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"How I Blue My Mind",
"Bourne in the USA" . . .
and other tales of the Fountain of Uth


(A Master Plan/ Mark Time Production)

The Patriots of Spirit engage their engines in this Pisces season, as the vast extensions of open space known as the “jetstreams of consciousness” are unveiled. Friendly fire is exchanged between the Universal and Galactic borders as the Bethlehem “Freedom Fighters” pack up, and head for home.

Dragon squadrons are assembled in the USA, China, and The Netherlands for a 3 – pronged attack on that outdated human habit of “growing old”. The Fountain of Youth campaign, spearheaded by the formal alliance of the Earth and Inter- Dimensional communities, embraces the manyfest reality of the Ageless Timeless Body. “Free at Last. Free at Last” a rallying cry from the civil rights movement, takes on its 21st century meaning. Receivers of Universal Spirit bare All That Is, making their Immortal catch with both feet IN the body, and IN bounds!


Universal Source alignments are the flavor of this and all future months, as the deep magical waters of Spiritual Currency/Pisces are parted to reveal the reappearance of the “ancient of days”. This implementation of the 12 levels of the higher mind into the head center pre-sages free access to the Universe Wide Web; a treasure chest of prosperity, magic, and fun for all! Spiritual Currency is both the current and the coin of this organic rEEvolution (that’s revolution # 9, Beatle fans) as the sapphire blue grid and waters of the Fountain of Youth trans-figure the body-mind Union to the Uth (universal) degree. Some call it “pie in the sky” but the Pie “Sees blue skies, nothing but blue skies” . . . and . . . As solar time runs out, the PATRIOTS WIN!

The Cleveland Clinic, one of the top clinical medical facilities in the USA, recently published results that continue to reinforce the inseparable connection between mind and body (or in my language, the mental and physical bodies). Individuals underwent a structured regular program over time of imagining that they were “working out”. There was no relevant physical exercise performed. Yet at the end of the test period, there was a statistically relevant increase of muscle strength averaging 35% in the test subjects! This is the latest in a series of empirical proofs of the mind-matter connection. Harvard University now offers a Clinical training in mind/ body medicine for physicians, as well as other holistic disciplines. While the scientific community does the “grunt” work of providing “hard science” for what to many seems quite obvious, other pioneers engage in pushing the envelope of human possibility beyond conventional wisdom, expectation, and limits.

Pisces/Spiritual Currency, on the solar, galactic, and universal levels of its expression, centers on this relationship and effect of spirit/mind, and matter. Its arena of inquiry is biological life, and Pisces encompasses a holistic focus on its study. Solar astrology teaches us of the “opposition” between Virgo and Pisces. Virgo is the analyst and acute observer of the “slice” of life; coolly, dispassionately addressing efficiencies and lacks contained within. Pisces, on the other hand, rejects looking at the slices of the pie of life. Pisces must see and feel how the “Pie Sees”. For those familiar with traditional astrology, this triggers many of the standard Pisces behaviors elicited within solar bandwidths. Sex/drugs/rock n’ roll, “drama queen”, questing for the perfect love, the “approach/avoid” dance, saving the world, Mother Teresa II, “no one understands me”, etc. The Pisces passionately embraces the big picture, with an overriding desire to obtain a comprehensive system of living emotional honesty. This crusade overcomes its tempestuous solar beginnings, and eventually succeeds in the higher realms of spirit. A working blend of human understanding with the Universal Mind emerges. One that would pass the scrutiny of the most discerning of Virgos!

Pisces in the higher realms is the house of EDUCATION. Education is seen here as both enlightenment and delight, a Self contained realm of purity and joy. It sponsors systems of human self-study, self-examination, and self-exploration. Pisces operates through the cobalt blue or buddhic ray. This is a 6th dimensional ray emphasizing clarity, and the blending of the higher mind. Blending both with the brain in the operation of our day to day affairs, as well as blending with the vast wind and wings of Universal Thought. Befitting Pisces’ educational bias, and because the teleology of this particular house of spirit is to create a unity and fluid connection between all realms of thought, the information for Pisces/Spiritual Currency will be presented in the more traditional course/curricula fashion. We will discuss the Solar, Galactic, and Universal correspondences for Pisces through the 12 branch Tree of Life understandings currently being introduced back into the Earth plane through this series, and other writings.

The overriding view of the Tree of Life is that each vibration or quality can be physically expressed in 12 forms or formats. Echoing the Wonder Bread commercials from the 1950’s, you could say that Galactic Astrology expressed through the Tree of Life “builds strong electronic bodies 12 ways!” The 2 structures and hosts for these studies, the human mind (the 12 levels of the higher mind) and body (the 12 electronic or Adam Kadmon bodies), are also templated into 12 level multidimensionality as well.12 X 12 = 144 possibilities. As the student probes into and familiarizes himself with these specific sets of twelve, the “Higher Mind” awakens. An opened Higher Mind becomes a medium for the direct personal experience of the High Heart, which working together induce the Perfected Higher Body. These 3 subtle but readily attainable higher self aspects (heart, mind, body) are our dance cards for the waltz of multidimensionality, our tickets to mastering the em-body-meant of the Higher Self. Pisces is the instructor of the dance, cheerfully and lovingly showing us the ropes.

The Tree of Life teachings describe 3 distinct vibrational neighborhoods; Solar, Galactic, and Universal. Each perspective is cherished as valuable, a part of grand design, and a vantage point/indice to experience the whole. Multiple “camera angles” triggers multidimensional right brain thinking. This allows one to distinguish between these 3 levels of awareness, and locate them within oneself as well. Through an intricate series of 12-member categories covering the human, mineral, and animal kingdoms, (as well as more abstract categories like astrology, numbers, colors, and many others), landscapes of infrastructure - maps of consciousness - are provided. Much like the escalating periodic table of elements in the study of Chemistry, an interconnected tableau of increasing complexity and structure is presented. As the 12 branches of the TREE are populated within these 3 distinct vibrational “neighborhoods”, patterns and under-standings emerge. And the value of humans (or my nickname “U–mans”) as a cohesive force inter-locuting and binding these 3 worlds together is clearly exposed. The Jefferson Airplane was right: we are the “Crown of Creation”. This Kabalistic table is alive and interactive. When embraced with intuition, imagination, intention, and most importantly love of Source and Self in equal measure, it transports its student (participant) into direct experience of the higher realms. 12 ways simultaneously integrated or “walked” by 1 participant equals the 13th way. This is why the Collective Messiah movement, asking us to eat our “wonder bread” digesting and embracing ALL signs as us, is often called the gathering of the 13th tribe. As we synthesize the Tree, a new evolution of the Tree is born. A word to the wise is sufficient!

It seems appropriate that during the month of Pisces, which in this teaching houses COMMUNICATION as well as the aforementioned education, the reader is provided with tables, charts and diagrams. I have shied away from inundating the reader with details until I felt that intuitive and energetic avenues of communication have been opened between us. Which I do feel was accomplished in previous articles. For the final goal of these articles is to posit the reader comfortably in the mid-galactic level of Self – well beyond a phalanx of details. However, stabilization into that mid-galactic plane requires us intellectually and energetically to digest specific levels of conscious awareness (you could call them intermediate rows in the Tree of Life periodic table as easily as electronic bodies). These teachings, sponsored by a “who’s who” of historical spiritual teachers, are well outside “The Matrix” of contemporary understanding and distinct from most “new thought” teachings as well. There is an intricacy and cohesiveness that grows as one “road tests” the system, either through the guided meditations provided, or by traditional learning tools like repetition and study. While the devil is NOT in the details of the Tree of Life system, it can certainly feel like it. Especially when presented with an avalanche of facts, new terminology, and maps that reframe or expand fundamental views or limits of reality. Therefore I wanted to have you ride the elevator to the top of the building a few times, and feel the freedom offered by this course of self-awakening, before showing you the intricacies of the individual floors. In time, it will be hard to get you back to the roof!

Communication is communication (roots: “to commune” and unification), and the sharing of it, the very act of sharing itself, is a central tenet in traditional Kaballah. Let’s use the analogy of “sharing communication” through the telephone to distinguish between the Solar, Galactic, and Universal Planes and Bodies of existence.

Over the last 20 or 30 years, the technology revolution has impacted the modern telephone system. Neither phone nor delivery system designs have escaped technology’s millennial “fast forward”. The finger dial phone that I grew up on is now relegated to comedy monologues, curio shops, and Fisher Price “trainer” phones for kids. It’s been almost the same fate for telephone poles and copper wires. Those once were the sole connective medium for national and international phone messaging. While COPPER wire is still effective, generations of FIBER-OPTIC have been laid underground and across ocean beds. Yet now, it’s hard to turn on the TV without being besieged with this or that company’s hot new “4000 minutes for life” or unlimited plan for WIRELESS. So here we have 3 simultaneous systems that provide a similar service
- COMMUNICATION - through dramatically different delivery systems.

Similarly, we each have 3 such existing bodies or bandwidths to access, interpret, and communicate with Life itself. The Copper system of communication corresponds to the Solar body: it is the electrical transmission norm, the established Earth based system, and the benchmark. Solar communication (3rd-5th dimensional) is often tied to nuances of earth-based politics; survival, comfort, power, or love. The Galactic body is represented by Fiber Optic. A physically lighter conductor, crystalline in construction, communication is issued through light signal, fiber optic cable is capable of greater efficiency, speed, & less distortion. Galactic (6th and above) behavior is still tribal but Source and light based, and the impersonal component is dominant. Prosperity and selfless motivation for the collective good have entwined symbiotically. The Universal body correlates to the Wireless. Unconnected to a home telephone # or grounded, working through microwaves or satellites as signal/network transmitter. The Universal level, which we are introducing into study this month, operates under the general principal of “less is more”: wire-less, time-less, age-less, weight-less. These 3 body/plane levels are interactive, and deal with succeeding levels of complexity. To extend the analogy a bit further, the Solar body is your personal 7 digit (7 chakra) phone #.The Galactic your area and country code. The Universal body would be an 800# you have. From an outside perspective, they are all PART of your total phone #.

The Ascended Master community introduces these 3-body interactive energies, populating the Tree of Life with items we identify with (or would if we believed they existed!). Seeing the familiar as manifestations of the divine, we are provided with a user-friendly “Stairway to Heaven”. The patterns trigger more subtle higher frequency centers within us; centers that seduce and conjure our unique, yet unrealized, personal/Universal Song of Self. All bodies serve to provide a reliable personal map, one that will fast-forward the scope of human self-realization technology. A self-regulated 21st century kabalistic science for the ascension phenomenon.

This first table that follows gives an overview and evolution of the 12-level/sign system as it focuses on traditional and galactic astrological names, meanings, and rulerships. Each column begins with the corresponding body center and color. The goal of the modern Tree of Life is that as we digest, celebrate, and “own” all 12 possibilities, we can then embody the 13th expression. As you study each of these, intuitively feel the vibrational expansion within yourself, and your strength in that vibration. This can be a regular yoga (union).

We will interpret the Cobalt Blue vibrational frequency, as it is the color associated with this month in the astrological calendar (this is by no means the only interpretation, as we are all astrologers). This same “Blue” frequency or note is offered at increasingly higher octaves of expression; Neptune, Pisces, Truth, Pleiades, Communication, Spiritual Currency (and on the Universal level, the Fountain of Youth, & Blue Dragon). At all octaves, it operates and interacts with our physical body through the 9th center or chakra. “Blue” rules the internal integration of our minds, as we evolve from subconscious to conscious, to the opening of the higher mind centers in the back of the head center. (Sananda has offered a discussion of the higher mind on the website, the Pisces Full Moon 2001, that is a jewel, and will shed light on this awakening process in detail).

Within the sapphire and cobalt waters of thought, we swim upstream from Neptunian sensitivity of sensation, and vibe to the astral empathy of the loving but often overwhelmed solar Pisces. With this “contrast” or discomfort creating a longing for pure thought and feeling, the Pisces reaches up for the stability and tranquility of a stable and absolute Truth. This Truth is achieved, and stabilized at a lower galactic level. At the mid-galactic octave or level it is called Communication. This is the educational level aspect of thought; “thought central”. The nourishment that communication provides is a collective organic NEED of a species. It’s what physical life forms life do- they communicate with themselves. This mandate for self-aware expression by biological life finds its blueprints and historical context within the experiences of the Pleiades. Sheldrake’s study of morphology and Ken Keyes’ “The 100th Monkey” documents this event in the Earthly animal kingdoms. The next octave, the high galactic, is the perspective of the Universal or Elohim level looking down into galactic life. This perspective on the “Blue Nile” of thought is called Spiritual Currency. From the Universal point of view, living in a body - having the experience of limitation and focus that it provides -is akin to the adventure of learning to swim in a living spiritual current. In the exercise section, we will travel further up into the Universal energies into the Fountain of Youth and Universal Source Alignments (USA). This is a walk into lands that border Immortality, pure “Source”ry, and the highest probabilities of holding a perfected physical form.

After our lifetime of communicating with copper wiring, change comes swiftly. As we become more comfortable “holding” in the galactic/ crystalline / “fiber-optic” energies, accessed through these and other articles expressing the Collective Messiah teachings, the energetic reality of the “wireless”/universal levels will also very organically arrive as a function of your intention and growth. This is best achieved with conscious connection and work with the higher mind, as described here; & by Sananda and your own inner guidance/connection, which is your greatest asset.

Center #Color
Ruler / Planet Galactic Ruler Tree of Life Mid Galactic High Galactic
Cassiopeia Paradise Manifest Eternal Light Body Advent
Hydra Garden of Eden Life Force Luminus
Orion Shambhalla Balance Hu Effervescense
Andromeda Self Realization Source Harvest
Pegasus Rod of Power The Word Excelsius
Arcturus Obedience Spiritual Strength Ascent
Alpha Centauri Divination Alchemy Manna
Emerald Green
AquariusUranus North Star Bridge of Light Book of Knowledge Temple of Light
Cobalt Blue
Pleiades Truth Communi-cation Spiritual Currency
Sirius Freedom Healing Pentaglium
Europa Perception Unity El Lunia
Dener Mountain Top Heaven onEarth Premier Eminence

Here is a cross section of some qualities, animal, human, geographical and mineral, on the solar level of the Tree of Life. Enter the solar system vibrational balance through these solar expressions of spirit, as well as those above and the tables at the end of the article “Galactic Perspectives”. All qualities can be reduced into this Base-12 system.

Center #Earth Pt. Bird Tribe Male Amer.Ind. Tribe Planetary Consultant Animal Mineral
1 Africa Cardinal Anasazi Milarepa Tiger Iron
2 Australia Hummingbird Crow Sitting Bull Elephant Sulfur
3 So. Amer Parrot Hohokam M.L.King Firedragon Radium
4 No. Amer Swan Ute Kuthumi Deer Potassium
5 Russia Vulture Comanche Serapis Bey Unicorn Manganese
6 India Canary Sioux Quan Yin King Cobra Copper
7 England Owl Seminole St.Germain Rooster Phosphates
8 So.Pacific Dove Navaho Ezekiel Lamb Calcium
9 India Ocean Falcon Lakota Lao Tzu Whale Titanium
10 So.Atlantic Eagle Cherokee Sanat Kumara Horse Platinum
11 No.Atlantic Raven Blackfoot Elijah Blk.Panther Silver
12 No.Pacific Phoenix Apache Moses Bee White Gold

The Galactic Tree of Life energies are more abstract than the solar. Color really “lands” here with the manifestation of the galactic Rays. They are the watercolors for consciously creating, and seated in the base of the back. The Angelic Orders, the “active verbs” of Source, are not subject to solar influences. One can see how they embody the pure energy goal of the signs; liberty for Pentaglium/Scorpio, intellect for the Spiritual Currency/Pisces, etc. Study of the numbers reveals certain patterns and other nuances of expression (e.g. the connections between the 10th and 11th branch of the tree). Consultants (I changed planetary and spiritual “hierarchy” to “consultants”. that word seemed less ponderous and more reflective of their actual interaction) operate in the freedom from high astral influences and recycled thought. And birds -well, female “birds” have always been out of this world. Enough said on that subject!

Ray / Dragon Color Master Number Plane No. & Dimension Name Galactic Bird (Female) Galactic Consultant Angelic Order
Red 77 11 / Force of One Sparrow L.Caligula Principalities
Orange 011 9 / Co-Creative Duck L.Hilarion ArkAngels
Yellow/Gold 12 Low7 / Shambhalla Bluebird L.Asterik Cherubim
Pink 11/11 10 / High Harmonics Oriole L.Tobius Seraphim
Iolite 22 12 / Magi / Akashic Hawk L.Xavier Powers
Grte/Copper 33 13/ Inner Conceptual Flicker L.Yolandra Harmonys
Lavender 88 Hi 7/ Merlin/Magic Roadrunner L. Victor Thrones
Emerald Gr. 112 8/ Bk. of Knowledge Grouse AA Zekial Kis
Blue 144 Hi 6 / Buddhic Plane Robin L.Sedgewayin Intellects
White 333 Low 6 / Christ Plane Seagull Sanat Kumara Libertys
Black 333 14/ Mayan-Immortal Magpie EElijah Lawyers
Silver Gold Fire # s0 thru 9 15 / Atmic Plane Pigeon AA Mordechai Orderlys


Universal Gates Physical Body Anchor Point # Universal Tribe 13 Immortal Points not connected to Rays
Prosperity Root Center 1 Bochutan Denali Nat’l Park
Ark of the Covenant Sacral Center 2 Ishtar Pyramid Lake, Nev.
Shambhalla/ Shangri-la Solar Plexus 3 Wunalcabe Mt.Haliakala, Maui
Pure Sourcery Heart Center 4 Tahike Costa Rica
Rod of Power Throat Center 5 Oagula Tierra del Fuego
Ancient of Days Head /Focus Ctr 6 Coagula Macchu Picchu
All There Is Crown Center 7 Titans Hong Kong (Lanto)
Temple of Light Throat Center 8 Bethlehem Singapore
Fountain of Youth Heart Center 9 Helaine Thailand
Fountain of Structure Solar Plexus 10 Lu Sirian Spain
Immortal-Mortal Portal Sacral Center 11 Kumara Netherlands
The Grand Star Crown Center 12 Enochian Germany
New Jerusalem/ Eden Sacral / Solar 13 InSpiritors Arlington, Va.


The Universal Grids above address the Elohim level of consciousness. Both in the historical “star seeding” of the 12 original divine aspects into physical embodiment (the Tribes) and the Current (pun intended) Universal Gates. The gates describe a never-ending story and flow of energy and well being into our solar level of consciousness, down thru the galactic planes. The raising out of solar frequency that we are participating in elevates the individual to the galactic, Christ, or crystalline frequency. At that point, the “middleman” is eliminated. We have our own direct access into the Universal life-streams, and can directly regulate our own existence, independent of external circumstance & “conventional wisdom”. The Universal Gates provides a context of patterns for a very expanded view into Terra/Earth potentiality, and the physical grounding centers provide a unique “camera angle” of this human body, as a landing/disembarkation zone for frequencies of Source pedigree. With the introduction of the Universal gates and the Immortal Portals of the Universal Black Ray on this Earth, the awakened human species enters maturity: its starring energetic role in the 333 merge/meld of Divine Thought (Black Ray) and Divine Form (White). For many, this is science fiction at work. But for those willing to ENTERTAIN their own IMMORTALITY, a Mapquest road map begins to emerge, replete with its own physics and postulates. The Spiritual Currency avails to you vast levels, working with many times the energies you see in the entire sky on a starry night. What energetics within you could possibly contain this all? The high heart gives you its answer immediately. But in this calendar month of Pisces, blow (or “BLUE”) your mind by increasing your capacity to activate, accept, and commerce in your higher minds as well. Regular swimming in these “jetstreams of consciousness” will upgrade your AllGates operating system. Suddenly the fact that our atoms are composed of 99% empty space will take on new meaning. You fill in the blanks on that one!

You are the captain of your own StarSeed Enterprise. Commissioned by the Galactic Federation. Now able to avail yourself of the air superiority of the Dragon Squadrons of the USA (more on that to follow). We are a species of Columbus’s, facing childhood’s end. Take the Pinta, Nina, and Santa Maria of Imagination, Intention, and Intuition to the New World of Illumi-Nation that awaits us all. The following exercises shall assist in your direct experience of the Universal gateways.

Exercises: “Bourne in the USA” and “The Fountain of Uth ”

Both of these exercises involve the direct invocation of Universal energies. These are benign, but powerful and magical energies. As it has been a while since we have commerced with these levels, let me advise you that you may have a sort of inverted bungee jumping feeling, or feelings of your atomic structure diffusing very rapidly. These are “zero gravity” experiences of the “jetstreams of consciousness”, and standard phenomena in the shift from the galactic to universal realm of awareness. The experience of Universal “CommUnification” is certainly worth the transitional stuff. But please stay seated until your flight stabilizes. And don’t forget to allow Dragons the Right of Way!

Exercise #1 – Bourne in the USA – this exercise is a guided imagery journey into the Universal Source Alignments. As the terrorists attacks and the Winter Olympics have America in a jingoistic frenzy, chanting USA for any possible reason, and these exercises focus on our focus with the Red, White, and Blue “Dragon” energies … why not use the omnipresent “battle cry” – USA! USA! USA! – as a mnemonic to bring the Source alignments of the Universal plane into your Universal body ? So let us be Patriots of Spirit, wrapping ourselves in the old red/white/blue. As the folks of New England will tell you - again and again- it’s a great year to be a Patriot!

At your own pace, connect with the energies of the Collective Messiah, which you are both a part of, and “overlights “ these proceedings. Through the invocation of the “sign of Spirit”, the Rotundrum, and/or the Bethlehem alignments, or just with the pure intention focus in the head center, bring in the mid-galactic energies. You can fortify this with a focus on the galactic level / Tree of Life” lists. Let your own intuition guide you to the list, bird, number, or combinations to call in. The higher mind will begin its own self-contained dance, and the body will heat up and lock into these dimensions. Repeat as often as your inner gui“dance” tells you to – dance, that is. This is the dance Divine.

Once you are comfortably in your galactic body, turn to the Universal Gates. The 3 points of focus are The Red Gate/Dragon energy of Prosperity, expressed through the root center, The White Gate, The Fountain of Structure, grounded in the solar plexus, and The Blue Gate, the Fountain of Youth, grounded in our biological heart. These are the three tumblers that must be aligned in order to unlock the Universal Gates into solar and galactic body synthesis. Hold all three energies at the same time, and call in The USA Alignments. You should feel a series of light expansive alignments, almost a tickling of energy, and a new type of multi-dimensional weave. These are the jetstreams of consciousness, an air “bourne” express delivery, courtesy of some very special friends in high places. Repeat often. USA! USA! USA! Olympian self-love, courage, and a sense of adventure and playfulness with Source allow us to be “Bourne in the USA”. This is a very non-linear growth pattern - more like “space within space”

The Dragon energy is used as a comprehendible “living symbol” for Universal interaction/translation with the Human community. Many Eastern cultures have a historical reverence for these beings of great power, and evidence persists (despite being pooh-poohed) of their interaction with historical humanity. Well in this new chapter we are invited - with the innocence and heart of a child - to call in these friends of our higher self, the legendary tour guides of Universal City, and judge for ourself! The interest here is energetic portal opening, not proving the existence of dragons.

Though, perhaps sooner than later we can add “flying with dragons” to
“swimming with dolphins” and “watching whales”!

Exercise #2; “The Fountain of Uth ”- over the last month, in seminars in Amsterdam, China, and the USA! (Reno, Nevada), beachheads have been established for the introduction of the Fountain of Youth alignments. This is group focus on a few of the “less is more” attributes of the Universal Plane – age-less and time-less, applied towards the transformation of our living human bodies. These programs center on a technical focus on cellular rejuvenation, a conscious upgrade of the endocrine systems, the activation of what is being called by Elijah the “sorcerer’s stone” in the head center, and the creation of a Sapphire Blue Grid linking the 3 bodies discussed through out this month’s article. The working living interactive “symbol” for this Fountain is a 10 pointed star composed of a black downward facing pentagram placed over an upward pointing white pentagram. This symbol is a representation of the ongoing interaction between manifest (White) and unmanifest (or invisible, Black) perfection within the manifest planes. It is also a symbol of the mortal/immortal marriage, as well as the interlocutory possibility of the Solar-Galactic-Universal (3-3-3 three plane) alignments. At the center of this 10-pointed star, a sapphire blue fountain is placed. This is the insertion of the pure a priori potentiality of our original design, the waterfall of Source into biology. This blue ray connects into our higher minds, the blue-sky alchemy of hope, and en- live-ens the “moving waters” of the magical human body. (In other words, this is not a Ray that sings the “blues”- unless it is the blues of re-NEW-All!). This entire sapphire grid star symbol is housed in a bed of a red circle.

Please feel free to contact/tune into this grid work. This is an exciting, unprecedented initiative between the living energies of the universal plane, interdimensional masters and the increasingly interdimensional Terra/Bethlehem/Earth master community. Your help and participation is welcome and of assistance. We are going for it, and will bring a great change to Humanity’s SELF Image. If you have interest in attending an upcoming seminar in the Fountain of Youth technical alignments, please leave your email with me c/o Joanne Or just beam in as the Spirit moves you. Join the coming out party of Magic Biology!

This is the mind/spirit/body connection taken to the N +1st (or Uth) degree. That the body religiously and dutifully physically manifests closely held thought/belief systems, is indeed being proven true. Time and time again. Is the Fountain of Youth merely a challenge of our capacity to entertain and then train -“enter-training”- with the requisite focus and intention? Have we been the victims of a limited group assessment of our own system capabilities? Under the sway of a mastermind / MATRIX? Are there system limitations at all? Or is our consciousness just waiting for us to “in-FORM” it?

As we continue to reclaim greater and greater portions of our re-remembered selves, be it the 5th, 6th . . . or nth dimension, we will eventually reach that Uth level of our self. This is the magic gate where we can hold and accept the reality of our concordance w/Source. Our embracement of the (U) universal body within the eternal, ever-fresh blue waters of Piscian thought. This is our Fountain of Youth. It is here we become the Fountain of Truth as well. The waters of Communication. Indeed, here we become the new 13th note of Spiritual Currency itself.



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