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The Buddha Self Inspired by Artemis

Simple Message of the Times from Artemis

Re Luminus 2002 from Yolandra

Photo by Andar Sawyers

Re Luminus 2002 from Artemis

11/11: the Shambhalla Gateway From Sanat Kumara

The simple message of the times is this. Leave no stone unturned, no element omitted, no true emotion unexamined. There are swift moving waters and full cooperation required ahead. As has been ascribed to the Christ, you will recognize your messages as times move near.

Remember that there is no danger. But that does not exempt you from vigilance. The abysses have already been crossed, yet there is work to be done. This is the time when destiny and destination merge paths.

The Unification of the One proceeds as planned. Like filings issuing forth towards true magnetic North, the cadence of the God Force shall sweep with crystal clarity across the faces and visions of the upturned eye of man.

Simple times indeed for some. The Wesak wedding of the human and divine is but a flower blossomed, a harvest moon for the fullness of God expressed in time. The path of awakening is but a shadow cast upon the form of God Man, looking not in the direction of his home. So look homeward angels and follow instead the direct path of ease. You have never left your home!

This is a message, benediction, and note among friends in this walk of the God Light. From the I of Source origin, we are but One face of spirit moving swiftly upon the waters.
I Am Artemis

Received by Mark Appleman

Yolandra says:

Elements of style fall by the wayside as avenues of activity broad-band to include 7th dimensional ettiquette and elocution in a rapidly developing story line. Politicians we all become as the evidence for the god life mounts. No one can lose one's head as row after row of pictures develop in clear I-sight. This provides room for growth and avenues for scientific inquiry into the whys and wherefores of YOUR life. Nothing is hidden to the enthusiast of God discovery. Balloons provide one sort of vision, but it is the street savvy and vision of the Source Walker who plows, plants, and eventually harvests immortal fruit.

Received by Mark Appleman

Artemis Says:

Bold assertions of grand design will not win the way. It is the hand to hand combat of our innermost feelings and thought that preserves the open avenues for Source light. Excellence is to be invited into all one does, withour regard for contectual appearance. Contexts will change too rapidly to connect inner to outer meaning. Excellence is a standard and mean of universal proportion. Acceptance of the fair destiny of ark performance and light will leaven great success in the grand avenues of your tomorrow. Hope for the best and prepare your physical domiciles and bodies for immanent reception. The counsel of far ministers is the hum of collective warp and weave; however inner council remains the paramount avenue for personal growth. It is your even song that is harbinger of your to-morrow.

Received by Mark Appleman

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