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"All You Need is Love"
"The Birth of the High Heart"


(A Master Plan/ Mark Time Production


The Advent’s Red Carpet treatment now assumes a new altitude and hue, as the PINK magic carpet ride of the Taurus / Harvest Blossom 2002 takes One and All into the Magic Mountains of Source Heart. LOVE conquers all, providing solid foundations and avenues for Source to offer It’s rendition of modern human life - through OUR human envelope. All you need is Love. Permanent inroads are made in the reclamation of Planet Bethlehem, by the growing drumbeat/circle of the Collective Messiah and the Wesak convocations.

The Christening of the INDIVIDUAL High Heart is THE “spectator sport” of the interdimensional realm. As each EarthMaster invokes the calming Metatronic 4/3 rhythm of Body-Self-Love, this cadence triggers motor mechanics of PURE SOURCERY. As the Master remains within these three four-letter Encodements (“Love”, “Self”, & “Body”), the secret inner vaults of the 11:11 open wide. Pure Sourcery InDeed, as High Heart Love conquers all. The Consultancy of To-Bi-Us engages, as he steps forward to assist in the anchoring of each unique personal electronic into the pattern and weave of this emerging and potent living God Force. In this fashion, the new Governance of Love on Terra Earth, under the benevolent protective energetics of the Andromedan civilizations, takes grass root.

The Belief System of Love, the Buddhic genius of holding one’s own SELF in sufficiently high regard, and the Multi-Coloured Body of the Adam Kadmon now blend together as one. This alchemy invokes the delightful and surprising High (Heart) Harmonic Plane, providing new U- Man combinations of expression emerging from the Plane of Unity. Hippies, Haldors, Hobbits and other devotees of the Living Dance of Love are “blissed out”: literally “in the Pink” Ray of the Irrefutable Realization of Self. This is the time of childhood POWER and “free love” expression. The possibilities of expressed love are “endless love” indeed; participation in this springtime PRODUCTION of Love’s Finest OUR thankfully exceeds all box office expectations. Ezekiel takes the E-Z way out, (he had a good reason-he was a daytripper, yeah) and the Bethlehem Production Company takes its show out “On the Road”. Love Rules!

This is the month of individual exaltation, where YOU are king of the world, and your body is THE temple. Sit back and let the evening go. We hope you do enjoy the show. We may be Sgt. Peppers Band. But you, YOU are the Salt of the Earth, God’s best foot forward, and the Apple of Source’s eye. In this Taurean celebration of the treasures of the concrete physical domain, we will outline and describe tangible conceptual models for the reconstruction of Your Self and Your Multidimensional Reality. With open architecture, and the room to grow back into the proportion YOU originally conceived. As well as providing you with some juicy new 4-letter words actually worth using in mixed company!

Solar Taurus invests their alluring pure joy and earnest love into the affairs of Mankind. In fact, one could say Taurus is responsible for putting the kind in Mankind. If Aries is the restless starfleet commander, then Taurus is the contented Hobbit (think Sam Gangee) in us all. The wordsmith, raconteur, lover of the pipe, and simple pleasures of the Earth. Lover of music, food, drink, and song – as well as any thing - or any one! - that might be available. Taurus is the patient curator of poetry, money, and all things worth saving. Including a secure, straightforward life surrounded by the abundant rhythms of EarthSong.

After the all or nothing Pisces/Spiritual Currency emotional flush, and the leap of faith through the fires of Aries/Advent, this Taurus/Harvest Blossom month provides leisure time, to celebrate life’s innate joy and smell the roses (pink of course!) The Venusian influence of the solar Taurus provides an earthy voice (Barbara Streisand, Stevie Wonder) vision (George Lucas) and vitality (“Say-Hey” Willie Mays) to the human family. They truly embody ‘the love of the game’. Taurus is happy to play the “slow but steady wins the race” tortoise to the Aries hare. They look to be the ‘strongest link’, the soothing voice of calm, and the ‘Rock’ for others. They are the trustworthy banker, the social glue, and the pig that built his house with bricks. They provide sweet pantheistic melodies in the “key of life”.

Taurus’ one-pointed absorption, belief, and allowance of the physical dimension body (with its pleasures and delights) provides the FOCUS to attract stability and success. However, exploration and integration of the subtler, less concrete levels of life experience is not traditionally within the normal prompting of the solar Taurus, who (like his hobbit counterparts) enjoys his garden and his “Shire”. Taurus’ failure to integrate the intangible, more difficult-to-quantify emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of life is certainly a case of losing the forest for the trees. While the ratio of the visible to invisible may not match the 7 or 8:1 in an iceberg, ignoring 4-body integration can be a “titanic” error.

Gautama Buddha is the historical exemplar of the great aspirations of the Universal Taurean character. One who moves to transform his solar expression by elevation of SELF into Universal/Galactic frequency through the prerequisite 4-body integration. Buddha purportedly was born, died, and obtained enlightenment on the Taurus full moon. His commitment to self-contemplation and physical fixity, and the eschewing of outer pleasure for inner development (whether verity or myth), has served as “the” benchmark response to the Archetype folly of total investment in the physical dimension of life. Interestingly, Buddha’s triumph came not from “leaving the body” but rather fully embracing it. He made friends with the so-called prison of earthly sensation, transforming it into his living TEMPLE of Light (the Light Party has a parallel public project, transforming the island prison of Alcatraz into a garden and dedicated contemplative center). Buddha is our planetary poster body for SELF-REALIZATION, a lower galactic dimension of the Taurus expression. Artemis and Sananda’s merging of the Christ (crystalline) White Ray of inclusive pure love and the Buddha Blue Ray of elevated thought, serves as foundation for the higher aspirations of our species, the merging of East and West, and the inner and outer perfected life. It also represents the spectrum of 6th dimensional conscious life. Wesak, celebrated throughout the Light Carrier Communities, recognizes the blending of Buddha/Christ, the Ascended interdimensional master community, & Humanity.

The Higher Dimensions of Taurus

The higher self aspect of Taurus expresses itself through the transformation of the Physical Vehicle into a Light Body Carrier frequency. The physical body is still fully and joyously embraced as the literal candy store of delight. However, it is recognized now as a technical marvel linking its inhabitor (US) directly with Life Central, Source Intelligence, and Bliss. One that we, those master magicians who inhabit these vehicles, must continually harness, harvest, and awaken. We are permanently luminous beings: always have been, always will be. When we consciously reconnect and maintain our vibration with this permanent state of luminosity in our body – Voila, enlightenment! As well as immersion into the self effulgent bliss of Self Realization. This month celebrates our pure “being”ness, and as such allows us to deepen the kinetic impact of that permanent luminosity and joy into our daily, breath-by-breath experience of life. I use Light Carrier (emphasizing “being”ness) rather than the much bandied term Light Worker, (emphasizing “doing”ness) as it seems more reflective of our actual status and dynamic. “Doing”ness & judging others and ourselves by what we do {I call these queries the solar astrology Cardinal House Protocols: What do you look like? (First house) Where do you live? (4th) Who do you partner up with? (7th) What do you do for a livelihood? (10th)} have become obsolete barometers of measurement, as we familiarize ourselves with frequency self–assessment, and our awakening ageless timeless bodies.

As we continue and continually awaken (there is no finish line to all this), we are included in larger and more inclusive rings of Beingness. As beingness expands and moves outward, a corresponding harmonic is awakened in the Heart Center – simultaneously moving inward as well! This Heart Center or 4th chakra is the Tree of Life “branch” that the Taurus vibration of Unconditional Love of Self is grounded through. Operating through the medium of the Pink Galactic Ray, Taurus (a.k.a. Self Realization/Harvest Blossom/ Pure Sourcery at increasing octaves of frequency) mirrors the combination of LOVE, SELF, and BODY at expanded levels of depth and inclusiveness. Unconditional Love of Self in a Body: THE ticket to Pure Sourcery. In the following pages, we will use these 3 code words to penetrate the essence of Pink Ray contribution to the InSpiritor community (13th Tribe).

Taurus/Harvest Blossom/Pink and Pisces/Spiritual Currency/Blue, (galactic “complements”- there are no astrological “oppositions” in the Christed planes) are specialists in the evolution and operation of the Human Biology. They are the Rays that carry the living interface between Source and the Universal Man, through the medium of the Adam Kadmon Electronic bodies and the 4-body system, grounding directly into the physical body heart center. Like the pink and blue color codes traditionally found around new born infants, these codes provide the easiest access to direct personal experience and “birthing” of our higher selves. Spiritual Currency focused on the Higher Minds and the activation of Universal levels of mind. Through the gate of the Harvest Blossom, the dimensions of the Higher (Adam-Eve Kadmon) Body and Heart are structurally and experientially unveiled.

Love “All you need is Love” – John, Paul, George, & Ringo: The Beatles
“Love is the Champion of the times. It is the bond of the Universe .It is unconditional, and unique . It is wise. It is the sun within the sun, and it is of singular source.
There is nothing greater than this
- Kryon

I cannot preach the value of love to you experts in the field – this includes our entire human family. It is our sustenance, our hope, and our balm. It is the glue between parent and offspring, relationships of every color and permutation, and the rocket fuel of our adolescence (at whatever age it might strike us!). Yet here I invite you to consider LOVE in its more mechanistic dimension. As the glue that Kryon refers to. Love as the actual Substance of Source Expression in ANY and ALL dimensions of consciousness. For it is here that we locate the first of the three unifying principles issuing forth from the 10th Plane of High Harmonics this month. Wherever you go, there is the frequency of Love. Love is the backbone of the interdimensional InnerNet. It is the net server, it is the reward of unconditional service, and it is the first and main course wherever in the higher realms you travel. It pre-empts all separation and conspiracy, and disarms all misunderstandings. When practiced as one’s eminent and operating belief system (see belief systems discussions in the Ascent and Advent articles) it promises safe passage wherever one goes. It serves on the Soular level as the antidote to duality and fear, and the gatekeeper into the 5th (the high solar) dimension. As WE cross the line of Christed demarcation into the 6th and higher (monadic) realms, love assumes a different function, becoming a magnet or “search engine” for subtle plane physical manifestation. The physical heart center expands upward into what is called the High Heart region, annexing the thymus center (activating the turquoise ray) and thyroid (this is a very palpable energetic opening and will be our monthly exercise). God is Love, just as love is the dominant expressive field of God Consciousness. Master Kuthumi (galactic name Tobius) is the planetary consultant of the Love and Heart energy. His current and future projects are aimed at grounding the unity of God Consciousness into government, business, education, and the arts. However, love is a language that we all speak fluently, and all are invited to follow the presence of it in our lifestream of energy, back through all levels of manifestation to Source itself. There is no more powerful or glorious entity in any world or Universe, that one who has set sail in the belief system of Love. It is the motor mechanism and universal solvent of the Awakening. To quote the Beatles again, Love is “our ticket to ride”.

Body “You have to be very clever to find the unknown. But it’s out there.” Sir Christian Bonington, British Mountaineer
“If you want something you’ve never had, be willing to do something you’ve never done” Lamar Smith, ex-running back, Miami Dolphins, 1999-2002

The higher dimensions of Taurus provide tangible platforms for the aspects of reality that don’t conform to apprehension by our 5 senses. Despite the old adage “seeing is believing”, much of the structure of our lives is non-visible. Physics offers the sub-atomic world, magnetics and plasma (the “4th state of matter” which scientists now recognize is no small matter: comprising more than 90 % of it!). Human psychology and behavior remind us no one has ever seen a thought or idea, much less a feeling (before it is expressed). And are we not amazed on some level that our new radio or TV plucks entertainment from invisible waves passing thru our room or neighborhood? Not to mention the ubitquious cell phone?

With that in mind, I ask to reader to entertain the concept that she or he is the keeper and administrator of a highly complex set of bodies. And that each body that we do hold is as complex, inter-active, interrelated, and miraculous as our physical body. The physical body maintains systems of circulation, respiration, hormones, skeleton, etc, etc: systems that we are rarely aware of, but we certainly benefit from. Let us examine 2 additional systems of bodies: The 4-Body System and the Adam (Eve) Kadmon Bodies. Likewise, these body systems are complex functional worlds unto themselves; as well as tangible maps / stairsteps / mirrors for the study of our “invisible” dimensions of Self. In due course, they too will be included in biology textbooks- as well as the systems listed above. The second thought I ask all to entertain is that each and these bodies and systems described is the body of God. This will allow for the following details to enhance an expansive sense of wonder and opportunity, rather than overwhelm. We are about to visit “the many mansions” often spiritually referred to, and will, like the Jefferson’s, certainly “be movin’ on up”!

Physical (3rd dimension), Emotional (4th), Mental (5th), and_Spiritual (6th). Vyamus introduced this 4 Body system into the current literature on the heels of the 1988 Harmonic Convergence, including distinct and measurable dimensions of Self and consciousness as well (see Self section below). The physical, emotional, or mental SOLAR bodies must be serene or balanced enough to allow our greater Self to emerge as the living Spiritual body. This is analogous to the manned space flights being launched by a 3-stage rockets that self-consumed before the satellite achieved a stable, weightless orbit. Anyone experiencing physical pain, emotional distress, or mental confusion and imbalance can attest to the necessity of “having one’s house in order”. The principal pitfall of the “Path” is the lack of 3-body balance: without it, spiritual experience becomes difficult if not impossible to maintain. The Orin Daben Light Body series provides a very thorough “walk” and balancing of the emotional and mental bodies. In galactic astrology, the distinction is made in this way: Physical Body (ruled by solar ruler of Rising Sign), Emotional Body (Moon), Mental Body (Sun), Spiritual Body (Sign of Spirit-galactic ruler of Rising Sign). The Spiritual Body assumes ascendancy and the Sign of Spirit emerges, as the sun / moon identities are reformatted to provide organic support of the Higher Self. At this stage, the spiritual body readies to exit the Solar and higher astral planes, and enter Galactic/Monadic realities.

The Adam (Eve) Kadmon Body is the technical name for the 12 layers of the Electronic Spiritual Body that comprise you and I in the Christed realms. This is a level of self beyond the soul or solar levels, woven into galactic-level crystalline light magnetics. They are the 12 galactic rays of manifest creation form-fit into the conscious evolutionary biology of our Physical Body. Adam Kadmon is “standard feature” in the human vehicle. Energetic familiarization with your own Adam Kadmon vehicles will allow YOU regular untrammeled access into the Christed realms. While the Adam Kadmon frequencies are eventually superceded by the electrolytic energies of the mid-galactic plane, and the “wireless” frequencies of the Dragon Rays and the Universal Source Alignments, occupying the Adam Kadmon level definitely provides a Penthouse view. For you bible lovers and “techies”, the Adam Kadmon is Joseph’s Many-Coloured Coat, and comprise the 52 chakras (remaining 20 in the 72-chakra system reside in the Rotundrum-Hi galactic (53-62, anchored in jaw) and Source (63-72, anchored in heart). So one could say that the conscious and awakening of Integration of the Adam Kadmon frequencies - through intention, imagination, and intuition- is one game of 52 Pick-Up you just can’t afford to pass up!

THE 12 GALACTIC RAYS as human chakra physical correspondences (also expressed in the Tree of Life) are always presented in the same sequence: RED, ORANGE, YELLOE-GOLD, PINK, IOLITE, GRANITE (including copper, tans, and earth tones), LAVENDER, EMERALD GREEN, BLUE, WHITE, BLACK, and GOLD. However, the actual infrastructure of the lower galactic levels follows a different striation sequence, and our integration with external expression follows a more parochial pattern of frequency:

WHITE Electronic Body: 6th dimension – Christ Body (Christ GARMENT, blends 6-16)
BLUE Electronic Body: High 6th – Buddhic Body (higher minds), Collective Messiah
YELLOE-GOLD Electronic Body: 7th – Shambhalla (Mother/ Father), Golden Body/Age
LAVENDER Electronic Body: High 7th – Body of Merlin or Magic (nourishment, healing)
EMERALD GREEN Electronic Body: 8th - Book of Knowledge Plane, CommUnification
ORANGE Electronic Body: 9th – Co-Creation Plane
PINK Electronic Body: 10th – High Harmonics Plane, Source Pulse
RED Electronic Body: 11th – Force of One Plane
IOLITE Electronic Body: 12th – Magi / Akashic Plane
GRANITE-Copper Electronic Body: 13th – Inner Spectrum of Conceptual Energy
BLACK Electronic Body: 14th – Mayan Immortal Plane
SILVER-GOLD Electronic Body: 15th: Atmic Plane

As individuals, when we elevate our consciousness, leaving behind identification with the Matrix of the solar plane, we enter- like as though thru an eye of the needle - into the Christ White Body frequency, the universal Adam Kadmon garment. Continuing on our expansion we integrate the higher mind energies trough the Cobalt Blue frequencies, stabilizing in our Buddha Body. The internal blend of the Buddha/Christ frequencies of the 6th dimension also functions as a “living corridor” into the completer/twin ray energies of the 7th dimensional Golden Age of Shambhalla. As the first three Adam Kadmon levels are integrated within us, we are at Eternal Light Carrier frequency – Shambhalla Visionaries, holding a permanent resonance and cellular adherence to Mother Father God and the 7th Golden Age. At each 11:11 (November 11th) the ascended master community has been anchoring another interdimensional plane into Terra/Earth. 11:11 is a very powerful numeric interdimensional symbol: opening to Source pulse, split-shifting, to-BI-US, the Aquarian frequencies, the internal rhythms of the Taurus/Scorpio solar opposition, and the relationship of the individual master to the master plan. This galactic Andromedan coding also aptly describes the 4 chambers of the human heart, and 4 as the master number of physical expression.

This past November 11 the Yellow-Gold Bodies and Ray was anchored on Earth/Terra, joining the Christ and Buddha rays already grounded. This November 11 will bring the Lavender, and so on until 2010. Each succeeding level brings still another pitch into the Earth plane mix. There is a truly remarkable bit of footage in a Gregg Braden video, “Walking Between the Worlds” showing a single drop of water being spun at increasing frequencies. The drop of water morphs into wondrous, beautiful, increasingly complex geometric patterns as the torque increases. As the spinning slows down, the water backs down through the identical pattern, until becoming a simply glistening drop of water again. As a function of the Divine Master Plan, Our Earth is in the process of being “torqued up”.

As individuals however, we can invite these energies NOW. By consciously personally awakening OUR OWN White Christ Body, and then succeeding frequencies. This can be achieved through attending a Eternal Light Body seminar (see in Europe, USA or Asia. OR through YOUR highly disciplined focus on each of the 12 electronic bodies in the order: white, blue, yellow-gold, etc…on a regular basis, in your own home. Or both. You will feel much shifting, growing in intensity. Stay with this exercise! There is no limit to the amount of time you can put into this. This is the Hatha Yoga of your Christed Body-the “Salutation to the Source Sun” within. Practice of your Adam Kadmon alignments opens you into the magic world of electronic light magnetics: and its integration into your physical envelope/garment/vehicle. Regular watering will allow your many-colored Adam Kadmon to bloom. Further electronic body integration through the Merkivah will be discussed next month as we explore the Merkivah and Twin Ray energies in “A Diamond in Forever”.

Above the Adam Kadmon crystalline bodies, a synthetic 13th electronic body and energetic housing for the 13th tribe, the Templar resides. The Templar is the 16th dimension and crowning glory of the Christ body realms. As the Christ realms end, the mid-galactic Rotundrum electrolytic energies emerge. Moving upwards the Bethlehem and then Excalibur frequencies bridge the upper galactic into the Universal realms towards Source.

Self ‘ To Hold one’s Self in the Highest of regard. This is the walk of one who has recognized Self. The forest of human accomplishment has captured your attention many a time. In this hour and place, I invite you to now hold your Self in the highest of regard. Look not away, nor up, nor down. For this is the time to show your colors and entertain those futures that you truly wish to occupy. This sacred juncture has deviated from the countless rounds of the past. Old moorings have given way. The long envisioned appearance of the face of Self grants you this opportunity to join up with it, in a future none can imagine, yet all have longed to witness and live within.

You will not find the Buddha in holy relics. Or intricate exercises of the intellect or mind. The Buddha has a billions faces. The Buddha is each woman and man who now elevates himself beyond the approach of what cannot nourish his Authentic Self. And holding himself in sufficiently high regard, entertains only elegant thoughts. - Inspired by Lord Artemis, the Galactic Buddha

The concept of the changeless or Eternal Self has functioned as a fixed star in the historical navigation of religion, poetry and the other Neptunian arts (drama, dance, and song). Yet now as we the awakening Humanity actually probe in the direction of this concept of Self, distinctions arise. The relativity of the relationship between the observer and observed inserts itself into the new physics. So in this Taurus month, we must address the multiplicity of vantagepoints and lenses available to peer into the physical creation to discuss the tale of Love of Self in a Body. Yet still provide logical order for both new and practiced student.

Containers and measurements of Self imply by definition as aspect of us that contains the observer’s clarity and dispassion. Yet as we see gradations of Self-measurement, a harmonic or scale of self emerges - both in the figure of Self, and the dimensional ground of Self measurement. Therefore these figure-ground scales of Self are listed below, as the final Metatronic component into our Pink Ray structural 4 letter “soup”.

PERSONALITY In this model, the personality is seen a lunar/solar construct
SOUL The Soul, an individualized response to personal limitation
HIGHER SELF Disturbs complacency of Soul level; the broker
CHRIST SELF First Source Biased Self measurement
I AM SELF Magnetic Personal Electronic Self of greater I Am
SOURCE SELF Primary personal imprint of Unique Source Spark Self

Barbara Hand Clow in The Pleiadian Agenda was the first person to provide a model of dimensionality that made sense to me. Sananda and Elijah, by introducing me to various personal frequency experiences in context with the Tree of Life, have made concrete the distinctions of the higher vibrations. While there are all sorts of numeric distinctions to different multidimensional systems, the following list works for me. Some map of consciousness framework is called for. So this is mine.

FIRST DIMENSION – Earth’s core: according to Clow, a massive Quartz crystal

SECOND DIMENSION – Clow; Kundalini, elemental life force, reptilian

3D – Consensus, physical plane of Earth, plane of detail and concrete measurement

4D – dualities (good/bad, fear/love, black/white, CNN), planetary & emotional archetypes

5D – inclusive, unity based, tribal positives, conditional love, peace, mental

6D – individual Christing, alignment with Source and Bethlehem crystal frequency High 6th – Collective Messiah; co-creative alignments of individual Christs

7D – Personal merge with Mother-Father God genetics; twin ray completions Golden Body; Golden Age –what manifests from a living Collective Messiah. High 7th – beyond the Golden Body; alchemy, magic (individual-Source blending)

8D – Immortal-Mortal Portal, Temple of Light, Universal Infrastructure, Immortality

This month’s article is a companion piece for the Pisces article, as they both seek to introduce living (interactive) structures, mirroring the uniquely personal phenomenon of conscious organic biological life. In addition, they together provide conceptual bases and framework for much of the warriorsofpeace teachings. Both provide phylum and strata for self-measurement of a new order, as well as providing the reader with continual light body adjustments into higher frequency. The premise presented to you on this Taurus month is that you are now operational at every dimension of self, all planes of existence, and all bodies that have been presented. And more. You are currently easily capable of operating at Christ frequency, or Buddha frequency. You now hold a golden body. However within this plethora or vibrational possibilities, there is only one Captain and decision-maker – You. Hopefully, our “open house” this month has opened Your All-Seeing Eye to the expansive living accommodations available in this market This is the Real Estate of the Universal Man. Make your Self at home!

Monthly Exercise – “Birth of the High Heart"

This is a simple and soothing, yet deceptively expansive exercise, that can provide prima facie evidence of the Higher Self: with a minimum of focused effort. Since it activates the High Heart center, anyone who experiences this exercise will have a difficult time denying the High Heart Highway, which connects each of us right back to Source. This is the exercise that will allow the ET in you to phone home! Plus, though I have no scientific evidence, it seems to completely lighten the body experience in the most direct of ways- so, a dish right off the Taurus menu: Ease and grace. Special kudos for this exercise go to our Consultant E-Zekial, who has provided, through his interdimensional support, an E-Z way for an individual to distinguish between their Solar and Galactic fields of personal energy.

Simply close the eyes and take a few deep breaths. As you do, visualize a solid diamond faceted emerald before you. The emerald is quite large and three dimensional, stretching from the physical heart center into the head center, including the throat and thymus centers as well. As you observe the emerald, observe the detail on the stone, as it contains many fine facets. As your concentration remains on the emerald, the energies of both the heart and head center blend into the field of the emerald. Also, from above and behind the head, the Templar energies beam down their living synthesis of the 12 Adam Kadmon bodies.

At this point, the emerald creates a synthesis of its own, as a pulse begins to communicate from the emerald back into your heart center. The head center seems to open as well, and the throat relaxes. The dynamic “lock in” between the emerald and heart center intensifies. The chest cavity may feel like it is opening (or it may not). If there is any discomfort, bring your concentration back to deepening the breath. Feel free to call on consultant Ezekiel to assist in this smooth “birthing” of your etheric or “High Heart”. Once you become comfortable enough to allow the process to continue, a permanent energetic opening will result in an area above the chest cavity. The etheric High Heart is always available to you, and can be activated with surprising ease after it is formatted into your physical vehicle. It you “stay with it”, this opening will begin to synthesize very sublime galactic and Source frequencies into the physical head heart and chest centers. When you are riding the Heart Heart energies, it is as though the plane of soul never existed. Which by the way, is the story of Ezekiel, who supposedly never entertained a “soular” incarnation. Now that’s what I’d call holding your self in high regard! And should explain that bit in my intro about him being a daytripper (no dark night of the soul for him) & taking the E-Z way out. Hope you do the same. Enjoy the fruits of Self and Love and the beautiful and mysterious Human Body, this month of the Harvest Blossom.

Love Rules!
Mark Appleman 4/23/02


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