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Barbara Hand Clow has said that birdsong, the musical language of the bird kingdom, is humankind’s unique link and user friendly access to 7th dimensional light. Given the sweet ecstasy of the 7th dimensional experience, and our natural desire for MORE of the best, I am glad to say that help is on its way.

The help on the way, of course, is our true Self, which is meant and designed to occupy this Earth as the out picturing of the One True Light and Life. We are the Bird Race of our own best future. As we discover ourselves, we are designed to spontaneously burst into song as well.

One such songbird is my brother in light (and brother-in-law) Noel Philpot. He has been gifted with a continuous flow of genuinely inspired music and poetry from a young age. He has made it his business in his adult life to learn to walk his talk. I am proud to point visitors here in his direction. Take flight with him over at the Malibu Chronicle, where he is a regular contributor.

“This Side of Forever" by Noel Philpot
The Ultimate Act of Love

The ultimate act of love is the one that we have with ourselves.The source of endless pleasure is within us. The unique gift of this Infinite pleasure is to open the body to a wonderland of Eternal fantasy, and lovemaking. It is the free flow of Love’s longing for itself. Desire for this takes you higher. It eventually immerses the body in total pleasure, and connects us to forever. The true act of Love revives the body and leads to awareness. It returns the body to its natural, sensual state. Sensuality brings enlightenment; it is a conduit to Nirvana, Paradise or Heaven. We can tap into The Paradise of our senses, and enjoy the pleasures that they give, all the time. A sensual celebration of life is the only valid one. Everything else is a denial of our True nature. The meaning of life is the experience of the ecstasy of being alive.

Celebration and exhilaration come from enjoying all aspects of the senses.Why waste time in fighting when all the Love in the Universe is available right now. Rejoice.The real story is the one about of the Triumph of Immortal Love over all adversity, of the re-emergence of True Love, and the True union of souls.

Walk in the World as a living testament to Eternal Beauty. Allow Eros to overthrow the madness of this illusion.Actualize the power of Supreme Sensuality. Plunge into the Bliss that flows through the whole of Creation. Arousing and filling the senses is the true excitement of Life. Imagination, eroticism, sexuality, and exaltation honor the sensual self. Coming into alignment with the erotic impulse invites one to greatness. Creation from the Heart, from the all Beautiful and not the mind, leads to the union of matter and spirit.

Passionate embraces from the source of all love in the Heart open up consciousness to Universal love. Open up to higher and higher existence, deathless worlds of Immortal radiance. The shadow of mortality falls away, and the individual experiences Paradise on earth. Inside us is endless inner space, filled with Immortal realms and beings beyond the mind's ordinary level of comprehension. Deathless countries of unspeakable delight lie in store within us, waiting to be discovered.This human body is truly a remarkable creation with many secrets, not the least of which is our ability to travel the timeless reaches of inner space within.

We are receptacles of unlimited Love.As we share Love,we are filled by more love. Our needsare met by the Immortal and unending source of Love within.We get connected to true being, not the selfish ego personality created by the world of struggle and pain Sharing Love with others is the most normal, natural way of expressing life. It helps to nurture each other and our fragile life. Respect for Life is the only way to live. If you give love then it is received in return, for life mirrors anything you put out. Radiating love to all, without exception, means gaining constant Bliss.The return from this is that you receive more love to give. It heals your heart and those who receive it. It also involves you in the cosmic love affair of all hearts.

Pleasure is the fuel which fires our Supernatural nature. Endorphins are conduits to experiencing the vast pleasure of Infinity.We all subconsciously harbor the desire for Eternal unity, and the need to experience all forms and acts of pleasure, not just the few seconds represented by the climax of conjugal love. Our Hearts are hungry to re marry the fires of Eternal Passion.At the peak of pleasure there is a Cosmic Fusion where the soul is open and free.This is the true Rapture, not some state where we are suddenly transported into the air to sit on the clouds. Only affairs of the True Heart give meaning to our lives.We are surrounded by Universal Love, we do not walk alone.We can tap into the greatest Romance of all, the Romance with our Inner Lover.This takes place in inner space where there are no more broken Hearts, Dreams or aspirations. We are one with the force that created the Universe out of its own joy; simply for the joy of living.Infinite Love has its residence in our Hearts.The Delight of all Delights waits to take center stage within our very bodies.We are Beloved of the Universe. All of us are sons and daughters of the Deity.There is room for everyone in the Creator’s house.The universe loves us!

We have a gigantic World inside us.A World that is not bound.A World of Eternal freedom from want.A World that literally doesn’t have any limits.This World is our true home.This world is our True Love.This world is where all inspiration comes from. Our external World is a reflected drop of the Infinite and timeless Love within. Don't waste your chance to see and live the beauty of life! Be astounded, astonished and marvel like a child discovering the Miracle of Life for the first time.Life was meant for joy and not pain.There is an unlimited Magic and enchantment at the Heart of all things.There is a song to be sung of real triumph and freedom.There is a way of emerging from centuries of ignorance and despair.There is a greatness that we all aspire to which leads us to the Ultimate Bliss of the Supernatural and Invincible.

It is Time!!! There is no Time other than the Present.There is no time in space. Enjoy the Gift of this Moment. Drink deep from the cup of life, for every drop is precious, invaluable, a pearl of great price. Derive pleasure from the deep well of Bliss within, as well as outer earthly joy. True Love cannot be contained in words, books, precepts or concepts.The Truth is a feeling of intense Love for the Creator and Creation which wells from within each individual, and the recognition that the Creator lives in all of us. We are Wanderers on an Infinite trail of discovery.We belong to the Divine Travelers association. We swim seas of Endless Bliss, and enjoy all that this Earth and the Universe within has to offer.

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