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To Our Comrades In the Only Game worth Playing (the game of love and light)

WE saw this AMAZING movie this weekend. The theatres it is playing in are on the website. This movie reflects the central thrust of what Billy and I have dedicated much of our adult years to, in one form or another. It gives me hope that the trickle down theory of energy and thought will eventually reach a mainstream audience. It was a pleasure to SIT BACK AND ENJOY the thrust for self-empowerment and awareness, for the first time, in a tangible digestible framework. This is a thought and action provoking adventure, and hopefully will be a great topic for conversation when we get together next.

A must see movie recommendation. It’s a wonderful and inspiring and amazing movie. If you haven’t already seen it, run don’t walk to see. ‘What the bleep do we know’, Check it out on the web at

Here's a note we got from a friend who recently saw the movie

Superb in every regard.

Even as early as high school I remember physicists writing about the convergence of quantum physics and the study of consciousness. In my last year of high school I spent a semester studying special and general relativity with one of my teachers, and when I first left for Stanford, my intention was to major in Physics, push through to the cutting edge, and figure out what makes the universe tick.

Events happen as they do, and it ended up being consciousness per se that took my interest. Now, ten years later, it is absolutely extraordinary to hear the depths to which quantum physics have pushed the scientific understanding of the universe -- and to realize that science is now revealing -- in amazing detail -- the very same paradoxical logic laid out by the deepst and most esoteric of the world's spiritual traditions.

At one time, it seemed a certainty that science, that vehicle for surveying and interpreting the physical world, by its very nature could never penetrate the emotional, mental, psychic, or spiritual levels of reality. Suddenly, it seems quite probably that science -- in its ongoing attempt to discover the unities and singularities of the universe -- will push right through to the other side and reveal that the physical and spiritual dimensions are, in fact, not two -- and that they share the very consistent internal logic that has been handed down by earth's shamans, saints, and sages since time and consciousness immemorial. At any rate -- thank you for recommending this film!



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