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The New Human Dynamic
Part 2 of a series of interviews
With Jesus/Sananda by Mark Appleman
Channeled by Linda Bandino

Jesus/Sananda: And how are you, beloved?

Mark: Very good. The repercussions in my heart were very profound for hours and hours and hours after the session yesterday. It felt like the most significant shift in my life, I think. I don't want to be accused of hyperbole, but I felt something completely amazing, and I feel very woven into purpose. I know you've said that that is taking place, but for the Earth Self to realize that is a very blessed, and amazing and unique experience for me. So I wanted to thank you.

Sananda: You are welcome, and it was time for a little update. And also because you're working on this project, is important for you to also receive back.

Mark: Well, that's wonderful. I certainly felt something very vast being given to me. It's just the most thrilling event of my life, to date.

Sananda: I am pleased, beloved.

Mark: Good, me as well. You know, the other thing that's amazing, it's (the sessions) happening here, and then I went with my wife to the movies afterwards and it didn't feel very separate. It just wasn't creating any problems or sense of dislocation. It all seems to be flowing. That's just a miracle in and of itself.

Sananda: Indeed, that it meaningful, isn't it?

Mark: Yes, yes, yes. Perhaps I am becoming one of the new exemplars of the New Human Dynamic, which is the 2nd chapter title that you sent to me to discuss. And when I think of an individual or a human individual who is a dynamic individual, it's almost like they have an X factor. They have something that is even added beyond personality or style or anything, there's some other invigoration that seems to take place. And I was wondering, when you came up with the title the New Human Dynamic were you describing something in that order?

Sananda: Yes indeed. I was describing an awakened energy that will be taking place within all of humanity. It will actually show up in human DNA…

Mark: (laughter) sorry for laughing, but that was my next question (about DNA.) That came in very strong.

Sananda: ... And it is a great rising to spiritual knowingness within an expression and understanding that is connected with spiritual truth. Or connected with source, with divine source. So that is what is intended in the understanding of the New Human Dynamic. Now of course, this is all developing. It is a process that Humanity is going through, where it is reclaiming its freedom as has been demonstrated already in quite a few nations throughout the world, and as I have mentioned at other times, Humanity is getting very tired of the oppression on this planet. By its political leaders, by the greed and corruption; and they want to have peaceful, stress-free lives. When they are having trouble feeding their children even, or helping them to get a good education, it makes them very, very angry. And so as a result the new human dynamic is going to begin to develop within Humanity. They will develop much greater connectedness with Source because they are calling out to God. For help, for assistance...

Mark: A few years back the term "Godkind" came into play, and it seemed to be that really in a certain respect God, what I would call God, finds its fulfillment in the lives of Humanity, or an awakened Humanity. This is almost like the birth of this Godkind. Is it is more of a blended opposition. In other words, is Humanity in its New Human Dynamic going to have humanity functioning more a in the God brain or God heart levels of itself, or is it merely a fulfillment of the human parameter within its own DNA? Or are these overlapping principles? Or is God itself really our DNA , the indwelling God?

Sananda: No the DNA is part of the indwelling God, but it is not God. Humanity is God, and God is humanity. God is also everything else. We are all part of the one Creator and the one creation. So when DNA changes within humanity, it is because God has already initiated that change. And it is because before that humanity also called it forth. Not necessarily in terms of calling forth DNA changes but calling forth consciousness changes. It is changes in consciousness that affect the DNA. So when consciousness changes, DNA changes. That's how that works.

Mark: It's an inside job certainly.

Sananda: Yes, from deeply within. But you cannot for example call out to your I Am and say, "I want you to change my DNA". That isn't going to work. Just change yourself, change your consciousness, change your attitudes. Don't worry about the DNA, it will change automatically. DNA is part of nature, and as you know, nature changes itself and takes care of itself; it adapts itself. It does whatever is necessary.

The New Human Dynamic is going to be wonderful.

What I would like everyone to understand is that when human beings begin to express more from their empowerment, and therefore also more from self-love and from their own recognized inner divinity, you're going to have wondrous and dynamic changes in personality. Many more members of humanity expressing and demonstrating their enlightenment right here on the Earth plane. And you will see yourselves evolving before your own eyes. It will be quite a beautiful thing to witness, you know. So imagine greater spiritual gifts emanating from everyone, and contributing much more expanded creativity in the world. Creativity that will benefit the Earth and Humanity. So that is certainly something magnificent to embrace, to envision.

Then, you will also have enlightened beings coming to the Earth to reflect the beautiful changes that Humanity is making within.

Mark: When you say enlightened beings, are you referring to folks like yourself, or people that the earth knows historically; or what you term as extraterrestrials, or what other people would say are spaceship people? How is this happening? Is that something you can reveal at this time?

Sananda: Yes, it will be all of the above. Everything you have stated. That is exactly what it will be. Now the enlightened beings who come, you may not recognize them in the form that they appear in, but you will recognize their energy. For those who are already also awakened, even though you may not hadn't seen them in a long time or they might appear differently in their physical appearance, you will know their souls. There will be instant connection and recognition. For those who are awakened sufficiently to recognize them.

Mark: Sananda, I'd like to jump in briefly. Not trying to disturb your flow here but...

Sananda: No, you're not disturbing the flow, you are a part of it, at least in this part of the exchange. Go for it.

Mark: All right. Well when these people appear is this going to be a situation where there are lets say there are 3 people. One is very open, and one is very closed, and one is let's say in the middle. Would 1 or 2 of them would see this being, and the other doesn't? Or would it be that everybody sees that being?

Sananda: It will vary. But because many people more people are going to be awakened, many are going to have these extraordinary experiences as well. For you, it will be normal and natural. For them it may be an extraordinary spiritual experience occurring.

Mark: Well, it may become normal and natural for me at some point, but the 1st couple of times it will probably be pretty extraordinary!

Sananda: Yes.

Mark: Even though I understand it intellectually, or even perhaps emotionally, spiritually and mentally, but still the utter impact of it... It just sort of means that and that irreversible change will be demonstrated and taking place on the face of the earth.

Sananda: Yes indeed. That is correct. But it is positive, you know. Because Humanity is growing, consciousness is expanding, and that is the purpose of everything. That is the purpose of actually coming into physical incarnation. Coming into a body. You want to learn and to grow. And that means expanding your consciousness.

So, we have a great human dynamic appearing. Manifesting itself from within. And that is going to initiate so many more changes on the Earth plane. Before long, conflict will begin to resolve itself and Humanity will come together much more to help itself, and to make this planet a far better place to be, without war.

Mark: I think it's difficult for those of us that don't have your truly long view on things, to think of the people who are suffering now, and to think of all the resources that are being spent on war instruments rather than plowshares; you know, one would... What solace can we take for the people who are not really going to live to see those times? They are almost like the victims of a previous way of thinking.

Sananda: Well they are either going to change or they will choose not to. But they will have plenty of opportunities to do so. And you know, the "100th monkey principle" would definitely apply here. Because when those who don't understand, see so many members of humanity understanding and awakening, and having much more fruitful and positive and joyful experiences, do you think that they will say "No thank you, I'd rather be miserable?" If they really choose that, then they will be accommodated.

Mark: As it should be. As it should be, Sananda

Sananda: Indeed.

Mark: I just feel that humanity does not really, at this stage, really understand what a huge menu of possibility exists. I think that part of the new human dynamic is just the description of the fact that most people come to this restaurant or game field or living experience called Earth, and are dealing with such a narrow bandwidth of possibility. They don't know that this possibility even exists! And therefore in a certain respect cannot be picked on or judged for their lack of responsiveness to it. And the Earth and the mechanisms and the control mechanisms of the Earth seem to be so good at diverting the genuine and the open and the new and the revealing and the liberating; and seemingly making it not a viable possibility.

I think of the fact that it seems that interstellar craft have been coming to this planet for the last 50 or 60 years, I'm sure forever, but for the recent 50 or 60 years, and crop circles are happening in full view of everyone, but somehow the collective of humanity actually nothings going on. Because their leaders say "Nothings going on." And they go "Okay, nothing's going on!" And they sort of go back to sleep. But there will be, as you say, a 100th monkey. I'm certainly willing to play my part to monkey around here...

Sonata: Indeed. And the openings will be great. They will be magnificent. It is vital not to underestimate the human heart. And when a heart grasps something, then that is it. The change is already underway. That is what is vitally important to understand and realize. And there is tremendous opportunity, and of course human beings are grand opportunists. Most will recognize the need to change and to simply be open. And that is wonderful.

So, the new human dynamic will be brilliant. And it will continue to grow very rapidly, to expand very rapidly in its brilliance.

Mark: Will this be achieved through technology principally? It seems that the Internet really has been almost the external saving grace for humanity not getting fully shut down. It seems like a way for good news-and bad news, all sorts of news to get right through…

Sananda: yes the Internet is the saving grace of human communications. It truly is. Is it bringing about greater levels of freedom. If it weren't for the Internet, people around the world wouldn't really know about each other. Wouldn't know what was going on in foreign countries. And those who've been living in what you call 3rd world or underprivileged countries, when they learn what their neighbors have - which might be more - they want that also. The "I want what you have" principle within Humanity, still runs very deep and very strong. Whenever any human being spies what someone else has that is wonderful and offers opportunity, they're going to want it. And so that's how it goes. Inspiration is contagious, you know.

Mark: Well, the old pattern seemed to be to lose yourself to gain yourself. You know, that was sort of the old credo. But I think when you're talking about is really an excitement a desire triggering the heart, which triggers the being, and moves things forward. I often think of a child or young person in an African nation which is maybe even 4th world; but they get access to things… There was a wonderful film years ago about a Coke bottle falling out of a plane and landing in a tribal community, an African tribal communitiy or an Australian tribal community, and suddenly what it wrought in the way of change in the tribe it landed in.

Sonata: Indeed. That film was called "The Gods must be Crazy". It was quite opening in consciousness for those who viewed the film. It certainly made many aware of completely different perspectives of life. Completely different cultures and belief systems. And how those things are internalized.

Mark: The dynamic of film seems to be another whole technological breakthrough that seems to shift… It almost seems like a movie in and of itself is what a philosophy used to be in the past. A movie like Lord of the Rings, or the Star Wars films, Toy Story. All these movies seem to affect the Zeitgeist, affect the culture very dramatically and very universally. Transcending the separations that the powers that be hold people into thinking regionally or over people thinking and that sort of thing… There seem to be universal pulses that seem to happen from film as well as the Internet.

Sonata: Yes indeed. That is another way of communicating new ideas and new understandings, new ways of living. The Internet and media and the entertainment industry they are doing so much to connect Humanity, to bring them all together. To help different nationalities simply know one another and to understand more deeply. And so you' are blessed in so many ways. There are films for example are about to be made that will be extraordinary. Truly extraordinary. You a lot of good and wonderful things look forward to.

Mark: I know for myself going to a film always provides me with another perspective, and eliminates, or eradicates for a few hours the limitations of the earth Self, or at least expands The Earth Self and its appreciation of the world and the universe that lives in. You know, Sananda, I hope I have not slowed down the momentum today (with all my comments).

Sananda: No, it is intended that you participate more today.

Mark: Okay, beautiful. You know I wrote some notes before the session started and I wrote the word DNA and then I wrote right under it DYNA (and then right under that DYNAMIC). And the sort of inner joke I made to myself was that once humanity understood the Y of itself it would activate its Dynamic.

Sonata: Yes, that is correct. That is exactly it.

Mark: (laughter).

Mark: So this is awakening of our energy , and this is happening from the God within in the response to the call of humanity which I'm a part of, and you have been a part of as well Sananda. You must remember your roots in the human kingdom.

Sonata: Yes I still am part of that dynamic.

Mark: Perhaps you can share a little bit from your unique perspective being part of both. And perhaps your brothers and sisters in the light realms as well.

Sananda: Well, we are all part of humanity. We are all deeply linked, all brothers and sisters all family. Whatever happens to you, even in your physical body, we feel it and we are affected by it. We love you so immensely. We are all soul mates and twin flames are so we share soul memories. We have light bodies or etheric bodies, we do not have DNA like you do, but we have the spiritual corresponding sources let us say. So we can relate to you well.

Mark: In one of your private classes you mentioned that as the year unfolds there will be more extraterrestrial contact and beings and things like that. Will there be a something like "We have come to introduce this or that", or will it be more in response individuals who are opening up their consciousness to function as a coach or consultant for them? Or is it more like Well fellows, you've all grown so here's some more pointers… Are you going to be more like coaches, or more like players?

Sananda: Well it'll be more like if you'll allow your consciousness to be equal to us, we will be equal to you. That is how it will work.

Mark: Through other sources of information in the past, I've heard of the development of a new government or an enlightened government, and of a being with the name or a name Kuthumi involved with that. Is that part of the evolutionary possibility, or was that some sort of distorted message that came in, in the past?

Sananda: It is from the past, and definitely distorted.

Mark: Yeah, I'm sorry, I felt like I sort of fell off track there.

Sananda: it's all right

Mark: Good. You know, it's a new dynamic, so…

Sananda: Yes it is…

Mark: So we have to continue to explore. Well, was there a general section of energy that you wanted to reenter?

Sananda: You mean for this particular segment, under the topic of the new human dynamic?

Mark: Yes.

Sananda: What I want also to share is that this NEW HUMAN DYNAMIC is going to lead to extraordinary things happening on the Earth plane; The disappearance of selfishness and greed, evil intentions. The disappearance of fear and doubt. So that being on the Earth is going to be much more pleasant and creative experience, and be much more exciting. Many more beings are going to want to come here because they are going to be having huge creative freedom. That is an important thing as well.

Mark: It seems that the media, and the democratization of the media, and the empowerment of individuals, even now in our sleepier times,more fearful times, certainly. It seems that because of the computer, because of the technology, because of the fact that information and creativity is being fostered through new generations of children that are growing up much more comfortable with computers, than myself, Even more than my children. I mean now my grandchildren are jumping right now into the phone and computer, they're able to draw, etc. In other words they have access to so many different orders of possible creativity. And you are saying yet at the same time there's going to be bigger explosions in the future, even beyond this?

Sananda: Yes, yes much, much more.

Mark: is this because they're going to leave the external technology behind, and awaken their own inner technology?

Sananda: they're going to be much more intuitive, much more psychic, much wiser. More knowing of what the real truth is. More recognizing of deception and lies. And as you know, in this timing, all truth is being revealed. So that the parts of the world that are not expressing in alignment - all of the big governments and corporate and media machines - they will either have to change or go down.

And the young children who are growing up now; they will know this, they will see it. They will be instrumental in bringing about the changes that are needed to have a structure on the planet that will really work for the people. It will be more like the people working for themselves.

Mark: Will there always be an economic system on this earth, or is that something will fall way at a particular time?

Sananda: Ultimately it will fall away. And whatever is better in that NOW moment will emerge. Everything will always be balanced out and taken care of energetically.

Mark: Is this new human dynamic a unique phenomenon? In another words, is Humanity moving into a space that has never been achieved before by any other species or any other planet? Our is it a new human dynamic in the respect that, we are finally getting to a level now of development where we are now joining others civilizations that have long achieved it? Like, we understand the Pleiades or other civilizations have to a large degree evolved. Are we moving into something new and fresh? Dramatically new and fresh, or just a slight variation with our local energy and signature?

Sananda: Well, It's new for Humanity. But there are other universes, other civilizations, and other planets that are far more advanced than Humanity.

Mark: Certainly. But are we going along a pathway that has been sort of trod before, or is the way that creation works, that we are really creating a whole new branch of possibility with our evolution?

Sananda: It is new to humanity, but is not necessarily new. The process of initiation that I briefly described with regard to Sanat Kumara coming to the Earth, and bringing about the initiations in human consciousness allowing humanity to become enlightened. This has been adopted and used on other planetary bodies and understandings before. But humanity is very unique as well. So the processes are the same, many of the many realizations are the same.

And so, this common thread is of assistance. And it is good to actually understand that this is a "program." It is also, shall we say, a little bit of a project to understand that techniques that have used on other planets and civilizations are now being brought here to implement, and see whether Humanity can do this and grasp this. Many of these civilizations have been around for many, many, many more cycles.

Mark: During your time after you were Jeshua Ben Joseph did you visit these other places and learn there? Were you to a certain extent or degree being trained to return back this time upgraded? Is there anything that you would like to share about that arc (of time) as it relates to this "programming" and bringing in these new dynamics?

Sananda: Yes. I would like you to ask you to repeat the question with a little more of what you are thinking?

Mark: okay well, you were Jeshua Ben Joseph, or you were Jesus as it was known in the Western world, the current Western world, and then you shared at other times that you been continuing your evolution, your education. So that's one part of the thought.

The other part of the thought is that you just shared with me the concept of programming and the concept of advanced civilizations, more mature certainly than the human, once having achieved certain levels of understanding, and then with the assistance beings like Sanat Kumara and perhaps other similar level beings, then come and try out that program on the Earth. I'm wondering if part of what you're doing was being trained to assist in this reprogramming, implementation of this programming on Earth?

Sananda: I was not involved at that time as that was 40,000 years ago and I still had a bit of evolving to do myself! But the ancients and other beings with vast, vast knowledge and ancient knowingness and wisdom, participated. Entities who are so evolved you would not even know what to do if you saw one! So rest assured that this decision was a good one. It was very wise and well thought out, and by now, I can assure you that is working.

Mark: Speaking of movies, I just saw a movie. You were familiar today with the movie called "The gods must be crazy, I don't know if you're familiar with this one. It was a new movie called "Thrive." It was sort of a documentary outlining the ruling elites of the planet, sort of doing a good journalistic exposé of what many people call the Illuminati. And the big banking families, and the way they influence the governments. And just describing these processes and (Illuminati) as being "big bad wolves". But you're describing a 40,000-year arc of history and giant beings. And that sort of (gives the message) that there's nothing to worry about. They'll just come and go when it's time for them to go.

Sananda: Yes.

Mark: So it's not for humanity to deal with it is just for each being to evolve and move forward and move into their own freedom and just let these things go fallow, so to speak. As you said they will be passed by, and be left make their own decisions what they want what they're looking for or not.

Sananda: Yes.

Mark: Because I have noticed very little emphasis in your language and communication about what people called Illuminati. You will just say that there are people that are not looking (for our best interests) or the government is self-interested. That sort of thing. And there is a natural human tendency, as you describe the haves and have-nots, and the human natural human reaction to want to have. But say on this planet the 1% and their achievements of money and acquisition seems to pull a lot of the excitement and dynamics of people that are not inwardly oriented. But you're saying that these things are nothing to focus on.

Sananda: I have chosen not to focus on this, because it brings in more of an energy dynamic of "us versus them" kind of mentality. And a hidden enemy.
And someone sabotaging humanity; or a group sabotaging humanity. Which is victim consciousness. If we focus on raising the consciousness with those who are open to it, and spreading it, the raising of consciousness throughout humanity, then any other energies upon the Earth that would be considered a nemesis, is just going to disappear. It will not be able to exist anymore. When human consciousness does not perceive itself as a victim anymore, then any energy that would be taking advantage - they're just gone.

Mark: it seems to me that… I don't remember being there when you were Jesus, but it seems to me that a lot of healing was based on that very principle that you so succinctly just described. To focus on the well-being and the wholeness of what is, as opposed to all the things that are not.

- - - - - - - -

Sananda: So do you have any further questions that you would like to have answered about this subject?

Mark: No, but I had gotten a book for my birthday this year, about the bees. And it really got me thinking about hive consciousness. And hive intelligence. As you described your role as Sananda in what you call the Sananda collective, and there's a brilliant I guess another collective called Abraham that I interact with occasionally. Is that part of the new human dynamic? A sort of collective mind, and collective activity modes? Is there anything you can reflect back on that? Is that were all headed? Is that the way it works? Or is that just the way consciousness is coming in now…

The description of the bee intelligence seemed to trigger activate something in myself. Obviously it was Oneness at work, a type of Oneness at work, but I'm wondering if there's anything more specific that you can describe, as far as the dynamic of intuition and creativity that you earlier described, as coming into the future generations?

Sananda: Well the bees certainly present a profound example of Oneness. Even though they made be discounted as lowly insects, there is a profound intelligence that operates within them in a group dynamic and consciousness. And they have a great knowingness for themselves. They are a powerful and profound example for humanity. And the fact that quite recently many millions, even billions of bees on the planet have been dying has brought great human attention and awareness to them. Because without their presence on the Earth, Humanity would starve. They are one of the most vital insects that you have on your planet, because they pollinate a great percentage of your food. And they pollinate also the cotton that is used for your clothing. Could you contemplate living on the Earth without fruits, nuts, tomatoes, vegetables? There isn't very much that is of greens and grains that is not pollinated.

Mark: Yes, and even using our language, we talk about going into a state of "being". Which is probably the most refined its state or level of awareness. You know bee-ing. It implies that ability to profoundly… to pollinate in almost a limitless arena. It (Beingness) takes us out of separation, doesn't it?

Sananda: Yes

Mark: The very term, itself.

Sonata: Yes. So, recently the bees have been in great trouble. And scientists are working diligently to find the problem so that the bees are no longer dying. They haven't resolved it all yet, but they're getting closer. And in the process Humanity is learning just how important they (the bees) are.
And the hive consciousness, the hive awareness, is brilliant. And they have been a profound mirror, because what is causing them to die, causes them in the sense to lose their minds. They lose their hive consciousness. And instead of passing along information to the other members of the hive, when they are not feeling well, not doing well, or they are encountering something that is causing a problem, they are not able to communicate. And they feel they are sick and they leave the hive they abandon the hive, they are gone and they die.
So the scientists are finding that anything that affects type consciousness is destructive, completely destructive. And that is true on the larger scale as well. It is the same for Humanity, and for the Earth.

Mark: That's the feeling, the feeling of the Arab spring and all this outpouring; it's almost the feeling of that, just that brimming excitement of hive consciousness awakening. The unbreakable aspect of humanity that shall arise, because it can't be extinguished. It's right there just in humanity itself. Always has been.

Sonata: Yes indeed.

Mark: Thank you for connecting those - humanity and bee-ingness for me.

Sonata: You are welcome, Beloved.

Interview by Mark Appleman
Channeled by Linda Bandino


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