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Reference : Reverence


Acceleration sets the tone
on highways, pathways and at home :
At breakneck speed it whizzes, whirls ,
and pirouettes with AMBITION unfurled ,
To touch on reference points deployed
to inveigle Earth's residents away from joy ,

A REVERENCE point is called for here ,
to invoke a true ambitiion and allay all fears -

We take our turns ,
chasing odes and grecian urns ,
but Olympian efforts cast in time ,
bear meager fruits ( yeah, Bupkus! )
in the life divine.

So have reverence for love's subtle pace
And quietude and empty space...
for ITS beaches break life's thunderous waves

& passions :
that make us unwitting slaves to fashion ,
and those uselesss agendas that never achieve ,
all that we were innocently lead to believe...

IT IS YOU who are the last testament to joy ,
the main ingredient , Madonna's boy ,
Excitement's castle , Appreciation's throne ,
but ONLY if you can spend some time alone !

Reference: Reverence
Make your demands ,
This election's outcome
is completely in your hands !

On this specific shore.

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