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Pop-Eye was Right ! I Am that I Am
“Don’t forget to Eat Your Spinach”


(A Mark Time / Master Plan Production)

Original artwork by Billy Appleman

Belly up to the buffet bar, as the victuals and beverages of Heaven penetrate and pour into the foreheads and throats of the Bethlehem sunflower brigade. There is magic in the hair in-deed as the wizards of Shambhalla quaff their pro-team shakes, bulking up for the fall line-up of that Show of Shows : TrueMan Manifesto. Analysis is paralysis as the lightning speed magnetics of intuition reformat the linear logics of a past age. Perfection is the standard in all weights and measures, as Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - and must STAY there!


I AM One with God Source I Am! The personal I AM presence makes Its presence known as it joins the solar plexus congregation, providing post-universal production skills and an impressive resume that includes Source assignment. To celebrate, it’s Mercurium and Keratine “on the house”(Mother-Father God insist: picking up the check, thank God! ), as Red Bull (and Black Dragon) remain the chasers of choice.

The sky is NOT the limit as adventurous lovers of Source/God slip into the elevator to visit that mythical floor 7 ½. (It turns out John Malkovich was a Melchezidek. Many report hearing the tinkle of leprechaun GREEN - gold, and gladly eat their spinach !). Manna-festivals abound as lavender magicians not only cater the affair, but clean up after! And to topless All That Is off, 12 seed crystals permanently activate in the crown. 7th dimensional graduates pass their own final belief systems into pure ALL-Chemical joy. Assignment in the Temple of Light awaits.

It’s a Close Encounter of the 13th Kind, as Owl-chemical participants join the All-Source network. Refusing to do the sequel - for any price!

While we iron and fold our back-to-school wardrobes, sharpening our pencils for fall classes, there are true magicks and mysteries afoot. The veils between the dimensions seem to fall away this harvest moon, as all-chemical etiquettes are once again slipped into the water supply of Terra/Earth. Cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness, and provides “Neat Solutions” for God-Source communiqués and interplay. If you build it, they will come. Source provides nourishment for its own, as “islands of the future” give up the gravity of muggle life for the etheric diet of Self Mastery and the Immortal transformation. Truly in the ZONE, baby . . .

SOLAR VIRGO - Exquisite in body, thought, and deed, the pure countenance and resume of the solar virgin weathers the deepest of audit and review. Solar mercurial intelligence relentlessly tackles performance enhancement of both the sacred and the profane. This is coolly assayed within the context of contemporary morays and tastes, with ample and earnest humility, devotion, and wit. Those who abhor criticism please be forewarned - tact has been “86ed”, and is no longer available on the Virgo menu. Yet know that the harshest criticism is reserved for the Solar Virgin himself, the mutable earth element who relentlessly scours and burrows all sight lines for perfection in form. Which to them is no laughing matter, as they are in the soup of creation. And it must taste right to them!

Mother Teresa, Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman, and the doe-eyed Twiggy are each fine examples of the Virgo essence in both function or form. Another more universal example is Regis Philbin, whose helpful sincerity and buoyant charm makes us all a little richer on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ? ”

Virgo represents the intelligent adjustments conjured from within us as real life scenarios intersect with our visions, plans, and dreams. Virgo is the traffic cop, the triage nurse, the point guard or blocking back, the fitness coach or research analyst. Not there to dominate our lives, but certainly there to provide a synergetic lubricant to all works in progress. Virgo rules that part of us that feels a bit “off track”, and wants to right the ship: body health, exercise, diet, nutrition, meditation, and the entire self help movement fall under the general aegis of solar Virgo.

Virgo comes within the solar timeline directly after the bold expression of Leo. The Virgo carefully gleans the fruit of the Leonian creative labors (one image of Virgo is the pristine harvester of grain), scientific-ally collecting and transforming grapes into wine, creating a distinctive and tasteful offering to be served selflessly the next month, at the tables of the glamorous and heady Libra soirée .

A few other solar “voicings” of Virgo. Gemini and Virgo both utilize their mercurial intelligence; Gemini juggling reality up in the air, with Virgo seeking practical improvement within existing venues of operation. The same relentless examination, though this time focused within current earthly considerations. This will remain consistent even as we examine the focus of the galactic dimensions of Virgo/Manna in the realms of magic and human alchemy. Finally, along with its solar opposite Pisces, we see a shared human passion for the assistance and aid of society through personal problem solving for others.

The Higher Dimensions of Virgo - Divination - Manna

“You can serve the devil, or you can serve the Lord,
But you know you’ll have to serve somebody.
Serve somebody”
                                       Bob Dylan

“You cannot have an infinite life with finite variables.
You must have infinite variables.”
         P.P.S. Rawat

This is the first sign of spirit we have discussed that houses in the top of head, or “crown” center. This 7th center or chakra is “land’s end” of the human body, and as we shall see, functions much like a proverbial lighthouse. The “crown” center addresses movement and interactivity between us as unique individuals, and the conscious “other”. The 7th center oversees the crowning of our own unique sovereign self, along with “close encounters” and CommUnification with our personal teams of spirit and larger communities of light. In conjunction with Libra / Premier Eminence (its 7th chakra roommate), the crown center functions as an “elevator” of consciousness; allowing us to visit, interface and seamlessly synthesize spirals and dimensions of life from Source level electronics back into our physical form. And vice versa. For we should never underestimate the value and contribution of our individual growth back into in the more subtle realms of Light. We are the field research team, the “Players on the Gameboard” that Steve Rother’s Group refer to. 24hours, 7days a week, subtle electronic data is being broadcast “upline” through our crown and out our feet into the planetary core. Conscious galactic life awaits the awakening of the True (U) Man from his own self-limiting belief systems. We’re truly the divine design function of Heaven-Earth! Jack’s in the box (or Prince’s awaiting the downpour of purple rain).

While the crown center also regulates much in the solar bodies of light (see and their light body teachings, and the wonderful paintings of Alex Grey for visual and cerebral explanation), this will not be a focus of our discussion. We will center instead on Divination, Magic, Alchemy, Flow, and the etheric lifestreams of All That Is, which operate through the Galactic and Universal light body dimensions. These are free from the recycling dimensions of solar life (the “wheel of birth and death” oft cited in Hinduism, Buddhism, and other reincarnation philosophies). The Lavender Ray of Manna/Virgo - under direction of the ambassadorial intelligence of Alpha Centauri - provide an unusually lucid interactive stairway blending star frequencies and Source.

Each sign changes “pitch” as we mover into higher and higher frequency of that sign or color; even though the “note” remains the same. This phenomenon can best be understood in light of the multitude of names and categories in your life. You probably possess a cell phone #, a regular phone number, a SS #, first name, last name, nickname, (or a “street” name for you rappers out there), street address, email address, etc, etc. Not to mention race, ethnic blend, birthplace, familial structure, home city. Every one of these names, numbers ,tags, or codes describes or links you and an ongoing interactive system in some way. All could be said to in some way be a reflection of your identity. Each echoes a slightly different or unique nuance or tone of your Self. Describing yourself through that name or number, and your interaction with that system, would give you a deeper look into YOU.

The same is true for each of the 12 signs of Spirit in this study of galactic or “authentic self” astrology. Except that our study examines frequency as both trigger and principle of order in multidimensional study. Our monthly examinations are designed to offer each sign as a living quality existing simultaneously at personality, soul/soular, galactic Christ/Buddha, and Universal levels of consciousness. And beyond. Color is the chosen unifying element, as names at different levels are often not cohesive (lists of frequency octaves of all 12 signs are in the Pisces article, available at the website). In the elegant precision of Virgo, however, the steps between its frequency levels are logical and linear. This should allow the serious student to generalize this understanding of linkage back to the other signs as well.

You will find corresponding levels of your inner self activating as we visit the levels of each of these signs. Your examination of each of these houses of spirit in depth will allow you to move right through these pages into a living interaction with the Tree of Life at more sublime, magic frequencies. Your own Higher Self and/ or I Am Presence facilitates these activations. My posting and discussion of these “Infinite Variables” of shared consciousness interlocute with your higher aspects of Self. This facilitates download and integration of heretofore under-recognized or dis-integrated higher dimensions of your Self into common sense, brain, and light-magnetic “system integration”.

The Violet/Lavender Ray, the UNIVERSAL SOLVENT, shifts octaves from Virgo into Divination and Alchemy, Manna, and All That Is (think grapes to wine to healing elixir; all purple/lavender of course) . Divination is the quality in us that can call to our intuitive intelligence for specific answers and guidance. Which is indeed a glue of our shared reality here on Earth. Alchemy is the ability to summon transformative energies. It has its roots in the medieval art of turning base metals to gold. Here, however, we will expand it into “ALL chemical” access to cellular change through the CONSCIOUS activation of atomic light chemistry (also linked to the Atmic body/atomic light dimension of Libra/Premier Eminence. more on that next month in the Libra article). Manna is the dimension of the Lavender Ray that downloads etheric nutrition . The name Manna is obviously linked to the magical nourishment that the Israelites received from Source during their symbolic 40 years walkabout in the desert. The thrust here is that on some level we have not left that desert, and there still remains higher food and drink available - even better than organic foods ! Yes, it seems that even on the etheric light levels, we still need to take our vitamins and mineral . And yes our Mom is still centrally involved (see exercise #1, purple rain), though this time it is Mother God through the Great Central Moon. Through color, crystalline, and I am presence interaction, nutrition is administered into our subtle bodies. Artemis, the Galactic Buddha, describes in enlightening detail the etheric nutrition/ 12 chakra relationship in his Pisces New Moon 2001 article (see . Other etheric nutrition is afoot as well. Keratine and Mercurium have been described by Elijah as excellent subtle plane “brain food”, awaiting our 7th dimension command into light body.

The core Manna/Virgo human response, at any and all frequency levels, is intelligent ADJUSTMENT. Where Hu Effervescence seeks the ever-changing perfect/null point of balance in physical expression and display, Manna looks to translate PERSONAL SYNTHESIS into the etheric realms of the human architecture. Its mediums are light, electronics, and etheric nourishment. The question Virgo constantly asks is “how can I act to bridge NOW, to allow myself and others to be more comfortable /efficient/perfect”in this particular (ever-changing) now moment ? The Lavender Ray seeks and takes its answers to this question“from the top”. To achieve its final efficiencies, the analysis function is replaced by the light speed and bliss of Source light and electronics. Awareness of being a small cog in an ever-changing larger external state of affairs remains consistent throughout all the ascending levels of the Virgo/Manna response. This elicits a type of “surrender” to the greater levels of consciousness that can only emerge from being “in the mix” of real time events. The Lavender Ray is the “performance artist” of bottom line magic (think magician David Blaine before he went Hollywood). Little is repeated, because the idiosyncratic context of external events is never altered by the Lavender Ray. It represents a pure catalytic chemical function; healing in context. This is why the violet (solar level of lavender ray) and lavender rays are often used to dissolve, purify, or eliminate. It is the synthesist of the Universal form, and the promoter of perfection - in context - of that form. Our final human synthesis is that we are the interactive bridge to allow Source to express within the context of OUR form! The crown center is that bridge function). And that conscious co-creative synthesis is achieved, rather than received. In fact, Manna instructs us that any answer we receive is not the final answer. This is the human coronation as the “Crown of Creation” that this Lavender Ray sponsors. That WE, alive and blended into Source, are our own final answer. And this is this final step necessary for us to become a Universal (U-Man) being and citizen of the 7th golden age. Which, though called a golden age , is actually under the sponsorship of the Lavender ray. This will be the time period that by self -empowerment, sovereignty, and flow, the human species shall consciously evolve into a context, of and for, total Source magic.

How is this Coronation achieved? Through the Magic and mystery of the Virgo/Manna- Aquarius /Bridge of Light synthesis of Chakra 7 ½ . It is here that the bridge between personal and collective Divinity is erected. Where we are electronically rewoven into larger group involvements and assignments of a Universal agenda. Much of this is woven through the efforts of the Lavender Ray and the crystal kingdom (more in exercise #2 - coronation street)

The self consuming period of solar Leo has passed; it is the “morning after” so to speak. The Virgo/Manna native (along with the rest of us) asks “Where do I go from here?” This brings about the entire standard “tried and true” solar spectrum of knee jerk responses; sour grapes, “woulda -couldas”, personal insecurity, self improvement crusades, devotional escapades, or escape/immersion into service of others. But all these beg the step at hand. The final vector and solution to this human “contrast” is a thrust into the crystal clarity of sovereign Self Mastery. Self Mastery as a verb, not a noun. This is the process that continually upgrades the personal dynamic and the body of light into FLOW. Let’s analyze the processes involved in the evolution of true human wizardry- and how we each can earn our long - promised human crown.

Stairways to Heaven (a technical journal)

“It only took me 8 years to be an overnight success”
                                       Richard Marx, upon winning a Grammy

Habit, Ritual, and Flow - any voyage from point A to point B requires a plan and methodology, and Manna is the temple of that methodology. Bodies tend towards homeostasis, and therefore HABIT is the partner of maintaining any norm. Repetition of any action will bring basically uniform results, and habit will automatically be reinforced by the desired result. Which is just great until the person involved desires change. At that point an injection of human will, plus a reliable technique for change, is needed. The end product is to induce well being and well feeling through the introduction of a new habit. Which will in its existence as well, look to reinforce itself. Habits, whether termed good or bad (value is subjective only) like to stick around.

{Our discussion focuses on techniques beyond the well-worn solar bag of tricks cited above. External religions and other forms of belief systems that vest power outside of us are discarded as we enter the Crown center. In time, we “rue” the “Goo” that Gurus of all persuasions and forms (be they spouses/children/ relatives, “savior” types, or big, established belief systems - govt. /religions/cultural norms) leave in their wake. Make no mistake mind you. We allowed each and all to fully disempower us. In the name of goodness, family, salvation, truth, or light. And each of us has gained in the process (at the very least, what to avoid!) It will be our clear intention to summon future growth without disempowering ourselves with avatars, hierarchical belief systems, or paths with solar destinations! Not that we are to be isolated. We each serve as co-creators/conspirators and friends to the larger fabric of becoming. We are servants, exemplars, and extensions of Source in living God Consciousness. For as Mr. Dylan pointedly reminds us, Serve we must.}

RITUAL is the conscious invocation of a repetitive FOCUSED activity, group or individual. Ritual, like meditation or love, is a “loaded” word and can convey a multitude of meanings. Here I refer to any event or pattern where an individual “claims their power” through focus on breath, thought, and the use of the spoken word. It can be anything from a pledge to change one’s diet (a popular ritual in my particular household!) to the affirmation of “I Am One with God Source I Am”. Another feature of ritual is repetition of this action at the same time for a proscribed period of time. Various sources have suggested 21, 28, or 30 days in order to “anchor” a new habit through ritual. Still another dimension of ritual is alignment with a particular magnetic or astrological energetic “window”. The Full and New moons periods align energies, as well as the 4 solstice points. Ritual consistently invokes whatever higher guidance or team of spirit that we “play” with. Faith and belief facilitate the event, but RITUAL both captures the lightning in the bottle, and is the bottle.

FLOW in this context is seen as the “resultant” state. A state of well being that results from an uncomfortable habit being upgraded into one harmonic with the rest of one’s life. As the fundamental balance of our physical, emotional, and mental bodies coalesce, we “click” with the deeper more nourishing waters of SELF. The holistic quality of life rules. Here surprise, grace, serendipity, synchronicity, Zen acceptance, and the fun of being “in the zone”, earned through effort, takes root.

“It’ll work out. I don’t know how, it always does. It’s a mystery.”
from “Shakespeare in Love” ( thanks Katie!)

Magic, All -Chemistry (Alchemy), and Flow

With the above sequence in mind, let us look at the specific Rituals of transformation under the direct sponsorship of the Lavender Ray. Adjustment, perfection, synthesis, and healing through dissolving away of density; each can be seen as equivalent expression. However as they express thru slightly different mediums, they can be described as magic, alchemistry, and flow.

Magic is the explosion of the “lightning bolt” of Source into the context of Earth/Solar life, inducing permanent change. It is an act or event that induces wonder and mystery. It is more in the realm of the physical Earth. Though issuing forth from the interconnected nature of all life, it seems to hold “stand alone” impact. Healing gemstones, prosperity boxes, healing rituals, affirmations, “miracle remissions”, near-death experiences, lottery wins, etc, can all qualify. As can more “supposedly” mundane magics; the reuniting of individuals or nations seemingly permanently estranged, the tonic of a good meal or good company, the effect of a kind word, glance, or touch. Or the ever present magic of Love, the medium that sponsors Spirit’s ongoing insertion into matter.

Alchemy by distinction is the conscious manipulation of the galactic level components of multidimensional life for the purpose of Earth change. Here the full and colorful palette of the galactic rays are combined and invoked by us into the human light body. And through the Mer-ki-vah, up into the Universal realms. All-Chemistry is the sovereign magician’s recognition of the fundamental availability and utility of All of All That Is. Much as a painter avails him or herself of an entire spectrum of elements to create anew, so the tutelage of alchemy assists those of us who choose to rearrange the scope of human possibility. We create the 21 st century codes of all-chemical transformation. Within this context, the Lavender Ray is our “improvisational magician” assistant supreme, truly pulling rabbits out of the hat (crown center). Allowing us to effect the graceful mutation of the human body and life stream back into original design. While we dwell “on location” here on planet Earth. Despite warnings against living in one’s own home during it renovation, that’s exactly what the members of the ascended human community are up against. We need a flexible quality available to us, one to artfully assist, survive, and midwife this transition. To our ardent request the intelligent Owl-chemist complies. Providing us a working partnership with the crystal kingdom and the galactic and universal or dragon rays. Catalyzing a practical, yet perfect and glorious fruition with Earth life.

Flow within magic is an enhanced state of life, where I Am presence and frequency has fully overridden previous operating systems. Flow takes us upstream to the borders of Sourcery, and Source Light’s introduction of a continuous tapestry of events into form. Birthed back into a personal remembrance of source origin, YOU, the individual Source Spark, commands in the exact electronic origin of Self. I Am One with God Source I Am. This unity consciousness of formless and form is religiously and vigilantly maintained, benefiting from the effortless maintenance of flow (think of the refresh button on internet browser). Lord Victor, the galactic name for Saint Germain, is the planetary consultant of the Lavender Ray. He has written an excellent piece on Flow which will deepen your understanding (see article @ For here within Flow, the “Purple Rain”, the motherly nutritive reign of Source - commandeered life, actualizes. Under the waterfall of nourishment, ease, and grace, the highest etheric level of the Lavender Ray, All That Is, seats itself in our personal electronic. This stabilizes the Universal alignments previously encountered through the dragon Rays and the completer/twin ray energies. Here, with our castle and our crown established and intact, the Lavender Ray becomes a permanent “Norton anti-virus” package of sorts, maintaining I Am level electronics in our personal field, and deflecting all remnants of solar frequency. This insures the orderly flow of Source magic in the events of our lives.

And places us on stage, for our unique role in the 7th Golden Age; a U Man Dynasty of Magic.

Here the mutable Earth element completes our Earth trilogy. The lofty visions finding focus through Ascent/Capricorn (cardinal Earth), and powered through the immoveable Self Realization, Self-Love, and Source alignment of Taurus/Harvest Blossom (fixed Earth) are here sliced, diced, and delivered into MANNAfestation through the magical wand of Manna/Virgo. All That Is enters the business of God Life with all tools available. It’s all good. And a mystery. Thank Source !

Exercises- “Purple Rain” and “Coronation Street”

The exercises this month help us get down to the “business” of personal all-chemical transformation. We are looking for real results; so real efforts are called for. An infinite God Life - one that can ritualistically invoke I Am One with God Source I Am with a straight face - indeed requires infinite variables in place at all its central indices. Which certainly include the Head and Heart. Our heart frequency default is set at Source frequency. Our head, however, will require conscious upgrade (refreshing) to keep “infinite” CommUnification with Source alive and on-line. The newly minted habits of the God Man and Woman woven into Source require all-chemical equations that support cellular harmony and flow, etheric nutrition, and clear quartz crystalline electronics. The exercises this month will certainly help towards this end. Through the 1st set of ritual, we shall implement the marriage of two trinities of color that will hasten evolutionary mutation of the cells and the waters of the body. In the second, activation of your etheric crystalline crown and the discovery of your personal Melody of Light. Both expand inner-dimensional coherence in quantum fashion, and will dramatically expand inner inquiry. Together they provide a full “system upgrade” into the Temple of Light.

Exercise #1 - “The Baptism: Purple Rain” - an immersion of sorts initiates our energetic entrance into the upright Magic of Merlin and the glory of human perfectibility. We invite three strong currents of the Big Love into our heart and crown centers simultaneously. This elixir is a combination of the Lavender, White, and Silver Rays. The silver ray is a feminine aspect of the black ray, suitable for modification as opposed to elimination. The white ray holds the highest template of cellar perfectibility. The lavender ray surfs the edge of physical expressed perfection, allowing a resourceful way to “take it to new limits, one more time”. Alchemistry, like good jokes, seems to work best in rhythms of 3!

Set yourself in a receiver mode by calling in the High Heart and Higher Mind centers (see earlier articles). This will smoothly and effortlessly move your dial past the 4 body balance, into the mid galactic corridors within, and ready you to perform this FLOW- inducing ritual. Invite in first the LAVENDER Ray. If you are more comfortable to begin with the traditional violet ray, that’s fine. Allow the purification of your thoughts and auric field to begin. Often this feels like a light “magic fingers” massage; other times quite dramatic. Allow this to continue until you feel a clear and unmistakable “answering pulse” emerge from your heart center. This is an invitation from your Source Self to NOW add the ingredient of the WHITE Ray. This will allow for this exercise to take “form” as a felt feeling. You will feel gradations as various subtle bodies are balanced, aligned, and integrated (a galactic version of the Bardo states in the Tibetan literature). This can be a delicious experience and quite the opportunity to fall in love with your SELF. No need to rush time, or limit to how often you revisit. This is definitely one of your “infinite variable” states; a precursor to life in the Zone.

The SILVER component provides a fluid interface with the ongoing aspect of formless participation in our lives through creative intelligence. Source intelligence “sews” into the human form through the silver thread of CommUnification. This maintains the integrity of personal synthesis with All That Is in both micro and macrocosmic style. It can also create power surges in the Kunda gland, so be aware.

These three elements merge together in what I call “ Purple Rain” (uniquely in each of our bodies) . NOW merged, they move both from the crown into the head center, and from the heart into the entire tube of light running up and down your back. The unique chemical nature of these 3 rays - silver, lavender, and white - provide a unique “exoskeleton of color” that continually redirect your physical cellular, endocrine, and electromagnetic systems to “now moment” optimum cadence. Yet “Purple Rain” doesn’t get in the way of our Earth walk. As your now enhanced head and tube of light spark together, a Source lightning bolt enters the body through the heart. Don’t worry. This is no heart attack. However, the introduction of this next template of Source electronic into your body does pre-sage a change of command. If you allow, the electric voltage in the body will be permanently raised. From A/C to Source D/C. Station 7 ½ on your cosmic radio. This will assist in the ongoing “cooking” of our biology, and our LightFlight. This ritual will continue to evolve with your growing sense of vitality, and comfort in maintaining electronic charge and frequency. This is a personal synthesis of the high 7th dimension, and will reactivate and upgrade whenever YOU, the Alchemist in charge, bring focus in its direction.

We anchor the 8th dimension into our discussion with an alchemical visualization invoking the white, green, and blue rays. A combination of the collective clarity of The Bethlehem Grid, the Temple of Light, and the Fountain of Youth frequencies combined, through their alchemical colors and our imagery, will be woven into our personal energy spheres. This provides us with more “infinite variables” to help us reframe and remember our Immortal origins. These are each collective levels of SELF that your own non-physical levels currently support. Therefore your individual conscious commerce in them, will facilitate their integration into your physical and etheric energetic field.

The Bethlehem Grid is a 6th dimension framework currently in place within the etheric level of planet Terra/Earth. The subway/subterranean infrastructure of the Age of Peace, it resonates with the crystal kingdom components (Arkansas, Brazilian, and Laser) that interface with our own root, crown, and skeletal aspects respectively. The Bethlehem Grid is an expression of the White Ray.

The Temple of Light is the highest frequency pattern the physical body can accommodate in its current form. It is both an 8th chakra and an 8th dimensional (Ki) outlet into which the 88 (Keys) of human intelligence (Manna’s galactic #, as well as the twinned sign of infinity upright) connect through the interdimensional portal located between levels 7 and 8 (thus the reference to floor 7 ½ and the entire “Being John Malkovich” movie, and its thinly veiled allusions to the Melchezidek family of spirit). Expressed through the Emerald Green Ray, I like to think of it as the “spinach” of collective wisdom that powers individual courage and achievement. When the higher Virgo and Aquarius doors engage it’s like Pop- Eye invoking “I Am that I Am”, and eating his spinach! The Temple of Light is also the medium through which the blue ray waters of Spiritual Currency and the Sapphire Blue Fountain of Youth, find distributive outlets (this may provide another explanation of the Aquarius/Temple of Light reputation as the water carrier or bearer). All galactic frequency teachings interface with human understanding through the Temple of Light; it is the gate of galactic integration in form. “Docking” with the Temple of Light frequency is the first collective goal of the Warriors of Peace community.

The following is based on material presented by Elijah, Zack /Sananda, Tobius et al, at this year’s Summer Solstice The image of the Caduceus or staff of Mercury (Virgo/Manna ruler) replete with snakes and wings, provides us with a visual template for this exercise.

Visualize the Bethlehem frequency (level 6) entering up into your physical body root center and spinal column through the feet. Invite the awakening and activation of the appropriate level of seed crystals in your Mer-ki-vah. Next alchemically merge the three component quartz crystals with your etheric body. This will result in an enlivened, solid, and impenetrable beam of Source Light moving through the entire length of your physical body. Next, allow the Brazilian to widen the head center area. At this point visualize the Blue Ray and Green Ray entering into your field through the opened head center, entwining themselves around your spine, like in the caduceus.

Invite the 3 rays to blend, commUnify with one another within the spine center, and connect into your individual cells through this solid beam of light. This brings the intuitive art and persuasion of the blue ray & the breathless breadth of green ray intelligence, into concert with the Scorpionic White Ray quest for Eternity frequency healing. This potent alchemical cocktail will also anchor Universal Meridian levels of Harmony into the human cell structure in support; providing cellular protocols and instruction for human Immortality. As well as providing uploads of “real time” 21st human alchemistry for the galactic and Universal community, who are simultaneously, along with us, learning to commUnify them selves! As it is indeed our part of our service to begin to create new avenues through these new mediums. This is the job of the human community consultants! And as extension of source, we can’t get it wrong. Don’t forget that the caduceus has wings. So Take LightFlight !


Exercise #2 - “Coronation Street” - the longest running TV program in western civilization, produced and based in England (home of the Lavender Ray), is a reference for our final Manna RITUAL of transformation. The show centers around the “Rover’s Return Inn” (an apt title for God Sparks awakening) and their decidedly working class clientele. The show has been running forever and a day, without any particular stars in their retinue. However, they are the king of ITV ( the independent tell-a-vision network) and an argument can be made for their being THE reigning contemporary British cultural icon. Even Queen Elizabeth came to visit the cast! They have become royalty themselves. And that is the question I pose to you. Is there anyone reading this who is not royalty as well. Perhaps all that is needed is to feel our crown.

Like the crew at the Rover’s Return, it’s much the same for human community. We have been long laboring under the collective vision of separation; separation from the warmth , thrill, and freedom of Source perspective. Yet we seem to be an important fulcrum for much of the progress of our Universal Network, who await our awakening, and the telling of our visions. The royalty of the stars and spirit visit us.

As we Rip Van Winkles awake, and stretch out our wings to claim what is ours, we must first dislodge the debris and carnage of collective and personal paths. Next we must remember the basics: Freedom, Personal Sovereignty, CommUnification, Self Acceptance and the power of Love. Next we must do our homework, unhook from the diet of finite horizons that until recently at least, were the sole items on the human menu ... and reclaim our U Man lineage and throne.

In England, out at the western end of Cornwall, is a beautiful peninsula known as Land’s End. There the ocean and cliffs enmesh in quite spectacular fashion. Land and ocean find common language. So it is in the Land’s End in our human Crown Center. 12 Beautiful quartz alchemical gems seat beneath our crown. As the din of the solar frequencies recede, and our courage, strength, and sense of purpose and adventure return, the scent of magic arrives with it. For here we remember that nothing is impossible; merely a country as of yet unexplored.

So now as we step firmly out of solar time and space into our Coronation Ritual Ceremony, we are alone. This is a “stepless” step that must be taken with Source only. For here we pass through our crystal ring of light. Past all belief systems, consultants, or even friends, borne by the fusion of Unconditional Love of Self, we energetically offer ourselves to Source. As we seat upright and hold, our crown centers activates at a new level unique to each of us. Invisible hands seem to open passage-ways within the crown. As we allow the breath to deepen, the intensity, or felt size, of the head center increases. Focus on the array of gems within your crown center that are now may become visible in the 3rd eye center. You are observing your personal crown from the universal perspective. Like an ISP on the worldwide web, it multi tasks various communification levels in the universal fabric, which is encoded in the language of the I AM Presence.

As you hold in unity with the I AM frequency, the head center may seem to “seize” in a particular fashion. As that happens, concentrate of any patterns, sound, or movement you may feel on your individual ring. This is your tone or melody, your unique electronic contribution to the structure of All That Is. This level of self contains our network “hardware”. As we settle into our crowns, one can instantaneously understand I AM citizenship within the envelope of discovery that we collectively dwell within. Standing within your self, observe and allow a clarification into the specifics of the 12 gems within your crown. Each gem connects within light magnetics to the Universal gates of matter. This will amplify the etheric nourishment we discussed above.

Invite NOW the “infinite variable” of your etheric breath into this living vision. This is the part of each breath that is not from the atmosphere of hydrogen and oxygen. This will solidify and “seal the deal” for the corridors between the crown center and the Temple of Light. Conscious extraction of the etheric component of your breath is a corner stone into the alchemy of Immortality as well. So as you focus on the breath with your crown “on”, physical shifting most probably will intensify again.

However, the higher aspects of your own consciousness, which actually is orchestrating this, knows when to take its foot off the pedal. In the more subtle planes of physical consciousness, the opening of your crown center is a debutante,”coming out”event of great value and light. A sign of progress in the conscious global crossing and activation of 21st century Earth. It is the appearance of a new active /interactive Lady or Lord of Light. And back on Terra Firma . . . well, its another installment of the show of shows, True Man Manifesto. Live TV and life at its best. Perfection in form.

Mark Appleman / August 23 - Labor Day 2002

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