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Unity’s Flight


Will we find the master?
The master of our Self ?
Not to be found in history book,
A Bible, or a shelf.

Nor from the self-enamored,
Those puppeteers with strings;
Or those who point to Rama,
ET’s, or angel wings.

Where do we hold in unity,
Unbroken and unbowed?
Where is that home to mastery,
Sovereign, bold, and proud?

Step aboard Unity’s Plane,
Where all share equal view;
And fields of intelligent energy,
Continually make love with you.

Fields of dreams invite thought seed,
And cultivate best sight.
Invoke the dance of Spirit,
Believe, Be/Live, Be/Life!

Boarding’s a simple matter,
Though please do watch your step;
The cast and crew are all parts of you
That you may not have encountered yet.

Notice that ease of purity,
Swiftly entering all we do;
(Unity’s a game we’ve been pre-wired to play,
Whether jersey’s read Buddhist, Muslim, or Jew)

Eloquent pure thought
Is the beverage of choice,
And ordered as a matter of course;
It loosens the tongue,
Invokes the toast “Forever Young”,
And is elegantly “bottled at Source”.

The in-flight meal,
“Freshly Minted Love”,
Is prepared by all aboard:
(Magically seasoned with now,
Served and eaten in the Tao,
And of course / in course -
Universally adored.)

Arrayed within each and every passenger,
Of Unity’s eternal flight;
Is the identical spark,
Divine fire’s birthmark,
That unconquerable province of light.

Lovers, saints, bodhisattvas, & nameless smiles abound,
All who have chosen higher ground,
Here on Earth (true “theatre of the round”)

A living interactive consensus
Of visible and invisible cords,
Woven into contexts impossibly broad;
That envelops our best and highest interests,
Life’s Freedom-Peace accord.

Unity’s flight from the Bush leagues,
Is a frequency worth beholding;
Alchemical wiles and frequent flier smiles,
Are effortlessly unfolding. . .

Let us all breathe deep of Unity
(Its borders still extending),
In the hearts of living masters,
Who hold fast to love unending.

Be Love
Be Light

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