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Interviews broadcast LIVE Fridays 11 AM PST on web TV

There is a Great Show next Friday. Our first Can’t Miss show!
Tue 2/8/08 11:00 AM PST

Dancing with the Stars is the subject of this weeks Salon. Joining us are Astrologers Mark Appleman, Tom Jacobs and Gerry Greenberg. Guest co host Maggie Mellor will join the fun and exploration.

TV Update for the Naked Salon - Naked Sex this Friday
Tue 1/15/08 2:18 PM

It’s time for a short update on the progress of our TV interview venture, The Naked Salon.

Congratulations to us! We have filmed and broadcast our first 10 shows, and Audrey and I continue to broadcast live weekly on FRIDAYS, at 11-12 AM, Pacific Coast Time. If you want to watch a live broadcast, go the, and press the appropriate PC / Apple link. This will take you to the list of shows (we are one of quite a few shows on their station line-up).

Pressing The Naked Salon link will bring you to a written introduction of the show, and the broadcast portal. If we are on, enjoy the live show, and CALL in with a comment or question! We are an interactive show.

If our show is not on live at the time, stock footage of GotWebTV will be playing. We are included in that mix, but that is a very random thing. In addition, you will see another link that says view “clips of previous broadcasts”. That will take you to “Naked Nuggets”, some 5 minute segments of our previous “Naked Salon” shows

We have also finally launched our own website, . It has our very first show uploaded, and will include our upcoming schedule and information and links to all the guests that we have, and will host. This site will be radically expanded over the next month. But at least for now, if you want to see a complete show, it is onsite.

We are flapping our wings a little bit, as we move into our second calendar year of operation. This weekend we will do our first “location” shoot at the John Lennon tour bus exhibit. A little music history and I expect a great concert! In February we are hosting Eric Pearl of the Reconnection (see, with perhaps one of the most interesting stories in the health and healing world. We look to broadcast some live healings on that February show.

We have attracted a nice mix of food and nutritional sponsors, headed by the ubiquitous (in California at least) Trader Joes! We expect some exciting new sponsor announcements by April 2008.

Besides having a blast and enjoying some lively conversations myself, it has been heartening to get the wide range of joyful and positive feedback from you on our efforts. There have been connection difficulties for a number of viewers, and I have been told that laptop reception and certain other configurations can create buffering issues. Greg and his team have addressed certain resolution issues we had in the first 3 shows. So please enjoy the live broadcasts, or at least the “naked nuggets or shows that we will feature at our website.

If you enjoy our show, please recommend others, or refer them to the segments at the GotWebTV site.

Well it’s Naked Sex as the topic this Friday. Hope to see you or hear from you!

Your partner on the Internet / Innernet frontier,

The concept behind the show is small group conversations worth having on fresh and lively topics, which Audrey and I will facilitate and participate in. Audrey, aka “The Jewish Oprah” and CE Everything of Transformedia, her consulting company, is culling a varied and I expect interesting collection of characters with perspectives that I know will be of interest. You, our audience, please assist us in providing topics, guests, and participation (the show will have a live call in feature)!We will be archiving the shows, and making them available to presenters and audience, as we get up and running.

The publicity and information aspect of The Naked Salon will be handled through Audrey and the folks at, so please access them in the future for programming, products, and topics.

Feedback is welcomed and of great help, as these are the first days of live TV for us.

The Naked Salon on Upcoming Schedule of Webcasts

Exciting News! Transformedia/Transformarketing is launching a new project... an Internet TV Show.

It's called The Naked Salon, stripping away the hype and getting down to the bare truth...with live and lively conversation...and much, much more! With Audrey Philpot and co-host Mark Appleman on Got Web TV every Friday at 11 am PST.

Our first show aired live on Friday November 9th at 11 am PST. This premiere episode is entitled Naked Oneness and will feature guests Leonard Jacobson, writer and performer of the one man play Liberating Jesus! and David Langer of The Visioneering Group, the leading PR company in the Conscious Media space and co-producer of this provocative play. Also joining us is Salon Regular Sharon Jeffers.

To watch our show live-go to
every Friday at 11 am PST.
You can be part of the show by calling in to (818) 991 - 6137...give us a Shout Out, ask a question, make a comment!

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