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 Writes of Spring ’06 - Hustle & Flow


In the Hustle and Flow
Of Source mojo,
The surrendered lover has nowhere to go.

As each dimension falls
NOW into line,
The ante is raised / to assay Universal time.

Spirit takes the dance floor (as the ubiquitous I AM),
While Hendrix & Gilmour begin to jam;

In Unity’s undulation,
Disparate events do reveal;
Networked cross reverential foundations,
And a missionary zeal.

The Icons tune their ions,
As Zion is revealed…

God Biologic emissaries,
Practicing the safest of nano-sex;
In the space between the atoms,
Their non-dual muscles flex.

Shine on Crazy Diamonds,
Fed Exed by Light;
Compose their green/sleeves of perfection,
In pathways beyond sight.

This new race of God/Alsos,
Traverses the land;
Where they step waters are parted,
So what IS/REAL can land.

Weaving patterns of ore / to connect golden bands,
Crazy “8’s”are united / in Eternity’s plan;
Resonating bellows / that DNA masters fan,
In the Hustle & Flow / of Source’s Master Plan.

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