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The Red Pill Chronicles 


The Red Pill Chronicles: (Getting Out of the “Matrix”)

Essays on Human Possibility


(A Master Plan / Mark Time Production)


"Are there red pills that we are to take, to allow us to keep an eye on the “big picture”?"

Mark Appleman

As we collectively and individually hurtle into the age of information, and an increasingly interconnected world, we are being presented with an avalanche of new data . As our sciences continue to burrow behind the veil of human existence, and the result of these focused yet discrete engines of inquiry pour in, old models fall by the wayside. Our definition of the capacities of a human being, and what potentials exist within this cynosure and opportunity we know as LIFE, beg new interpretation. Data from the frontier research in current physics and metaphysics point us towards a fundamental reframing of what we consider ourselves to be.

The title of this book, The Red Pill Chronicles, refers to the red pill offered to the protagonist/hero Neo in the movie The Matrix . Neo had uncovered information that truly “rocked his world”. His subsequent search for the truth, and answers to what lay before him, led him to a choice. He could ingest a red pill that would dissolve away certain veils; or take a blue pill that would essentially have him forget the whole thing, and be returned to the collective somnambulance of his society. He of course (and to our delight as moviegoers) took the plunge, swallowed the red pill, and had an unprecedented adventure in his now-awakened state.

Outside the movie theater, we live in unprecedented times as well. We look to juggle the events of our world and personal cultures in ways that “feel” good, and speak to our essential wholeness as living beings. Make contributions to our species, loved ones, and planet. Are there red pills that we are to take, to allow us to keep an eye on the “big picture”? I think so. It is my understanding that we are each and all Neo’s, special witnesses and guests to Life’s greater design. The Red Pill Chronicles is, among other things, a compilation of the current “frontier research” data. It addresses the effects and experiences taking my red pill has had on my life and personal cosmology. It endeavors to articulate a cohesive, and hopefully reader-friendly, examination of the new avenues and schools of thought that are being introduced into the human community. While these “thought streams” are disparate in origin and seemingly worlds unto themselves, they to me express a unified model - a new golden era for human possibility. The Red Pill Chronicles is an expression of that model.

The Red Pill Chronicles is a work in progress! Please see below for book outline -- I hope to flesh out this outline in the near future. I welcome any collaboration / co-creation or assistance in this process.

Mark Appleman

The Red Pill Chronicles: Getting Out of the "Matrix"

Essays on Human Possibility


By Mark David Appleman

A Mark Time / Master Plan Production

The Red Pill Chronicles: (Getting Out of "The Matrix"): Essays on Human Possibility


  1. The Red Pill Chronicles; NEO Realism . A Question of Belief & Possibility
  2. Windows 2001: The New Operating System The new era of Co- Creation
  3. "I Read It Today in the LA Times" - A re-framing of the current data
  4. "All You Need is Love" - The Birth of the High Heart & The Higher Self
  5. Taking the 5th ; Prescriptions for Self-Empowerment in the 21st Century
  6. 52 Pick - Up : The Value of Playing with a Full Deck
  7. The Sky is Not the Limit ; The Disappearance of Old Tools and the Birth of The Galactic Human
  8. Looking at Life With New I's ; Intention, Intuition, and Imagination - the new Leading Ladies of Discovery
  9. Another Brick in the Wall ; Dr. Freud vs. Pink Floyd ;the 3 R's become the 3 C's. New Focuses of Education for "The Children of the Future."
  10. 333 and The Letters of Fire ; The Value of Numbers & Symbols ( even for those math challenged ! ) for the new race of Wizards.
  11. Immortality ; The Black Eye That Just Won't Go Away !
  12. "Houston- The Phoenix has Landed" New Looks at Human Origins and the Re-Writing of Human History
  13. Lucky 13 - WE Build the New Myths ; The Hollywood Ending WE get to Write

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