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What are the Warriors of Peace and the Collective Messiah?
& Why Should I Care?


Imagine for a moment that there were a clubhouse or hideaway that you and I could meet, conspire, plan, and strategize together in . In some way this place would be invisible and untraceable, yet reliable and fully operational within its own context. It would be a private clubhouse as well. Clearly for members only.

An idea not so farfetched. Even for strangers like us. For are we not currently meeting in such a place? It is called cyberspace. Cyberspace is an invisible field of dreams for individuals, businesses, or affinity groups. Here, free from certain limitations of the existing human form and societal patterning, individuals can create real bonds and events in a timeless, spaceless, interactive environment. Experience real emotion; entertain new thoughts and new growth.

Now imagine a different place. Also free from time and space, as we know it, yet holding certain undeniable personal familiarity. Even our considering this place seems to turn certain internal tumblers within us, unloosening long forgotten bliss. Our breathing slows; our cells and electromagnetic fields shift and change as this place comes into our thoughts. Involuntarily, our body begins to stretch and align into a larger and more abiding sense of Being. We are members of this place as well, though normally we do not come here within our waking state. It has many names - higher self, spiritual body, crystal clarity - but my favorite name for it is FREEDOM. It is the place of your origin, as an electronic Spark of Source. The Warriors of Peace is a collective journey back into the original realms of FREEDOM that spawned human and other life.

The Warriors of Peace is a love letter to YOU from your Universal self, inviting you to remember, relearn, and reclaim patterns of thought and elevation that sponsor galactic and greater foundations of day-to-day living. Easier said than done, but certainly less taxing than getting a college degree. (And less expensive too. Believe me, I just put two kids through college!)

If the Warriors of Peace is an inbreath into that realm of origins, The Collective Messiah is the out breath, outpouring and expression of that principal back into the affairs of mankind and Earth. A linking of conscious and motivated co-workers all committed to a vision of the living enjoyment of Earth as a Garden of Eden. FREEDOM openly practiced as the "Art of Living" among unique but equal sovereign partners. The grass roots activism of the 60's returning in a 21st century form, bringing an equally compelling "frequency" of energy and change. For it is frequency increase that is the message of the times. Make no mistake about it. Understanding and accommodating this frequency of change is the "ticket" to future FREEDOM. And its rewards.

What price FREEDOM?

Well, for starters, a series of outgrown and outworn ideas that we have ALL picked up, or been bequeathed, will have to go. Next, we'll need a level of focus or concentration rarely seen outside the province of first dates, business presentations, or childbirth. Finally, taking excellent care of our bodies - all 4 of them! Not only our Physical body, but also our Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual bodies as well.

What rewards does this FREEDOM offer?

Freedom from FEAR
Freedom from THE MATRIX of contemporary life

The Reward of SELF LOVE
The Reward of ABUNDANCE
The Reward of JOY

A STATE of Passion
A STATE of Community
A STATE of Romance

The specifics of the Collective Messiah are technical, and definitely process-oriented. However, the goals are relatively easy to digest. Our bodies have been manufactured "cable-ready", and yet a large majority of the programming capabilities of human life are currently not available to humanity. The Collective Messiah invites any and all to take those steps to switch that cable on, a step necessary to access multiple realms of bliss, magic, and human potentiality that are waiting for you. With a promise that when the awakening takes place, you will recognize that it is you who have been your own savior. And you will walk this Earth in a state of being, love, and originality that will reward yourself, your loved ones, and all life forms everywhere. Not to mention your Source.

In a nutshell, here is what happens:

The various energy centers of the body are unhooked from destructive external alliances
The Cells in the body are activated to a level that lift one out of disease frequency
The Endocrine system, the sleeping giant of your physicality, is brought on-line to Source
The brain centers; cerebellum, mid-brain, and forebrain are activated to the God level
Light electro-magnetics are moved to a new "operating system", with constant upgrades

The 12-branch Tree of Life, the "innernet" of hidden knowledge and exploration, opens

A level of Crystal Clarity (previously termed Buddha or Christ consciousness) awakens

As followup:

Intuition, Imagination, and Intentional trainings are offered, to assist Self Guidance
Group processes supporting Youthing, Genius, and Telepathy are provided
Source- Life Community, your "upline" sponsor, provides you with your own homepage.

A warning however; this is not a "botox" or "tummy tuck" that one just pays their money and walks out transformed. This process is indeed a real life version of the "Red Pill", that will allow you to vibrate in concert with source and universal dynamics. And then get back to your own now permanently repatterned life. And be freed from levels of Collective Unconsciousness that restrict all our life patterns. However, your full involvement is required. This is not a "rebound" life strategy. It is closer to "Is this your final answer?" Or at the very least a joyous conscious decision to invoke capital M MORE into your life.

How? Through the enlistment of the Collective Conscious in the activities listed above. Besides the author and other current earth citizens, certain planetary consultants play important roles in this aspect of human awakening. In Chinese culture they are called the "Ancestors", in the American Indian culture "Elders", in our western culture "Ascended Masters". But I like the term consultants for these elder brothers and sisters, as this establishes their value & role, their team orientation, and the fact that they are not 24/7 permanent fixtures in our lives. The image of a "personal trainer" or joining a "consciousness gym" is perhaps the best description of the processes, services provided, and environment involved. You'll join a permanent online gym that is oriented to Source alignment and interactivity. Stocked with experienced trainers and current gym members that become part of your virtual environment.

The Collective Messiah is an active/interactive mirror of the "better part" of you. Call us "Gods in Bods". A part of you right now free of substantive portions of restrictive earth dynamics, aging, fear, and lack. With plenty more in the pipeline. Maybe hard to imagine, but relatively easy to experience. Through the implementation of certain group and individual Intention, new programming for human biology is being researched, "beta" tested, and then implemented. If LIFE has brought your eyes to these words, chances are you resonate with the promise of the Warriors of Peace and the Collective Messiah. I invite you to explore this teaching, though the various seminars, websites, and articles that will be arriving onto your personal radar screen in the coming weeks, months, and years. The reappearance of human divinity, and the awakening of the sleeping gods on this planet, is a "done deal". The only variable is YOU. More info available @


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