the story and its characters, pleaded with my wife, a gifted sketch and watercolor artist, to render ZAP (which she did beautifully). Billy’s sketch of ZAP accompanies this article.


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