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When Your NOW Never Ends


Stand fast
In what you are.
Tradition robs you blind!

High-caliber spark
Of earth’s first fire!
Yclept in alleys/alloys
No future left to find…

Your place within a hall,
Of nameless victor friends
Who shine upon you now?
If your vow never ends…

Who dares to enter in?
To world’s where no one judges sin -
And elephants forget their names;
Where epithets no longer tame -
Where now never ends.

Smile at death & smile at life,
Impostors grown beyond
(Like oceans outgrow ponds)

If your now never ends.

Not saying pain won’t lose its sting,
Nor illusions lose all power . . .

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It’s just that you,
Treasure - diver, can
Now emboldened,
Taste immortal pearls!

Step across
These coming - goings,
Withins - withouts,
& heres and theres

Love waits for you,
Treasure - diver,
And its treasure never ends,

If your now never ends,

Capistrano swallows you whole,
Roses stop to smell your soul
The Dead Sea’s now the Red sea,

If your now never ends.

Sirens passed, and futures tense,
Hyperbolic mad execs;
Images so resolute,
To vampire life-force at it’s root:

Stand fast!
There’s nowhere here to go!
No time to lose! No final show!
Nor test to pass. No fevers last!

If your now never ends.

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