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The Eyes Have It


Invoke a picture perfect,
To be perfection's muse;
Hip and hoppening,
A 21st century technology to,
Seduce the Golden goose.

All along the watchtower,
Visioners draw near, (to peer and persevere):
What their Hearts hold dear.

Executing the 4 corner offense,
(Tying all 4 tent flaps down);
In silent Equinox procession,
Oaths foresworn, breath's indrawn,
Omera "Cans" united,
Midwives of vision's dawn.

Delivered equal-laterally
Within simple grace,
In the open house of the universal man;
Combining heaven and earth,
With the words "I Am".

Commerce between
Eternally friendly nations resumes.
It's pathway clears new ground.
Reconnection reigns;
An Eye for an I,
NOW summons Immortality's Crown.

Universe-Cities seek new relevant courses,
God revels in Source suspension,
And it's newly minted outlets within human design,
Those lucky pioneers of the 13th sign.

Mortal and Immortal
Blend in mutual respect,
Davids and Goliaths
(not knowing exactly what to expect!);
It's the Big Picture, friend -
Though it's Our small world after all.

It's Picture Perfect,
In vision sealed.
Now tell-a-vision reprograms,
A telepathic, telegraphic appeal.

Out-pictures of Source Light unite!
With our in-sight, galaxies realign,
Around denizens of
Peace's new Now-time design,
Those who take it ALL inside,
To abide, strap in, and ride.

Atom/Adams in Eden's thrall,
Rebirth it all!
Recasting all that meets our eyes,
We are the living Phoenix.
Playing "above the rim",

Leaving only beauty in our a-wake;

Muslims unmuzzled, minorities "supersized",
Demagogues, avatars,
Power-drunken politicians
And (of course) movie stars;
All with the rug pulled out from their disguise.
All democratically rewoven and demythologized,
Now centrally cast,
As Freedom's bride.

The Eyes Have It.
It's perfectly clear.
Hold for the best, and host the rest.
It's true.
You are the Perfect Seer.


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